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A2damir is a PUA with some mad skillz. Anyone of his LR's is educational reading and a standard to aspire to. Here's an LR of his first 3some of 2007

whats up guys, havent posted here for a while.. i know i owe you guys a LR:HBAss, which i wrote 90% of it but never had the chance to finish it, im very busy this time of the year..happy new years to all..

last year i posted a "LR: first 3some of 2006", well i have a new "LR:First 3some of 2007"... and it happened on January 5th...not a bad start to the year..

for those who dont know me, i suggest you read a couple of my LRs to get familiar with my style...aight,so this i what happened...

it was friday night at the club, i usually wear jeans and a tight t-shirt ( im very jacked, i get so much attention and ECs when i wear t shirt, but this night i was dressed up like a gentleman, black dress pants, peach color dress shirt, and an orange and blue stripe tie with a suade i couldnt use my muscles as an advantage...

oh btw this goes to show it really doesnt matter what you wear ( which i always preach, dont spend alot of time on peacocking, just peacock your body and your all set)...

so about an hour later, i see 2 chicks, one brunette and the other redhead, the redhead was a 7, fuckable, but a lil chubby, the brunette was a 9, nice body, and probably the best pair of titties in the club that night...i did a quick math, 9+7= 16, divided by 2 = 8... i fuck 8s and above, so i decided to game both of them.... i was on the vip section, and the 2 chicks wanted to come up there, but the bouncer had to make sure they had a special stamp to get up there, i told him to let the chicks come up there although they werent VIP...

so the chicks came up there, they knew I had put in a word for them

me: hey you guys gotta behave up here now that i put my neck on the line for you

Brunettewith an accent) thank you, why didn't he let us come up here?

me: ( there were alot of chicks up there) oh nothing this is my harem up here, he didnt know i was adding to it tonight.

Brunette:your what?

me: my harem

Brunette:whats a harem

me: ( she ruined he whole joke) nothing it means its my party up here and you werent on the guestlist

Brunette: is it your birthday?

me: no where are you guys from you have an accent

Brunette: Quebec

me: ( to the redhead) you too?

redhead with a slightly less accent than the brunette) yeah

me: so what bring you down to my neck of the woods?

Brunette:your what?

me: ( aight fuck it, i'll treat them like im running an ESL class from now on... and i knew this was gonna ruin my game, cuz alot of shit i say is witty and these chick had a hard time understanding english) my neighborhood, my city.

Brunette: we want to visit most american cities

me: what language do you speak?

Brunette: french

me: ( to the redhead....i didnt want her to feel ignored) you speak french too

redhead: yes

me: well you guys have fun up here, if you need anything come find me, you cant miss my shirt

( both of them laughing)

Brunette: ( put her hand on my arms to touch the shirt ) i like the color

me: yeah that makes 2 of us in the club

redhead: it looks nice on you

me: thank you, let me introduce you guys to the bouncer just in case you wanna go in and out of the vip section and im not around

Brunette: oh thank you very much

(takeaway # 1... it wasn't as strategic as my others cuz I really had to go see some other friends in the club too, but you can call it a takeaway)

anyway, i introduced them and i went to mingle... i had alot of friends up there and in the club, mostly chicks too, even at one point i the vip section 2 of my friends came on the stage, both of them are just a notch down from HBGodess, but they are deffinately both HB11s or even more, almost everyone was staring at them,

they came one of them screamed and jumped and hugged me in front of everyone, they bought a round of shot for me, then they wanted to go to another club which the door was closed cuz it was packed, but i walked them in the backdoor,,, an no i havet fucked those 2 chicks yet, and probably wont...

they have " a special circumstance" which i wont get into...

btw my fucking eyes are watery and killing me right now cuz im on a plane and writing this, and this dude next to me was bascially reading everything i was writing, i would look at him and he'll steal his eyes off my laptop, so now im writing this with a fontsize 5 or 6, so fucking small i cant see shit..

anyway, i had left the club to take those 2 megahotties to the other club, and then i went back to the vip area... im rushing these part, i probably had spent 25-30 mins with those 2 chicks, talking, one of them had their ass against my body very friendly talking and when i went back on the vip section i saw the 2 initial chicks, honetsly i had totally forgot about them cuz those 2 mega hottites had elevated my blood pressure and testosterone levels...

