Dating After Divorce Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Dating After Divorce Light At The End Of The Tunnel Image
Dating after divorce is quiet sensitive topic and many people have already discussed on this in past. It is advisable to consider few things before start dating with some just after divorce.

MENTALLY PREPARATION Yes, you have to be prepared mentally before starting the process. Always wear the right attitude while talking with new person and never show him/her your limitations. Confidence and good attitude can help you to present your true personality in front of your date. You will feel calmer and can handle any kind of situation if you are confident.

TIME PERIOD It is important to spend sometime with family, friends and alone after the divorce. Give proper time to yourself so you can understand the situation. It is not advisable to start dating just after the divorce. According to dating experts, you should make a gap of 15-20 days after the divorce.

DATING WHILE IN PROCESS A big no. If you are planning to date someone while going through a divorce then forget it. It is not a good idea at all because divorce brings lot of mental and financial pressure. Such pressure can ruin your new date as well. So, better not to date while fighting for divorce.

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Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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Why Men Dont Talk

Why Men Dont Talk Cover
Women are always hounding their men about why they don't talk, why they don't express their feelings. I think that TOM MATLACK explains it best.

Men don't talk because women have overtaken language and manipulated it in such a way that men just can't express their feelings without coming off as pansies or effeminate.

It's not that men don't want to talk; they'd just rather get things done than discuss how they're going to go about getting things done.

Women complain that men don't understand them and I am surprised by this considering that women have no problem describing every minute detail of what's going on in their heads.

But I think that women just don't understand men anymore because, somewhere along the lines, men stopped talking and no one seemed to take notice.

Men need a place to vent their emotions and thoughts without being made to feel like idiots for doing it. They don't need an _OPRAH_ per se, but a venue for men that isn't about beer and T&A would be nice.

Can someone get on this?

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Jp Jacquard - Easy Mentalism
Hill Nicholas - The Don Juan Book

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Dating Tips Successful Dating Tips For Men

Dating Tips Successful Dating Tips For Men Image
Today, we are going to discuss some important dating tips for men.

EYE CONTACT Generally, men feel shyer especially on first date. It is important to make eye contact with your partner and be confident. Girls like confident men rather than coward.

QUESTION AND ANSWER Always follow the rule to talk less and listen more. Never ask any wrong question and give fake answer. In order to minimize the risk, you follow the simple rule and talk less.

GIFT OR FLOWER While dating with your favorite lady, you should not forget to welcome her with flowers and a small gift at the end of the day can work amazingly.

RESPECT It is important to respect the decision of your partner and never force her for anything. If she is not comfortable at particular place then better to leave the place immediately.

TOPICS we always suggest men to talk about nice topics but you can win the half battle if you can talk about her favorite subject. Generally, girls love to talk about latest fashion, clothing line, accessories etc.

Now you have got various dating tips for men, just go there and rock your date with your partner.

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Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love
Michael Webb - The Dating Wizard Secrets To Success With Women
C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles

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Neil Strauss Explains Why He Will Survive When The Shit Hits The Fan

Neil Strauss Explains Why He Will Survive When The Shit Hits The Fan Cover
Neil Strauss, bestselling author of the girl-getting manual The Game, started worrying about the state of the world a few years ago. Living in dread of various apocalyptic scenarios, he trained himself to be ready to live off the grid at a moment’s notice. His latest book, documenting this enterprise and offering his insights and tips about surviving a disaster, is called Emergency: This Book will Save You.

After completing his survivalist regimen, Strauss now has the skills to deliver a baby goat, gut it, cook it on a fire made from rocks and a toothpick, and wash it down with water collected from a piece of plastic and the sun. He can fashion a knife from a cigarette and knows the secrets of how to escape to a well-armed fortress in a far flung corner of the world in case things really go off the rails in this country.

We reached him by phone earlier this week to get some survival tips and find our what’s wrong with our government’s disaster planning.

Your book seems to have a Libertarian bent. Do you not think the government can be trusted to keep us safe?
I don’t see myself as belonging to any political party. My personal belief is that the government does a decent job maintaining the basic structures of society, but we can’t rely too much on it. We all tend to trust that everything’s going to be okay, that the infrastructure they provide will be fine and that highways and dams will work. From a survival perspective though, the government’s biggest failures are with emergency services plans like the Department of Homeland Security’s National Response Framework.

How is it a failure?

You should think of disaster on a local level. With the federal government everything has to pass through dozens of agencies.

That’s funny, because in your book you train yourself to be a free agent.
Mainly what I learned is that you’re on your own. This isn’t a survivalist conspiracy theory. I mean, FEMA says this. And last year there were 75 declared disasters in this country, things that were too big for local and state governments to take care of.

So, what happens when there’s an emergency? What are you trained to do now?
Well, I’m now trained as an EMT, and the first thing that’s going to happen is my pager is going to go off, and the search and rescue team that I’m part of will go and help out. If, say, there’s a Metrolink train crash, we’ll go down and help the victims. But you shouldn’t be a free agent when you’re working on a massive disaster. There are no heroes in those situations.

