Dating Rules Some Facts Need To Know

Dating Rules Some Facts Need To Know Image
As the time is getting advanced, the thinking of people is also getting advanced day by day. Now, people are finding their partners through dating as well. These dating can be amazing but sometimes it can create lots of problems. In order to have an amazing date, it is very much necessary to know some of the dating rules that will be really very beneficial to you before you go for a date with someone else. Firstly, movies are a convenient and popular place of interest for a date, especially at the time of starting a new relationship because most of us likes going to the movies.

On the other hand, just avoid drinking alcohol in your first date s it represents a bas impression to another person. If you want to spend your whole date enjoyably then try to do these things that shows your decency and sincerity to the other person. By keeping some of the main things in mind, you can simply win the heart of the other person very easily. To know more about the dating rules, you can even log on to the online service that will also help you in this matter.

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Carlos Xuma - Dating Questions And Answers

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When Its Time To Date Again After The Divorce

When Its Time To Date Again After The Divorce Image
After going through separation and divorce, one of the issues you will eventually deal with is when you will start dating again. When is the correct or right time? What will ex husband feel? What will my family and relatives say? These are just some of the questions you will be facing after the divorce.


Dealing with separation and divorce requires a lot of patience. There is no timetable that tells you when you need to move on and when you can start dating again. All the time in the world rests on your hands and no one else's.

If you feel you're not ready to go dating after the divorce, then don't. You don't have to be pressured by friends and family members because they don't know what it feels like to be in your situation. Everyone has their own way with handling separation and divorce and maybe you need more time. If you start too early and didn't take the necessary time to heal all your wounds, you might end up hurting yourself even more after the divorce.


When you are ready to go back into dating, you have to be prepared mentally and physically. As you may have remembered, the dating world can be harsh, fast, and unforgiving. Make sure you don't have untouched feelings regarding the separation and divorce. You have to replace loneliness with contentment, sadness with optimism, and regret with opportunity. Dating someone could be a beginning of something wonderful after the divorce.


Part of being ready is being content that you are alone even though you've just went through separation and divorce. You may not have a husband, but you still have yourself. After the divorce, you must have taken the time to get to know about yourself and what you consider important in life. It wouldn't be a surprise if you have gained a new perspective towards family, friends, relationships, romance, love, and life in general.

Being content is about being happy with your life right now. A man would be great to be with but don't think that through marriage, your life will be complete. Instead, a man should compliment your life.


You know when you are prepared to start dating after the divorce when you have a healthy view about men and relationships. A lot of women say that they're "over" with their ex, but they act differently when they start dating.

Take for example a woman who just went through an awful divorce after being cheated by her husband. She may have forgotten her ex spouse through time, but her view on men cheating hasn't changed yet. She doesn't want to get involved with any kind of committed relationship, jumping from one man to another. She's always afraid of getting cheated on so she doesn't take any risks. That's what it's like not being able to change perceptions after the separation and divorce.

Latterly, you know yourself better than anyone. You can take the advice from friends, family, and even this article, but when it comes down it, you will be faced with the decision whether or not you want to date again. Separation and divorce are not easy to get over with. Again, no pressure and make sure you are ready after the divorce.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them
Lance Kurke - The Wisdom Of The Alexander The Great

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What Men Want In Women Keys In Making Him Like You

What Men Want In Women Keys In Making Him Like You Image
When it comes to having a relationship, men and women seem to get confused on what they really need to give to their partners. This confusion sometimes leads to an argument. What do really men need? What men want in women? How can women get men and their hearts? Continue reading and find it out.


What men want in women is someone they can be proud of. Their ego rises up when they have a beautiful woman to show off with their friends and officemates. Get men by being physically attractive and that includes having a bright smile, a good set of teeth, a clear complexion and a healthy weight. When a woman cares for these aspects in her life, it shows that she loves her body and herself. She is not abusive of her own self and knows how to stop stressful works and get pampering. What men want in women is they allot time for everything - time to rest, time to work, time to meet friends, time to be alone.


Some have put it in jest that men want women who is like their mothers. Well, basically that is true. Their mothers are the first company of a woman they had, so they adore and miss everything about their mothers. What men want in women is a person who can bake cookies, take care of the household and nurture them with love. Someone whom they can share secrets with, hug them when needed, wait for them to arrive from work and tell them 'I was just waiting for you.' Get men by also being positive, smart and kind. Men like women who bring out the best in them and who is so clever to talk with. They like a person who doesn't complain and won't nag them to death. Be gorgeous the moment you wake up and be supportive to get men. Those are what men want in women to have.


