Valentines Day 3 I Love You Roses

Valentines Day 3 I Love You Roses Image
Those little three words hold more meaning in a relationship than any other word in the English language and nothing says "I Love You" like roses. Our first tip of Valentine's was a simple, but incredibly romantic alternative to roses. Today's tip is another variation of the romantic rose.

These rose plants come in pots that explicitly spell out your feelings. Each pale pink rose plant comes in a dark pink ceramic pot with a polished metal hand tag. Together these three pots spell out "I Love You".

While the red rose may be more popular, the pink rose is just as romantic. In face, the pink rose represents romance, sweetness, and perfect happiness.

Like your love, these roses need not die. Because they are actual rose plants rather than cut roses, they can be replanted if desired. This Valentine's Day, give her a rose that represents your love literally.

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