How To Be Social Becoming More Extroverted And Having Fun

How To Be Social Becoming More Extroverted And Having Fun Cover

Attract Women by Being More Social

If you want to ATTRACT WOMEN - and be GOOD at it - a big part is *enjoying* the act of doing it. Because let's face it, if you're not enjoying the act of talking with a woman - whether you're nervous, annoyed, tired, whatever - she's going to notice. Your mood and attitude is going to rub off, and she's not going to feel good. And making a woman feel bad is exactly the wrong way to meet her.

I know one particular dating coach who speaks extensively about "self-amusement". It's great concept.

But what does this really mean?

For me, it means that I'm literally enjoying the act of talking. As I think of words and as I speak them, it feels good. I've recently taken to spouting off British catch-phrases I learn from my flatmate (er... housemate) because I get a kick out of saying them. Like, it is *verbal play*.

In fact, every man I've seen who is good at meeting women enjoys speaking, and does it a lot in a way that amuses them. Stephen Nash talks like a poet from time to time. Nick Sparks loves to play with sexual innuendo. Asian Rake David tells stories about his travels.

The point is that we simply like to talk. To women, to men, whatever. We've figured out ways to do it that make it FUN for us to go out and socialize.

Of course, this has to be calibrated. A fun guy knows to lower the push/pull when he goes out to dinner with a mixed group of lawyers and bankers. Some pickup guys I've met become so enamored with their own personalities, and ability to provoke reactions in people, that they can't turn it down when the social setting calls for it. Others clam up entirely - I know two VERY well respected guys in the pickup community who every single one of my friends thought were losers because they couldn't have a conversation if they weren't in a bar or on the center of a stage.

And why is that? Well, some guys just don't like the act of socializing unless they're out to pick up women, or it's having an effect on people. And deep down, people can ALWAYS tell if you are saying something to have an effect, or because you truly enjoy saying it.

So to me, self-amusement is speaking in a way and about things that you truly enjoy. If it means affecting dramatic pause or a british accent, try it out. I think you'll find that the more playful you are, the more you enjoy speaking and the more you will attract women.

Now there's a second part to this, to which I alluded already. Being a good fun guy means being calibrated. I know of a person with Tourettes - that's the mental affliction where you swear involuntarily - who says that when he swears, its like an itch that he has to scratch. He literally gets a "mental itch", and the only way he can scratch it is to say some words that, even given the adult theme of this blog, are not suitable for reprinting. Needless to say, even though he is "self-amusing" in the sense of making himself feel good, the words coming out of his mouth don't make others feel good.

So what is good game, then? Well, it is when other people are as amused by you as you are by yourself. When they feel good about you talking, and you feel good about talking, that's attractive.

And it all comes from a place of genuinely enjoying what you're talking about, and the act of talking itself.

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David Wygant Seduction Masters Interview

David Wygant Seduction Masters Interview Cover

DONOVAN: My first question is how did you get your start as a dating coach?

DAVID WYGANT: You know, that's a great question. I get asked that question all the time. And I've been doing this for ten years now, and I was doing it before it was really cool. You know, there was a couple guys of guys around - actually there was one guy around that I knew who was doing it when I did it and that was Ross Jeffries and as you know Ross does more seduction and NLP stuff and there was a couple of other guys but I didn't really know them and it was just - it was like one of those things that I wanted to do something to help people but I wasn't quite sure what it was so I moved to Los Angeles from San Diego.

I was teaching sales seminars and motivational seminars about how to become rich, and the problem was that everyone wanted to become rich but no one wanted to do the work, so it wasn't really fun teaching these people because they just wanted to make money but didn't want to develop the inner confidence so I was in Los Angeles and I was really tired of bars and clubs and everything else. I thought bars and clubs were for people that - you know for kids in their twenties. You know, I just didn't want to do it anymore.

I didn't want to stand in a bar, so I started dating out of the Coffee Bean in Brentwood and Whole Foods in Brentwood and Blockbuster. And I would hang out on a Saturday and these guys would ask me how my week was and I'd say "It's great. I met this girl Tuesday night. We went out Tuesday night. I met this other girl when I was renting a movie Wednesday and went to her house and rented a movie with her." And all of a sudden these guys started following me into Whole Foods. Every time I went there to get a sandwich, I would say "Watch my dog" and they would say "No, we want to watch you in Whole Foods." And they would follow me, and they would take notes, and they said "This is like a bootcamp, man. This is so cool!" And the numbers started increasing. It started with two and one weekend I looked around - I had 20 guys sitting there waiting for me to get up. Every time I got up, they got up. Every time I sat down, they sat down. And I looked at this, and I looked around, and I realized that there was probably a good salary sitting there.

DONOVAN: (Laughs)

DAVID WYGANT: And I was like "This is crazy, I can charge for this!" Then I started charging, and people started coming to it, and that's how the bootcamps grew. I mean, I did this based on really trying to find something that really suited my personality that I would love.

DONOVAN: That's awesome! How did you get good at dating to become an authority in it?

DAVID WYGANT: You know, it's funny. Dating I learned - and you know there were a couple of moments in my life. You know, one, I realized that standing around in a bar or a restaurant was a waste of time. I remember one - no, I remember two things. I was living in Colorado. I was walking out of the supermarket. My hair was standing up on end. I just had a two hour massage. I just worked twelve hours. And you know you're in that mindset where you're just not in the mood to talk. And this gorgeous woman walked in, and you know how it is. It's like slow-motion when they walk in, right? And then all of a sudden I saw her and she smiled and I smiled at her and the next thing you know - I just - she walked by me, I walked by her, I walked to the car - like any average chump would do. Got in the car, started the car, and I realized at that moment "What am I doing? What the fuck? What am I doing? Why am I not going in there and talking to her?" And, you know, then I thought to myself "What am I going to say to her? What am I going to do?" And it's not like I didn't have game. It's not like I wasn't good with women. I just didn't recognize opportunities all the time.