You tried to live as self-sufficiently as possible while writing the book. Now that it’s out, are you still living that way?
I have chickens, I have fresh eggs and I can make cheese. I have pet goats. I made some connections with these permaculture communities that are entirely self-sufficient–even when you go to the bathroom there are separate places for both functions and both are re-used. The urine is composted in straw and used in the garden for growing vegetables. The solid waste is dropped in a worm bin and the worm droppings are used to fertilize strawberries. Everything is recycled. And you have to wash the strawberries really, really thoroughly.

It’s certainly not the easiest way to live. There are a lot of laws that prevent you from being self-sufficient. They limit the amount of rain water you can re-use because it’s supposedly government property. The laws are there in case they want to crack down.

I can just picture the rain squad busting you! But there does seem to be a real sense of community that comes with a survivalist mentality.
It’s a throwback to the depression when people relied on each other more. When resources are scarce, we know times are hard but everything is right there for us. That’s the difference between a utopian culture and a dystopian survivalist mentality–there are rules in place to prevent people from their own destructive nature.

Do you have a negative view of human nature?

I started off with one. But being part of a search and rescue team has made me think people can be inherently good.

So, how often are you really going to need to know how to kill a goat?

The truth is I may never need to use these skills but it’ll make me a better dad and grandfather and I had fun learning and experiencing everything. The good news is if I don’t use these skills, that means everyone’s safe–including my goats. If I do, then I’m prepared.

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David Deangelo - Neil Strauss Interview Special Report

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Dating Tips First Impression Is The Last Impression

Dating Tips First Impression Is The Last Impression Image
Today, we will discuss about the dating tips what one needs to do on first date.

Generally, people start working for their first date two weeks before the actual schedule. Yes, it is true. According to our tips, if you are leaving your home for first date then choose weekdays instead of weekend. You may find it strange but we got the most important reason for that. Usually, couples don't get their desired place in weekend. So, if you want to make your partner happier then go on date between Mondays to Thursday.

Punctuality is another important aspect which can not be ignored. If you go late on your first date then you have to invest immense effort to win the heart of your partner. No body loves to wait and your partner is not exceptional. If you know already that you will not able to reach on time then don't forget buy a nice gift or sorry gift for your partner. It is not a guarantee of nice date but can help you a lot.

As we already gave you dating tips about the days, it is not mandatory to give you advice or tips about the location. You can choose any location but always ask your partner where he/she would like to spend the time with you. It will make him/her feel happier.

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Charles Faulkner - Creating Irresistible Influence With Nlp
Elena Petrova - Scam Prevention Tips For Online Dating

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Asktherightquestionsfirst Cover
OK. You have joined a couple of dating services and written a killer profile. You’ve uploaded a good picture and now you are going to chat with a contact. What now? How do you start separating those who have real potential and those who don’t have any potential at all? You need to find out something about who this strange woman really is and not just who she wants you to believe she is. It would be nice if women wore labels like “Gold Digger” or “Daddy’s girl”....but they don’t so it’s up to you to find these things out and you can’t just ask direct questions. You need to know what mistakes you can avoid making and how to impress this lady if you decide you want to do that.

After you are past the initial small talk, ask her, “What are the biggest mistakes guys make when dating online?” Listen carefully to her answers. She’s going to tell you a lot about herself and her views on men in general.

Next you should ask her, “What do you really think about online dating?” Now she will tell you if she has had any bad experiences dating o line and help you to avoid making the same things wrong.

Now for the all-important one.....”What caused the break up in your last relationship?” If she puts all the blame on the guy, you should probably move on to the next prospect. If she takes all the blame herself, you should probably do the same. If she says the breakup was by mutual consent or that the relationship just wasn’t right for either of them, you’ve heard the right answer. Move forward but always with caution.

Here are a few dating tips to guide you toward the relationship you want with your person of interest, who you happen to have met in the slightly muddier waters of online dating.

- Sprinkle a few grains of salt onto my dating advice. Remember that every situation is unique. I imagine there are two lovebirds out there somewhere who met online and were married by date three. Similarly, I imagine there are those who dated for months before establishing exclusivity. What I offer is simply a guide that tends to work for me and my fellow online-dating friends. If you read your situation as an exception, then trust your judgment and act accordingly. Good luck!
- When to have the talk. As much as you like online date #50, do not invite any conversation regarding exclusivity for at least the first four to five dates. Lose the intensity and enjoy getting to know the person on pressure-free terms. This is not a race to see how fast you can establish an exclusive relationship.
- How to have the talk. If the signs aren’t sure, and you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time to go forward with the relationship talk, you can introduce the topic in a fairly benign and non-threatening manner in order to avoid putting your date, and your heart, on the spot. You can jokingly ask if his or her other online dates are as fun as time spent with you. You can mention you’re no longer looking online to meet others. If your potential partner feels the same, he or she will view this as an opportunity to let you know he or she reciprocates your interest. Also, don’t be afraid to be direct. It’s okay to let him or her know your feelings and that you’d like your time together to head toward a relationship. (Remember, don’t do this on date #2! Give it time!)
- Gauge whether you need the talk. This isn’t junior high, you don’t need to be asked to go steady. Read the signs. If you’re spending every day together and his or her online profile has been inactive for several weeks (yes, it’s okay to check!), chances are you’ve transitioned into a relationship without ever having had to utter the official words “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

Asking the right questions will give you insight and make you more confident when you meet the lady for the first time.

