Secret Kino Spot Technique

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Here's a relative newcomer to MASF, who will always be remembered for his one overwhelming contribution to club game. A technique that rapidly amps attraction and gets women horny. The secret kino spot technique.

Alright, if you read the following, and do what I say, you will have a girl turned on in seconds. What you do afterward is up to you.

When I was 19, and a newborn in the club scene, I was watching an episode of Howard Stern with a guest on the show named Dr. Orgasm. The guy claimed to know a spot below a woman's hips that, when touched with the right pressure, can turn her on madly...and bring her to orgasm. Of course on the show, Howard deflates the guy's method by having him test it on some jacked-up super-dyke. He can't get her to cum, and Howard says he's phony. But the guy was VERY convinced that he was right, and told everyone to "try it on a girl when you are dancing with her in a club".

So what do I do the next time I'm out?

That's right, tried it on a girl in the club.

What happened?

First, after a few seconds of touching it while dancing, the girl turns to me and tells me I'm a good dancer for a white boy (funny cuz she's white too), and that she didn't expect it from me.


A few beats later she starts getting into it big time, and starts to bend over like I'm fuckin' her doggy style. (And overall that's what club dancing is--simulated sex with your clothes just act like you are fucking.)Everyone on the dancefloor is looking at me go at it with her, and all the while I'm thinking, "Holy shit, I feel like some kind of porno star right now!" Then, she wraps her arms around my neck and starts in with the tongue-down.

Here begins my use of the fail-proof dancing tactic that has almost never let me down. If I don't get tongue and/or pussy off it, the girl usually still thinks I'm hot, and I almost always get a number (boo-hoo, a number).

On with the description of how to do this, shall we?

1. Get on the dancefloor with a girl

To open a set on the dancefloor, find a girl who's already dancing. I'm talking, really into the moment. As you walk by, start grinding your butt against hers playfully. She won't expect it, and if she is cool, she will laugh at your cocky/funny humor. If she laughs, turn around, smile at her big, take her hand and pull her close to you. It's C/F with elements of direct game, you gotta man-up and do this shit.

Also, you can do a variation where you catch her dancing and you come by and start grinding your ass against her pelvis. This actually works better, because it is funnier...and it gives that pussy of hers a little tingle.

With anything, there's always some failure rate, so if she pushes you away, just walk away. If she slaps you, keep in mind, it's a need to turn around and knock her out. Both of these things have happened to me before, it's no big deal. Move to the next girl.

And too, beware of the good ol' AMOG, who's ready to pop up with his stern Mr. Bigshit look that let's you know these bitches are with him. Mmm'KAY?

The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Try it and you'll see.

Moving right along...


So where exactly is the magic spot you ask? It's simply a PRESSURE POINT right below her hips on the sides of her ass. The pressure point is connected to nerve endings that go right to her CLIT, and get her hot really fast when pressed firmly in a circular motion.

Picture her ass in front of you. The magic spots are right about at the 10 and 2 position (like the steering wheel).

3. Get into position

You know, club dancing is pretty much NOT REAL DANCING so you just have to know how to FUCK in order to do it good. When you pull her over to you, turn her so that her ass is right against your pelvis. Not your DICK. Your PELVIS. Her ass shoud be resting right where your pubic hair is, so if you have a big chub, don't worry, she won't feel it (not until she turns around after dancing a few minutes and gives it a big squeeze! Love it...).


Your hands are not to be GROPING or doing anything that all the other joe-schmoe wannabe players are doing on the dancefloor. Your hands and fingertips are resting lightly on the sides of her ass, just below her hips on THE SPOT. As you move your hips to the beat with her, press into that spot below her hips and move your fingertips in a circular motion.

DO NOT put your hands anywhere else. No touching her waist, her stomach, her breasts, or directly on her ass cheeks. Just move your pelvis with the motion of her ass movement...just like fucking from behind. It should start off like a flowing wave motion, but you should pick it up so that your pelvic bone is hitting her ass just like it would be if you were having sex doggystyle.

This very hard for me to explain, but I want to get it right, cuz it's money.

So all you have to do is dance with her in the position I described above and touch that spot firmly, in a circular motion.

