10 Biggest Lies Of Your Love

10 Biggest Lies Of Your Love Image
1:"Nothing's Wrong, I'm Fine"

2:"This Will Be My Last Beer"

3:"I Had No Mobile Signal"

4:"No, Your Butt Doesn't Look Big in That"

5: "Sorry, I Missed Your Call,"

6: "I'm on My Way"

7: "I'm Stuck in Traffic"

8: "It Wasn't That Expensive"

9:"I Didn't Have Too Much to Drink"

10: "My Mobile Battery Died,"

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Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love
Carol Mccluer - The Five Biggest Mistakes Women Make About Love

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Dream Girl Miranda Kerr

Dream Girl Miranda Kerr Image
Miranda Kerr is a native Aussie girl who was picked by Dolly Magazine at 13 as their young model of the year. This launched her career, and after modeling for years she made it as a Victoria's Secret fashion model.

I can vouch for Miranda. I've actually had conversations with her, and was friends with the family. I worked with her mum. Really nice girl.

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Dr Peter Davies - Drama Triangle
Alice Mabel Bacon - Japanese Girls And Women

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Signs A Man Is Great In Bed

Signs A Man Is Great In Bed Cover
Have you ever dated a man you thought was awesome, but once you had sex with him, you knew that it was over? Well, you're not alone. Sometimes you need some divine intervention to decipher who's who in the realm of great and not-so-great sex.

Luckily, I have searched far and wide for indications that a man is great in bed (he may be a jerk in other areas, but his sex alone will keep you coming back for more - and I mean that the way it sounds).

The following signs individually may not indicate that a man is great in bed, but if he has a few of the following characteristics, you'll be spread eagle more often than you ever have been in your life.



By dancing, I don't mean country, salsa, ballroom, or even the tango; I mean he can hold you close to him and sway his hips just enough so that you feel like you're having sex on the dance floor.

If a man can hold you close to him and maintain rhythm with his hips, he will know how to twirl them when you're lying under him as well. And if that weren't great enough, he understands the importance of tempo when it matters most.



When he opens his mouth to kiss you, his tongue is soft and his kiss is almost lazy. It's as though he's demonstrating what that tongue can do when it's between your other lips.

He sucks one lip at a time and he even smiles slightly when your tongues meet. This is a man who never rushes through an orgasm but enhances it by delaying it and awaiting a profound explosion.



When he eats his dinner, every morsel he cuts and place in his mouth is appreciated and devoured as though it may be his last.

If that weren't enough of a turn on, if you're out and he enjoys the taste of something immensely, he will insist on feeding you some so that you can share in his dining pleasure.



He doesn't need to tell you that he thinks you're hot, nor does he even have to touch you, the way he treats you makes you feel like you're the sexiest woman on Earth.

The way he looks at you makes you feel like a sex kitten, the way he talks to you makes you feel like a princess and the way he lets you know what he's thinking makes you want to rip off his clothes and ravage him.

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Tranceboy - The Lazy Mans Guide To Seduction
Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love
David Deangelo - On Being A Man Seminar Slides

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First Date Tips Make A Perfect Start

First Date Tips Make A Perfect Start Image
People search for many tips, when it comes to attempt first date. Today, we have brought many first date tips.

Look - Look does not matter much if you are attempting your second or third date. However, look matters a lot on first date. Your partner will get the first impression of yours with the help of what you wear and how you wear. So, please make sure that you have put on your best outfit.

Gift - When you meet your partner on first date, you can not afford to meet him/her without gift. It is a human nature and you can not change it. Your partner always expects something nice from you. So, you can buy flowers, chocolates etc. for him/her.

Place - Place plays very important role in first date. Being a boy, you should not force your partner to go on a particular location. Obviously, you can take her anywhere after first date and she will definitely go with you. However, please consider her opinion as well when it comes to choose location.

Food - You can end your first date with delicious food. So, do not forget to present another gift.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Scott - Flirt Mastery Quick Start Guide
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
Mabel Iam - Sex And The Perfect Lover

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Crucialinmatchmakingofonlinedatingservices Cover
Today, we will discuss the benefits and advantages of online dating.

- Websites follow the privacy policy very strictly and there is no reason how your personal information can be leaked.
- Here, you can choose the person as per your like and dislike
- You can enjoy it more if you follow the rule and regulation of dating websites otherwise these sites can disable your account immediately.
- Now single people can meet and search their partner and soul mate without any tension or stress
- As per your wish, you can provide your fake or genuine details. It is up to you how you want to enjoy the online dating
- In this fast pace world, people have no time to meet others. Online dating provides a nice platform where all people can come and enjoy their life
- These services are absolutely free and any individual can join anytime without any trouble.
- Most of the people join online dating because their friends or family members are already using it.
- This online resource opens the door of all worlds for you. Here, you can chat and meet the person from all over the world

Learn how these popular online dating sites work, what they cost, and the pros and cons of each.