Men want women who enjoy the company of friends, family and a fulfilling job. It shows that they maintain obligations and routines and are being responsible for it. What men want in women is the capability to run her own life. If a woman has nothing to do everyday, the man may feel pressured that he has to feed everything to his woman. Be a woman of ambition and you'll surely get men. Also, women who are physically fit and are concerned about health usually get men and their attention. That shows that a woman wants to look good and she also cares about herself. That is what men want in women- love for self to be able to love others.

Now that you have an idea of what men want in women, try to apply these and see how you attract men to come to you. Make sure though that you attract the right person, that is, a man who is worthy loving and won't cheat on you.

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Reef Styles - How To Attract Online Women In Easy Way
David Deangelo - What Women Hate Most About Single Guys

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World Card Making Day

World Card Making Day Image
Today, October 6th, is World Card Making Day. Cards, though often overlooked, express your true feelings in the most simplest of forms. So, in honor of the card and World Card Making Day, here are a few ideas for sharing your love with a card. We're sticking with basic cards that focus on the words and sentiment rather than design, but if you're crafty, get creative!


Take any sheet of red or pink paper and fold it in half. Once folded, use a pencil to draw the outline of half of a heart on the folded side of the paper. Once drawn, cut it out with scissors. Now Draw half of a heart from the folded side, then cut it out and fill the inside of the card with a romantic love quote, love message, or even a simple 'I Love You'.


Take any sheet of paper, though red and shades of pink work best. Fold it into fours and create your own card with a package of markers, a few stickers, or even a box of crayons. When it comes to romance, the thought is "always" what counts.

If you want to get a little more advanced, create a table in a word document and then use clipart or wordart in the bottom right-hand corner for the front of the card. The top left-hand portion of the table is where your inside text will be located, but if you're doing it on a computer, you'll need to make that text upside down to appear correctly when printed and folded.


If you're pressed for time, send an ecard. It may not be a card that you've created in a literal sense, but you're still creating the words that you include in your message. Put a little extra thought into what you want to say -- try a love quote or love poem if you're stumped. Try Hallmark for some great free ecards.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Robert Anue - Zebu Milton Cards Manual
Denis Dutton - On Cold Reading
Shelle Charvet - Words That Change Minds

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She Was A Woman

She Was A Woman Image
After the T-shirts, the speeches, the vitriol and the crass political gamesmanship, what remains is tragedy.

The death of Dorothy Morris, 76, left her husband, George, a widower after 54 years of marriage. The Tucson man was shot twice as he tried in vain to shield her -- his high school sweetheart -- from the barrage of bullets.

"George heard the pop-pop and tried to throw Dot to the ground and get on top of her, but it was too late," JoAnn Newland, the Morrises' neighbor, told The Arizona Republic. Friends said the Oro Valley couple acted like newlyweds and said George would lovingly refer to his wife as his girlfriend. "It was like they were still on their honeymoon after 50 years of marriage," Bonnie Royle, a neighbor who was friendly with the couple, told the paper.

Others described Dorothy Morris, a mother of two who was born and raised in Reno, Nev., as a kind and shy woman. "Dot was just a sweet, quiet, lovely person," Marilyn Melton, a friend, told the Reno-Gazette Journal. "I think what you'd call her is just nice, a nice lady, a nice human being." George remains hospitalized but is expected to recover from his wounds.

Phyllis Schneck, 79, left behind her three adult children, seven grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. Schneck's daughter B.J. Offutt struggled to comprehend how her mother, a homemaker and widow known for her cooking, could have come to such a violent end. "I can't make sense of it," Offutt told The Wall Street Journal. "There's no logical reason for it."

Offutt said she remembered her mother saying that she agreed with Giffords about "needing to better control the border." But another daughter, Phyllis Rautenberg, said their mother wasn't particularly political. "She was a woman that got married in the early 1950s, and she did all of that June Cleaver stuff," Rautenberg told The Washington Post. "She loved Tucson and had lots of friends there, and spent lots of time at her church."

Gabe Zimmerman was only 30. As Giffords' director of community outreach, he helped to plan the constituent meeting that ended in the deaths of six people. His father, Ross Zimmerman, said his son was caring, smart and hardworking. "I just want people to remember him," he told ABC News. The Giffords staffer had a fiancee, as well, a nurse by the name of Kelly O'Brien who is grieving today instead of planning her wedding. "For the moment, at least, Kelly has lost her future," Ross Zimmerman said of O'Brien.

