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Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction Image

The funny thing about flirting with more than one girl is that it is actually not a bad thing. In terms of evolutionary biology, it has been shown that a woman can find a man to be more attractive if he has been pre-selected by other women. So if you have other women in your life, or if you have female friends who are attractive and who are willing to act as your wingwomen when you go out, then that can actually increase your chances of getting more attention from other women.

Obviously some girls might become jealous if other women are into you, but that doesn't mean that they won't also like the fact that all these other girls are attracted to you. After all, if lots of other women like you then you must be a pretty awesome guy. So flirting with more than one woman won't necessarily wreck your chances. In fact, if you know what you are doing, you can actually use it to your advantage.


Let me make sure that I understand you correctly. Do you want to know whether guys should focus on one technique or whether they should use different seduction methods when flirting with lots of women?


I don't think that guys should necessarily focus on just one technique since there are some things that you can do to make the seduction process a whole lot easier. For example, a lot of guys are so focused on making a cold approach that they never even consider the possibility of a warm approach. If you meet a girl through your friends, or possibly through another girl who you already know, then you will already have a connection. You will start of with a certain level of comfort by association since the two of you will have a friend or acquaintance in common. So approaching women cold at nightclubs isn't always your best option.

One of the most powerful strategies which you can use to meet more women is to become someone who is really social and who knows lots of people. If you do that then you can focus on meeting and attracting girls who are also very social and who know lots of people themselves. That can open up all sorts of opportunities for you, like being invited to events and parties which you weren't even aware of before. Just the fact that you know these girls and that they can introduce you as a really cool guy will help you meet lots of women without even having to try very hard.

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More To Love Newest Dating Reality Show

More To Love Newest Dating Reality Show Image
We’ve heard it been said that "the bigger, the better". Apparently Mike Fleiss, producer of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" agrees with this because he has just come up with a new dating reality show with the same theme, except that everyone involved is physically bigger. The super-sized version of "The Bachelor" is called "More to Love" and will premiere tonight at 8/9 on FOX.

FOX is setting out to prove that love comes in all shapes and sizes with the new inspirational dating competition series MORE TO LOVE. Executive-produced by Mike Fleiss ("The Bachelor, The Bachelorette"), the unscripted series follows a single average guy with a big waist and an even bigger heart as he romances several confident and secure plus-size women. Each week, the husky hunk will wine and dine a group of curvy women to determine if they have more love to give or if they are truly more than he can handle. When the size of competition narrows, he will have to decide if one full-figured lady will become his true love.

"More to Love" will show bachelor Luke Conley, a 26-year-old California real-estate investor, who by the way weighs 330 pounds, search for his true love among twenty full-figured women. According to Natalia Jackson, one of the women who’ll be competing for Luke Conley’s attention, "I think it’s great to show that a person doesn’t have to be super-skinny to be attractive…It’s really more a matter of being confident in who you are. And I think it’s great that Fox finally said, ‘We are going to do this for plus-size people and put it out there."

One thing I do wonder about though is whether the show will have as bad as track record as the "Bachelor" and the "Bachelorette" when it comes to the couples sticking together after the show. Hopefully since the Bachelor won’t be basing his decision on which the sexiest girl is he’ll actually pick someone he really is compatible is and thing will work out for whoever he picks in the end. Of course, this being a reality show one can never get your hopes up. And love being what it is we can predict that the tears shed by the girls not wanting to say goodbye will just be as copious.

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The Tao Of Dating

Burglar Steals Thong

Burglar Steals Thong Image
STEVEN WHITTEN, who is all of 19 years old, was busted for breaking into a woman's home while she slept and running off wearing one of her thongs when she awoke and asked him who he was.

STEVEN WHITTEN was caught by police and admitted that he had already broken into the home earlier that afternoon to pick up an iPod and drop off a key (he does not know this woman), and then returned that night and entered her room.

