Bishop - The Complete Unlimited Lover (124.0 Kb)

Bishop - The Complete Unlimited Lover Cover Extremely RARE! - Actual 40 Page Manual. This is probably the most difficult to find Bishop item out there. The advice in this thing is GOLDEN and it's a shame it has not achieved a wider circulation!

Download Bishop - The Complete Unlimited Lover

Barb Ewing - Disenchanted Evenings A Girlfriend To Girlfriend Survival Guide (302.0 Kb)

Barb Ewing - Disenchanted Evenings A Girlfriend To Girlfriend Survival Guide Cover The book signed by the two gregarious authors, who were there on location doing a book signing. Ms. Ewing and Ms. Sude have written a humorous account which goes way beyond the literal foibles and eccentricities of men as articulated in this well-done survival guide they have used humor as an antidote to the pain which sometimes one feels after a loss - whether it be the loss of a parent, a job, a spouse, or any serious relationship.

The authors are also generously donating a portion of their royalties to help the Domestic Violence Project in Stark County, Ohio, and they have spoken before innumerable women's groups about life choices." Ms. Ewing, a prolific language arts teacher in her own right, was President of the Junior League of Canton about 5 years ago and this year was named "Educator of the Year" by Phi Delta Kappa, an education honorary. She is a community-minded individual and is well-respected by her students. She changed my life around! When I had her in class, I learned so much about language arts, but, more importantly, she taught me about life! She believed in me when no one else could or would!

This book is a light-hearted and humorous account of some of the foibles that a person experiences when dealing with the opposite sex anyone (especially some of the reviewers) who cannot see the humor in these pages must indeed lead a very depressing life! When I have kids, I pray that Ms. Ewing will still be teaching! She is a warm, caring teacher with a big heart! "

Buy Barb Ewing - Disenchanted Evenings A Girlfriend To Girlfriend Survival Guide ($5.55)

Banachek - Easy Effects (563.0 Kb)

Banachek - Easy Effects Cover Described as the Cream of the Crop" when it comes to entertainers, Banachek (born 1960 as Steven Shaw) is the world's leading Mentalist. His talents are so incredible that he is the only mentalist ever to fool scientists into believing he possessed 'Psychic powers' but to later reveal he was fooling them. Performers around the world such as the colourful Penn & Teller, "The Amazing" James Randi and television's unique street magician David Blaine seek his performing expertise. Companies and theatres seek him for his outstanding performing abilities.

Banachek has written books on mentalism, such as Psychological Subtleties, and invented various magic and mentalism effects, including the Penn And Teller bullet catch and the original "buried alive."


Banachek Born in England and raised in South Africa and Australia, Banachek has been performing since his arrival in the United States in 1976.

Banachek is often sought out by various top entertainers and magic TV shows around the world as a consultant. The entertainers include Penn And Teller, David Blaine, Lance Burton, James Randi and Criss Angel. He has been responsible for putting more magic and mentalism on American television than any other magic consultant in the world.

Banachek is renowned for fooling scientists at Washington University into believing that his supposed psychic abilities were genuine during the Project Alpha hoax in the early 1980s. He also took part in an investigation with Randi exploring Peter Popoff, which ultimately exposed Popoff's false claims.

He has appeared on several television programs including CNN Live, Mindfreak and Unscrewed with Martin Sargent.

In 2008 he toured as part of a stage show called Hoodwinked with Bob Arno, Todd Robbins and Richard Turner.

On July 12, 2009 he conducted a preliminary test of Connie Sonne's dowsing ability for the James Randi Educational Foundation's Million Dollar Challenge that was witnessed by hundreds in person and hundreds more via live webcast.


* Psychic Entertainers Association Dave Lederman Memorial Award (Awarded for Creativity in Mentalism) 1997

* APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities) Entertainer of the Year 1998, 1999.

* APCA College Campus Novelty Act of the Year 2000.

* Psychic Entertainers Association Dan Blackwood Memorial Award (Awarded for Outstanding Contribution to the Art of Mentalism) 2006

* Psychic Entertainers Association Dunninger Memorial Award (Awarded for Distinguished Professionalism in the Performance of Mentalism) 2007

* His book Psychological Subtleties 2 won the first place in The Magic Woods Awards, for best book in 2007.

Books And Videos

* Atmore, Joseph Dunninger, Joseph Banachek Palmer, Bill (2001). Dunninger's Brain Busters. Humble, TX: H And R Magic Books. pp. 111. OCLC 65215584.

* Banachek Burlingame, Hardin J. Wells, Scott R. Gillett, S. Christopher (2002). Psychophysiological Thought Reading, or, Muscle Reading and the Ideomotor Response Revealed. Houston, Texas: Magic Inspirations. pp. 73. ISBN 9780970643810. OCLC 60349209.

* Banachek Dyment, Doug Wells, Scott R. (2007). Psychological Subtleties 2. Houston, Texas: Magic Inspirations. pp. 206. ISBN 9780970643827. OCLC 310366497.

* Banachek (Featured Performer). (2004). Banachek's Psi Series. United States: L And L Publishing."

Buy Banachek - Easy Effects ($5.75)

Banachek - How To Read People Minds (1.3 MB)

Banachek - How To Read People Minds Cover On one side of this 180-page hardcover is a reprint of H.J. Burlingame's 1907 paperback release How to Read People's Minds" which includes some history on muscle reading and how it works, along with a fascinating section on training your dog to read minds!

Give the book a flip over and you have Banachek's "Psychophysiological Thought Reading"! This section not only covers more details on the history of muscle reading, but also teaches updated effects using muscle reading as it is performed today by performers including Derren Brown, and Banachek himself. These effects are used onstage and close-up in routined and impromptu performances.

"Psychophysiological Thought Reading is a must-have for anyone interested in learning contact-mind reading, and when combined with Burlingame, also a must-have for anyone interested in mentalism history. It is the most complete treatment of ideomotor effects I have seen written for mentalists." -Christopher Carter "

Buy Banachek - How To Read People Minds ($6.14)

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