Brunette: you have a very beautiful girlfriend

me: thank you, i'll let her boyfriend know when she finds one

Brunette: she wasnt your girlfriend?

me: oh you dont know why they threw this party for me up here tonight ? ( BS, it wasnt my party i just made that up)

Brunette:no why?

me: they are celebrating me being single

( both of them laughed)

Brunette: really?

me: sort of

redhead: what do you mean sort of?

me: it means im single but they arent celebrating that, or at least they wont tell me that to my face cuz it would make me feel like a piece of meat

( both of the laughed again)

at that point i saw a very good girlfriend of mine and i excused myself from the 2 Canadian chicks to say hi to her,

and doing yet another takeaway from the Canadians.

10 mins later i leave the vip area and go chill with another bouncer, then someone from behind basically walked through me, bumped me on the side and kept walking, and it was the Brunette... i didnt think much of it at that point, i thought she was drunk, i spilled my drink and the bouncer wanted to kick them out cuz he thought they were drunk, ut i was like fuck it let them have fun... 6-7 mins latr the same thing happened but not as hard as the first time, again it was the brunette..

now i deffinately thought she was drunk..but again i let her get away with it.

i go back up on the vip section and i see her, and as soon as she sees me she comes towards me

Brunette kinda hostile) is this your club?

me: no why?

Brunette: everyone knows you here, are you the manager

me: nope, i just have alot of friends, so you guys having fun?

Brunette: yeah its fun, what time does the club close?

me: in about 20 mins, do you guys have a hotel?

Brunette: yeah we got a room

me: where?

Brunette: on commonwealth avenue ( ray you probably know which ones she's talking about, they arent hotels, kind of like 4 story building with different units on each floor)

me: are you guys gonna go to an after party?


me: why not? are you guys that boring?

Brunette: no we have to get up at 7 tomorrow and drive back to quebec.

me: so, that doesnt mean you cant party tonight

Brunette: then we cant get up early

me: i'll wake you guys up myself how is that

Brunette: we'll see

me: ( those titties were still top titties a the club that night) thats fine we can just party at your place so you can just sleep there

Brunette:what party?

me: nothing big, i'll get some alcohol and come over and have a couple drinks and chill

Brunette: are you coming alone?

me: i can bring this whole club if you want to

Brunette: my friend wants a guy too ( she fucked up, at that point i knew i was getting laid, she gave it, they were probably talking about me and as TOkyoPUA once said, they "Splitted the dick between themselves"... so i knew they were seducded... ok now there is this black bouncer, tall dude, i kept telling him about the chicks i fuck and every hot girls he saw at the club i had claimed to him that i had fucked her,

so now it was time to back my shit up for him, not that i had to prove anything, i was looking for a wing, so what the hell... oh i think in my LR: My Masterpiece, i say the N word and some dickhead started all this shit about me being racist and how it was inappropriate to use that word and blah blah blah... well you see homie, i fuck chicks with black dudes, i roll with black dudes too so get your head out of your ass and stop looking for an excuse to play the race card,,, specially on this board)

me: how about this bouncer here? he's the one that let you guys come up here

Brunette: ( said something to her friend in french)

Brunette: yeah ok ask him if he wants to come

so i asked him, and he was cool with it... i'll skip through the rest of the night ( I spent the rest of the night with them, gaming them more and maintaining their interest level), after the club was over, i asked them if they wanted a ride, but she said their apt was close by and they'll just walk, i got their phone number, their address ( which # on comm ave). their room #, and she even gave me the passcode to buzz myself in to the main entrance...

so i waited for my wing to get out of work, he was with his boy, so we go to teh front of the apt, my friend double parks and his boy just sits in the car and waits, and i parked on the st. i called her, she told me she had just got their and was walking up the steps and she'll come down and open the door for us..

anyway we go up...the redhead was horny, she went to the bathroom and i basically pushed my friend in their with her and they shut the door, i went and grabbed the Brunette from behind and she said " go sit on the bed i have things to do... she was getting most of her shit ready for the next morning, it took her 3-4 mins to get them straightened out, then she started changing into her PJs...

man she took her top off and damn, she had the nicest pair of NATURAL titties... no i take that back, second best pair of natural titties that i had ever seen in my life, i only saw it from the side..., then she wanted to take her jeans off, she told me to look away

.. that pissed me off... its aight though, she wanted to play hardball she changed, and she came stood in front of me, i was sitting on the side of the bed... she called her friend, they came out, and then the bitch said " ok nothing is gonna happen tonight we have to sleep because we have to wake up early tomorrow"..

oh no no no... i didnt give up all those other lays for nothing...

me: what happened to partying?