It was at this point that the woman awoke because she heard noises and called the police. Security tapes show STEVEN WHITTEN running from the woman's apartment in a woman's thong (I'm guessing it was a feminine color because men have thong underwear too, you know).

What I find so interesting about this story is that the woman asked him who he was rather than act like she's still sleeping and wait for him to leave. I guess that when she realized he was half-naked and wearing her underwear, he probably wasn't a great threat to her.

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Memories Light The Corners Of My Mind Barbara Striesand

Memories Light The Corners Of My Mind Barbara Striesand Image
When I was teaching Relief Society in Rexburg, I taught a lesson about keeping a personal history of your life and meaningful experiences. I've never been super johnny on the spot with journal writing, but the lesson ingrained in me a greater appreciation for why that's important.

And thankfully prior to that I decided to start writing down some of my favorite stories through out the years, because I was starting to forget some of my favorites. So I didn't feel like a total hypocrite, telling the ladies how wonderful recording your life is and then not actually doing it myself.

This last week there's been a few times I've kicked up some stories and memories I haven't thought about in forever.....stories I love because every time I tell them or think of them, they remind me that my life isn't as boring as I think.

For Example.......

Last year around this time Angie and I road tripped to Reno to visit by friend John Walker. We wanted to hit up a Karaoke Bar, and the only one open the night we went was a Lesbian Bar called "The Patio" A Gathering Place. Angie and I where disappointed in the music selection, it was not what I expected from a place like Reno (apparently Lesbians AND gay men love show tunes!) Any who, I guess it was more disappointing that they didn't have our signature song "Shoop" by Salt and Peppa. We have been bringing down the house with that jam everywhere we go! And had great luck conquering the hearts of Vegas when we blew the roof off the Tropicana Karaoke lounge, but I digress. We had to settle for "Push It" by the same artist, but please believe we made some fans with our amazing rendition of "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me!"....... You can't tell me that's not funny! That's like comedy gold! What has two thumbs and sings Pussy Cat Dolls at Lesbian Bars.....this Girl!

American Idol asked their contestants this week about there most embarrassing moments, and it reminded me of mine.

When I was in middle school, eighth grade to be exact. I was really excited about my Mom and Dad picking me up from school because Hey no Bus, right? Plus I thought my Mom had a pretty nice ride at the time. So I'm waiting outside with the rest of the school, getting kinda cocky. I look across the parking lot, and through the parked cars I see this vehicle full of garbage with a broken rake sticking straight up and flapping in the breeze like a big "White Trash Banner" and I literally thought to myself "Man that would be so embarrassing if that was my parents!"....... (Can you guess where this is going?) The vehicle pulls up to the pick up zone and I realize, "Oh My Gosh, that's my Dad's car!" My Parent's picked me up from school not in our nice new red Ford Taurus, but instead opted for an El Camino full of garbage! And the worst part was my Mom opens the door and exclaims "Emily! Get in the car we're going to the DUMP!" I mean can you believe that? A side note for those of you who aren't familiar with El Camino's, I'd say they fit two people comfortably..... and My family and I aren't exactly small. So stuffing three chubby people in a two seater car wasn't exactly the best idea! I couldn't hide my face too well because I was stuffed up against the window! Is your heart bleeding yet?

Also another thing I get reminded of a lot (especially recently) is our YCL (Youth Camp Leader?) skit we did my last year of Girl's camp, the summer before I graduated. There was a lot of drama that year because they switched up some stuff, and because nobody likes change, we all kinda threw a fit. So any chance to rebel, was usually taken. We where supposed to do like a 10-15 minute skit introducing ourselves, and we made it into like an hour long production! We may have had some leaders upset with us, but it was kinda worth it! We did this beauty pageant spoof, that was nothing short of amazing if I do say so myself. Kacey Earl (Nielson now) rocked a "Spear Britney" shirt and slam danced to the punk version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" Nicole Hansen (now Gartner) did a little spoof on the scene from Miss Congeniality when the dumb girl exclaims about red underwear being Satan's Panties......and the Stake President was awkward, but hilarious! I had this red Lycra bag that I'm pretty sure I stole from my best friend from elementary school. It's hard to explain, the bag is like a costume, and it's big enough to fit an averaged sized male, when it's on it kinda looks like a burca that Muslim women wear. I sported this, while I danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller", mind you this was like six or seven years ago before that song was kinda played out, but I think it was a big hit, I think this because all the little girls I was a leader over at Girl's camp, keep coming to singles ward and reminding me of it! It was a good memory, I wish I remembered every detail because everyone made an amazing effort, and I just remember that night having such a euphoric feeling of job well done!