If you get advanced with it, you can do a little front-to-front action, and if you have touched the spot enough to where you know she's horny, you can experiment with holding her hands while you are grinding your hips together.

Just remember, your hands should be in the ass/hip region at all times, fingertips on that spot. NOT at the girls waist, or some other shit. After doing this, you will see just how many other guys have their hands in the wrong places on a girl. And it's good they are, cuz it's better for you and me!


Love this part. After she gets a feeling with you, she'll probably turn around with a sultry look on her face. This is the point where you look deep into her eyes and kiss her. Then, pull her hair back and kiss her neck. From there, you're on your own. I say take her off the dancefloor and into the photo booth, if the club has one. Bring a condom while you're at it.

So to wrap this whole thing up I want to note a key point that has happened with my experience with this.

A few times, before I started actively kissing the girls at the turn-around point (CRITICAL WINDOW BY THE WAY), the girl would turn around, look me in the eyes, and say, "Thanks for that," and I say, "For what?" and the girl says, "For dancing...I liked it".


I don't know...maybe that Dr. Orgasm guy on Howard Stern was right, and these girls actually went off while dancing, or just got really wet. All I know for sure is that when I do this, the girl GETS INTO IT LIKE SHE'S FUCKING. It's unbelievable. She gets completely turned on and loses control. I love it!

You don't need salsa dancing to get what you want, just do this and cut to the chase.

Try it'll be laughing your ass off when you are boning a hot girl who you've never even talked to!


(Credit Klutch -MASF)

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Online Dating Vs Offline Dating Tricks And Techniques

Online Dating Vs Offline Dating Tricks And Techniques Image
Today, we are going to discuss the about online dating vs. offline dating.

As we all know that online dating is in vogue due to many reasons like cost-effective nature, global exposure, instant chat, etc. On the other hand, people like offline dating as well because here you get the opportunity to see the real person and checkout his/her personality and thinking.

Online dating had to face lot of criticism as well in current world due to unlimited fake profiles. There are many people in every country who creates fake profile and tease genuine people. But online dating websites have come forward with many strict rule and regulations. Now, they can delete any profile immediately if they get any information about the misbehaviour.

Offline dating demands money, energy and time. Here, you get opportunity to see real person and his/her personality. You can talk with each other, you can share food, watch movies and can do many activities together which can help you to bring closer. Online dating is also important for people as you get international exposure. You can chat with any individual from all over the world and get to know their culture, personality, nature etc.

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Confidence With Women Where It Starts

Confidence With Women Where It Starts Image
I've never taken anything but straw polls on the matter, but ask any woman what she wants in a man, and "confidence" is sure to be one of the top three or four character traits. So it's worth spending some time asking ourselves what it is and how to discover it inside of yourself in order to pick up women. Our Unbreakable program really drives into the heart of it, but I think we can do the subject matter some service here without spending 30 pages on it.

Let's start with a definition. To me, confidence is a feeling you have that drives bold actions towards things you want. It is having some faith in yourself that when you speak up, people will listen, and when you go for something, you'll get it. It's trusting yourself, but beyond that, it's a force that drives action.

When you make the approach, or go for the kiss, or invite her back to yours, it's because you trust that she's going to like you and want to go along with it. And if she doesn't, confidence is having the faith in your skills to overcome her protestations. And if she rejects you, confidence is having the feeling that you're still an awesome guy.

CONFIDENCE BUILDS ON A LOT OF THINGS. Knowing that you have skills to pick up women gives you confidence. Knowing that you have more important things in your life - a solid foundation - gives you confidence. Knowing what you want and being clear about it gives you confidence. So does having a sense of entitlement.

Ahh, and that's the rub, right there.

Confidence doesn't actually have to be based on any great soul search - it can merely come from feeling like the world owes you twenty times over, then going out and collecting that debt. Some people are just born and/or raised that way.

Now, what usually happens in life is that we keep on going after what we want, until a roadblock is thrown in front of us. If we manage to avoid that roadblock, or blast right through it, we build some confidence. But if it stops us, diverts us, or worst of all - if we crash into it and body parts go flying - we have to have a serious think about both the direction we were headed, and how quickly we could get there.