Online Dating Site: Senior Friend Finder. More and more, older adults are finding companionship and love online. But where do you begin? This Senior Friend Finder review gives you the costs, benefits, and special features of Senior Friend Finder, one of the most popular senior online dating sites on the Internet. The Senior Friend Finder site is an attractive, well-organized and extremely user-friendly online dating site. There is a good Help section that includes answers to frequently asked questions and provides easy access to Senior Friend Finder customer service representatives, who can help with more complex or less typical situations.

Standard membership in Senior Friend Finder is free and provides a package of basic services that allows you to test the waters before diving in to an upgraded Senior Friend Finder membership. Standard membership includes:

* posting your profile on Senior Friend Finder is free of charge
* access to chat rooms and instant messaging
* limited use of the Senior Friend Finder search tools
* access to the interactive Senior Friend Finder magazine
* the ability to respond to 10 emails from interested members every 24 hours

Online Dating Site: eHarmony. What's the buzz about eHarmony? The site claims to take the guesswork out of matchmaking by using a scientific approach to help people find not only good matches and potential mates, but soul mates. How does eHarmony work? Find out here, and learn the pros and cons of eHarmony. eHarmony claims to take the guesswork out of matchmaking by using a scientific approach to help people find not only good matches and potential mates, but soul mates—and it seems to be working. According to a 2005 Harris Interactive study, 90 eHarmony\ members on average get married every day, and the site is filled with testimonials from happy couples who found love at eHarmony, including couples over 50. On the negative side, readers have complained to me that they felt some discrimination based on their physical appearance. With 15 million registered members from all 50 U.S. states and 200 countries, and members of every race and religion, eHarmony claims to be building a relationship site that “serves a world community.” But eHarmony leaves out parts of the world that include same-sex relationships. eHarmony is also unusual in that its membership reportedly includes about twice as many women as men, flipping the more typical ratio found on other dating sites.

Online Dating Site: Match.com. Online dating is becoming very popular with older adults, and Match.com is one of the oldest online dating sites. This Match.com review explains what Match.com offers, and the pros and cons of using Match.com for online dating. With more than 15 million members, Match.com is one of the largest general interest dating sites on the Internet and one of the most successful at bringing people together. The staff at Match.com calculates that every year more than 200,000 people find the person they were seeking by using Match.com. And Match.com reports that people 50 and older represent its fastest growing user segment.

Having a large membership also makes Match.com a good choice for baby boomers and seniors. Even though Match.com is open to people in every age group, Match.com (like many online dating sites) allows you to restrict your search to people within a certain age range. You will usually find a good selection of potential matches that are close to your age, but with Match.com, as with any online dating site, the size of the geographical area you choose will affect the number of potential matches you will find.

Someone once said that dating is a numbers game. And while that doesn’t sound very romantic, it’s often true. In high school and college, there were lots of people our age, everyone was single, and we had many interests in common. As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live and work, our spiritual and recreational interests...and fix-ups from friends or relatives. Online dating brings together people who share similar interests, age ranges and beliefs, but who might never meet by chance.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating
Brian Caniglia - Getting The Most From Online Dating
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Why Do Powerful Men Cheat

Why Do Powerful Men Cheat Cover
Tiger Woods, the world is yours.

It happens time and time again, without fail. The most powerful men on earth end up getting caught with their penis in the wrong woman. Over and over again.

No matter how much money or power these men have, it's evident that no amount of cash can keep a woman from spilling her guts and all these guys eventually get caught.

BILL CLINTON, JOHN EDWARDS, KOBE BRYANT, and now TIGER WOODS. These men were adored by all and then, well, then they stuck their penises in the wrong holes and got busted.

So why do powerful men cheat? Why can't they just be satisfied with what they have?



When you have so many people loving you and wanting you, and you have so much money that you can have anything with the snap of a finger, it's difficult not to develop a God complex.

Before you know it, these guys start thinking they're invincible and start sticking to whichever woman they choose.



On the other hand, when powerful men lose something like an election or a golf game, they need to prove to themselves that they still got it. And what better way to do that than to screw the crap out of an adoring albeit off-limits woman?



These guys have so much money, that they don't ever have to settle for a routine. And besides, routine gets boring after a while and when the God complex kicks in (see reason#1), they head out to find something that will titillate them again.