C.J. Karamargin, another Giffords staffer, said Zimmerman, who grew up in California, was an incredibly hard worker. "Gabe was unfailingly patient with people. He presided over thousands of constituent cases," he told the Los Angeles Times. "He was helping World War II vets get medals, people with Medicare benefits, veterans with benefits issues. These are the types of things day-in and day-out he did, and he was determined to just do the best he could. He worked hard, he really worked hard."

Dorwin Stoddard, 76, died in the arms of his wife, Mavanell, or "Mavy" Stoddard, after trying to protect her from the gunfire. The pair were also high school sweethearts but grew up to marry other people before reuniting in the mid-1990s when they both became widowed. Dorwan was remembered as a caring husband and father and an active member of his church. Mavy was shot three times in the leg as she held her dying husband, but she survived.

Mike Nowak, the Stoddards' minister, said he could find no explanation for Stoddard's death. "You can't," he told The Arizona Daily Star. "We live in a world that is full of crime, full of hatred. You can ask yourself the question 'Why?' but there's never an answer when it hits so close to home."

There is a prayer that has been passed down through the millenia to memorialize our dearly deceased:

May the great Name of God be exalted and sanctified,

throughout the world, which he has created according to his will.

May his Kingship be established in your lifetime and in your days,

and in the lifetime of the entire household of Israel,

swiftly and in the near future;

and say, Amen.

May his great name be blessed, forever and ever.

Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, honored elevated and lauded

be the Name of the holy one, Blessed is he-

above and beyond any blessings and hymns,

Praises and consolations which are uttered in the world;

and say Amen.

May there be abundant peace from Heaven, and life,

upon us and upon all Israel;

and say, Amen.

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Honore De Balzac - The Deserted Woman
Anthony Berger - The Easy Horny Women
C Kellogg - Facts By A Woman

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Book Review Dont Be That Girl

Book Review Dont Be That Girl Cover
You may remember TRAVIS STORK as the hot doctor on" Bachelor: "or as the host of the TV show Well, right after his stint as TRAVIS STORK decided it was a good idea to write a abook about the 8 types of women sensible guys avoid. Here they are:

1. AGENDA GIRL - Has a plan to be married with kids in 5 years, but has yet to find the man.

2. YES GIRL - Has no opinion about anything, agrees with everything her date says

3. DRAMA QUEEN GIRL - Is over the top with her emotions and analyzes every aspect of a relationship. Needs conflict to thrive.

4. BITTER GIRL - Has been hurt by a guy before and has decided that it's smart idea to take it out on the entire male population

5. INSECURE GIRL - Incredibly self-conscious and can only chill out after a couple of drinks

6. DESPERATE GIRL - Stalks her boyfriends and refuses to be ignored by any man she dates

7. WORKING GIRL - Is too busy to have a meaningful relationship; acts like her work is her life

8. LOST GIRL - Needs problems in relationships, dates toxic men constantly

TRAVIS STORK is right; these women are problematic and have flaws that most sensible guys won't put up with; however, most guys have issues of their own and need women like this to balance out a relationship.

Even though TRAVIS STORK was on" Bachelor" had 25 women at his disposal, I still don't see how it makes him the authority on what women need to change in order to land a great guy. What makes the whole book even weirder is how he goes off on a tangent about how if a woman has an agenda to marry and tries to hide it on a first date, the man will be able to see right through her lies. Uh, Travis Stork was on where every single woman's intention was to meet and marry the perfect guy.

TRAVIS STORK tries to help women refocus their energies and turn their weaknesses into strengths, but by the time a woman is done with just a few chapters, she's likely ready to choke TRAVIS STORK, so she won't be able to heed the advice.

The book is interesting enough, don't get me wrong, and TRAVIS STORK does make his point about toxic women very clear, but at the end of the day, most women are in denial about their flaws and just won't be able to see themselves as any one of the 8 types of women he lists.

And more often than not, TRAVIS STORK ends up sounding like he really has an aversion to marriage. Perhaps it's that whole "most women want to marry doctors" thing. I don't know.


By Travis Stork

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John Alexander - How To Become Alpha Male
Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover

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How To Make A Girl Like You The 8020 Rule

How To Make A Girl Like You The 8020 Rule Cover
In all the time I've been subscribed to dating advice newsletters, I don't think I've ever seen an email about thoughtfulness with women. And if you want to know _HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU_, this is the 20% that gets 80% of the results.