I was checking out my walls on Sunday, and I saw the picture of Dee and I all dressed up for the 80's dance we went to the summer we where roommates at BYUI. I think you where supposed to have dates, but Dee and I went stag. I can honestly say we had probably the best outfits there.....I kid you not, well if we had to rank, Dee's was far more amazing then mine. She sported my tube top as a mini-skirt! Anyway we both where nominated for best outfit, but Dee got screwed over, and I ended up winning. It took some effort though, there was a guy booing at me in the front row, but I made sure he was aware my shirt said "Fat Chicks Rock!", and that seemed to shut him up. I won tickets to the enchanted ball they had a little later in the semester and got hooked up with a guy that served his mission in Moses Lake, but I don't think I ever met him then. In the two years I attended BYUI that was the only time I ever saw that guy I think his name was Alan, he was shorter then me and he had one of those chains clipped from his pants to his wallet, and he was rocking big skater pants (You know before they switched to skinny) that if I remember correctly where stapled on the bottom and pretty beat up Airwalks and then a white shirt and tie, he was a funny guy. What was also funny was when we went to take our picture the lady asked if we where dating and he said we just got engaged that night, and I was thinking they musta thought we where a funny pair what with me being obviously bigger then he was. But really that night was fun!

I think Pres. Monson was right when he said memories are like June in the December's of our lives, or something like that. But anyway I love recollecting and reminiscing about things I've done, and I appreciate your going along for the ride, for my sake!

Peace Out!

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Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends The Fine Art Of Non Supplication Revealed
Rah - How To Seduce Others With The Hidden Power Of Your Mind

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Love At First Sight Attraction Or Reality

Love At First Sight Attraction Or Reality Image
When you see someone for the first time and feel like you are getting attracted to the person. Love at first sight may be thought of as a deep feeling to have an intimate relationship with a person.

It is not necessary that only one of the people feels so, sometimes both of them feel the same simultaneously. This happens when they have looked in to eyes of each other. This has been considered as a very romantic fantasy, which occurs very rarely now days. There are thousands of couples who have been living together after they fell in love at the First sight.

This feeling cannot be forced or provoked it is totally natural. This feeling can occur in strangers and in friends too. Some times friends are not able to express their feelings towards each other. This may be due to some ongoing relationship or a fear of rejection.

The relationship that follows love at first sight is generally stronger. This occurs as a result of liking by both, hence it coverts in to a long and happy relationship. The couple is ready to continue the relationship as they mutually desire to live together.

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Carlos Xuma - The Art Of Attraction

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Improve Your Love Experience And Success With Online Dating Tips

Improve Your Love Experience And Success With Online Dating Tips Cover
Gone are days when people had to visit different places to get a nice partner for date. Traditional method was time and money consuming. Now days, people prefer to go with online dating instead of old method. It saves lot of time and opportunity to chat with anyone around the world. But online dating is not a safe method as well, it is important to follow some online dating tips while using a new method of dating.

Profile - Your profile and picture is the most important factor which can decide the response of other people. If you are new to online dating, it is advisable to use mix information about you. You can use real information like name, likes, dislikes, interest, hobbies etc. and fake information like phone number, address, company name, professional things etc. As far as picture is concerned, you can use flowers, toys, superman, actors, actresses etc.