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Tyler Durden - Ev Questions
Carlos Xuma - Dating Questions And Answers

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Book Review Dating Rocks

Book Review Dating Rocks Cover
Dating Rocks! By Steve Nakamoto

I've always found it bizarre to watch other women advise women on what men want, when it's obvious that women should be seeking the advice of a man.

STEVE NAKAMOTO is just the man for the job because in" ROCKS! , he gives women a sensible view into the mind of a man and explains what men really want out of a relationship.

The chapters in the book are broken down into simple steps that make everything that he writes easy to understand and manageable as a resource you can look to whenever you get confused about men.

From the moments upon meeting a man to getting seriously involved, Nakamoto covers all aspects of dating, and lets women know what men find highly desirable.

Nakamoto makes it clear that to attract a man, you must make yourself attractive, but to keep a man, you must maintain a relationship and pay attention to it constantly if you want to remain happy.

So for any single woman who is frustrated with the dating game or for any woman who's currently involved and feels like she's in a relationship rut, STEVE NAKAMOTO can help you figure out what's going on and how to change your situation so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy relationship.


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Michael Webb - Dating Exercises
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Reasons Why Men Cheat On Women

Reasons Why Men Cheat On Women Cover
I have a friend who has been in the dating game for years. And every single time she begins to get serious with a guy, he ends up cheating on her. I think that of her 12 relationships, perhaps only one remained faithful. He ended up dumping her and marrying the next woman he dated a year later. Go figure.

So, does this girlfriend of mine have a tendency to spot the jerks and hook them temporarily, or is it possible that she is actually the problem? Yes, yes, I know that there is no excuse for cheating and that only jerkoffs would do something so cruel, but if every single person you date ends up hurting you in the very same way every single time, isn't it time for a little reflection?


There was a time when men cheated on women simply because they had the opportunity, but times have changed and there are legitimate reasons for why he's straying.



Instead of confronting the issues that irritate you, both of you look in the other direction and act as though everything is hunky dory, when, in fact, there's a pink elephant in the room at all times.

If he can't talk to you about something without you getting all sensitive and offended, he'll likely avoid the conversation altogether and perhaps may prefer the company of another woman in whom he can confide.

And let's face it; once that happens, it's only a matter of time before the two of them are lying naked on his desk post-orgasm, talking about how they've wanted each other for so long.



If he does all the work in bed while you lie there, eventually it'll start to feel a bit like necrophilia to him and not many people enjoy having sex with a corpse.

I'm not suggesting that you head to the sex shop and invest in dildos and whips, but a little sexual experimentation never hurt anyone. Get on your knees every once in a while and show him how much you desire him. Seduce him, spend time appreciating his body and letting him know that you want him all over you.



From the minute he walks in the door until the moment he leaves for work, all you do is nag him and treat him like he's your little child. This is emasculating and annoying for any and all men.

And if you don't change your ways ASAP, you can bet that his eyes will begin to wander and he'll eventually start a rapport with a woman who is anything but a nag and before you know it, he'll come home smelling of another woman's perfume, among other things.



Variety is the spice of life, no doubt, and if he feels like he's stuck in a rut with you, he'll eventually seek some excitement, perhaps in a skirt and heels.

Of course, you can't dye your hair a different color every week and pick up a new accent on a whim, but you can definitely surprise him every now and then with a new look, some new flavors and perhaps even take him to a gentlemen's club every now and then.

The point is that he needs to feel like you bring little pieces of excitement into his life, otherwise, he may begin to seek such excitement elsewhere.

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Rion Williams - Mens Guide To Women
Haldeman Julius - What Great Men Have Said About Women

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How To Approach A Seated Girl In A Club

How To Approach A Seated Girl In A Club Image
Hi Lance,

I've got a question for you.

Background: I'm not familiar with much of your body language material. There is a monthly mailing on the way, but until I get

it, here's my question:

Say I am in a dance club and I approach two women sitting at a table together. How much "leaning down" do I do? Do I

A) stand to project a more confident image

B) lean down to get close to their faces to facilitate conversation

C) squat so that my head is down at table height, as waiters (and

baseball catchers!
) do.




Wow, we had a *lot* of questions on body language, I picked this one to answer since it was short and simple.

First off, let me say that there's two ways to answer this question, the guidelines we use for training and then there's the *real* answer.

Let me explain what I mean.

Most guys would tell you to always stand to project a more confident image, and in a way there right.

After all, standing is a safe thing to do - you're not going to make any of the huge mistakes the most guys would.

If you lean in you risk the chance of coming off like a needy dork by 'pecking' your head in at her.