I decided that was going to be the night I was going to tell the truth. So I walked in - I turned the car off, I walked in the market, I saw her in the fruits and vegetables section. I walked over, I looked at her, and said "Hey." I said "Don't say a word." She said "Why?" And I told her exactly what I did - I went to the car, I thought about it. I was thinking about what to say. You know I started laughing a little bit. She started laughing. When I was done with my little speech, you know, my minute speech, she looked at me and goes "My name is " And of course I don't remember what her name was because it was such a long time ago, right? We spent the next three days together. And that moment made me realize that opportunities were everywhere and I was just wasting time. And, I mean, I've been in a lot of people-related businesses - bars and so forth - so I just started meeting women everywhere and started realizing that if you treat women like you treat your friends, and if you're honest and you talk to them and if you have no expectations, then you can become phenomenal at dating and women would start calling and chasing you. And it just became this like snowball effect. I mean I would study people, but it's just - I mean - it's a lifetime - I'm 45 - it's a lifetime of experience to get me where I am right now.

DONOVAN: Wow. The next question, can you relate a success story about one of your coaching clients?

DAVID WYGANT: I've got so many. I've coached over 1000 people privately from my bootcamps and everything, but I'll give you probably one of my favorite stories over the last couple of weeks. Because every week I work with different people. And I'm going to tell you about a guy who came to one of my bootcamps. He was a guy that was, he was not bad lookin', you know just what everyone would consider an average guy. You know, nice smile, kinda short. You know, insecure. Absolutely could not meet a woman ANYWHERE, except you know unless she fell in his lap and it was easy.

So we're doing the bootcamp and we're walking around. And when I do a bootcamp I'm taking guys out. I'm with them the entire time. I'm engaging. I'm teaching them. I'm teaching them how to meet women. So we're standing on the street, and I said to him "Look, I'm going to get a sandwich. Here's my dog." So, you know, my dog sat by his side cause my dog doesn't need a leash and sat by the side. All of a sudden he sees this woman, and he thinks to himself "What would David do in this situation?" Right? So she's walking a dog. All of a sudden he blurts out something like "I don't know if our dogs make a good match. What do you think?" He said ANYTHING - but based on what I taught him: the power of observation - relating to something a woman's already thinking about - her dog. She stopped. They started talking. Another one of the guys in the bootcamp migrated over. He tried to butt in the conversation. She pushed him out and started talking to him.

I went out there and I figured I wanted to check up on him. I started trying to talk to the girl. She pushed me out and kept talking to him. Finally after about 15 minutes, she looks at him and says "Well maybe I'll see you around the neighborhood." He says "Well, I don't live here." She says "Well, that doesn't matter. We should get together another time." And he says "Absolutely." And she wrote her phone number on his arm cause he didn't have a piece of paper nor his cell phone with me cause I had a no cell phone rule during the bootcamp. He looked at me and he said to me, he said "David," he said "A woman picked me over you. Obviously I learned some pretty good shit this weekend!"

DONOVAN: (Laughs) Nice!

DAVID WYGANT: And that to me made me so happy, because you know what? It's all about the student and all about teaching them how to really relate perfectly to women. But man, my student outdoing me after a weekend means that I did my job cause that never happened to him in his entire life.

He never met a beautiful - I mean this woman was not average looking. She was hot, and the moral of the story is: Any guy can meet any woman because I've been coaching women too for 10 years, and what men don't realize is that men are so visual and we find something we like and immediately we get a crush on it. But women, they don't know what they like until you walk in with confidence, attitude and everything else. All of a sudden you might be short and bald, and the woman will go "Oh my God, I'm so turned on by the short bald guy because of the way he's carrying himself and the way he talks and listens to me." It's really that simple.

DONOVAN: That's awesome. And what do you think guys greatest mistake with women is?

DAVID WYGANT: The greatest mistake guys make with women is that they think they have to memorize a routine to meet a woman. Guys make it so much harder for themselves than it really is. I am so anti-routine, it's unbelievable. You know, I look at routines and I think to myself "Why would some guy want to be a robot, because once that robotic routine is over you go out on a date - the next thing you know you go out on a date, the woman expects the robotic routine guy and you're still the same person. So what guys don't realize is that women are so easy to meet if you spend time working on your inner game. And how do you work on inner game? You develop real confidence, ok? You start observing life. You start observing women. You start looking at what they're doing, and you talk to to them about things they're doing at the moment so the conversation is casual.

For instance, if a woman is in a supermarket. She's standing in line behind you, and she has a bag of chips, a thing of sushi and some orange juice. Make a comment about her food cause she's already thinking about it. The next thing you know, you're having a casual conversation based on the food and she starts talking about your food and you can start leveling down in that conversation. What guys think they have to do, is they think they have to come up with something really clever. But it's not being clever, it's being observant and saying something that's in the moment because guys ruin it by being routine-based and they take a woman out of their mindset and then the woman looks at them as "Why is this idiot performing a routine on me?" They've seen them already, so I teach guys how to be real and not be the clich'e. So guys don't realize how simple it is to talk to women. I think that's the number one thing they don't realize is that you just need to say something, and if you say it with authority a woman's going to respond to you.

DONOVAN: Yeah. I think a lot of the reasons guys use a routine is because they haven't had that success with women, and they - they're looking for, uh, sort of something that can bridge that gap for them in their mind. But, what - with that - I know you're anti-routine, what is the best way for a guy to become more observant and become more charismatic in a natural way?

DAVID WYGANT: You know it's really easy, and something I do with every client. I just did it with a client in DC, and the guys, and in one week he transformed his entire life. He used to go out and think about what to say, think about what to do. And I said "You know what? Instead of doing this - Instead going out there thinking about the date and trying to get the number, spend two days just observing and walking around your life. Take a notebook with you. Take your BlackBerry. Do some mental notes, you know, type in some mental notes on your BlackBerry.