Brunette: sorry to decieve you, but nothing is gonna happen. ( decieve? interesting choice of word)

( remember what i said about not having the muscle advantage because of my dress shirt, i loosened my tie and told her i dont wanna wrinkle my shirt and took it off... she paused for a good 5-6 seconds just looking at me... )

Brunette:you have huge arms

me: yeah i know ( cuz now i was pissed), so you guys wanna start the party?

Brunette: no i already said we have to get up early tomorrow ( she still not buying in)

me: yeah yeah that decieve thingy you talked about... ( with my shirt off i walked up to her, she was sitting on the side of the bed and i was standing, i put my hands on both side of her face, held her face and gave her a kiss on lips and said

me: have a good night sweetie and drive safe tomorrow, i'll call you at 7 and wake u guys up tomorrow ( and with my head i signaled to my friend lets get out of here... )

Brunette:no you dont have to go

me: i have alot of fetishes but watching a chick sleep isnt one of them

Brunette laughed, maybe a fake laugh I dunno) you guys can sleep over if you want, we can all fit ( they had 2 queen beds which were against eachother, so i winked at my wing meaning WERE IN BUSINESS and started seperating the 2 beds per their request) they also had another sliding /folding bed...

so anyways, it was a lil awkward, nothing like this specifically had happened to me, but one thing was for sure... i will never be alone with a chick, be in the same bed with her, and have my shirt off, and not fuck the chick, so i knew i was laying her, it was just a matter of strategy...

so she's laying on the bed, with her back against me, my dick is against her perfect ass and im getting a hard on, and i put my arm on her shoulder, she grabs my arms, brings it under her arms and put it on her chest and she is holding my hand too... try visualizing that... oh btw my eyes are really killing me now.. i see the guy next to me try to look at it but he cant see shit....fuck i cant see shit I guess his eyes must hurt worse than mine...

so i kiss her on the neck and whisper in her ear

me: your in a bad mood, you should loosen up

Brunette:no im not in a bad mood

me: yeah you are, you seem to have alot of stress, let me give you a back massage

Brunette: i have to sleep

me: i know, you can sleep while i give you the massage, you'll wake up feeling great

this is where a lot of guys fuck up, and end up not banging a 100% lay... you see whats going on here? Im the guy that had a pussy buffet at the club, and I chose her, now she wants to hold back on sex thinking I'll be begging her to have sex with her, but instead im laying down there next to her, I haven't touched her ass or titties or anything ( she put my hand close to her tits not me), and im offering to give her a massage so she would wake up feeling better... not even once do I mention sex to her...

( and i started rubbing her back and body,I massaged her for a couple of mins, but fuck her she didnt deserve a massage)

me: turn around i wanna see your face

Brunette: ( she did without hesitation)

me: ( just looked at her and kissed her, and then we started making out)... (again, I haven't SAID anything, she's just following her heart..sounds romantic eh?)

i'll rush some parts now, my boy and the redhead went to the bathroom and i think they had sex, cuz my boy was done in like 5 mins, and i was still making out but we were both naked and she was rubbing all over me...

so my boy wants to leave now, and the brunette says he cant leave and he has to stay ( they didnt wanna feel like sluts, fuck em and leave em sort of thing... u think the same Ray?), so i told them my boy had double parked and he's gonna go move his car and come back and i winked at my boy meaning he doesnt have to come back..

he leaves, and the brunette was smart, she says if he (my boy) doesnt come back i cant have sex with her cuz i'll probably do the same thing( fuck her and leave her), and i was like " ok if he doesnt come back in 5 mins i'll leave".. i knew she didnt wanna me to leave..the damage was done, poor girl couldnt do anything now but put up some last minute resistance sruggles...

at first i was gonna show her some more power, wait the 5 mins and then tell her " hey my friend didnt show up so im gonna leave", and i knew she wouldve wanted me to stay which gave me the upper hand again but i was like fuck it, i started making out with her again, a good 7-8 mins went by she didnt mention anything, although the redhead couldnt shut up, she kept talking, she went and turned the radio on, she seemed impatient,

this meant one of the 2 things im my opinion...( ray add more if you think of anything else)

1) she was horny and wanted to fuck me too, but she either wasnt that open with her friend, or maybe they had a pact and they had already "splitted the dick" as ray once said..

