A Son Sixth Sense

A Son Sixth Sense Cover
A man goes into his son's room to wish him goodnight. His son is having a nightmare - the man wakes him and asks his son if he is okay. The son replies he is scared because he dreamt that Auntie Susie had died. The father assures the son that Auntie Susie is fine and sends him to bed.

The next day, Auntie Susie dies.

One week later, the man again goes into his son's room to wish him goodnight. His son is having another nightmare - the man again wakes his son. The son this time says that he had dreamt that granddaddy had died. The father assures the son that granddaddy is fine and sends him to bed.

The next day, granddaddy dies.

One week later, the man again goes into his son's room to wish him goodnight. His son is having another nightmare - the man again wakes his son. The son this time says that he had dreamt that daddy had died. The father assures the son that he is OK and sends the boy to bed.

The man goes to bed but cannot sleep because he is so terrified.

The next day, the man is scared for his life- he is sure is going to die. After dressing he drives very cautiously to work fearful of a collision. He doesn't eat lunch because he is scared of food poisoning. He avoids everyone for he is sure he will somehow be killed. He jumps at every noise, starts at every movement and hides under his desk.

Upon walking in his front door at the end of the day, he finds his wife. "Good God, Dear," he proclaims, "I've just had the worst day of my entire life!"

She responds, "You think your day was bad, the milkman dropped dead on the doorstep this morning."

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Doctor Paul Seduction Masters Interview

Doctor Paul Seduction Masters Interview Image
This is a cool interview I did with the famous Doctor Paul of the David Deangelo fame, and he clearly stands at the forefront of the science of attraction. You may have seen him in any of David's DVD's. Get something to eat, and sit down and digest this long interview that will really open your eyes!

(Check out his video)

I'm CEO of DoctorPaul.Net, where we provide the best material on communicating to women I have ever seen or heard of. Yes, grandiose sounding, except for the fact that it's the only cutting edge material truly based in multiple sciences you'll find, rather than based on strong-armed muscle-advertising or cult of personality. If you do an experiment and I do one and a million guys do one and get the same result, then we are forced to come to the same conclusion, and we say, "well that's the real deal. Methods" based on the advertising clout, pr, or personality of the speaker do not work for every guy, every time, in every situation. Science does, when devised by a real scientist with formal education, not just the idiot's guide series, or a Robert Greene book.

I'm in my 30s, live in the midwest, and don't believe in "being in the game" - you're either a man who knows what time it is, or you have growing to do. I'm a physician and psychiatrist first, and an observer on all the acronyms, trademarks, seminars and the like in "the community" second. I don't take kindly to any activity that goes to an extreme, or fanaticism, cultishness (e.G. See tony robbins). If you want to talk in normal-people language, i'm up for it. I have been in business as a hobby for three years, but have been a struggling (and now successful) mainstream author and speaker for at least 12 years i kind of fell into this specific area of teaching people and writing by accident. I a psychoanalytic theorist by training and trade, which simply means I take complex human systems, and use real science, not kitchen table wisdom or locker room philosophizing, to come up with simple and practical, repeatable solutions to that complexity. I take human behavior and make it simple for people to use in their lives as if they actually had had my exact academic training and 14 years clinical experience as a psychiatrist. I want to duplicate myself into a million clones, or at least duplicate what know so that people can make better lives through understanding the mind - not in some weird lofty lab-academic way, but in normal language, and practical, and definitely accurate (which only science can provide, not just cults of personality).

So I accidentally met David Deangelo, and we talked, and found we thought a lot alike, and I saw a way to help him with my material, and also saw he used ideas in a more scientific way than anyone else in "the community", even though not a trained scientist academic himself. So he'd ask me a question and i'd show how science of the mind answers it. I'd ask him about business and he'd tell me just as eloquently how business works. So it was a fast friendship. Then I did some products with him for him, and before I knew it, guys wanted to talk to me and wanted me to make products for them. I feel david d may always be the industry leader in that specific field though, and good for him. I have other plans, to remain in that field but in many more, kind of like "intel inside," well it's like mindos inside.