These guys went from being a nobody to be a major player in their respective industries. And in everyday life, most guys don't have incredibly sexy women begging them to sleep with them.

So when a powerful man has beautiful women constantly throwing themselves at him, it's almost inevitable that he will take the bait at some point. After all, he is only human.


At the end of the day, what we all need to realize is that temptation surrounds us every day, and that even the best of us can easily get caught up in our own supposed greatness and sense of entitlement.

They might be powerful men, but they should never underestimate the power of the P.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Chris Howard - The Secret Of Perfect Weight Health
C Kellogg - The Power Of Perfumes Report
Cucan Pemo - What Does Your Man Really Want

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When Women Want To Be Just Friends

When Women Want To Be Just Friends Cover

She wants to be just friends



I was dating a girl for 3 months and she suddenly told me that she wanted to focus on her career right now and that she just wasn't prepared to get serious.

I thought things were going well between us, but she said that she just wants to be friends for now.

Can you please tell me what's going on here? Is it possible I did something to turn her off? I'm 28, she's 26 and we both have great jobs and make good money, so we had a great time together. Sometimes she paid, sometimes I did, but I don't think that's a factor.

We had sex for the first time one week before she left me. Could that be it?

Please help.



Hi Dirk,

The famous "let's be friends" conversation. It happens to us all at some point in our romantic history. Three months into a relationship is the critical time where you either move forward to a steadier and exclusive arrangement or it fizzles out.

When you are in your 20s, having a career focus is a priority. However, if the conversation happened shortly after the first time you had sex, she might have been disappointed. Perhaps the chemistry wasn't there for her under the sheets.

Telling someone you want to be friends only after being intimate is either a kind way of letting you down or a way to keep the door open in case her options don't work out with another potential beau.

My suggestion is to move on. Find someone who, after the honeymoon period is over, is just as excited if not more in spending time with you in months 3 to 6, as she was in the first three months. If your girl comes crawling back, you just might not be available for her anymore.

Does this girlfriend have a right to be suspicious about her boyfriend? Read on >>

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Tranceboy - Why Are Women Attracted To Men Who Are Bad For Them
David Deangelo - What Women Hate Most About Single Guys
Tyler Durden - Girls Who Want To Be Forced

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Why Men Cant Forgive Cheating

Why Men Cant Forgive Cheating Cover
All thanks to equality and its perks, new statistics are showing that more and more women are cheating on their husbands nowadays. The thing is, men simply aren't as forgiving as women tend to be about infidelity.

When it comes to cheating, women are more likely to forgive a cheating husband. Experts say that it's because to a woman, cheating is an offense against her dignity, but for a man, it's an offense against his manhood, his entire being. And he can't let it go.

Men are able to even forgive themselves for cheating, but cannot do the same with their women. Relationships counselor PAULA HALL says that, "For men, the sexual component of their wife's affair is important. Women are much more likely to ask, 'Did you love her?'"

Of course that's true, think about it; men have penises that stick out and they can poke and poke away without a second thought. But for women, they must open their legs to let a man inside. That is the visual that simply kills a man.

That she opened her legs for another man and let him in.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - The Lazy Mans Guide To Seduction
Elena Petrova - Scam Prevention Tips For Online Dating

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Tim Ferriss And How To Outsource Your Dating

Tim Ferriss And How To Outsource Your Dating Image

It's about how to outsource and automate your life. How to use lifehacks, technology, and more to create a luxury lifestyle of time abundance and complete mobility.

I hear you outsourced your online dating. Such a crazy concept, even for my readers. Could you explain the general idea?

A friend challenged me, over some wine, to the limits of outsourcing your life. He said I couldn't outsource my dating, as one example, and I bet him that I could. Online dating is largely a numbers game, so I hired virtual teams of people all over the world -- India, Phillippines, Jamaica, Canada, and others -- to compete against each other and set dates for me on an online calendar. Each of them were assigned one of my accounts on either online dating sites like Match.com, or on social networking sites like Friendster, and there would be a $150 bonus to whichever team set the most good dates.


I worked out a one-page "rules and regulations" sheet with all of the goals and guidelines, being sure to include links to girls I found attractive, must-haves and must-not-haves, etc. I moved all of my online to the teams at once. The experiment was 4 weeks long, and I got more than 20 dates. It was unreal.


Rotate your profile photo, use direct subject lines for email, and focus on volume. I used clever, time-consuming subject lines that got nowhere, then one Filipino pulled in ridiculously good results with "looking for a date" as the subject.