Go around and every time you see a woman, observe what she's doing. So you're in supermarket. You see a woman. She's looking at Cap'n Crunch. Write down 'I saw a woman in Whole Foods today looking at Cap'n Crunch.'" Then the next exercise is, "What would you say to her in that situation?" And it's funny. We've been taught to be so anti-intuitive our entire life, that if you go back to the basics and you start working on your intuition again, all of a sudden you start coming up with your own opening lines. And I've got a lot of products that teach guys how to come up with their own openers and get comfortable with it, because your own opener is the best thing because you can actually talk about it. So this client of mine went in. This is actually a story from his existence. He actually was in Whole Foods. This woman looked at Peanut Butter Bumpers. All of a sudden he did this exercise, and he said "Peanut Butter Bumpers? What are you - a child?" Right?

He sent all his own openers back to me over the next two days, and I said to him "Everything you thought about was actually 100% correct because you stopped thinking and started reacting." When you stop thinking and start reacting, the things you initially think about are the most powerful openers that you could possibly come up with because there are things that you notice. That's why bars don't work, because there's nothing in a bar that really - you really have to be very clever and you really have to be very funny and I've got five or six openers for bars that work. But you know what, in every day life you're doing things that you normally do so you have something to talk about in every situation. And when you have something to talk about in every situation, you're able to actually open her based on something you're already knowledgeable about so you'll have a conversation instead of wondering what to say.

DONOVAN: Huh. That's a good point! In your personal experience, what's the best place and/or location to find a quality girlfriend?

DAVID WYGANT: Uh, there's so many quality girlfriends. I believe in breaking it down into 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 - that's five twenties. My math is off. Um, I like the Internet, for one. Um, the Internet's wonderful for a couple reasons, and I do the Internet a lot different. I don't contact women - I see who looked at me and I basically contact them and I bust them. I've got a great Internet opener I use all the time. I like to do your daily routine.

Your daily routine should be broken down. 20% of it should be your lunch routine, meaning where do you go to lunch every single day. You see the same people every day. Your office building you see the same people every single day. On a subway to work if you live in a city. On a bus to work if you take a bus. You know, whatever it might be. Whatever you do during the day are things that you need to start doing because you can talk to people who work in the same area so you'll have something in common. Another thing is your daily routines on the weekends.

Those are really good too because women are really vulnerable on the weekends because what happens is - is that they've been chased by a bunch of horny hungry drunken wolves on a Friday night and they're alone on a Saturday. I love to meet women alone on a Saturday and Sunday, anywhere from the malls to the bookstores. You know, just doing the things I like to do. Because if you do what you like to do, and women are doing what they like to do, you've got something to talk about. Then I like parties. I like to get invited to little parties. Maybe art gallery openings. Maybe, you know, store openings. Whatever it is. Get invited to some sort of party, because once again that's something that might be an interest of you and you're able to go and actually have a conversation.

Then the last bit - the last little bit - is just going out at night. But I like to go out and do alternate nights. Instead of going out to a bar on a Friday night, I'll go to like - I'll go to a bookstore and I'll go talk to a woman in a bookstore because, you know, she doesn't want to deal with drunken guys. Or I'll go to cafes where women are sitting at. There are a lot of coffee shops that are really cool at night, and women are there trying to get away from the hungry horny guys, so I'll go in, bring a book and a magazine, and I'll start a conversation.

I tell a guy to look at your entire life, figure out the things you like to do - the five or six things you like to do - look at where you find women, and that's where you start cultivating meetings that are natural and easy.

DONOVAN: Huh. Umm. Ok. I'm just going through some of my questions here. Some of them are self-evident by this point. (Laughs) Would you have any techniques or methods for enlarging your social circle?

DAVID WYGANT: Yeah, I mean there's a couple different things. And what men make - you know guys, men, boys, whatever it is, whoever's listening to this and reading this - the number one mistake that guys make besides trying to complicate things, is that they just don't enlarge their social circle. Meaning, that they're out. They're, you know, they're sitting in a coffee shop and they're waiting for the one woman that they're attracted to to walk in. I tell them to talk to everybody. Talk to the men.

Talk to the women. Because what happens is the more people you get to know, the easier it is to meet people. For instance, when I moved to Los Angeles I went to Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, sat there, talked to every single person, and after a month when I went to the supermarket and the woman - the chubby woman I wasn't really attracted to but I talked to her cause she was really nice- I ran into her at Whole Foods and she had a beautiful friend with her. I walked directly over to her and I already - I had instant social proof. You know, I was a friend of hers. I got to meet her good-looking friend. So I tell guys talk to everybody. Remember things about everybody.

I don't care if it's the person cutting your meat and putting, you know, the roast beef on your sandwich. I don't care if it's the person who works at the Post Office. Cause all these people are people who will enlarge your social circle, and each of them will introduce you to that beautiful woman without you having to do anything. It's about attracting women, and this attracts them. It's such a simple approach that most men forget to do.

DONOVAN: Hmm. Something I've found because I live in a cold climate, and it's a desolate region, what are some things - some date ideas - that you have for people who live in the not-so-glamorous areas of the country?

DAVID WYGANT: Well, here's the thing. I mean first dates to me are just - if you're going to go out to dinner, you're conducting an interview. I like dates - I like dates that are fun, and women like dates that are adventurous. So I like to head indoors. One of my favorite things to do, and I set it up perfectly with a woman on the phone. I'll start talking to her a little bit, you know, and I'll say "You know what? I haven't been to Target in so long. I've got to get some stuff for the house." Women love Target. I mean, they just love it. I mean, it's like, it's fun. You can go to Target and it's like an adult playground. You can go there and play baseball in the middle of the aisles. You can sit in the home and garden section and crack open a box of wine. I mean, there's plenty of things to do. But what I like to do is go to Target cause it's an adventure date inside. And when I get there. You know, we're shopping a little bit. I look at her and go "Do you want to play a game? Have you played Treasure Hunt yet?" She'll say "What's Treasure Hunt?" because women are like little kids. Man, they just want to have a good time. And I'll go "Treasure Hunt - I'll tell you what. I'm feeling really generous today.