Mindos is my original master theoretical work. It is original, and a true synthesis of all "schools of psychology" set in the world's only visual model of the workings of the mind. In short, it is a 'unification theory' of the mind, much like they seek in the area of physics. It is true "quantum psychology" and offers a new way to envision artificial intelligence too. It can be applied to dating, but also to any other area of a man's (or woman's) life - politics, friends, family, career, success, anything that has human systems or individual or group psychology to it. It took me 15 years to develop and 14000 patient encounters to deduce the material, 4 yrs undergrad, 4 yrs med school, 4 yrs residency, and 2 years psychoanalytic training. I firmly believe something for men could not possibly have been developed without that academic, formal education training and clinical experience as a physician and former student of all the sciences - biology, physics, chemistry, but also literature and myth, film, anthropology, sociology, economics, all of which I have thoroughly studied. Some "fields" like "nlp" mislead people into thinking you can bypass formal education and just model people. Well that doesn't lead to innovation, just a bunch of clone theories and products. It takes time to come out with a real advance in a real technology. Anyway




Um, no. Mainly trial by fire, but I must say that I know so many people in so many fields that I really have learned bits and parts of attraction traits and skills from, from a guy who is about to hit it big in music with the coolest new band on mtv (known him for ten years, though he was 18 when we met - he used to play my parties),and he has no idea what "the community" is to this day. A guy who works for the european economic community and now lives in paris with his hot english wife, a guy who was a student and wingman of mine who worked for a colorado billionaire and now is in some sort of secret societies that really run the world, and a guy who is british, but arab descent, born in egypt, yet has worked for microsoft, and has the most silky smooth ways with women you've ever heard of, and yet none of these men know what the community is. I encourage men to have a much bigger life than any one group. However, the community is one of the only accepting, encouraging, respectful of each other groups of men that is young and multinational today - it's a valuable thing to have in society as long as strong ethics are still taught in it and it is not at all about just "getting laid". That's so adolescent. I've met many top notch guys who have a real life through community seminars.


I'm not a psychologist. I'm an md psychiatrist/physician. Yes, I can literally "read" any woman or man who walks in the room within five minutes and know what their problems are in general, what their likely future relationship behavior is, and what they are attracted to. I do mean that. If you read malcolm gladwell's "blink" book, you know how that is possible. All those years of study and thousands of patients. You kind of get a "seventh sense"(tm) as I call it, and that sense is basically what I teach men in my products.


I don't use routines. That's ridiculous. I'm about being myself and knowing what time it is with people and their behavior. Be real. I think there are a lot of promised results not based in science. And guess what, they don't work every time, for every guy in every situation. Science does. That's why it has lasted since the first caveman threw a rock in the air and shouted "cool" when it reliably fell to the ground every single time he threw it. Well, that's caveman science for you. I do like mystery's material in the sense that it does have an experimental testing tone to it, which is kinda sorta science-like, but still based in personal experience rather than formal research and education. Like him as a person too. He's an inquisitive mind, and a good heart, wanting to help guys. Some other folk, well whatever


Anywhere. Any time. I open my mouth without any routine or robotic geeky crap and say one word "hi", then I just vibe, and truly care about knowing what they know. This may not be in the form of asking questions to them, which can seem needy, but rather, I have always had something about me that makes people want to talk to me and tell me stories of their life. They like it, and it makes them like you back.


Um, come on. I have any option I put my mind and heart to. That's just a matter of how much work and how much desire for a certain kind of relationship experience a guy wants to put forth. I have enjoyed a relationship with a mature, hugely attractive future attorney for about a year. It is a good thing for my life right now.


Hmm. Getting out of my head and into my body. I mostly discovered this by taking comedy improv acting class and finding it revealed a kind of hesitation about using my body freely and in any way I wanted to. So I worked on it, and now I dance, or use body language in any way I want. I think it also helps a guy to exercise regularly and feel great about your physical presence, though I know a lot of fat guys too who don't care and just dive into kino and body language freely and without hesitation.


No. I don't believe in routines, and any sophisticated mature woman, whether she is 19 or 49 can pick up on how fake that is. You don't know it, but she certainly does, n if you blah blah blah calibrate blah blah. Be yourself be yourself be yourself. I mean the whole basis of my profession of 15 years is about being yourself and nonneurotic, comfortable with it and growing better character in you. I have traveled to so many countries known so many people and ne so many interesting things all I need to do is see a woman and guess that she too has been to the himalayas, or japan, or russia, and I start talking and asking her about compared experiences. I also can tend to pinpoint accents well, and know where people grew up. I dated a french "royal" for a few years, and she was a member of the aristocracy obviously. They were into the finer cultural things and I learned much about different european accents through her, then later from other travels, about asian, latino and other accents. Women are pretty impressed by that kind of seemingly voodoo knowledge, but it isn't about impressing. It's about the pleasure of learning and sharing that learning for me (and the women i have known)