It's one of those mushy words that calls us to be our better selves, and there was definitely a (rather selfish) time in my life when I was dismissive of anything that involved me putting forth extra effort to attract women.

But this morning, as I was posting this song to my friend Fatima's facebook wall, it struck me how much of a role thoughtfulness has played in my best relationships.


- my very first girlfriend (back when we were high-schoolers haha) told me that her favorite Sesame Street character was Bert. I showed up on our third date with a big helium balloon of Bert's face

- on our first date, my current girlfriend told me that she wanted to change the world. a few weeks later, I had a book about Social Entrepreneurship called "How To Change The World" sent to her house (gotta love Amazon Prime)

- again with my current girlfriend, when we were getting to know each other, I posted a quote from Shantaram on my facebook wall - "every act of love is in some way a promise to forgive". I knew her enough to suspect that this would speak right to her heart, and sure enough, she commented on it within moments.

- one of my girlfriends had a musical composer she was absolutely passionate about. I bought one of his albums between our first and second date and was prepped to discuss it.

- As we were getting to know each other, the FHM cover model girlfriend from a few years ago got a cold. I had chicken noodle soup and airborne sent to her house.

- When texting with a girl who I dated from Sweden, I looked up a Swedish food on Wikipedia and told her we should get some.

Notice that nothing here cost more than ten bucks. A few other similarities

- even though I was "giving" in almost all cases, there was NO SUPPLICATION.

- I truly DELIGHTED IN SURPRISING these girls something unexpected

- all of the instances required that I pay attention to something unique to the girl

- none of these things required ridiculous effort.


It's sort of the 80/20 principle of making a girl want you. The way that most guys try to give isn't very personalized - dinners, tickets to a show, etc. - and none of that is inherently bad, but it's not the most effective way of getting her to smile.

If you take great pleasure in making women happy, then thoughtful little gifts and actions go a LONG way.

And let me be clear - if your head and your heart are in the right place, then this stuff is going to come naturally. _It's not a technique_.

A lot of guys think you have to have this amazing lifestyle, get bottle service every time you go out, wear the most stylish new threads no no no. Those can put you in the game, but this is the stuff that makes the real connection happen especially with the girls who every other guy is chasing.

Mix this stuff up with attraction stuff (good body language, flirtatiousness, showing your desire) and you'll be a powerhouse.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

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Everything Bigger In Texas

Everything Bigger In Texas Cover
A Texan went to Chicago and thought he would buy a new "city" outfit. He went into Marshall Fields and when asked by a sweet young woman if she could help him, answered, "Yes ma'am, ya see, I'm from Texas and I want to buy a complete outfit."

Well, her eyes lit up as she asked, "Where would you like to start?"

"Well ma'am, how about a suit?"

"Yes sir, what size?"

"Size 53, tall, ma'am."

"Wow, that's really big."

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

"What's next?" she asked.

He replied, "How about some shoes?"

"What size?"

"Size 15, double D."

"Wow, that's really big!"

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

"What's next?"

"Well, I reckon I'll need a shirt."

"Yes sir, what size?"

"Nineteen and a half, 38," he replied.

"Wow, that's really big!"

"Yes ma'am, they really grow them big in Texas."

She virtually glowed as she asked, "Whew! Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No ma'am, I reckon that will be all."

Well she tallied up his bill while the Texan was counting out his money. She asked, "Sir could I ask you a question?"

"Yes ma'am, I already know what it is and the answer is four inches."

She is astonished and blurts out, "Why, my boyfriend is bigger than that!"

Without so much as a stutter, the Texan replied, "Across ma'am?"

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Tyler Durden - Dissecting Shit Tests
Michael Webb - Dating Exercises
Michael Hall - Getting The Edge In Business

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What To Wear To Get A Mans Interest

What To Wear To Get A Mans Interest Image
Men are visual kind of people. They easily notice the things they see and meet. Women think that as long as they are confident and witty, guys will notice them. Yes, men like women who carry themselves well and are smart. However, these things that women possess are not enough to get a man and his undivided attention especially in a crowd. Sometimes, women do and wear weird things just to get notice not knowing that they only make matters worst. That is why this article comes in handy for those girls wondering how to attract men.

GIRLS, WATCH IT! Take this literally. To attract men, wear wrist watch. Wearing watch implies that a woman gives importance to her time and that she is always mindful of her schedule. Aside from being an accessory, your watch can even be a way to get a man who doesn't have an idea of what the time is approach you.