After using the dating websites for 1-2 months, you can easily decide what information you can add or remove from there. According to online dating tips, you should not discuss your personal information with anyone until or unless you know him/her completely. Never share you credit card information or bank details even with your friends online.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Elena Petrova - Scam Prevention Tips For Online Dating
Andy Hodge - Never Sleep Alone Again Succeed With Women
Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating

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Online Dating Tips Some Important Facts

Online Dating Tips Some Important Facts Image
Are you single and looking for perfect partner? Online dating can be the best place to search a perfect partner. But every good thing comes with same dangerous ingredient. Internet dating is gaining lot of popularity and social media websites added more flavor in it. Here, we are providing few online dating tips to prevent your from any mishap.

Good source - Always choose reputed website for online dating. Never make various profiles on different websites; it will create only confusion in mind. Choose one but the best website to chat or date.

Profile - Profile plays important role, people see your profile first before knowing you. It is important to make a nice profile and fill mix information about yourself. Don't provide 100% genuine or fake information. You can provide genuine name, interest, favorite books etc. and fake information can contain contact number or address.

Money - Never send money to anyone in any circumstances. Many fake profile owners ask you to send money so they can come to your place. Never follow this practice, they are fake and remove them from your friend list immediately.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Shawn Nelson - The Dating Resource Report
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Boost Your Chance Of Success With Internet Dating

Boost Your Chance Of Success With Internet Dating Image
Internet has changed the standard of living and life of people completely. Internet dating has emerged as a great option to find the soul mate or life partner without investing much money. Here, you can chat with them, share your feeling and even you can see them with the help of web-cam no matters where they are. Gone are days when people used to feel bad about dating websites or any other option. Now, people love to create their profile and girls are equally participating in it. Even, girls are creating their genuine profile with authentic pictures.

People have become more open as far as mentality and social values are concerned. In current scenario, people love internet dating because they like to know about other people their values, mentality, social status etc. But internet brings lot of dangerous things as well. It is always advisable to keep your both eyes open while chatting with unknown people.

Take special care while sharing your personal information with other people. Internet dating is a good option to share your thinking, views, values etc. with others but we can not deny the fact that attention is very necessary while accessing such websites.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Sean Stephenson - How Youth Can Succeed
Dating Insider - Guide To Internet Dating
David Jones - The Art Of Internet Dating

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Closing At Her Place

Closing At Her Place Image
Once I started learning Love Systems, I was actually able to pull beautiful women home to my place. But in the meantime, I also got good at making things work by going back to her place. Here are four tips for closing at her place.


This step seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how often it is unintentionally left out. When you know where a woman lives, you can plan ahead to deal with the logistical problems you're going to hit later.

Does she live near the venue? Does she have a roommate? Is she in a dorm? Do you know of a cool bar/after hours joint near her place? When you want to bounce her back there, are you going to drive, walk, or take a cab? Even if you end up with a phone number + date instead of going home with her, this info will be useful for when you go out again.

"Here are a few scenarios to consider, and ways I've figured out how to deal with them."

* Roommates: When there is a separate bedroom to retreat to, sacrificing a few minutes of conversation to win over the roommate(s) will make your being there a lot more comfortable. After they trust you, you can use any nonsense reason to bounce your girl to her bedroom. "Bet my room is cleaner than yours," is one example.

* Cab ride: If she lives a cab ride away, be sure to keep up the momentum in the car, and continue to build up physical intimacy. If you were touching her arm in the bar, touch her leg in the cab. If you were about to make out in the bar, make out in the cab. Avoid cabs with bucket seats that make physical contact impossible.

* Dorm: If there's a security guard, you can go through the lengthy (and vibe-killing) process of giving him your ID and signing in, or you can tell the girl to slide her card through and sneak in behind her. You get points for being resourceful, and it's exciting because it seems like you're doing something wrong.