I don't believe in rank and all these terms, except to say that I believe there is such a thing as an "omega male", which is way way more than an "alpha." In animals it is the lowest on the totem pole, but the term in humans means, alpha male sexual instinct skills, but very rich and mature character on top of even that. Think george clooney, james cavaziel, sting, anderson cooper, colin powell for men of various ages. Since I devised what amounts to the most thorough and accurate notion of a quantum psychology yet devised, you might guess that I believe people exist on spectrums, not boxes with labels like pua or afc. We start out less mature both in character and sexual instinct knowledge, and no matter how good we seem, there is always more evolving to do as a manTil the day you die my friend. With all mastery, there is always higher mastery..But I do think that there are certain benchmarks a man has to reach to be considered more than just an adolescent male (or alpha male in terms of attraction skills alone, lacking high character), and if you add up those basic features that a true, full mature male must reach some day to be totally fulfilled in his life, that's what i mean by an omega male. And you heard these terms here first. I coined them.


Be willing to "suspend judgment" on what is possible for you, E.g. Let go the past, and experiment, be curious, and take on mentors. That's what I provide in live seminars at doctorpaul.net.


Answer: Yeah he's a great guy, and genius businessman, but the system presented was my original, patent-pending material alone. It was a basic version of my very first theoretical work, but in the 2-3 years since that, I have developed new, more sophisticated, simple and effective material. The most detailed version available of my core theory is too complicated to explain in just this interview, but it is Mindos: the operating system of the human mind, an ebook on doctorpaul.net.

I am not "an inner game guy." I have doped out the entire human psychology of dating, mating and what used to be called courtship. That means "inner game outer game"coupling" etc. All these terms are artificial. Would you agree that you do have both a mind and body? Sure. But can you extract one from the other? No way. They are intertwined, and to say one is more important than the other is ridiculous and pointless. We are men, and men need to learn every aspect of all psychology (of the mind, the body, our words, our actions, our identity, our careers, our friends, family, and lives in general) in order to mature and master their communication and effectiveness with women. My systems cover all of it, including some secret stuff I have revealed to no one until my upcoming books appear with the major publishers this coming year. For now, I fully discuss what I am allowed to by my publisher, at my live seminars for men at Doctorpaul.net.


Sure, a guy from my most recent seminar: call him Jeremy: (and he refers prominently to material from my ebook at doctorpaul.Net, which is about precisely identifying the personality style of women and therefore what they are attracted to, what they are likely to do in the future regarding you, and whether they are a fit for you (if they "qualify"), in terms like queen, magician, etc, is what he is referring toAlso keep in mind before the seminar, he had no idea how to approach and get dates with women "Datingos" refers to my latest theoretical work for men at live seminars

Hi Dr paul,

Made it back from the spain trip which followed the chicago seminar, where yes Even in spanish you can use datingos concepts.


I was working at the hospital, caught the eyes of a pretty cute spanish maiden, and stayed cool for a while before asking her name (she tells me).

We kind of go our ways, do our thing. The next day, we meet up again, and I ask her to do a few simple things for me so I can get my own tasks done.

She promptly helps out, and goes her way. She later comes back to ask my name (which she has trouble pronouncing, though has fun trying her best). Correct me if i'm wrong, but the post-wussie me sees this as a significant girl boy question. So I keno up on her after that and have my arm around her waist in a few seconds, right in front of the others working around us. Ah, europeans i'll see her again I suppose if/when I go back. The real plan however is to get together with the 26 year old daughter of an older hot nurse that I worked with and got to know me. I saw the daughter on the screen of her phone, and mom tells me it's her daughter as I peek for a better look. Omg, she was a latin hottle 10+! I calmly asked if her daughter was married. I get this shocked look from mom as she tells me that she's still single, and a tv producer who's in cuba right now, but otherwise she'd have introduced us. So I proceed to tell her i'd like to meet her next time, and go dancing. She agreed (we'll see if the daughter does

back in the states I returned to irretrevable data loss on my mac (dang, never happened before in 15 years of apple computers for me!
) so I need all the ebooks again (mindos, masculine power, toolbox, and kwml).

Ok, don't know if I told you about going out with an 18 year old, bachelorette number 1. With this experience I have accomplished several things

1. Blow away the limiting belief of not being able to date younger women.

2. Sharpened my dating skills in general (conversation, date location selections, physical escalation I don't know for sure how I did it, but there was no last minute resistance, and I could've done anything i wanted. It was enough just hearing her moan and scream my name

3. Learn better how to recognize a mismatch in psychological ages. This was most important.

She knows i'm dating other girls, so i'm going to tell her the truth that I'm more attracted to the others, and don't foresee long term potential between us.

