How To Discover Your Spouse Is Cheating

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Cheating is one of the cruel obsessions which are always hurtful because it's an indication of immense disloyalty. Though, placing things apart, you can utilize them as the caution or warning signal relating that everything is not going right between both of you. If you both think your past was a painful experience then you might discover that you have a strong relationship in comparison to your previous one.

So, both of you should try to appearing on the aspects related to it so that you can easily move on. Given below are some of the measures through which you can handle these issues before your marriage as a wake up call.

1. For men related to women: A woman always has sentiment that she is the only one and a special person in a man's life. But if you sometime notice about their change in hair style or else which can be apart of cheating. Therefore, you can make use of the cheating as a wake up call since you are in a need to do so. And, if you are not intended in paying attention to your wife then may be she will found someone else who can listen to her. What a woman wants is feel respected at all time. So, you must welcome the things that your wife does. Rather than, if you find out that your wife is cheating on you then you may lead to wake up call acknowledging her that you will not give her the appreciation she needs.

2. For women related to men: If you knowledge that you have been cheated by your husband, then you will gradually suppose that their must be a reason relating good looks. There is superior probability in which the other women made them feel accepted and appreciated, as they both are likely very important for men and many times your husband desires that you should admire him. So, when you locate a suitable behavior of making your husband feel appreciated and admired then there would barely have any reason for him to cheat you.

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Do You Suffer From The 20s Disease

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The other night we were watching this new HBO show, called Treme. It's a show about post-Katrina New Orleans. It's a great show.

Since Sonja is from New Orleans, I of course not only get to watch the show but also get full-blown commentary during the entire time. I not only get to learn about these new characters. I get background information, history of the streets and what happened during Katrina. It's like getting two shows for the price of one -- one on television and one in my living room.

Anyway, there was a really funny episode about a guy celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. They are both musicians. He buys her a great bottle of wine for her birthday, and wants to drink it in the morning.

You've got to love a musician's life. The minute they wake up, he looks at her and says "I got you a birthday present." Then he hands her the bottle of wine. She says, "No, let's drink it later."

I love the 20s. I mean, people in their 20s are just great.

So of course what happens next is that they start fooling around. The 20s are so great because they are in that time when they can get drunk or screw all morning long.

Later they were on the street, and a musician comes over and tells the girl that he really wants her to play with his band that night at a private event. She then asks the musician if the boyfriend can play with them too. The musician says he already has someone playing the piano (the instrument the boyfriend plays), but says the boyfriend is welcome to come and enjoy the food and the music.

What happens next is so typical of people in their 20s. The boyfriend of course goes to the show. He has conversations and eats all the food.

Eventually, and even though the girlfriend was keeping watch as to where he was, the boyfriend leaves the show pissed off. Leaving like that is something you do in your 20s. He left because he was jealous and pissed off that his girlfriend had a gig and he didn't, and because he saw her talking to some guy of which he didn't approve.

So the next scene shows him drinking the bottle of wine he gave her for her birthday alone in their apartment. It's such a douchebag 20-something guy move to do.

How do I know? I'm sure I probably did that when I was in my 20s. So I laughed during that whole scene.

Let me tell you something. If it's your significant other's birthday and they invite you to something that is really special to them, then you celebrate the fact that they were recognized. I don't care what you had otherwise planned -- taking them out for a really nice dinner or to the top of the Empire State Building or whatever.

You can do your special celebration afterwards or even on another day. What I teach over and over again is to be present in the moment. Realize in that situation that the "new thing" that came up is actually another special celebration and just enjoy it.

It's amazing how many guys in their 20s act like the guy in this show acted. Actually, it's not just guys. I know a lot of girls are reading this and snickering as you are thinking that you never act like this, but I have seen a lot of women in their 20s act this way too.

This is a 20s disease. It's called "if things don't go according to plan I am going to throw a temper tantrum like I'm five years old."

For any of you who acted like this in your 20s, I hope you are not doing it in your 30s and 40s. If you are, you really are just a man-child or a woman-child.

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