Squatting down is a bit risky too. Some would say you are showing to much interest in her by squatting down. Personally I have done this effectively when I needed to, but I have noticed that, since it's not a very comfortable position, things get very awkward if I stay there for very long.

So the guideline answer for a guy who is just learning what it feels like to project more confidence with your body is to stand.

On the other hand, the *real* answer is that once you learn to project confidence with your body, you can do any of the above and everything will be fine.

The real answer is that if you are really projecting confidence (which means you are feeling confident as well) you can and, squat,

or even, God forbid, LEAN IN to talk to a girl and, as long as you feel comfortable in what you are doing, that confidence will project out in the WAY you are doing it.

When I mentioned this in a lecture I gave on body language I even people were so shocked to hear me say this they demanded a


Without batting an eye, I approached one of the seated students, head on, leaning in, breaking every 'rule' that has been listed

about body language.

And it was smoooth because when you really learn to project confidence, it really does show through in everything you do.

By the way, we are going to make a very exciting announcement later today about body language.

Believe it or not, even if you have all my DYD stuff, Cliff List talk, V.I.P. Kino talk, the V.I.P. Body Language DVD and you have

taking Art of Attraction you still only know a small fraction of what I teach on the subject.

The absolute authority on the topic is my Physical Confidence Take-Home Training kit. Check it out.

Now go meet some women,

Lance Mason

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Christian Godefroy - How To Improve Your Self Image
Steve Carter - How To Attract Girls In 3 Important Steps

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Conversation Starters For Dates

Conversation Starters For Dates Cover
Everyone can agree that the worst thing about first dates is the awkward silence that can come with getting to know someone new. While some people always have something to say to fill those quiet moments, most of us could use some guidance. Here are some fool-proof conversation starters that will get her talking - and help you get to know her better.



This question gives you a great idea of what interests she has. For example, if she answers "Superwoman", you know that chances are she's into comics; but if she relates more to Carrie from" and the "it's fashion she loves. And perhaps sex. And the city.


Any other preference questions will help you get to know her better: favorite time of day, favorite meal, favorite hang-out spot, etc.



One great way to get to know her is by finding out what she likes to do. If her idea of a good time is having a romantic picnic in the park and you love taking in a baseball game every Sunday, you'll instantly know if there might be some trouble down the road.


Describe your typical day.

What are your favorite hobbies?

What kind of food do you love?



The answer to this can be very telling. If you both plan to travel around a lot, you may have more in common than you know. If she loves the city you both live in, chances are she's here to stay. But if she reminisces about her hometown or dreams of moving to Paris, you know she's got bigger plans ahead.


Where did you grow up?

Where do you plan to settle down?



Two topics to avoid on a first date: exes and anything too controversial, like politics. One topic that is very important: family. Knowing about a girl's relationship with her family gives you an idea of what kinds of values she has, what sorts of relationships are important to her and what her history is like.


Do you have any siblings?

Who are you closest with?



This is a good question if you want to know how she would ideally spend her time. If she says she would love to open up a women's shelter, you know she's got a big heart. But if her answer is "shop all day", you could be shelling out some serious dough in the future.


Why is that important to you?

Where would you retire?

Suggested free e-books to read:

Rachel Davis - Conversation King
Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates

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Why Dating Rich Women Is Always Beneficial

Why Dating Rich Women Is Always Beneficial Image
Dating to rich women is just like a guy image of the perfect woman and sometimes a dream. Some of the guys are there that are flat broke but used to wear costly clothes in order to give off an image as they have money to spend. It is some times a method that uses to attract the women. Even though, it is a truth that dating to rich women is always a plus point then an average women. Now, the question arises that how do you come close to rich women and make yourself seem to be impressive to her

You can even walk up to her and ask for number but sometimes that they might be a busy person or might not work. One of the other ways is to send them her letter by finding out where she works or asking someone to give it to her if they are close by. Other way is by getting a job close where she is working or at her own job. It will make easier for you to meet her.

Here are some of the advantages of dating to rich women:

1. No financial troubles- there are no money problems whether its cars, kids or houses.

2. Better and quality life - quality of life will now be better as long as you will stay healthy and grow your riches.

3. More options in your life - you have more features to do want you want at your own time.

4. Lots of friends - You have to begin in order to get more and more friends as you will get richer or go to the parties.

5. All the money-oriented things - Now you can purchase all the materialistic things that do not exceed your finance.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Attraction Is Not A Choice
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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Cf Material Off Various Archives

Cf Material Off Various Archives Cover
Some C if she accuses you of flirting or being interested, tell her

you're just checking for needle marks.

- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." If she

insists, ask something utterly outrageous about her sex life. If

she reacts badly, say "Hey, you dragged it out of me! It's all

YOUR fault!
" (Pause for response.) "First you make me say it,

then you bad behavior after another! That's it,

you're on probation.

- Read her palm or analyze her handwriting. Say "OOH! THAT is

" When she asks what, say "I don't think you could

handle it. It might be too much for you.
" No matter what she

says, don't tell her.

- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is

down if she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if

she's wearing pants. Make fun of her if she looks.