You can buy anything - or, you know what, I'll buy you ANYTHING for $1.79. No, make it $1.73. But you've got to find something for EXACTLY $1.73, and you can spend the next two hours COMBING, combing Target for stuff that's a buck seventy-three." And she'll put it in, she'll look at it, she'll try to bargain an extra nickel, she'll be willing to put a dime in to get something else. I mean, it's a blast and it's fun, and then she has a takeaway from the date. She remembers that date. And that means so much more to her than a bottle of wine spent in a restaurant. Other things I like to do - go to like, you know, kind of small little stores and walk around. Go to the mall and walk around.

You know, do things that are just activity dates so you don't have to be sitting across from each other. I like to take a walk in the park, then go grab some hot chocolate in a cool little cafe. That way you get warm together. You get to talk about, you know, things, but, you know, active moving instead of sitting.

DONOVAN: Ok. Then to sum it up, what products do you have that are your basic fundamental products and what do they help with specifically?

DAVID WYGANT: I've got a lot of different products. I'd say, but one of the products - it depends on what the guy's looking for. I mean, my favorite product is my Men's Mastery Series for every reason because it's 8 hours of pure, you know, inner game to outer game. It's going to teach you how to be confident. It's going to teach you how to observe women. It's going to teach you how to understand women. It's going to teach you how to open women. It's going to teach you how to have sex with women. It's going to show you how to be the man that women are looking for, but what it's gonna do is it's really going to open your eyes to everything because - It's funny, a guy just ordered my, uh, Mastery Series a few days ago. He lives in Brazil. He used one of my observational openers that I have in the Mastery Series, and he met one of the biggest tv stars that in Brazil.

Because he didn't get intimidated. There's an exercise I have in there that teaches you how to - how to basically turn on sexual chemistry and elevate sexual attraction within the first 15 seconds, because what men don't realize is that women think of sex IMMEDIATELY. If you walk over to them the correct way, and I teach men the walk. If you walk correctly over to a woman and look at her the way she wants to be looked at, she's going to look at you as her next potential sex partner immediately. And there's a few tricks that I teach guys in there. But I really go through everything on teaching men how to be a real man instead of a performing robot who's routine-based. It teaches you how to be natural and attract, and have women come after you instead of you chasing women all the time.


Here are David's flagship products:

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To Friend Or Not To

To Friend Or Not To Image
The difficult decision of clicking a button.

To Friend or Not to Friend

"By: Cristin Lowe"

It's no big secret that a breakup results in a division of friends along with the furniture. But what happens with your Facebook "friends" post-separation? Is "unfriending" your ex and his or her friends the right thing to do after the end of a relationship goes public?

I've been unfriended by my brother-in-law's ex after they broke up. Twice. I can't say I regretted it (or even noticed exactly when it happened, if I'm being honest), and there was a guilty sense of relief that I no longer had to take a side. After all, it didn't matter that she was a lovely person and we might have been friends had she never been in a relationship with my brother-in-law because let's face it: we both knew my loyalty lay with him. And that unspoken loyalty ended a friendship that never really existed outside of occasional text messages, the Holidays, and, of course, Facebook.

I've also chosen not to friend another friend's significant other simply because I was pretty confident that relationship wasn't going to be of the "always and forever, 'til death do us part" variety. To date, they've proven me wrong, but I still have enough doubt that there is no way I am going to take the initiative to reach out and friend him. Thankfully, he doesn't strike me as the assertive type, so I think I'm safe from having to ignore his friend request. Crossing my fingers.

Years ago, before I began dating my now-husband, I got to personally experience the awkwardness of dividing up friends after a breakup. Luckily for me, at that time he didn't know what Facebook was, so other than his extremely angry and bitter sister unfriending me over the breakup, it never really became an issue. At the same time, it's always struck me as a little odd knowing that through our numerous remaining Facebook friends-in-common, we could keep tabs on each other despite not having spoken in years.

Some people remain Facebook friends with their ex in order to continue "spying" on him or her. Or else they task their friends to keep up to date on the latest happenings with the "other side." Does she have a new boyfriend? Does he look happy? Is she sharing personal divorce details with her friend community? Has he changed his status to "single" yet? The list goes on and on. If you are in the silent guilty majority of people who engage in this behavior, just remember that so long as you're focusing on the other person, you're not going to be able to move forward with your life.

Others take the opposite stance. They fill their Facebook page with pictures of their glamorous new lives filled with freedom. Their status updates are full of breezy comments about how great things are going and how happy they are. Often times these comments and pictures refer to a new significant other. Instead of being the jealous parties, they are doing everything they can to make the other side jealous. Unfortunately, just like the other group of individuals, they also remain focused on the past, not the present or future.

You need to be brutally honest with yourself. If you can't resist the temptation to spy or listen to your friends share information about the ex, that's a clear sign you need to hit that unfriend button and give your real friends strict instructions "not" to give you updates by proxy. Make sure that you keep your own posts appropriate. By appropriate, I mean that if your ex was to print out your status update or comments, you wouldn't be concerned if your words were shown to your divorce judge or your kids. Encourage your friends not to post their feelings about your breakup on their own walls, just in case your children happen to come across those posts.

Regardless of what you choose with your Facebook friends after a breakup, remember that what matters is that you want to be fully in charge of your own virtual community. You should get to the point where it doesn't matter whether you or your friends unfriend the other side. After all, the point of ending a relationship is to move on, right?

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Joseph Matthews - Break Out Of The Friends Zone
Joseph Matthews - The Boyfriend Is Not An Obstacle

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Importance Of Dating Location In Dating

Importance Of Dating Location In Dating Image
Success of dating depends more on the dating location. It may sound strange but it is true. Today, we are going to discuss about the best dating location for different people according to their nature and personality.