LET'S CONSIDER THIS IN PRACTICE. When a third grade boy goes to hold a girl's hand and, after casually slapping him away once, she then accepts his romantic little overture, something clicks inside his head and reinforces the notion that he can get away with such behavior. By fifth grade, he's planting kisses on the cheeks of any girl he can convince to join him under the jungle gym, and he's full-on smooching (no tongue, of course) six months later. Ladies men are made, not born and this one just happened to get a head start on the rest of us. He encountered a small roadblock in third grade, drove right through it, and every subsequent time that he's seen a similar looking roadblock, he knows what to do.

You can probably imagine the flipside of this story. The boy who got held up by that roadblock convinced himself that women didn't like him, and continued to tell himself that story well into his early adult years. Then one day, he realizes that he's not very confident around women and finds himself reading this article.

Lack of confidence doesn't always have such obscure causes, though. Sometimes we gather a fairly large head of steam, then run into a roadblock sizeable enough to compel us into a Come to Jesus moment. Again, we can use a story to illustrate - I'll volunteer one from my life.

In the late winter / early spring of 2006, life was humming along nicely for me. I had a great circle of friends, was the CEO of a promising beverage startup, and was dating a really hot model. But within a three-week period, everything turned around - my company failed to clear a critical regulatory hurdle, leading to a battle with my partner that caused me to lose my stake in the company, and left me nearly six figures in debt. My girlfriend left me, and took with her big parts of our mutual social circle. And my best friend stopped hanging out with me and started spending a lot of time with my then ex-girlfriend.

I've had my share of humdingers, but nothing this acute in such short a timeframe. And it perfectly illustrates the point; I was a cocky mofo in the months leading up to this experience. But the subsequent months were spent reflecting upon what had happened, and more importantly, what mistakes I'd made that led to such circumstances. Had I failed to surround myself with the right people? Had I been careless in managing my business? Had I seen warning signs and ignored them?

I'm a bit more confident these days - you can be assured of that - but it comes from knowing himself a little bit better and trusting himself more.

One common thread in any story about confidence - whether it be those illustrated above, or those from any other confident person you'll talk to, is the following: their confidence came from clearing the roadblocks.. That's always how it is. You can prepare to clear the roadblocks if you see them ahead, or you can scout for alternate routes, or you can be lucky enough to have great reflexes so that you're able to adopt on the fly. But at the end of the day, true confidence comes from getting past them and getting closer to your goals.

The metaphor here should be obvious. Becoming confident with women, and being able to effectively pick up women, ultimately requires that you become successful with women. There's no shortcut or instant, Matrix-style brain download that can compete with real experience and real success. The neural pathways in your brain have a way of wiring themselves through experiences that no amount of cogitating and preparatory thinking can achieve. In that way, it's a sort of weird Catch-22. So how do you get around it?

Of course, there are lots of things that can boost your confidence with women prior to achieving of all-out pimpdom. Success in any other part of your life has spillover effects into your pursuit of the feminine. Dressing better, making cooler friends, getting in shape those all help, and we'll be getting into them in a bit. Even hypnosis CDs and other such self-help programs can contribute. But if you spend too much time dwelling on the periphery of the issue of confidence with women, without dealing with it directly, you're just postponing the inevitable.

HOW TO BREAK THE LOG JAM? Well, it's kind of weird but you just start doing the things you need to do. The things we'll cover later in this book. And even some things we don't cover. You just go do it, and all of a sudden, good stuff starts happening. You feel better about yourself for going after it. You stop having those regretful nights of "what if I'd talked to her?" or "what if I'd escalated?". Whether you succeed or fail, you know you went for it. Then you regroup, figure out how to overcome the next roadblock, and go back out there.

You just keep doing. You get out there and you do some more, until those roadblocks aren't stopping you anymore. It's frustrating sometimes, and depending on how well you learn and how devoted you are, it could take a little bit of time or a lot. But the confidence from being a man who does, who takes action, is a force to be reckoned with.

Action is all that matters. Repeated, disciplined action and eventual success breeds confidence like nothing else.


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