* Shared bedroom: There are public bathrooms in dorms and hotels that I have found very accommodating when dealing with shared room situations. Be sure and scan for them when entering, and when it's time to bounce to it, tell the girl that you're "taking her on a field trip."


This is a huge topic that lots of Love Systems instructors have gone into incredible detail on, but the general principle is important. If you can get a girl sexually excited, then she's going to want to bring you to a place where you can have sex as quickly as humanly possible. At Love Systems we teach everything you need to know to accomplish this goal, from framing the conversation sexually to escalating things physically, but in the meantime here are a few quick pointers to get you started:

* Always end a touch or kiss before they do/want you to.

* Drop the topic of sex into conversation (in a light, joking way) as quickly as possible.

* Start touching the way you'd touch your boss and build to the way you'd touch a girlfriend.


It's easy to think of reasons to give a woman why she has to come back to your place. Keep it simple. "Let me show you that book I was talking about," is perfect. It gives her plausible deniability and doesn't tip your hand.

It's harder to do this with her place. "Do you want to take me home with you?" makes you sound like a stray dog, not a man. "Let's go to your place" is totally clich'e thanks to every movie from the 1970s. "Let's get out of here" is great if it's obvious and explicit that she wants to have sex, but if you're still flying a bit under the radar or her friends are around, you're going to need something a little more subtle.

Instead, take the lead with "let's get you home." It's a little dominant, it shows you know how to lead, but it also doesn't trigger state breaks. If her friends are around, it implies that you are just going to make sure that she gets home safe. She shouldn't feel any pressure since there's really nothing implied. And if nothing's going to happen, then there's no reason she can't bail on her friends, right?

(If you don't remember state breaks, review Chapter 10 of Magic Bullets now. If you haven't read Magic Bullets, get it. It's the official Love Systems guide to meeting and attracting women, and where most successful guys start. Get it.)


There's nothing more awkward than walking a woman home and standing there silent for an eternity waiting for her to invite you up. Avoid this situation by assuming that she'll be bringing you upstairs. Do not pause by the door. Do not say "Well, it was nice hanging out with you." Keep the momentum of the interaction going as though you are still in the process of hanging out.

If she has to invite you in, that's risking a state break.

Of course, there will be times when she suggests that you don't come up, either because she doesn't want to appear easy, or because she thinks letting you upstairs is an implicit agreement that you'll be sleeping together. You can usually defuse this by giving yourself a bedtime. "I've got work in the morning, so I can only come up for a little bit" is one of my favorites. Say this before she even gets a chance to tell you why you can't come in - like you coming in is a foregone conclusion.

To find out more information on closing at the girl's place or getting a girl from the venue back to your place, definitely checkout the interview series on Logistics.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Masterclass - Light Her Fire
Kate Ludeman - Coaching The Alpha Male

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Pick Up Women With Magic

Pick Up Women With Magic Cover
There's a new way to seduce women and all you need is a pack of cards or an elastic band, there, MacGuyver.

DERICK HO, a 27-year-old man who co-owns a magic school called Secret Skills, claims that the tricks he teaches will help men woo and get the women of their dreams.

He has already had about 150 students take his class, only 5 of which were women, but students pay $150 for a two-hour session, in which they learn 10 magic tricks.

The aim of the class is indeed to land the woman they want by charming her with their newly learned magic tricks.

Of course, DERICK HO admits that the tricks must be performed with flair. The tricks do work in a way that allow the "magician" to hug the woman he desires and even ensure that she gives him a call.

Students who are taking the courses claim that it works because it gives them a newfound confidence and a reason to approach.

So essentially, these guys are forking over $150 for 10 great pickup lines.

When a 27-year-old woman was asked what she thought about this, she replied, "Does it help make an impression? Probably. Does it help score a second date? Nah. Wouldn't do enough."