It worked extremely well. Perhaps a 70% hit rate, which is just as good, if not better, than what I was averaging on my own.


Match.com has the most profiles but also the most competition. It's good for short emails with direct subject lines. The social networking sites consumed more time but got more dates.


Only once. One of the outsourcers neglected to put a date in the calendar, and I happened to be in the spot where the girl and I were supposed to meet at the right time. She walked right up to me -- I was writing on my laptop -- and started chatting like an old friend. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I felt really badly about it, but the entire 4-week process was -- after all -- a social experiment. If I hadn't had any problems, I would have felt like I hadn't tried hard enough.


My pleasure. I should add that every girl I had a second date with was told about the outsourcing. This was part of my litmus test. I needed a girl with the same odd sense-of-humor that I have, and if she couldn't find the outsourcing at least a bit funny, we wouldn't last anyway. THE RESULT? Most of the girls called me a jerk with a smile but found it pretty damn funny. Those are the keepers who will keep me sane when I take myself and the world too seriously.

The Four Hour Workweek

Have you ever signed up to any dating sites in the hopes of meeting a woman online? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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Olga Lebekova - Turn Ons Turn Offs And How To Find Love In Russian Dating Sites
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating
Harry Kitson - How To Use Your Mind

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Keep The Change

Keep The Change Image
Sometimes I find it difficult to explain to others just how much they can change by doing one of our trainings, because if I did you probably wouldn't believe me. And at the end of the day the best way to find out is to experience it for yourself anyway. It is not uncommon for people to say that after they have been on the training their friends and family say that look different. Other people have got new jobs or a promotion using what they learn on the training. Some people embark on new careers completely; for some that can be as a NLP Trainer or an NLP Master Coach or setting up a new business doing what they have always wanted to do. NLP gives you the tools to create that change, believe in yourself and be successful; there is no secret to success that you won't learn doing our NLP training.

To create the sort of positive change that you want in your life now is as easy as this:-

- Clear up your emotional baggage and your self-imposed limitations

- Focus on what you want in your life

- Take action

During the NLP Practitioner training people get the opportunity to let go of negative emotions, (things like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt) using Time Line TherapyTM. This is an integral part of NLP and a very effective technique that creates long lasting change. It allows you to let go of these emotions which you may feel on memories from your past. By doing so you are also able to put these emotions in better perspective in the future, so that you don't react or even overreact to situations in the way that you use to. Using Time Line TherapyTM you can also change beliefs that you have about yourself which aren't helping you to get where you want to in life. Another excellent way to create change during the practitioner training is by resolving unconscious conflict. Do you ever get the sense that sometimes you behave or feel a certain way and though you know it is you it doesn't always feel like you. Or do you ever get negative internal dialogue going on in your head. Both of these things can be an indication that you have internal conflict that can be easily resolved on the practitioner training.

No matter what your interest is in NLP, if you want to develop personally or be more effective in business or help others to change once you have overcome your own stuff all of that can just fall into place for you.

For those of you wanting to be the very best, to take your personal growth onto an even deeper level and to have all the tools to help others the Master Practitioner course will get you there. It adds in new information and techniques around language and values (vital for business and personal growth) and gives you the opportunity to spend a whole day working on yourself, your own personal Breakthrough Session.

I can only ever give you a mere whiff of what you can achieve by doing our NLP Trainings, the only way for you to really understand and appreciate it is to do it. Once you have you will know that you are a new person; others will tell you that they see it in you and you will be able to feel it. That is the sort of change that you will want to keep.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Carlos Xuma - Secrets Of The Alpha Man
Shelle Charvet - Words That Change Minds
Ken Ward - Mind Change Techniques To Keep The Change

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Dating Tips For Men Sweep Her Off The Feet

Dating Tips For Men Sweep Her Off The Feet Image
Dating is the hot topic in current world. Everybody wants to enjoy the excitement of date. After recognizing the requirement of people, many websites and companies have introduced the option of online dating. Today, we will discuss some important dating tips for men.

LOOKS Everyone wants to look best when it comes to dating and men are not exception. However, it is strongly recommended to wear decent, smart and comfortable clothes. Don't try to look different. This technique can ruin your date completely.

ATTITUDE Always wears the correct attitude. It is important for every person. Be confident and never behave like everyone is staring at you. Correct attitude can help you to win the heart of your partner. Girls love to be with confident guy rather than anyone else.

LOCATION Girls feel more conscious when it comes to choose a dating location. It is strongly recommended to discuss with your partner abut the venue or at least take her advice. It helps her to a lot. She would feel more comfortable with dating location if her decision is also involved.

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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