- If she sits down near you, tell her the chair is taken. Repeat

for every chair she tries to sit in. If she asks, the occupant

is in the bathroom. ALL the chairs are occupied by people in

the bathroom.

- Throw food, sugar packets, etc. at her when she's not looking.

Complain about how mean she is for not playing catch with you, and

how bad it makes you feel when she refuses to play by not catching

what you throw. Make your lower lip quiver if you can.

- Do high fives with her, then complain that she's not doing them

with feeling.

- Call her "Megan the meanie" (or whatever her name is) if she won't

flirt or do what you want. Works especially well if you talk and

act like a five-year-old.

- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your

" or "Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate,

wrestle her down.

- Move in to kiss, then throw your finger in front of her lips and

gently push her back.

Okay, guys, hopefully I've primed the pump...what are your ideas and

best teasing stories?



Sent via

Before you buy. Teasing is how I'm used to getting all the girls I currently get -

acting very cheeky and playfully arrogant. Combined with alpha male

purposeness, it works well with young girls.

All of your examples were very cool. I also go sexual with as much of

the teasing as I can, because the girls do picture all the things you

joke about, and those mental images of you get them going. And that's

when you poke them in jest, and establish kino.

I try to make fun of them alot also. I wish I could think of some

examples. Hmm, just teasing them, and telling them that you bet they'd

like things to happen, that you know they don't. And just obviously

bullshitting answers to questions they ask you - making up ridiculous

stories. And also bragging about yourself sexually alot, like about

your attractiveness and stuff...

Like if HBs ever compliment anything about me, I do this...

HB: "I like your accent"

ME: "thanks, I work out" (smiling cheekily)

and I'll answer that to any compliment at all, and they like it.

ME: Oh, you'd love that wouldn't you?

HB: (laughing) no, of course not.

ME: Yes, you would. You'd be in as fast as you could...etc

HB: No!

You can answer many questions by saying how sexy you are, and how hot

you are, and playfully act like that's what people think and that's

how things are.

Also if you break into a scottish accent and say, "I'm dead sexy I am"

a bunch of times, it goes over well.

Each time you tease her with a comment, you touch her and poke her and


If you say any of these comments and she starts to get angry or

pretends to be, I just put on a deep man-voice and say "You LOVE IT".

And this normally gets them going even more, but while laughing.

If she says anything positive for herself you can turn it around by

saying, "yup, just keep telling yourself that "

Teasing I find is great for stupid girls, because you're still having a

good time despite her stupidity. You're playing with her, rather than

talking to her - which is much more entertaining with dumbshits. I've

had many a fine evening out with a beautiful member of the lower end of

the bell curve, just thanks to the joys of teasing.

Now, I think it works because it establishes to her that you're

confident, that you don't need her, and you're a strong person. It

shows you have a little more power than her. But all this has to be

done with confidence and cheekiness. That I've found is the most

important thing. I make sure my state is confident yet cheeky, with a

bit of a sly grin.

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Before you buy.

>- Accuse her of trying to seduce you, coming on to you, etc.

> Misconstrue her innocent behavior as shameless flirting (the more

> absurdly, the better
). Then flirt outrageously, but deny any

> interest, and present your behavior as innocent (again, the more

> absurdly, the better

This works a treat. This can lead into a sex role reversal "I'm not

that easy you know. Stop trying to smooth talk me just so I'll sleep

with you
" etc.

>Run your finger slowly up and down her

> arm; if she accuses you of flirting or being interested, tell her

> you're just checking for needle marks.

>- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." If she

> insists, ask something utterly outrageous about her sex life. If

> she reacts badly, say "Hey, you dragged it out of me! It's all

> YOUR fault!
" (Pause for response.) "First you make me say it,

> then you bad behavior after another! That's it,

> you're on probation.

Ask her in a disinterested way what she thinks makes someone good at

oral sex. If she starts talking about what makes a man good, switch it

after a while to her blowjob technique. Arouse her curiousity until

she can't wait to become your student.

>- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is

> down if she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if

> she's wearing pants.

> Make fun of her if she looks.

Have to try this one.

>- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your

> ass!
" or "Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate,

> wrestle her down.

A variation on this is "don't make me pin you down and do you. You

know it's what you want but just control yourself, okay?

Works especially well after you have already had sex with them.

>Okay, guys, hopefully I've primed the pump...what are your ideas and

>best teasing stories?

Excellent post. Lots of great ideas.

Using the NLP "pink elephant" theory. Accuse her of being obsessed

with sex (for no apparent reason or when she makes the slightest

). And tell her stuff like

"Stop thinking about sex. Don't think about me kissing up your thigh,

spreading your legs
" etc. etc.

Putting on a sleazy voice and saying "outrageous" things like "you

know you want it bay-beeee
" can work very well.

I am familiar with the whole Neg Theory here. And it's really nothing new

as I have pointed out before. In fact some cultures are Masters at this. It

also dates back to a time when peasants and slaves couldn't really say what

was on their mind, so they would disguise their intentions in some

long-winded, flowery sounding bullshit that sounded like a compliment, but

was designed to bring the target down a notch. Some Arab cultures are very

good at this to this day.

