China Billionaire Men Try Online Dating

China Billionaire Men Try Online Dating Cover
Although they say that online dating site GOLDEN BACHELOR was created for super rich Chinese men who are seeking love online - but not just any old love - love from well-to-do women who also come from aristocratic backgrounds.

But personally, I think that's bullcrap. I think that China is a full on sausage factory and they're realizing that finding any women, let alone an artistocrat, is incredibly difficult, if not impossible. So, they had to think up a gimmick.

XU TIANLI, the founder of dating site GOLDEN BACHELOR, says that members must pay $44,000 to become members of the site, and must possess the following:

* Personal or family wealth of at least $292,000
* A blueblood background
* Great personality
* Good looks

Xu Tianli also claims that he has over 5 million members on the site already and they utilize "love hunters" to actively seek beautiful women to introduce to these men.

Most recently, on December 20, 2009, Golden Bachelor held a matchmaking party in which 21 single women tried to impress 22 eligible bachelors by putting on wedding gowns, cooking food and sang and danced. Wow, that doesn't sound demeaning.

When all was said and done, 80% of those who attended found a date. I wonder how many of them had a second date?

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