Embryo Implanted In Woman Not Hers

Embryo Implanted In Woman Not Hers Image
A woman and her husband trying desperately for another child finally got their wish - she was pregnant! Unfortunately, the embryo implanted in her was not hers and she has to give the child to the rightful parents once she gives birth.

CAROLYN SAVAGE was ecstatic to discover that after months of trying, she and her husband SEAN SAVAGE were finally pregnant and due to have a child. They already had three and wanted to add another addition to the family.

But because the fertility clinic had implanted the wrong embryo, CAROLYN SAVAGE and her husband must now give up the child she's been carrying for almost 9 months. That sucks.

And because the couple does not believe in abortion, they did not go that route and they do not plan on pushing their way into the baby's life once it is born.

Although this is the last time CAROLYN SAVAGE will be allowed to carry a baby, she will use a surrogate the next time around to have her fourth child.

And I'm guessing she's going to sue the crap out of the fertility company because, you know, that's the American way, dammit!

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Tips On Landing In His Arms Again

Tips On Landing In His Arms Again Image

The things you are about to read are things a woman should do when a relationship is over but it is not yet actually over. Get it? You and your boyfriend broke up but you think there's more for the relationship. If you want to get your boyfriend back, then this is just in time for you. Learn the things you can do to actually get back with ex again. If it worked the first time, it can work the second time. Most people just do it in a wrong way. Ready?


I dated a lot of girls for eight years and I found it a turn off when women admit to me that they like me and they keep on going to where I was going. If you really want to get your boyfriend back, do not chase him or clutter him with emails and calls. This will only make him fear your presence. To get back with ex, give him space to think things over but without letting him slip.


This is a big no-no if you want your boyfriend back. To get back with ex, do not force him to see you or ambush him. You will only make matters worse and make him hate and avoid you. Also, people might recognize you for being a stalker and you might not find new friends or new lovers again.


If you let depression overcome you, you will suffer some consequences. You might lose your job like what happened to other people or you might be unhealthy. To get your boyfriend back, it is important you maintain a positive thinking. Get back with ex by making him see this is just one of the struggles the both of you need to surpass. We men don't like girls who wallow in pity in their rooms because of a split up. Instead, make it a reason for you to look more beautiful.


Get back with ex by showing him your world doesn't stop there. Do not punish yourself by being a loner. If you want your boyfriend back, meet friends and loved ones who can help you and do not just stay alone. There is more to the world to discover. You might find love again, be it your boyfriend or another person. Once, I met a woman who just broke up with her ex. She still goes out with friends and in one occasion she met a friend of mine and they ended up together. See? It's no t a bad world after all.


Though this may hurt, if you really want to get back with ex, you will not make him slip away. You can text him if you're not comfortable to see him. To get your boyfriend back, remind him of the good and bad times you had in the past. This way, he will feel there is still chance for the both of you.

You can follow these tips if you want your boyfriend back. Take it from me who have met a lot of men and women searching for love, found it, lost it and found it again. If you tried these and it didn't work then you are for a better relationship. If you tried these and you were able to get back with ex, then tell me about it.

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