Before I found ASF, I always had very good results from more direct

Teasing and Insults. Of course it's mostly done in a good-natured sort of

way. AND you can completely alienate some chicks with this tactic.

I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to WHO this will work on. My

intuition just seems to tell me when this tactic will work. My mind must be

keying-in on little telltale signs that I'm not completely aware of? This

is one reason that I am posting this. I am looking for feedback from the

group. I have not been able to come-up with a reliable road map for others

as to what type of chick this works on. It ABSOLUTELY seems to work on many

of the HOTTEST HBs.

I remember years ago, a friend and I went to a Strip Club in Texas. I

didn't have time to tell him ALL my theories on doing strippers, so I told

him just to "RAG" on ALL of them, and the tactic should stick on at least

ONE of them.

My friend ended up being MUCH harder with his insults and teasing than I

usually am. And most of the girls in the bar were asking me why my friend

is such an ASSHOLE. BUT, it wasn't long before the FINEST HB10 stripper in

the bar was litterally THROWING herself at him. I don't remember everything

he said to her, but I do remember him calling her "Chicken Legs" quite


I think she asked him to dance, and he said that she had chicken legs and

would probably just lay an egg in his lap or something.

To make a long story short, she did everything she could to try to win his

approval, and at the end of the night, she litterally jumped into the truck

with us and asked where we were going. She was so desperate to win him over

that she fucked BOTH of us, at his suggestion.

I have hundred of such stories that illustrate how powerfull this method

is. More recently, I used it on a Hooters Waitress....

I thought that she was the MOST attractive HB in the place...

HB: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot your water, I'll get it.

Me: That's good because you really don't want to get on my bad side?

HB: What? Why is that?

Me: Well, I'm part Indian!

HB: (with a confused look) What does that have to do with anything?

Me: I'm a member of the "Slap-a-ho" Tribe. (Got this from a black comic.

Can't remember his name

HB: (laughing) I'm NOT a HO ! ( you have to remember that this Hooters

was FULL of AFCs drooling over these fine bitches and acting all "proper".

Me: Yeah, I bet you've seen more ceilings than Michealangelo!

HB: (Laughing) Leaves and goes over to the cash register to tell some of

the other girls what I said and they start laughing. Some of the other HBs

start coming over to our table to Kick-It with us.

HB: returns and says "Here's your water, you're not going to slap me are


Me: Slapping is only ONE option. Remember, the "Slap-a-ho" tribe is a

member of the "SPANK-A-HO" NATION. Then I made some sort of comment

comparing her to a Mac Computer because "You are USER FRIENDLY". Which I

guess is a sort of embedded command.

To make a long story short, I continued to DOG her at the amusement of all

the other Hooters girls. The TARGET began throwing herself at me and

invited me to a "Get Together" after work. I continued to DOG her even

after fucking her.

I remember laying in bed with her after fucking her and watching the Cindy

Margolis show. I made a comment that Cindy is a Hot Bitch and I started

jacking-off under the covers while watching Cindy on TV. I did this just to

fuck with HBHooters mind and she came unglued. She jumped on my cock with

her face and ended up giving me a fuck that was ten times better than the

one before. She even took it up the ass which was virgin territory.

Anyway, I was interested in hearing other people's experiences in making an

HB the butt of your jokes and insults.

I know that it is ASF dogma NOT to insinuate that a chick is a slut. BUT,

for some of the hotter ones, the phsychological button that is pushed by

the jokes and teasing seems to be much stronger than the "Slut Factor". Oh,

by the way, HBHooters was only 23. Young enough to be my daughter! Put

that in your pipe and "Smoke-It" Mystery!

Also, have you older guys noticed that HBs tend to think that YOU are MUCH

better in bed than their YOUNGER "boyfriends" ? Maybe it's experience?

Michael S.

PS Also, ATTITUDE is important with the teasing game. If you have the

right attitude, you can say almost ANYTHING. If you try this with the

demeanor of an AFC, you will probably get SMOKED !

My night out sargin to make up for the fuckup on HB9 was kinda crappy.

5#close, of which two in retrospect sort of turn me off characterwise

but might pass for a quickie, two sisters (7/7.5) who were walking

around giggling outside the club, and the UG jealosy factor that was

with them. Well. Might call one of them next week or something when

I'm bored.

Anyways, here's something I came up with intuitively. When you're with

a HB, steal any object from her (like a cigarette, frisbee, gum,

) and say "smoking isn't healthy" or any stupid reason why she

shouldn't have the object, then hold it in front of her as if you give

it back, and pull it away when she grabs it. Repeat until DDB

It's amazing how long most babes will go along with this if you're

playful and smile. In time she'll probably start grabbing your arm

trying to pull it down. Hold the object up over her for some nice tit

kino when your chest meets hers

I could do this for hours.