'Nuff said.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Jean Bobo - Modern Coin Magic
Jackson Almor - How To Pick Up Women 2000

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End Of May Kick Your Arse Into Gear Offer

End Of May Kick Your Arse Into Gear Offer Image

I'VE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE, NOT SURE I WILL AGAIN. Over the past few months, I've noticed many emails and comments that are asking the simple questions that can be answered in a few fundamental ebooks or DVDs. My goal is this: to move the blog up a notch so we can start focusing on more in depth topics. I want to provide an incentive to those new readers or guys who've never taken the first step.



If you purchase Double Your Dating (Only $19.95) through this link before June 1st, I will buy you a copy of Art of Approaching ($40 value) and give you the download link. NO BS, I will enter my CC details on the order pages and send them straight to you.


If you purchase Cocky Comedy through this link before June 1st, I will buy you a copy of the comprehensive routines based game manual Magic Bullets ($68 value).


I've wanted to give you guys more incentive to push your game onto another level. The reason I choose these two products is simple. Double Your Dating is the fundamental guide for getting your inner game and outer game onto a more solid level. Art of Approaching will give you the specific techniques you need to start getting results. Simple.

Cocky Comedy is for guys that may have read Double Your Dating and have trouble with cocky and funny techniques and conversations. Trust me, cocky and funny can be your best asset or your greatest liability. Knowing how to get it done properly is a MAJOR key in your journey for success with women.

Magic Bullets provides the "framework" for putting the techniques you learn into action. The step-by-step guide really solidifies other techniques you've learned and helps you put them into practice. It just might be the most comprehensive pickup guide out there from approach to relationship.


1. CLEAR YOUR COOKIES FIRST. I don't want you not getting your bonuses because I can't find your purchase in my tracking links at the Double Your Dating site.

2. EMAIL ME. (ATTRACTIONCHRONICLES@GMAIL.COM) Send me what you bought, either "Double Your Dating "or "Cocky Comedy" and what TIME you ordered. Eg. Down to the minute. I'll then go ahead and place your orders for the rest.


The first 5 guys to take me up on my "KICK YOUR ARSE INTO GEAR" offer will also get a copy of Roosh's infamous BANG FIELD GUIDE ($25 value) which does a great job at summarizing and detailing simple and easy to use natural game techniques. Seriously, if you haven't read this guide you're missing out on one of the simple pleasures in life.

There that's my "KICK YOUR ARSE INTO GEAR" offer for my beloved readers. I actually should have worked out the finances on this before hand. I got kinda carried away but my word sticks. You guys know that.


* Order DOUBLE YOUR DATING ($19.95) and get ART OF APPROACHING ($40 value).
* Order COCKY COMEDY and get The Mystery Method's MAGIC BULLETS ($68 value).
* First 5 guys to do EITHER get Roosh's BANG FIELD GUIDE ($25 value).
* Send me what you bought and what time it's DONE.
* Do This Before June 1st (Sunday)

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Scott - More Than Friends How To Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend
David Michaels - When A Man Makes Love To A Woman

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International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act Image
To the guy who claimed a man was a loser because he had a "mail order bride"there is no such thing. If he got a fat, stupid woman who happened to be foreign, that is one thing, but getting a highly educated non-feminist 8,9 or 10 from another country is often a winning move.

Remember the IMBRA law now takes your right to meet foreign women awaycourtesy of jealous feminists. They woulldn't be trying so hard to stop men from dating foreign women if they hadn't noticed a lot of the best alphas ignoring them.

Regarding natural gameI think a number of guys have noted that it is really about getting the layers of beta propaganda removed and, I will add the obvious, about reading the Men's Rights blogs and knowing how feminists want you to behave so you do the opposite (what should have come naturally if you weren't raised under feminism).

I look back at the opportunities I missed when I was young because I was taught the wrong things:

1) I was taught a woman would discuss sex openly and say she wants it if she wants it. Therefore, I had coeds in college literally lying in my lap and I didn't figure they wanted anything because they weren't *saying so*.

2) I heard the "never take advantage of a drunk woman" 10,000 times and it was bad advice. A half dozen 10s were available only while they were drunk and rudely rejected me when they were sober on the phone.

