Book Review Dont Be That Girl

Book Review Dont Be That Girl Cover
You may remember TRAVIS STORK as the hot doctor on" Bachelor: "or as the host of the TV show Well, right after his stint as TRAVIS STORK decided it was a good idea to write a abook about the 8 types of women sensible guys avoid. Here they are:

1. AGENDA GIRL - Has a plan to be married with kids in 5 years, but has yet to find the man.

2. YES GIRL - Has no opinion about anything, agrees with everything her date says

3. DRAMA QUEEN GIRL - Is over the top with her emotions and analyzes every aspect of a relationship. Needs conflict to thrive.

4. BITTER GIRL - Has been hurt by a guy before and has decided that it's smart idea to take it out on the entire male population

5. INSECURE GIRL - Incredibly self-conscious and can only chill out after a couple of drinks

6. DESPERATE GIRL - Stalks her boyfriends and refuses to be ignored by any man she dates

7. WORKING GIRL - Is too busy to have a meaningful relationship; acts like her work is her life

8. LOST GIRL - Needs problems in relationships, dates toxic men constantly

TRAVIS STORK is right; these women are problematic and have flaws that most sensible guys won't put up with; however, most guys have issues of their own and need women like this to balance out a relationship.

Even though TRAVIS STORK was on" Bachelor" had 25 women at his disposal, I still don't see how it makes him the authority on what women need to change in order to land a great guy. What makes the whole book even weirder is how he goes off on a tangent about how if a woman has an agenda to marry and tries to hide it on a first date, the man will be able to see right through her lies. Uh, Travis Stork was on where every single woman's intention was to meet and marry the perfect guy.

TRAVIS STORK tries to help women refocus their energies and turn their weaknesses into strengths, but by the time a woman is done with just a few chapters, she's likely ready to choke TRAVIS STORK, so she won't be able to heed the advice.

The book is interesting enough, don't get me wrong, and TRAVIS STORK does make his point about toxic women very clear, but at the end of the day, most women are in denial about their flaws and just won't be able to see themselves as any one of the 8 types of women he lists.

And more often than not, TRAVIS STORK ends up sounding like he really has an aversion to marriage. Perhaps it's that whole "most women want to marry doctors" thing. I don't know.


By Travis Stork

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How To Make A Girl Like You The 8020 Rule

How To Make A Girl Like You The 8020 Rule Cover
In all the time I've been subscribed to dating advice newsletters, I don't think I've ever seen an email about thoughtfulness with women. And if you want to know _HOW TO MAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU_, this is the 20% that gets 80% of the results.

It's one of those mushy words that calls us to be our better selves, and there was definitely a (rather selfish) time in my life when I was dismissive of anything that involved me putting forth extra effort to attract women.

But this morning, as I was posting this song to my friend Fatima's facebook wall, it struck me how much of a role thoughtfulness has played in my best relationships.


- my very first girlfriend (back when we were high-schoolers haha) told me that her favorite Sesame Street character was Bert. I showed up on our third date with a big helium balloon of Bert's face

- on our first date, my current girlfriend told me that she wanted to change the world. a few weeks later, I had a book about Social Entrepreneurship called "How To Change The World" sent to her house (gotta love Amazon Prime)

- again with my current girlfriend, when we were getting to know each other, I posted a quote from Shantaram on my facebook wall - "every act of love is in some way a promise to forgive". I knew her enough to suspect that this would speak right to her heart, and sure enough, she commented on it within moments.

- one of my girlfriends had a musical composer she was absolutely passionate about. I bought one of his albums between our first and second date and was prepped to discuss it.

- As we were getting to know each other, the FHM cover model girlfriend from a few years ago got a cold. I had chicken noodle soup and airborne sent to her house.

- When texting with a girl who I dated from Sweden, I looked up a Swedish food on Wikipedia and told her we should get some.

Notice that nothing here cost more than ten bucks. A few other similarities

- even though I was "giving" in almost all cases, there was NO SUPPLICATION.

- I truly DELIGHTED IN SURPRISING these girls something unexpected

- all of the instances required that I pay attention to something unique to the girl

- none of these things required ridiculous effort.


It's sort of the 80/20 principle of making a girl want you. The way that most guys try to give isn't very personalized - dinners, tickets to a show, etc. - and none of that is inherently bad, but it's not the most effective way of getting her to smile.

If you take great pleasure in making women happy, then thoughtful little gifts and actions go a LONG way.

And let me be clear - if your head and your heart are in the right place, then this stuff is going to come naturally. _It's not a technique_.

A lot of guys think you have to have this amazing lifestyle, get bottle service every time you go out, wear the most stylish new threads no no no. Those can put you in the game, but this is the stuff that makes the real connection happen especially with the girls who every other guy is chasing.

Mix this stuff up with attraction stuff (good body language, flirtatiousness, showing your desire) and you'll be a powerhouse.

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