- Take something off her - Hat, glasses, etc. (GS)

- Mimic her a couple of times if she says something in a particularly

weird/funny tone (GS)

- Mimic her if she does something/moves in some funny way (GS)

- tickling (PFAL)

- pull her hair (PFAL)

- tap on one shoulder and be on the other. (PiQL)

- Snapping bra-straps (PiQL)

- playing keep-away (PiQL)

- saying their name over and over (PiQL)

- "im not touching you! im not touching you!" (PiQL)

- Accuse her of trying to seduce you (DD/Jonathan Ashton)

- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." and NEVER ask it

no matter what she says (Jonathan Ashton/GS)

- Or, read her palm, handwriting, say "OOH! THAT is interesting!" When

she asks what, say "I don't think you could handle it. It might be too much

for you.
" No matter what she says, don't tell her. (Jonathan Ashton)

- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is down if

she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if she's wearing

pants. Make fun of her if she looks. (Jonathan Ashton)

- If she sits down near you, tell her the chair is taken. Repeat for every

chair she tries to sit in. If she asks, the occupant is in the bathroom.

ALL the chairs are occupied by people in the bathroom. (Jonathan Ashton)

- Throw food, sugar packets, etc. at her when she's not looking. Complain

about how mean she is for not playing catch with you, and how bad it makes

you feel when she refuses to play by not catching what you throw. Make your

lower lip quiver if you can. (Jonathan Ashton)

- Do high fives with her, then complain that she's not doing them with

feeling. (Jonathan Ashton)

- Call her "Megan the meanie" (or whatever her name is) if she won't flirt

or do what you want. Works especially well if you talk and act like a

five-year-old. (Jonathan Ashton)

- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your ass!" or

"Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate, wrestle her down.

(Jonathan Ashton)

- Move in to kiss, then throw your finger in front of her lips and gently

push her back. (Jonathan Ashton)

- tell her "on my planet we have a custon of kissing each others' ankles",

and made her participate (or something similarly silly) (Jonathan Ashton)

- Roughhousing. (see "Wild Fratboy Method"). Like starting a game of tag so

you can tackle her on people's lawns. Get her running around and her heart

racing while getting lots of kino in. (Rush274)

- ask random chicks if they would want to join "my fanclub". chick: "why?" -

"because I'm GREAT! you don't have to do much, just the normal things,

cheering at me when I walk past, following me through the club, buy me

drinks, dance for me, all the things that the average groupies do (kooper)

- blatantly hitting on ALL girls in a group (kooper)

Can I ask you a kind of personal question?" [wait for a yes] "Good.

" [turn your back]

"I've got a GREAT knock-knock joke [very low key, here, as you set the

] - you start....
" make sure you're WHO'S THERE is a bit loud and


Q.:"Wanna dance?" A.: "I don't." If there's no music and she mentions it,

say "Hum a little while you do."

If she has an unusual item of clothing or hairstyle, ask her, "Are you

" She'll be puzzled and ask what about. Press the point. "C'mon are

" once you get the yes, hit her with, "Then why are you

wearing that !

"I know how to handle girls like you: pull their hair, spank their ass and

say, "Go ahead! Tell mom and dad! Get out of my room!""

"Are your hands clean? I need somebody to hold it while I pee."

Compare something, starting with "You know how..." Make it long and

involved. Then say, "Not like that."

"How can I compare it? Hmm. Y'know how they made the monster look in the

new version of Godzilla? NOT LIKE THAT.

"Can I ask you a kind of personal question?" [wait for a yes] "Good.

" [turn your back]

"I've got a GREAT knock-knock joke [very low key, here, as you set the

] - you start....
" make sure you're WHO'S THERE is a bit loud and


Q.:"Wanna dance?" A.: "I don't." If there's no music and she mentions it,

say "Hum a little while you do."

If she has an unusual item of clothing or hairstyle, ask her, "Are you

" She'll be puzzled and ask what about. Press the point. "C'mon are

" once you get the yes, hit her with, "Then why are you

wearing that !

"I know how to handle girls like you: pull their hair, spank their ass and

say, "Go ahead! Tell mom and dad! Get out of my room!""

"Are your hands clean? I need somebody to hold it while I pee."

Compare something, starting with "You know how..." Make it long and

involved. Then say, "Not like that."

"How can I compare it? Hmm. Y'know how they made the monster look in the

new version of Godzilla? NOT LIKE THAT.

- talking to a 2-set tell the target the other one has just fallen in love

with you (not really a tease though)

- I always get asked "Where are you from?" as I'm in a foreign country

(Japan). I played the "you have to guess game", the first guess was wrong

(she said xxx country) so I hassled her that she then must loves xxx guys.

Picked a bad trait from xxx and tell her she must love guys that do/have


Stuff like this usually has to be situational. If she's talking to a little

kid say "Isn't he a little young for you?". That's just an example, steal it

if you want. Stuff like this needs to be funny, otherwise you're just a dick.

You need to think of your own examples for this kind of stuff. That way it is

more congruent. You want to leave her wondering whether you were serious or

not. This will peak her interest in you and you can proceed with whatever you

normally do when you're talking to a girl who is interested in you.