3) The idea that women don't like being approached on the street or at the beachI luckily learned early not to think like this. The idea that a man can pre-screen himself as not being good enough for a 9 half his age? A good teacher will make sure a man stops thinking this way.

You teach natural game by tellling men to ignore the BS put forth by feminists and social cons.

Incidentally, the 1970 book "How to Pick Up Girls" was the most important book I ever read.

The main thing I got from that book was to constantly approach gorgeous women in public as if it was natural as a reflex.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Louise Andree Saulnier - The Yoni Massage For Women
Ken Lingu - Erotic Massage For Women
Ettie Rout - Safe Marriage A Return To Sanity

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Bothering Girls By Herbal

Bothering Girls By Herbal Image
Hey guys,

Today's newsletter is a day late because yesterday I was on the plane to Japan all day and I forgot to copy the e-mail I was going to answer so that I could write it on the plane. Sorry about that.

I just spent a week in Hollywood with Style, and I got to see old friends like Mystery, The One, Formhandle, TokyoPUA. I also met the new Stylelife coaches, and they were all cool guys.

Fun times makes me wonder whether I should have stayed in LA.

I'm already a day late, so let's cut today's patter and get to the question:

Hey Tynan,

I have a bad belief. I know it's bad and I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of it, but in order to do that I have to come up with a new one.

My belief is that since I enjoy being alone that if I walk up to a girl that's alone in a coffee shop, I'm going to be interrupting her alone time and since I don't like being interrupted when I'm alone, she won't like it either.

Does it make sense. Did you ever have this belief? How did you change it?



Hey AB,

Good question. You're right - it IS a bad belief for two reasons.

1. It will hinder your progress.

2. It isn't accurate.

First, imagine for a second that you're at a coffee shop working. You're working on something very important. A gorgeous girl walks up to you and playfully flirts with you.

How do you feel about that? Are you pissed off that she's bothering you, or are you excited to take a little break from your work?

I like being alone too. Some day soon I'm going to simulate solitary confinement for a couple days because they claim it will make you go insane after just a few days. I think it will be fun.

But still, if an attractive girl interrupts me to talk to me, I'm happy about it.

And why do you think she's at that coffee shop anyway? It's because she's HOPING that someone will interrupt her. Every girl fantasizes about randomly meeting Mr. Right. Now, if your approach is bad she'll SAY that she wants to be left alone, but that's about YOU, not HER.

Which leads me to my main point - you're (subconciously, at least) not really concerned about her. You're insecure about how she'll react to YOU.

So, my advice is twofold:

1. Learn to be attractive. I'm obviously biased, but I think my course is the best way to do it. I just finished a new version for 2008 that covers everything you'll need to know. The 30 day Pickup Lab that's part of it will get you over this issue (and many other issues) within 30 days. AB, I'm going to send you a free copy to get you started.

2. Get out there and DO IT. Approach 40 girls in coffee shops and see how they react. My guess is that it will be better than you think.

It's about 2pm here in Tokyo and I haven't eaten today. They have no street names and Google maps is in Japanese, so it's super hard to actually get to the places that we find on the internet. Wish me luck!


P.S. Send me your question (keep it short so that I don't have to edit it down) to If I use your question next week I'll send you a free copy of my course, Make Her Chase You. The new updated version has more advice, more field reports, and covers way more material than the old version.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tony Horton - Nutrition Guide Daily Journal
Dr Peter Davies - Big Picture Of Health

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Dating Tips For Men Its Not All About Looks

Dating Tips For Men Its Not All About Looks Image
Today, we will share some important dating tips for men.

CATCH THE LINES - When a girl says a sentence it can contains the various meanings. It is important to understand what a woman wants from you. "You Are so Important for me" this sentence can be understood by many ways. However, a girl can use the same sentence for a friend and lover. So, be smart to understand the feelings of girls.