Friendly - If you are on date with quiet friendly person then better to choose a place like shopping place, restaurants, cinema, fashion hub etc. This place would help to make your bound quiet special with him/her.

Funny - If you partner got the nice sense of humor and got the funny nature then nothing can beat a comedy movie or show. It will be better to enjoy the time while visiting the light place.

Adventurous - In current world, everybody lives properly without any fear or tension. Even girls have also started enjoying the adventurous life. If you got the adventurous partner then spend time while swimming, water park, etc.

Dating location is an important part of date and make sure that you choose the location according to the nature of your partner. A right location can decide the destiny of your date. It is advisable to enjoy the time rather than to make him/her happy. Be yourself and enjoy the precious time with you partner at nice place.

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James Friesen - The Fine Art Of Attraction And Seduction
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Attraction Is Not A Choice
Chris Jackson - Importance Of Non Verbal Communication In Military Leadership

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The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love By Dr Paul Dobransky

The Secret Psychology Of How We Fall In Love By Dr Paul Dobransky Image
I sat down with Doctor Paul to talk about his upcoming book, "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love".


Its called "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love". On the surface its a book for women, but secretly it's all of the science I've learned, all of the techniques of the community, and all I've seen happen there but with a scientific mind. I got the idea to assist women to get a better dating life and relationships, but also to assist men. You've heard of the word feminist, I'm neither a feminist, or a masculinist but a humanist, I believe in getting people together and teaching them to make that happen is the best way.

What's "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" all about?

Alot of guys have said, "When The Game comes out, women will be on to us, they'll know our system and work us out!" It's ridiculous, women want me, a quality man, and men want quality women. There doesn't need to be any war between the sexes. It's my latest and greatest technology and its worlds beyond MindOs (Dr Paul's ebook release), and it teaches us what amounts to courtship. Something that we've lost. It's not a detailed description on how to court, not just physical moves, but psychologically what exact steps are there.

Some people might call it Mystery Method for women, but what it amounts to is e = mc2 for psychology, everyone's heard of it for physics, this is the very same thing in the psychology world, it's very ground breaking. Think of it this way, it's the periodic table of the elements for psychology.

What every dating guru has is a molecule, but i have the elements now. I can explain what works, and what doesn't, thats because i have the elements and not just the molecules. There is a underlying pattern of what works with gurus and what does not. The community and the idea of helping men meet women is a very new idea, and you have little phases in the last century, but very small.

My field is very old, and i think all the best has synthesized and blended, both in the book and live seminars, and other materials are a true combination of all that came before me, and synthesis of bringing together various models of teaching men how to meet women to create one model out of all of them, to express them all. This does the same thing with any method of game. I want men to devise their own "method". You don't need to follow any particular guru to get success, and you can make your own and be wildly successful if you know the fundamentals behind the models, and why they work for some people.


Essentially some of the cases examples in the book are going to describe women who are trying to make there way towards a solid relationship while failing and it illustrates what problems women have, and what traits to stay away from, by having a man's perspective on it. Alot of guys are going to read it, and say "oh! chapter 6 is my ex girlfirend", or "chapter 9 is my ex-wife". So it makes it very very clear why certain dating experiences cause failure, this book explains why, and it isn't vague.

If you devise your own method or game, why would you need anyone to find out about "your game", I don't want guys to have to worry about it. Devise your own and it works perfectly for you.

"The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" helps the guy work on his character and his sexual skills. One thing I found helped when I worked with David Deangelo is sexual attraction, so I've added sexual attraction to the model. What it will essentially do is help any guy with his situation with women. No matter if he's single, married or in a relationship. This will help you relate to them better. Have better and richer relationships with them, sexual or beyond. Another really cool part is that its useful for is reading people. Like how much would you like to tell your future with any given individual women. Guy's meet a really beautiful women, then she turns into a stalker. "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" will help you know with a few simple tests what kind of girl she'll turn out to be, even if she's a cheater. You can tell if she will turn into a cheater or if she'll be focused for you within a few moments of meeting her.

It goes into way more detail about the personality archetypes and how to use them. How to approach people, just by knowing their archetype and how to relate better to them by having that knowledge. Visit to find out what archetype you are.

You can learn to handle any time of formerly vague scenario. Why did I only get a day 1 with this woman? Why did she not call me back? etc etc More specific than "I missed comfort", she said this and you said that, but you missed out on and responded like this. "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" will re-frame your mind and belief system.

Put it this way

Would you love to have a fighter jet in your backyard with a landing strip? Hell yes, I would love to as well. But what if you didn't know how to fly it? That's the way it is with us, we've got this powerful machine that if we could control it and learn how it worked, it would be the funniest thing to have! "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" is the next generation of dating advice, and you can tailor it for you.


Pre-order "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall In Love" (May 28th release date). Only $12.

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How To Flirt With Women

How To Flirt With Women Image
Flirting with women iѕ an essential step in the dating game and if you get it wrong, it could completely ruin your chances of success. i want to share with you some of my own personal experiences in this matter. For years, i relied on corny pick up lines, lame jokes and standard conversation pieces, not realizing that it wasn't even so much aѕ what i was saying, but how i was saying it. i only learned fairly recently that only 10% of our communication iѕ verbal and yet this iѕ what i had been focusing all my efforts on. Also, i was never really able to read girls. i'd fool myѕelf into thinking they were flirting back, only to be verbally slapped with lines such aѕ "sorry, you're juѕt not my type".

So,How To Flirt With Women?

Before you learn how to flirt with women, you should raed about it: i'm now going to recall with embarrassment some of the mistakes i made in the past, in the hope that others will learn and not follow me! i will also share with you what i learned about reading women, so you will never again have to endure those immortal words "I juѕt like you aѕ a friend"...Ok, let's find out how to flirt with women.

