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Date Check iPhone New App Cover
If you started dating Chuck or Sarah and are a little weirded out by how much they know about prison food, DATE CHECK, a new iPhone app, can help you find out whether or not you have good reason to be.

DATE CHECK is powered by Intelius, a background check powerhouse that exposes information people are hiding.

So if you have your date's name and telephone number, you can find out if they've committed any crimes like sexual assault, have had any drug arrests, and even find out if they're married.

And if you find out your date is clean, DATE CHECK can then find out how big their home is, how much it's worth, how compatible your astrological signs are, and how much they're net worth is.

DATE CHECK will be available for iPhone today and should be available for Blackberry by the end of 2009.

Wow, now the dating game has changed for good, thanks to DATE CHECK. Then again, now gold diggers have a new way of finding their man.

Here is a cost breakdown:

The Date Check app for general background information (criminal records, etc.) = free

The Date Check app for detailed background information = a few dollars

The Date Check app for comprehensive background information - $40

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