ADD SPICE IN RELATIONSHIP - Most of the boys take their girl-friends for granted. As a result, girls start looking at other available options. Yes, you may find it strange but it is 100% true. Nobody likes to spend life with bore person. Can you spend you life with a girl who doesn't know how to talk?

FEAR OF REJECTION - Generally, men don't take risk or propose girls due to fear of rejection. How can you forget the old proverb "No Risk No Gain". Don't forget, one NO doesn't mean the end of the world. One girl can not ruin your life. Keep trying and checkout your luck.

ATTRACT HER AND GET HER ATTENTION - Here, attention doesn't mean the extraordinary work. Your nice behaviour and soft talks are enough to attract any lady.

Hope, these dating tips for men would help lot of people around the world.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - What Women Hate Most About Single Guys
Helen Ferry - Caring For Someone With Aids
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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Blind Dating How To Prepare For The Worst

Blind Dating How To Prepare For The Worst Image
Blind dating can sometimes be awful. This is why you need to know how to prepare for the worst. You will find that while you may have good luck on a blind date you are just as likely to have bad luck. You need to make sure that you know what to do whenever you end up with a dud for a blind date.


If they are unattractive, then don't let this be a total deal breaker. While a physical attraction is necessary whenever you are dating a person you should still give them a chance. You may eventually find yourself falling for their personality to a point where you find them adorable. Don't allow an unattractive date to immediately make you dislike them.


It can be really easy for a blind date to get really boring really fast. There are a few things that you can do to try to fix this. If they don't seem to have anything to say, then take charge of the conversation. Talk about yourself to get the ball rolling. From there start asking them questions that they can't answer with just yes or no. If they only have boring things to say, then attempt to change the subject.


Face it some blind dates are just weird. They may have a nervous tick or they may talk too loud or too soft. If a person is just plain weird, then try to have fun with it and at least keep yourself entertained until it is time to say goodnight.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Allan Pease - Body Language How To Read Others Thoughts By Their Gestures
Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating How To Change Yourself

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Man Falls In Love With Pillow

Man Falls In Love With Pillow Image
It's your typical storybook love affair, only in this case, the woman is made of synthetic fabric and doesn't really exist.

NISAN, 37, is a balding man who still lives with his parents (Co-stanza). He had a real girlfriend who dumped him about 6 months ago (I wonder whatever for) and he has since taken to dating a pillowcase that has a 10- or 12-year old on it.

It all started when NISAN (not his real name, by the way) was taken to a comic-book convention in Tokyo. That is where he discovered DA CAPO, a video game that is essentially about a schoolyard romance.

His pillow love, NEMU, is the younger sister of the main character. NISAN says it was love at first sight. Nemu had no comment. Nowadays, you can find NISAN and NEMU hanging out together at karaoke bars, restaurants, and even going on road trips together.

But the question remains: Will it last, or will NISAN spend so much time smothering NEMU that she decides she wants to hang out on a king-sized bed instead?

Suggested free e-books to read:

Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love
Leil Lowndes - How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You

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Men Prefer To Marry Brunettes

Men Prefer To Marry Brunettes Image
While blondes reputedly have more fun, that's probably because none of them are getting married, they're just getting used for sex by men.

A survey of over 1,500 men by Philips Sensual Massagers reveals that many men find that dark-haired women are sexier, better kissers and are more affectionate than blondes.


Here's my question: Considering that most blondes are bottle blondes, does that sort of nullify this whole survey? Or are guys simply going on the current color women are sporting?

I guess men still tend to believe that blondes have more fun and are more carefree than their "good head on their shoulders" brunette counterparts, huh?

And isn't it a little bizarre that men think that brunettes are more passionate but would prefer to bed blondes? Hmm, I'm smelling threesome all up in this survey...

Suggested free e-books to read:

Chris Jackson - The Perfect Love Match Free Guide
Ross Quigley - Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds
Sean Nalewanyj - 7 Simple Steps To A Better Body

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