Here are 5 things you muѕt never do when flirting with women.

How To Flirt With Women 1:

Avoid all bragging or boasting. i thought girls would be impressed with my important office job or my hot new set of wheels. i'd lose sight of the fact that juѕt because i was proud of something, it didn't mean she would be. Worse still, i was juѕt coming across aѕ a cocky idiot. a wise friend told me that bragging iѕ actually a sign of weakness; like you're some loser who iѕ trying to cover up some gap in his life. That made sense to me. and women are not stupid, they'll pick up on bragging right away and be instantly turned-off.

How To Flirt With Women 2:

Don't appear too interested. This can be hard, particularly when yo've summoned up the courage to approach a beautiful girl and she seems to be quite interested. i often made the mistake of obviously showing a girl that i was keen. i'd move ahead too fast and ultimately i was pushing her away. Girls love a challenge and they want to do some of the chasing, so you need to let them. Although i did find this a hard balance to achieve. You don't want to be rude or make her think you're completely off her; you need to get it finely tuned so that she iѕ juѕt not quite sure whether or not you want her...this iѕ what iѕ commonly known aѕ ‘sexual tension', an essential ingredient for any flirtatious conversations.

How To Flirt With Women 3:

Don't display weak body language. Simple things, like learning to stand straight with great posture, making good eye contact – these are things i never really gave much thought to, but i now realize juѕt how important they really are. If you're slouching, or looking nervous with hands in pockets, you're instantly sending out signals that you're lacking in confidence – and this iѕ the last thing you want to do when you're trying to capture a girl's attention.

How To Flirt With Women 4:

Don't confuse platonic and romantic interest. i think it'ѕ fair to say that women have a more natural inclination to flirt, even if it iѕ without the intention of taking things further. Juѕt because she smiles a lot, laughs at your jokes and looks you in the eye, it does not mean she haѕ the hots for you. This makes it harder for uѕ guys to read girls, but there are a few things you can watch for. If she haѕ her body angled towards you, or she iѕ playing with her hair or even touching you a little, there iѕ a much greater chance that she really likes you. and if she iѕ working at sexual tension, that iѕ one minute she seems interested and then next minute she's not, then again it iѕ probably a very good sign.

Last Tips For How To Flirt With Women

Never turn the conversation negative. Another terrible habit i had was to put myѕelf down. i thought it would make me appear humble, but all it was doing was emphasizing my weaknesses. Complaining of any form opens you up to pity and this iѕ an incredibly unattractive quality! i now make a very conscious effort to alwayѕ keep conversation topics upbeat and lively.

OK, now you should familiar how to flirt with women.but...

Learn How to flirt with women is more than it. But the point of how to flirt with women is simple — Just Act!

i learned all of how to flirt with women in the hard way, but hopefully you won't have to. Keep all of the above how to flirt with women tips in mind and you'll avoid making an ass of yourself like i uѕed to!

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Ron Louis - How To Succeed With Women

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Dont Fall Into The Dreaded Friend Zone

Dont Fall Into The Dreaded Friend Zone Image
One topic that people seem to ask me to talk about over and over again is the issue of "the friend zone." People always want to know how to avoid getting into the friend zone (especially when they are out on a date).

Just asking the question means that you need to take a good look at your mindset. Think about the question: "How do I avoid the friend zone when I am out on a date?" Take a moment and think about this...

"Go ahead, I'll wait."

You're out on a date with a woman. She is not looking at you as a friend if she accepted the date from you in the first place.

The fact that you have this concern, however, shows that you are going into your dates with the energy of being a friend. This means that you are playing it safe.

It means that you are really not expressing your desires, feelings and emotions. You are basically in your head during the entire date, just being a "good guy" and probably agreeing with everything she says.

By playing it safe, though, you get exactly what you fear the most. You get put in the friend zone.

Guys ask me all the time how they can "escalate" with a woman. I can't stand pickup terminology like that. Escalate? Are you an escalator? Are you going up an escalator? Are you a plane taking off from LAX escalating into the sky? But I digress...

Regardless of the terminology, when you're out on a date it's all about your mindset and how you interact with the woman. It's all about your eye contact, your smile, and touching her hand across the table as she's telling a story.

It's about letting yourself go and just being yourself so she's able to become attracted to you. It's so hard for people to just let go.

If you do nothing on a date except think and think and think, then guess what? You will never create any type of sexual attraction, because women will see that you are in your own head. When you're totally in your own head, you can't get into her heart.

So, how do you do this? How do you stay out of your own head, tap into your emotions and just let go?

You must stay present. You listen to her stories. You smile. You hold her hand if you feel like holding her hand.

There is no right or wrong time to hold somebody's hand. You do it when you feel it.

Here is a great exercise to do to learn how to tap into your emotions. Get a friend and tell them how you feel about them. Describe what it feels like to be friends with them, and what it's like from your perspective.

Then imagine what it feels like to be friends with yourself... Describe what it feels like to really reach deep inside yourself and see who YOU really are. Doing this enables you to see what your prospective date sees, from a fresh perspective. Look, she's going on this date for the same reasons you are - to find out more about you, to enjoy herself, and maybe establish a connection. If you take the time to think about what qualities you display to your friends that make you a good friend, you'll be more aware of them and she'll instantly pick up on them. This will allow you to get out of your head!

When I was single and went on dates, I was never in my own head. I used to just relax, enjoy myself and never thought about whether the woman was turned on by me. I only wondered whether I was turned on by her. If I felt like kissing her at the end of the date, I did so because we had connected as people.

You all know what it's like to connect with people. You connect with friends, family, and co-workers.

It is no different to connect with someone of the opposite sex. It takes being present. It takes enjoying yourself in the moment. It takes letting go.

If you do all of those things, you won't be in the friend zone. You'll be in the lover zone.