Credit - SIlver MASF

Suggested free e-books to read:

Michael Hall - The Structure Of Unconscious Excuses
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love

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Road Map To Seduction Success

Road Map To Seduction Success Image

Just got this email from a reader:

I have been in a long term relationship and became kinda liberated from this but its only since i discovered Double Your Dating a coupla weeks back that I realised why I hadn't had any success yet. I immediately got it. Although its status is currently like a bible to me, there is one concept in it which, if i had only seen that alone would have told me what I had been missing. That with women it is about showing that you are in control of the energy which you present to her. All the stuff about neediness and insecurity. I realised why the 'nice' friendly version of me wasn't getting anywhere. And now that I realise that women shouldn't control me and I don't have to dance to their tune its been really enlightening.

So if Double Your Dating is my bible, your blog is my map dude. Because i am using it to learn from and springboard off in different directions. I have a lot of catching up to do. I can't change my personality overnight, but I can already see by the way women i know are flirting with me, holding my hand etc. that its beginning to rub off!

So yah, thanks for Blogging!

Thanks mate, lets work on this together.


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Dating Ideas How To Have Fun On First Date

Dating Ideas How To Have Fun On First Date Image
Success and failure completely depends on the dating ideas of people. There are many ideas which can help you like

UNIQUE DATING If you are tired due an ordinary idea of dating then try something unique. You can go and play some adventurous game instead of wasting your time in regular coffee shop or restaurant.

ROMANTIC DATING IDEAS Romantic dating is one of the famous and popular dating idea. Women love romantic people and romantic talks too. It is important to create a nice and healthy environment before starting romantic date. It is mandatory to win the confidence of your female partner while enjoying romantic dating.

FUN DATING IDEAS You don't need to spend like millionaire to have fun on date. There are various affordable places where you can enjoy your date without facing any trouble. You can go and enjoy bowling, indoor game, Water Park etc.

These dating ideas will help you to make your date more successful and enjoyable. So, always select the good idea before leaving your home for dating. Dating is all about having fun and entertainment. So, invest your 100% to make your partner happy with the help of nice ideas.

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Best Concerts For Daters

Best Concerts For Daters Cover
Making conversation during a date can be awkward. This, however, isn't a problem if you bring your date to a concert (unless one of you is one of those people who insists on talking during the show). If you are going to go for the concert date, however, a little planning is needed.

While you may be a huge Metallica fan, it may not be her cup of tea. At the same time, though, it might not be worth going to see Il Divo if you're going to snooze through the whole show.

With that in mind, here are some of the best concerts for daters that could make for a fun time for both of you.



Coldplay's Chris Martin and co. certainly aren't strangers to the arena scene. Exploding onto the world-tour circuit in the early '00s with hits like "Yellow" and, later, "Clocks, Fix You," etc., Coldplay makes for one of the best concert dates because their music translates particularly well from studio recording to live performance.

Chris Martin in particular is the driving force of Coldplay concerts as he pounds away at his piano, calling to mind similar piano-heavy classic rock acts of the '70s.

FOR WOMEN: You will dig the Coldplay concert because of the overt sentimentality present in many of their songs and the high level of mushy romance that permeates their music.

FOR MEN: You will dig the show because, to be fair, a lot of Coldplay songs rock pretty good. Get past Chris Martin's pretty boy front man persona and let yourself appreciate the rest of the band's competencies, particularly Jonny Buckland's heavy guitar riffs.



At the risk of offending Deadheads out there, the Dave Matthews Band is a little like a slightly more polished albeit middle of the road version of the Grateful Dead. Granted, A Dave Matthews concert may not have that same perpetual cloud that was always present over the crowd at a Dead show, but on a band dynamic level, both acts are united in their jam style.

In their live shows, Matthews and co. get to bust out their jam chops much more than in the studio setting, resulting in a constantly changing and evolving concert experience which is never repeated from town to town. Now if that isn't a best concert date, I don't know what is.

FOR WOMEN: You will thoroughly enjoy Matthews' softer numbers and the entertainment of it all.

FOR MEN: Long improvised numbers combined with a bevy of video and lighting effects and you will go nuts for the surprise covers that Matthews has been known to pull out.



The Foo Fighters have grown musically by leaps and bounds since their inception in 1995. Recognized initially as the solo project started by the drummer from Nirvana (Dave Grohl), the Foo Fighters have since become one of America's best rock bands.

While the Fighters may have started out by releasing heavily-charged catchy singles, they now tend to incorporate more acoustic material into their act. Their live show is no different. Often diving their concert into electric and acoustic sets, there's a little something for everyone.

Whether screaming his lungs out on songs like "Best of You" or "Pretender," or showing off his more sensitive song-writing abilities in songs like "Everlong" or "Next Year," Grohl is able to work the audience into a frenzy.

FOR MEN & WOMEN: The fact that Bob Dylan himself personally chose the group to open for him for a series of shows should be enough to let any man or woman know that this is a show which transcends the differences of appreciation between men and women.

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Arnold Haultain - Hints For Lovers
Philip Redhead - Best Places For First Dates

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