PUT A SLIGHT MAKE UP ON YOUR FACE.Yes, you've read it right, a little make up will do to attract men. If you do not know how to use make ups, have your girl friends teach you. Make up will add color on your face to make you look plump and fresh. Try to emphasize your face's best features using make up. On the other hand, if you know how to apply make ups, don't over do it. Men don't like over decorated faces. Get the best make up and get a man.

A PAIR OF EARING TO GET HIS EYES ON YOU. To attract men, wearing a pair of earring can help. Earrings also add color to a woman's face. It doesn't have to be a dangling or stone cut one but a simple pair will be wonderful. This will also add confidence and would make a woman look elegant and simple. Get a man and his interest by wearing small studded earrings that matches your dress well.

RUB OFF SOME SCENT. Get a perfume and get a man to notice you. Sense of smell is one of the strongest senses people have, so if you are wearing a scent, men would most likely turn their heads on you even they have walked passed through you already. To attract men in a crowd, wear a scent that suits you.

SMILE YOUR WAY TO HIM. Finally, wear your most natural smile all the time. To attract men to come to you, smile. This would give them the idea that you are approachable and confident. Smiling will serve as an invitation for them to start a conversation. Get a man and make him remember your dazzling smile.

Follow these simple tips and you'll surely get a man who'll notice and appreciate you. Just remember that too much of everything is not good to the sight. Keep the things that you wear simple but classy because men don't like sophisticated get ups for women especially if you're just going around the neighborhood. To attract men, it is also important to be yourself. Try following the tips above with a touch of your personality. Like when you wear a make up, you can just put a make up on what you think will best flaunt your face.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Rob J - How To Get Woman Laid In A Day Or Less
Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter

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The Dos To Attract Men

The Dos To Attract Men Cover
Are you the type of person who believes on 'You don't find love, you wait for it'? How long have you been waiting since then? Waiting for a month or a year? It is good to wait for the right person to come but you also have to do something to attract men to come near you. What can you do to make men's heads turn to you? What can you do to make him approach you? Are those also your questions in mind? Then continue reading this piece and learn some tips on how to get a man.

STAY IN THE MIDDLE NOT AT THE SIDES. To attract men, stay in the middle of a party or room. If you want to get a man, move around and start a conversation with people. Do not sit down, slouch or stay in a corner. Always wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk in the middle of the crowd and dance if you need to. If you find an interesting guy, make a way for a conversation and be natural as possible.

LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND FEEL BEAUTIFUL AT ALL TIMES. Get a man by always looking at your best. Do not ever go out of your house with an untidy hair or a smudged lipstick even if you're just going to do a small errand. Wear the colors that suit you well to attract men to introduce themselves to you. Flaunt your best features like if you have enticing eyes, you can put mascara to make your eyelashes thick.

TALK WITHOUT OPENING YOUR LIPS. To attract men, use non-verbal signs. Smile often and look people in the eyes. This will make them feel your cheerfulness and sincerity. Flipping of hair is also a sign that you are attracted to a certain person. If you show that you're interested in meeting a man, he would not hesitate to come to you and start a talk. Women who easily get a man know these things very well.

THE DONTS WHEN DATING MEN. Women, to attract men, you should know the things to avoid especially when you go out on a date. Do not speak overly of yourself. Learn to listen because your man has definitely things to share. Do not chew ice, fold your arms or shake their feet. These are not the proper manners to be observed with a potential boyfriend. Present yourself well and you'll absolutely get a man whom you're attracted to.

WHAT MEN PERCEIVE AS BEAUTIFUL. Men are visual beings that get attracted to beauty and glamour. It is suggested that women should know what clothes and accessories to wear to attract men. Put a little make up and a little scent then walk the way to get a man.

Waiting is painful, they say. The good news is you don't have to painfully wait for the right one to arrive or to attract men to come. You can start to pursue a hobby, learn to cook or engage into sports while waiting. You might just bump on to Mr. Right on your way to one of these. When you do get a man, you have interesting things to say and more things to discover.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Vin Dicarlo - The Attraction Code
Carlos Xuma - The Art Of Attraction
Wayne Ross - The Complete Guide To Attracting Women

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Characteristic Of A Cheater Spouse Are You Aware

Characteristic Of A Cheater Spouse Are You Aware Image
Here are some of the 4 ways of behaviors of a cheating spouse.