Suggested free e-books to read:

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Michael Hall - Getting The Edge In Business
Joseph Matthews - Break Out Of The Friends Zone

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Dating Tips For Men How To Get Over The Fear Of Rejection

Dating Tips For Men How To Get Over The Fear Of Rejection Image
Have you have been rejected many times? You are considered that somewhat creeps over you which notify you to stop trying as it tells you that you will not going to get a woman of your dreams. Here are some of the tips given on how to get over from the fear of rejection and have a healthy dating life.

1. Once you come across the fact that it is not all about you but about the other person also, at that point of time it become easier and it is quite possible to recover from this fear. You will definitely feel the fear but do it anyway and also do not let this fear stop you from approaching to a woman.

2. Make your immediate move, whenever you see a woman that catches your eye. Do not seize into any negative thoughts that you would be rejected because you have already been rejected. Simply walk up to the woman and introduce yourself. You can also ask or offer to buy her a drink. And, if she agrees that it is great. But, if she rejects, move on to the next.

3. Keep your eye open while finding the woman of your dreams. This will surly help you in blocking out all the negative thoughts that would be hindering you and your confidence. Men that are successful with women know the idea that how they feel inside and out.

4. No man gets successful without trying. You will not win all the time so do not take your failures to heart. Get up and get out there and start mingling.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Lieberman - Instant Facts How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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As David Deangelo Pointed Out Attraction Is Not A Choice

As David Deangelo Pointed Out Attraction Is Not A Choice Image
The key to successful pickup is attraction. If a woman is attracted to you, you can make all sorts of mistakes in your "game" and still be successful with her. If she's not, there's very little you can do to make her interested in taking things to the next level.

But many aspiring PUAs don't understand how attraction works for women, and thus make mistakes. It is very important to understand that women are not men. This sounds obvious, but it is the key to game. What while our primary attraction switches are visual, women are much more attracted to behavioral cues. Paying attention to your appearance and getting in shape will help you, but nowhere near as much as it would help a woman.

Understand how attraction is different for women and men with David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating guide. Click here for more.

To start, let's reduce the source of women's attraction to a single word: status. Developing your ability to see and understand status will help your pickup immensely. Make a habit of assessing the status of everyone you run into in different social situations. Start noticing the behaviour that high-status people engage in, compared to low status people, and incorporate it into your behaviour.

The high status person sits in the most comfortable chair. If there aren't enough chairs for everyone, he's sitting down, while others stand. He has a good view of the room. He speaks slowly because he trusts people will listen. He often speaks first or last in the conversation. He is less focused on the people around him than they are on him. He is making confident decisions for himself and for the group.

In addition to status, the following are powerful attraction switches for women:

Pre-Selection: Assessing whether a man truly has attractive personal qualities can take a lot of time, but if other women find him attractive, he must have them. Therefore, pre-selection is a major attractive quality. Surround yourself with women to take advantage of this, even if you aren't gaming them.

Confidence: One of the most important attraction switches. It is vitally important to be confident. If you don't feel confident, act confident. Constantly ask yourself "what would a more confident man do here?" and just do it. Women may find shy awkwardness charming, but if you want to create powerful physical sensations drawing her towards you, be bold!

Center of Attention: Are people focused on you? Are they looking at you, talking about you? Then she's going to want to spend more time with you.

Excellence: This is one of the most powerful attraction switches. Being excellent at anything. Displaying excellence marks you as sexually worthy. Remember that it's not enough to be excellent, you have to show it off, preferably effortlessly. Put yourself in environments where you have a chance to show off what you are excellent at.

Socially savvy: Women are generally quicker than men at picking up little cues about social behavior and status than men. If she sees that you're on her level with this, it will spark attraction.

Non-reactive: Stoicism is a stereotypically masculine trait - and guess what? Women are attractive to stereotypically masculine traits. Be emotionally strong, unaffected by the little slings and arrows life throws at you.

Non-reaction-seeking: This is related to the last one. People tend to ignore those of lower status than them, but they seek reactions from those above them on the social hierarchy. Therefore, if you are trying to get a reaction from her, you must be lower status than her, and therefore unattractive.

Fun: Being the guy who is always enjoyable to be around makes you attractive. Don't be the quiet guy in the corner. Get out and be social and fun!

Positivity: Related to the last. Because women are often more emotional than men, they feel negativity stronger than we do - but they also feel positivity stronger than we do. So be positive about things, and women will flock to you.

Protector of Loved Ones: If we remember, ultimately, that attraction switches were selected for by evolution, this makes a lot of sense. A woman wants to feel, viscerally, that you'll take care of her and your children - even if she has no intention of actually having kids with you. Evolution hasn't caught up to birth control! This one can be hard to show off directly, but work it into the stories you tell about yourself.

Effortlessness: One of the biggest killers of attraction is the sense that you are trying hard to make something happen. Attractive men do everything easily, effortlessly. Try to just be doing your thing and letting good things flow to you.

Humility: Related to the above. An attractive man doesn't try to show anyone up. However, there's a trap here for many aspiring PUAs: Avoid putting yourself down. Self-deprecating humor is bad for you game - but remember that every self-deprecating joke is a cocky/funny joke in reverse, and cocky/funny hits a lot of attraction switches.

As David DeAngelo pointed out attraction is not a choice. Hit all of these switches and you will have the women fawning over you. You will still need to apply good game to successfully advance, but the more you can keep her attracted, the easier things will go! Get used to pushing this buttons and hit them all the time.

Happy gaming!

Find out more insights form PUA David DeAngelo in his guide Double Your Dating. This guide is one of the most highly acclaimed online. Get it now.

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Phil Anderson - Creating An Attractive Identity
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Attraction Is Not A Choice

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Designer Women

Designer Women Image
I can't tell you how much I love spending time with a great book. There's just nothing like it. At the very least, a great book is entertaining. At best, a great book can challenge, inspire, and motivate you to implement changes in your life. Changes that can affect your future, encourage positive changes and bring your dreams well within reach.

