Attract Women With Body Language

Attract Women With Body Language Cover
You're standing close, and she can feel your warmth against her. No kisses just yet but she knows it's imminent. Do you go for it?

Learning how the body language to ATTRACT WOMEN is a critical part of being a charming, charismatic guy. As you _read our stuff closely_ and become better with women, you'll find that you're doing more with less - in other words, you'll speak less but use your body language more.

Now straight up, this isn't something that is mastered overnight. On our pickup bootcamps, we spend hours and hours drilling this stuff with clients, making corrections when we're out at the bar with them, and making sure that they're being consciously reminded about what to do.

If you want to work on your body language to attract women, the first thing I'd suggest is to pick up a few movies: Top Gun, Alfie, The Doors - you'll learn a tremendous amount if you pay really close attention to how the guys move their bodies. When you see the actors do something you want to try, go practice it in the mirror. This is how actors become better - by studying other actors - so you should have zero reservations about it.

That should get you off to a good start. The second thing to think about is this: body language is largely unconscious - it's a reflection of how your subconscious is reacting to the world around it. So while the tips I'm about to give you will work, the real success will come from you believing that they will work and being confident with them.


1.) DO THE DOUBLE-CHEEK KISS WHEN YOU MEET HER: Gotta give it to the Europeans for making things physical quickly - the double-cheek kiss is the bomb. Of course, if you grew up in the Midwest like I did, then you might be a latecomer to this party, but hey - better late than never. It's simple - here are the steps:

Hold out your right hand to shake hers, then extend your left hand to her elbow and gently pull her in towards your body. Start with a kiss on her right cheek, then a kiss on the left. As you pull away, flash her a genuinely warm smile and eye contact for a second. That part is key. Then quickly move on to whomever else you need to meet. It leaves an instant impression and she'll want more.

2.) KEEP YOUR HANDS IN YOUR BACK POCKETS: Very few guys I know do this, which is their loss (and now your win). It's especially effective at the beginning of an interaction. Why? Well, it shows that you're incredibly open and comfortable with yourself. While your hands are back there, you can even rock your hips back and forth a little bit as you shift your weight from foot to foot. And this is especially cute when you shrug your shoulders in an "I don't know" sort of motion. The important thing here is that you're moving while you're talking; don't just stand there like a stiff tree.

3.) THE HEAD TILT: Again, an instantly-recognizable trait in guys who are good at talking to women. Tilt your head to the side by about 10 degrees, and narrow your eyes slightly. This indicates that you're listening intently. There are a lot of facial mannerisms that this position sets you up to make - you can give her a "Robert deNiro Frown" if you disbelieve her, you can sneer if she says something weird or offensive, you can raise your brow if you want to communicate empathy it all starts with the head tilt.


We've got a video called The Sparks Rapid Escalation Method that you're gonna love. You'll see the seven steps that almost every single "natural" does unconsciously to turn a woman on with his body language. Just join our mailing list and we'll send you a link to our resources page where you can watch it in a second.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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