1. CHANGING OF A DAILY ROUTINE: If you start noticing that your spouse is no longer doing what they have been done earlier then he must be cheating with you.

2. UNSOLVED CHARGES IN THEIR BANK STATEMENT: If you notice that your spouse account is getting change due to certain reasons then he also must be cheating with you. One another sign of cheating is the unexplainable account charges or the new accounts that has being opened such as new lines of credit.

3. TAKING CALLS BEYOND YOUR RANGE: An obvious sign of a cheating spouse is on the spot or urgency calls that have been taken out of your range. It must set off an alarm of suspicious behavior that especially if the changes are unexpected. So, if your spouse starts taking the calls when you are not around then your spouse must be a cheater.

4. MIND IS GETTING DIVERTED: It is such a different behavior that means your spouse is no longer interested in what is going with him. Your spouse is not at all happy with the present things that are going on.

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Adam Taste - The Charismatic Lover Journey Wisdom And Meeting Women On Facebook
Joseph Oconnor - Nlp Workbook Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You Want
Cameron Teone - The Attributes The Characteristics Of A Seducer

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What Are The Odds Of Finding Mr Right Online

What Are The Odds Of Finding Mr Right Online Cover
The odds of finding your “soul-mate” online are a lot better than you may think. It doesn’t happen for everyone, of course, but it can happen for you. The world of internet or online dating has exploded over the last few years.

As our lives become busier and busier we need to make better use of our time and energy in our search for the one man who will make our lives complete. The old saying, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a princess” is no longer true. Why kiss frogs when you can read hundreds of profiles and look at the pictures that go with them for a small monthly fee? That saves time and money…not to mention lip burn.

These are a few good reasons to consider online dating:

- You have the opportunity to get to know a lot about a man before you ever contact him for the first time. You will know his age, marital status, what city he lives in, whether he has children, his height/weight and his likes and dislikes all from his profile. You’ll even see a picture of him.
- There is a wide range of men to choose from. You aren’t limited to the men in your social circle or work environment.
- Online dating is certainly a time saver. You can meet so many more men in a lot less time than you ever could out in the real world.
- You have a better chance to present yourself in a favorable way. This is especially useful for those of us who are shy. We have time to think about how we want to say things about ourselves and can avoid being tongue tied. Even those who are more extroverted can take time to reflect on who they really are before writing their online profile.

Everyone fudges a little bit when creating their dating profiles. A Michigan State University study found that 90 percent of people lie in their online dating profiles. That's a lot of lies. So what are the biggest lies men tell?

- "I'm in great shape." Obesity wouldn't be a problem in America if people were as active as their online profiles say they are. Many men will say they are "fit" or "in shape," even providing a picture that is a few years old as evidence.
- "I'm 6 feet tall." Men lie about their height, while more women lie about their weight. Six-feet seems to be the magic number for men. Many guys who are 5'9, 5'10 or 5'11 will say they are 6 feet tall. According to Medical News Today, 52.6 percent of men lie about their height online.
- "I make six-figures." Studies show that most men lie about their income by 20-25 percent on online dating sites. So that man you think has a six-figure income, probably doesn't. This lie definitely gets results, however. According to Scientific American, men claiming incomes of more than $250,000 got 151 percent more replies on online sites than men claiming incomes less than $50,000. "Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger..."

Suggested free e-books to read:

Mary Wood Allen - What A Young Woman Ought To Know
Chris Jackson - 25 Of The Hottest Places To Find Women Online

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Why Humans Really Kiss

Why Humans Really Kiss Cover
While here we all thought that we kiss the ones we love and lust for as a sign of affection and sexual desire, scientists claim that the real reason we kiss (with tongue) is to intentionally spread germs.

The human habit of kissing allows for a bug that is considered dangerous in pregnancy to be passed from male to female to give her body time to build immunity against it.

Apparently, CYTOMEGALOVIRUS lurks in saliva and can be hella dangerous if caught when a woman is pregnant and may cause birth defects or even kill unborn babies.

Kissing the same person for half a year provides optimum protection from the virus. Even kissing a man once provides some protection.