Now, that's a book worth spending time with.

I was recently sent such a book to review and it's my pleasure to do so today. The book is LIFE IS A BUSINESS! MANAGE IT BETTER SO YOU'LL ENJOY IT MORE by Charles E. Cox, Jr. and it is a fascinating read from cover to cover.



The Fortune 500 Life is achieved by recognizing that every step needed to build a successful personal life emulates every step CEOs take to build a successful business-you simply need to learn what they are and how to apply them. And that's exactly what the upcoming book "Life Is A Business! Manage It Better So You'll Enjoy It More" is designed to do.

Authored by Charles E. Cox, Jr., "Life Is A Business! Manage It Better So You'll Enjoy It More" is the first in "The Fortune 500 Life" book series. Demonstrating parallels between running a successful business and managing a successful life, this book profiles current Fortune 500 companies to showcase nine key principles that relate to and impact your personal life.

Considered a "Life Improvement" book, Life is a Business! is designed to appeal to everyday working class people who often struggle to manage their personal lives. These struggles can be overcome when recognizing that "life is a business" - life and business challenges are strikingly similar and nearly every life decision is a business decision.


Charles E. Cox, Jr. Is a native of Minnesota's Twin Cities. He is an author, speaker, phil-an-thropist and ser-ial entre-pre-neur with a pas-sion for help-ing peo-ple of all ages and race find their inner strength through finan-cial sta-bil-ity, entre-pre-neurism and over-all finan-cial lit-er-acy. Charles believes that the com-bi-na-tion of a solid edu-ca-tion with a deep under-stand-ing and respect for the mon-e-tary impacts on life will help all peo-ple on their jour-ney to pros-per-ity. Charles' entre-pre-neur-ial spirit has led him to spend the last fif-teen years of his career seek-ing chal-leng-ing oppor-tu-ni-ties in real estate invest-ment and sales, devel-op-ment and ven-ture cap-i-tal-ism. Charles has also man-aged careers in con-struc-tion, as a licensed gen-eral con-trac-tor and elec-tri-cian in the state of Minnesota. - From Life is a Business

In Life is a Business, Charles E. Cox, Jr. lays out 9 KEY PRINCIPLES TO A PROSPEROUS LIFE

* VISION/MISSION. Create a clear vision of what you want for your life.

* SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND EDUCATION. Keep strong, steady growth and a commitment to education at the forefront of your vision.

* FINANCIAL LITERACY & STABILITY. Commit to an ongoing quest to obtain and understand the truth about your finances so you can stabilize your financial health.

* HEALTH & WELLNESS. Maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

* STRESS PRESSURE & CHANGE. Prepare for inevitable stress, pressure, and change so you can better manage your way through them.

* STEWARDSHIP/PHILANTHROPY. Serve your community to build a sense of community.

* VACATIONS. Plan and take vacations with your family.

* MARRIAGE. Enter marriage with the same caution and consideration as you would a business merger.

* PERSONAL IMAGE (REPUTATION). Build an honorable personal and professional reputation.

These 9 principles are "fleshed out" through the fast-paced book. Each principle includes what I'd call a "Call to Action" by the author, turning the book into an interactive journey which self help fanatics like me LOVE. I also loved the wonderful inspirational quotes sprinkled (very effectively) throughout the book. The quotes, the illustrations, and the fascinating comparisons between life and business make this a book that's honestly hard to put down.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series - the first one kicked things off beautifully and has left me wanting to hear what Mr. Cox has to say next!

I hope you'll visit the Life is a Business website and learn more about Charles E. Cox. He's the sort of person who will leave a lasting impression, and a wonderful one, at that.

Follow me on Twitter!

Book Review: Life is a Business


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* Your Life is Like a Book

* Oprah's Wonderful New Book: O's Big Book of Happiness

* A Life Changing Book Written By a Changing Individual

* Book Roundup for Book Lovers and Bookworms


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Woman Attacks Boyfriend Home

Woman Attacks Boyfriend Home Cover
CAMAREE FELLON, a 22-year-old woman who was upset that her boyfriend dumped her ass, thought it would be a good idea to get hammered, drive over to his place, shoot it out with a gun and then take a hatchet to the walls, windows, and fridge.

Her boyfriend wasn't there, so she drove over to one of his friend's houses and revved the engine of her car. Her boyfriend hid inside the house and his two friends went to the window.

At this point, CAMAREE FELLON shot some shots into the air and was muttering drunken threats at them. The guys were al incredibly afraid because she had been violent in the past, so they called the police.

At this point, Fellon shot up her boyfriend's truck broke into the house and started shoving her boyfriend. When the two friends started struggling with her, she bit one of them on the arm.

When arrested, Fellon's blood alcohol was at.152; the legal limit is.08, so yeah, she was pretty wasted. Bail was set at $50,000.

I think perhaps the boyfriend should rethink his taste in women. She seems like a bad breaker-upper...

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Sylvester Onyemalechi - 16 Common Mistakes Single Men Make

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Free Meat For 16 Years

Free Meat For 16 Years Image
It was many years ago since the embarrassing day when a young woman, with a baby in her arms, entered his butcher shop and confronted him with the news that the baby was his and asked what was he going to do about it. Finally he offered to provide her with free meat until the boy was 16. She agreed.

He had been counting the years off on his calendar, and one day the teenager, who had been collecting the meat each week, came into the shop and said, "I'll be 16 tomorrow."

"I know," said the butcher with a smile, "I've been counting too, tell your mother, when you take this parcel of meat home, that it is the last free meat she'll get, and watch the expression on her face."

When the boy arrived home he told his mother.

The woman nodded and said, "Son, go back to the butcher and tell him I have also had free bread, free milk, and free groceries for the last 16 years and watch the expression on his face!"

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Arnold Haultain - Hints For Lovers
Dr Peter Davies - Hopes And Fears
Dating Insider - The Art Of War

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