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Before I started spinning decks, I asked the same question - _DO DJ'S GET GIRLS?_?

and more importantly, how can you do the same to pick up women without learning how to spin dem rekkids?

A few years ago, I got into DJ'ing as a hobby. As someone who used to love playing video games, and who loves music even more, it was like a perfect marriage. Something about composing fun mixes of music on a device that's basically a Fisher Price toy for grown up boys many nights were spent figuring out how to pump out the jams on my VCI-300.

For most nascent DJ's, the first few months are solitary. There were nights when I'd be up until 3 or 4 AM, learning the songs, the points to come in and out, which songs worked well with which songs. Like the mad scientist who made the accidental discovery that sulfur is the missing ingredient to make rubber pliable, I'd never have guessed that "Take On Me" and "In Da Club" blend together perfectly, until I was playing around with 92 bpm songs late one winter night.

The first few performances are nerve-wracking, and going from bedroom DJ, to performer it's all about being able to pay attention to the crowd and having the sense to know if you need to loop the chorus one more time because they're loving it so much, or if it's time to totally change things up.

And when you start to get really good when you drop 5, 10, 20 songs in a row, and EVERY one of them hits because you're just that tuned into the crowd, and they're just that tuned into you, well the girls want to be a part of the magic you're creating.

Once she's behind the booth, there are a ton of little tricks you can do, games you can play, easy ways to "teach her" how to DJ (and sneak in a kiss along the way). But it all starts with those lonely 3AM practice sessions.

At an abstract level, digital DJ'ing isn't too different than playing video games. You practice hitting a bunch of buttons in succession, and moving some analog controllers, in order to get something on your computer screen to do something you want it to do.

But there are three significant differences.

1.) DJ'ing is creative. Perhaps not as much of an art form as songwriting, but it's YOUR expression, good or bad. Video games aren't about creating, they're about consuming; in this case, consuming the problems sets and reaction tests that the developers have created for you.

2.) Once you step beyond the bedroom, DJ'ing is a social hobby. You're out performing in front of people, engaged with people, and showing them a good time. Video Games are generally anti-social, and while the Wii, Xbox Live and Farmville have gone a long ways to making them more social activities, they're generally things you do with no more than a few other people while you're sitting on a couch.

3.) DJ'ing is so active that it's inter-active. High energy levels, people dancing it's very different from the more relaxed nature of gaming. And yes, I know that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can be hair-raising if you're playing it, but if you're just watching two of your friends try the air cover mission again and again, it's only a few points more exciting than Friends reruns.

Now listen, I don't want to hate on video games. Plants Vs. Zombies led to two of the most enjoyable wasted days of my life.

But I do want to point out how two activities with similar "mechanics" can have profoundly different effects on your attractiveness.

Whether you're a DJ, an avid gamer, or neither, this stuff falls under a term we call "passive value." It's who you are "on paper", or how a woman would describe you to her friends.

Like it or not, there are some elements of passive value that are more attractive than others. In general

- someone who creates is more attractive someone who consumers

- someone who is social is more attractive than someone who is solitary

And the guys who are "9s and 10s" - the guys every woman wants - they tend to score highly in the passive value category. Even a dirt-poor man can score major points and pick up women if his photography is a thing of beauty.

One way of thinking about all of this might be to call it "lifestyle," but the way that the term is often used in the dating advice community, it has a rather narrow definition. This isn't merely about whether you have a lot of friends or not. Passive Value is a lot broader and a lot more reflective of who YOU are as a person.

And it's merely one of the elements of attractiveness that you're going to grow dramatically in Unbreakable.

If you've not yet picked up a copy, Unbreakable is basically a blueprint on how to become a 9 or a 10 so that your confidence is natural and instinctive so that you won't just "get" attraction from her, but that she'll *be attracted* to you.

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