2) she was jealous, her hotter friend got the better guy, and now the redhead wanted to cockblock me and pussyblock ( yeah im coining this phrase) her friend...

only one solution to both those problems, join her in on the action..

me whispered in the brunette's ears) are you bisexual?

Brunette: we have kissed before but we wont do it for you

me: dont flatter yourself i didnt ask, your such a fag

Brunette: (laughed and bit my ear... ladies and gents, this is a HUGE IOI, that meant she just needed me to push her some more)

me:have you done more than kissing?

Brunette: why do you ask?

me: just wondering ( i think she got mad cuz)

Brunettewith a lil hostility) if you want her go get her ( but from the tone of her voice i think she meant that if you get her, you'll loose me)

me: i want you i thought i made that clear already ( and immediately french kissed her again( irony cuz they spoke french).. i kissed her to play with her emotions a lil)

Brunette: ( after we were done kissing, she paused for like 10 secs )i know you want her ( see...she brought it up again, did she want me to have her join us?Ray?)

me: no i want you, she is just an added bonus

Brunette: every guy wants 2 girls

me: im not every guy, 2 girls are boring for me now, do you have any other friends in this area?

Brunette laughed) boring?

me: yeah it gets boring after a while

oddly enough the friend had shut up for 3-4 mins now, so now i HAD to keep her awake just in case i talk her friend into a 3 some... anyway i wont bore you guys, i had to multi task like an intel core duo processor, keeping the redhead awake while not letting her cockblock me and at the same time showing 100% interest in the brunette chick and meanwhile try to show her that i want a 3some too... not easy brothas, not easy

at first i as unsuccessfull, so i was like fuck it, honey enough chit chatting now blow me ( i didnt say that to her in those words),

so she starts giving me head, after 4-5 mins she comes up, i tell her i want somemore, she said her mouth got tired ( btw she gave the worst head that i can remember getting... and this report is giving me the worse eye pain even), so i told her

me: maybe you should ask your friend to help you, sharing is caring

Brunette bursted out laughing)

so now the redhead wanted to know what she was laughing at, and the brunette told her

me: well...

brunette: well what

me: do you wanna share or not

Brunette: we havent done this before

me: its fun if you dont like it you can stop...

thats about it.... they both started giving me head and we fucked...

i'll discuss my exit strategy too since i havent posted here for a while i owe you guys...

ok so by the end of the night, chii chiing, jackpot i think she was in love, she did so many romantic things to me that only my previous girlsfriends had done, like romantic hugs and kisses and smooching, licking my toung and face and ears blah blah blah,

so she told me she wanted me to hold her tight from behind and sleep with her, so by now it was around 5:35 in the morning,... remember that she had to get up at 7 am right? i tried different strategies, first i told her that after the great night of sex i couldnt sleep for a couple of hours, i told her that so she might let me leave since i wont be sleeping, but she said " suprise me and wake me up in an hour and start making love to me"...damn god must've loved me tonight cuz that gave me the perfect exit route,

i told her that i dont have any more condoms and i have some more in my car ( oh at one point i had to go grab some extra condoms from my car), so i told her i have to go get some condoms from mycar which was bullshit, i had 3 more in my pocket, but i told her i have to go get some more, so once i leave i will not come back... so i slept next to her for 10-15 mins, it did feel good, she looked so cute all ucddled up and sleeping, so once her breath level reached a steady pace i figured she's asleep, i packed my shit and left....

she left 3 messages in the morning around 7:30, she sent me text messages... but it was all over, i wish i couldve left her on better terms

some thing that she said later on:

she did say she kept bumping into me on purpose to get my attention

she didnt like me talking to all the chicks, but she said at the end of the night i was in bed with her so she didnt care

my boy gave me mad respect the next day, he said that takeaway that i did was classic and got him and me a lay...

aight the pilot just said we gotta put away all electronics, so im gonna end this.. comments, criticisms all welcomed... i'll check back if you guys have any questions..

btw, this was probably one of the 6-7 lays that the chick never called me an asshole or cocky or something like that...

Credit A2damir MASF

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