It all makes sense now. This is why so many people have drunk sex. For the antiseptic effect.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Jp Jacquard - Easy Mentalism
Cucan Pemo - What Does Your Man Really Want
Dating Insider - The Hello Kiss

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Do You Have A Work Spouse

Do You Have A Work Spouse Image
"Do You Have A Work Spouse?" Asks Shellenbarger from The Juggle

In The Juggle, Wall Street Journal's blog about having a family while working, Sue Shellenbarger talks about having a close companion at work and how that can affect your relationship at home. The article discusses the pros and cons of having a "work spouse," someone of the opposite sex at work whom with you share your personal thoughts, but whom with you remain unromantic. The relationship is distinctly different from your actual lover. Do you have a "work spouse"?


Work is more fun.

You have someone to share with when work is stressful.

You have someone to talk to about your personal life.

You won't over-burden either partner (lover or work spouse)

You'll get more viewpoints from the opposite sex.


It is easy to cross the line and take your work relationship too far, i.e. too romantically.

You could say too much about your real lover to your work spouse, exploiting their confidentiality

Jealousy could ensue, adding tension to your love life.

"Work Spouses" is an uncharted territory that could lead to misunderstandings, aka, sexual harassment.

Other people at work could see your relationship as unprofessional.

Susan Shellenbarger went even further, discussing whether or not you should give your "work spouse" a Valentine's Day present! She claims that Valentines Day isn't just a romantic holiday, but a time for celebrating all kinds of love.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Sean Stephenson - How Youth Can Succeed
Stylelife Academy - How To Work The Personals

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Girlfriend Cheated With Me

Girlfriend Cheated With Me Image
I lured my girlfriend away from her ex boyfriend - she essentially cheated on him with me. Now I find myself suspicious of her all the time, worried that she'll do the same thing to me. Is my suspicion justified?


Yes, it is. You have to understand that if you were able to lure her away, then someone else might be able to lure her away again. Not only that, but where is this girl's loyalty? She dumped her boyfriend to be with you, and now you expect her loyalty to lie with you? That's pretty na"ive.

If you want to be serious with this girl, then tell her what you're thinking. You might be surprised to hear what she has to say.

Your paranoia is yours to deal with. If you can't get over that she cheated on her last boyfriend to be with you, it will eventually rip your relationship apart.


My girlfriend kissed another woman when we went out to a club last weekend. And although all my friends think this is a huge turn on, I can't help but feel like I've been cheated on. Am I crazy?


No you're not. Your girlfriend just cheated on you in your face. Of course your friends think it's hot; that wasn't their girlfriend tonguing another strange woman and potentially getting herpes.

You have been cheated on and even though most guys would get turned on by what they saw, most guys who see their girlfriend as wife potential aren't too thrilled about their girl walking up to some random stranger and sticking their tongue down their throat.

Call her on it, and if you're not over it, dump her. It's that simple.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women
Adam Gilad - Interview With Mentor X
Juggler - How To Meet And Connect With Women

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Date Check iPhone New App

Date Check iPhone New App Cover
If you started dating Chuck or Sarah and are a little weirded out by how much they know about prison food, DATE CHECK, a new iPhone app, can help you find out whether or not you have good reason to be.

DATE CHECK is powered by Intelius, a background check powerhouse that exposes information people are hiding.

So if you have your date's name and telephone number, you can find out if they've committed any crimes like sexual assault, have had any drug arrests, and even find out if they're married.

And if you find out your date is clean, DATE CHECK can then find out how big their home is, how much it's worth, how compatible your astrological signs are, and how much they're net worth is.

DATE CHECK will be available for iPhone today and should be available for Blackberry by the end of 2009.

Wow, now the dating game has changed for good, thanks to DATE CHECK. Then again, now gold diggers have a new way of finding their man.

Here is a cost breakdown:

The Date Check app for general background information (criminal records, etc.) = free

The Date Check app for detailed background information = a few dollars

The Date Check app for comprehensive background information - $40

Suggested free e-books to read:

Martin Seligman - Authentic Happiness
Kevin Hogan - The Science Of Influence

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How To Get A Free Copy Of David Deangelo Advanced Dating Techniques

How To Get A Free Copy Of David Deangelo Advanced Dating Techniques Image


With all of the interest so far in my new Man Transformation Program and with all of the extra work I'm going to put in to make this program KILLER I've made a decision

I've decided that you must QUALIFY to come to this program and that the way you must qualify is that you must own a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques DVD or CD program, and you must have gone through the entire program from beginning to end.

Even though the "Man Transformation" program is going to be a complete "Fast Start" dating education, including advanced methods not shared anywhere before, I want to make sure that every single guy in the room is UP TO SPEED on my previous key ideas.

