Dont Fail Her First Test

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"by David Wygant, author of Date To Win."

Here is a question that gets asked a lot, but one I don't think we've ever covered in the blog.

Say you're on a date with a woman and she says, "Don't worry, we can split the bill." What do you do in that situation?

I can tell you what I've done the majority of my life. Unless I was broke and poor, and just plain couldn't afford it, I've responded to that by saying "No, I'll take care of it. You can get me another time."

I hate to say this, but a lot of women at that moment are testing you. They really are.

A woman at that moment wants to see if you will "man up" and pay for the date. It doesn't matter if it's a cup of coffee, drinks or dinner. She wants to see if you will be a man and pay for the first date.

A lot woman will take you out on date three, four or five. They really will. They still want you to pay for the first date though.

So guess what happens to the guy who says "Okay" or "Great!" to the woman who says you can split the bill on the first date? She probably won't ever return your phone call or go out with you again.

Here's another note about this. Don't take women out on dates you can't afford. Pick dates that are within your budget.

Don't to take a woman out to a 5-star restaurant if you can only afford a 1-star restaurant. Don't take a woman out for a bottle of wine when you can only afford a glass of wine.

Always pick up the bill on that first date, because women will test you with this. They don't know you yet, and they will test you. You don't want to fail her first test.


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How To Know A Man Loves You

How To Know A Man Loves You Image
1. Once women understand that a men shows love in so many varieties just to make her happier. By recognizing the loving gestures you will definitely help came to know about them. Sometimes, all those three little words are being yelled loud and so clear and are full of actions.

2. Make sure that something is going on the side. Some of the activities, friends and hobbies are all the important things in keeping you with same. No one can stand to be around 24 hours a day without there being tension from time and again. The smart idiom is that the absence makes the heart grow fonder is a real truth.

3. Generally, the means typically are not offered too many styles in the same color as women do. Thus, the strappy black sling back is exactly as the same as the peep toe black sling back.

4. Mainly, the women are the ones that ordinarily like to negotiate and make the plan in the details of everything. But men are quiet and does not feel the necessity mean that everything has to be planned in a manner.

5. Men do not generally interested in knowing anything that is related with the past of the woman. Even, it is nothing wrong if the couple keeps some private things private.

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