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Ok, a couple of thoughts here on how to get your grind on the dance floor to pick up women and I'm going to see if I can get a few of my friends who are REALLY good dancers to weigh in.

IMO, being a good dancer will get you attention, but it doesn't necessarily help you get women. Like, being a good technical guitarist is cool, but what's sexier, a guy who can play Dire Straits on an acoustic while sitting on a stool, or a sweaty dude on stage rocking out with his guitar slung low? Technical proficiency is not the same as sex appeal.

Now, for those of us who can move our bodies, but who aren't Ne-Yo-come-lately

A girl on a dancefloor has to be placed into context. How loud is the music? How energetic is the floor? What time of night is it? How into the dancing is *she*?

Dancefloor game can be INCREDIBLY easy when you find girls who are receptive to it. You just need to pay attention - they're either

a.) giving YOU eyes and/or dancing close to you

b.) completely lost in the music

Let's look at each. In the former case, she's damn well aware of what she's doing. If you get a girl dancing nearby you, or giving you eyes, then 99% she wants to dance with you.

If she's completely lost in the music, you can get close to her and see if she's feeling you. If she's not actively moving away or scowling, you can advance. Some girls want to be ape'd over, but more than likely, she's going to want to start off more smoothly. Depends on the club you're at too.

As far as how to do it if she's on the floor and into the music, one opener that I love when trying to get women is as follows: "Whatever I'm feeling right now (pause), you're feeling it just a little more I like it". I came up with this one night when Q-Tip was spinning - amazing DJ and I couldn't help but move. This girl next to me was moving even more, and the line hit perfectly because we both knew it was true.

And speaking of which, if you're really *feeling* the music, meeting girls is a lot easier because they can see that and you will naturally pick up women. I find it hard to meet girls at clubs when I'm not seriously into the music.

As far as the rest of the convo, it depends on what kind of feedback you're getting. I've had dancefloor interactions that typically go one of three ways

1.) intro, talk about music while dancing casually, talk about where you're from and basic information exchange, get flirty, then convo drops and its all dancing and escalation. sometimes there's a pause in there where you break to the bar or away from the girl for a drink - usually before the escalation starts.

2.) intro, instant sexual connection, dancing and escalation. One time I started dancing with a girl on my way out of a venue, she was just moving so well as the song ended, I said something to the extent of "we just shared an an awesome moment, that was hot." She laughed and agreed. We were already touching, and a kiss came naturally.

3.) no real intro (all body language and dancing), escalation, conversation. This is typically later at night in this case, you make eye contact, move in, and if she's still with you, you just get close, make further eye contact, maybe go for a kiss on the neck or what have you. Check out the Sparks Rapid Escalation video for a body language demo.

So yeah, ultimately it really depends on what you're feeling and what she's feeling just don't overcomplicate this one - dancing and being sexy is a part of human nature so get in the groove and have fun with it

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