You'll understand this when you get to the program, but for now, let's just say that it's a REQUIREMENT that you own a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques program to qualify (and yes, I'm going to actually check our database to make sure you are a customer in good standing - no cheaters or deadbeats allowed).


In this program I have to condense the best of my hundreds of pages and hundreds of hours of my print, video, and audio programs PLUS teach you all of my newest technique and methods.

If we're going to make massive progress, then you need to be PREPARED to hit the ground running.

And my Advanced Dating Techniques program is the way to make that happen.


If you apply to the Man Transformation I've decided to INCLUDE (as a bonus) a copy of my Advanced Dating Techniques 2nd Edition DVD Training Program (this is the FAR-superior 2nd edition of the program).


(Note: If you are already own this program and you're a registered customer, I'll let you choose from a few of my other programs as your bonus so you get even more great information to prepare with.)

This bonus offer is only going to be available for a short time, so make sure and apply to the program early (and this offer is only limited to the supply of programs I have in stock and on hand once they're gone, they are GONE).

I've made a fun new video sharing a few more details about the program, along with some of the feedback I've been getting over the past several days and I'm going to post it on my new blog and send you a link tomorrow. Keep your eye out for it!

Click here to get on the Man Transformation sign up list. Don't waste time, ticket's will go on sale THIS WEEK (Under $1000).

Talk to you then!

David Deangelo.

Suggested free e-books to read:

J Siverthorn - Advanced Hypnotic Techniques
David Deangelo - How To Get A Woman Phone Number And Email Address
Lee Jenkins - Female Orgasm Black Book Advance Fingering Techniques

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Funniest Comment Of The Month

Funniest Comment Of The Month Image

A guy wrote this comment about a certain book:

hey i read almost all of your far there a piece of crap.wich means a piece of shit.cant you come up with something better.i didnt just waste my get no where.even my cousin bought some books.and he is not getting any girls.he thought that maybe just maybe he would have gotten lucky this time.but oh well.come up with something else.and make it work.make it GOOD!

Suggested free e-books to read:

Lance Kurke - The Wisdom Of The Alexander The Great
Jo Barrett - The Men Guide To The Women Bathroom

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Guy Movies Women Like

Guy Movies Women Like Cover
It's the eternal struggle. Guys want to watch movies with action, movies with crashes and explosions, but on a date, they're often left thinking that they have to pick something they wouldn't normally like just to please the girl.

Not so! In fact, there are a lot of movies that have the fast-pace men crave, but which also have plenty of appeal for the ladies in the room. Here are a few suggestions:



JAMES CAMERON may have a reputation (aside from Titanic) for producing films that men will love ( The Terminator", Aliens, The Abyss ), but one of his hallmarks is the consistent presence of strong female characters.

"True "may primarily be a vehicle for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, it's also a great romance story, with JAMIE LEE CURTIS holding her own as the future Governator's plucky, bored wife. Amidst all the motorcycle chases, military sub-plots and terrorists, the story is essentially that of a man who loves his wife and daughter, and wants desperately to keep them from harm.



These movies are almost non-stop action - particularly the first part, which has one of the longest fight sequences ever. Crazy sword-fighting and fist-fighting abound, but the story itself, of a woman seeking vengeance against her jilted lover who put her in the hospital and robbed her of an idyllic life as a small-town wife and mother - is very chick-friendly. The kicker (no pun intended) is that the fighters are all women. UMA THURMAN, DARYL HANNAH, LUCY LIU, and VIVICA A. FOX give the films their (literal) punch, whereas the men end up being pawns in their battles.



Sure, this story of an underground club where men beat the crap out of each other is violent, and sure there are hardly any women present, but there's a lot for a girl to like in this. The film may get to the heart of male machismo and bonding, but it also pokes fun at it.

EDWARD NORTON plays the sort of shy guy who women want to bring out of his shell and BRAD PITT plays the strutting Adonis that women just want. Besides, a lot of the fight scenes feature the men - Mr. Pitt especially - half-naked, looking wild and dangerous. Men are not the only ones who enjoy having something sexy to look at.



This sequel to STEVEN SODERBERGH's remake of a film featuring the original rat pack (a guy's group of guys if there ever was one) brings back the entire original cast and sends them on a new high stakes caper.

Like the story may resolve around an elite "boys club", but you're not likely to find many women who object to seeing GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT and MATT DAMON on screen for two hours.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Rion Williams - Mens Guide To Women
Honore De Balzac - Study Of Woman
Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh

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