Bachelorette number 2: A much closer in psychological age 26 year old grad. Student who majored in history, and minored in math (she teaches math right now part time). I met her when I sat down at a writing course at the univ. here. I greeted the man next to her, who i'd met at work before. He introduced her to me as his daughter. We exchanged small talk throughout the course, and at the end of the day, when we got up to leave I said, "well it's been a pleasure meeting you. I've enjoyed our conversation and would like to talk to you more Here's my card, let's stay in touch." She smiled big and said, "i think i'd like that." She emailed me 2 days later, and we've gone out almost every weekend since. She's a solid 8.5. She's just returned from a job interview associated with john's hopkins which she really likes. I have no intention of asking her to consider our relationship as she looks at possible employment. I believe that would show too much clingy/needy boy-like thinking. I've encouraged her to go for whatever job makes her happiest, and that i'm excited for her.

Ok, well that's all for now. Thanks for everything, big bro. Oh, and as for the omega male discussion. You know, when I saw that term in your newsletter, I too thought it a bit off In contrast with alpha male ideas we have. But after I read into the newsletter a few paragraphs, I thought, "this is the perfect term! I want a woman to think of me as the last man she would ever want or need!

Someone who, when another alpha male other guy flips her attraction switches when i'm not around, will then say, "thanks, but no thanks. I'm dating the perfect guy, and I just couldn't see myself going out with someone else." Bingo. I'm omega. I'm essential to her life. Though, not to be confused with omega-6 essential fatty acids, also essential for her to have Specificallly for adequate estrogen levels and, in consequence, voluptuous essential feminine curves. Lol! I swear, being a lover has it's advantages I'm finding i'm a natural when it comes to wordsmiting and sweet talking. I'm a lot less down on myself for not being the best warrior, king or magician, and happy to just make some improvements in those weak areas while capitalizing on my lover strengths.

Ok, ok Really. I've got to go. This has been fun. Talk to you later! Frank

So that's my recent favorite field report. I prefer not to call them that, since this was more of a cool life's experience abroad for this guy, not a "field report." You make me think of the "colbert report" with that term, and sometimes they need to be just as lampooned as the overserious guests on that show.


What sticking point? I love my life. Which is not to say i'm an arrogant ass. I really really like things right now, and continue to grow. "Sticking points" for me were in my early twenties.


I want to take endless hours of work in medicine, reading, seeing patients, learning business, advertising, marketing, meeting tens of thousands of people and their stories, and turn it all into super-brain-food for men that's "tasty" (that's david d's term for me), then give it to millions of men to better their lives with. I want to meet more and more interesting people for the rest of my life, travel everywhere I haven't been, and learn to take vacations that really are that and not just working vacations. I also have a mission to shed light on goofy ideas that lead people astray, as seen in some business and political practicesSo I guess i'm about justice and truth simply, and giving to people like crazy. Sometimes I think my head is full of so much I want to give away there just aren't enough people to receive it. I dig leonardo davinci, carl sagan, einstein, freud And I don't know how to say this in a less corny way science, when you get the rare opportunity to see it in it's most elegant form, is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

And not like a wuss. Like a normal guy who gets to see miracles right before his eyes every day, helping people, and call that "work."

It's not work to me.

Thanks Dr. Paul for all you've done in the research of dating and male improvement!

Read Doctor Paul's newly released book "How We Fall In Love"all about courtship and dating dynamics, targeted towards women, but essential reading for men in the community.

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Doing The Laundry

Doing The Laundry Cover
A young couple got married. On their honeymoon, they were very anxious about having sex because they were both virgins. Because of their sexual inexperience, they were a bit uncomfortable discussing the subject so they came up with the term "doing the laundry" to use in place of "having sex."

This made them both more comfortable with the whole concept. Well, the first night of their honeymoon was wonderful. They "did the laundry" 5 times that first night. In the middle of the night the new husband woke up, and he was ready to do the laundry again. He gently shook his new wife and asked her, "Can we do the laundry again?" but she was very tired.

She told him that she just couldn't do it again just yet maybe in the morning. A few hours later the new wife awoke feeling very guilty. What he had asked for wasn't unreasonable, and she decided she should go ahead and "do the laundry" with him again.

She gently shook him and said, "Honey, I'm sorry I denied you. We can do the laundry again if you want"

He replied, "That's okay. It was a small load I did it by hand."

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August 4 No Megan Fox Day

August 4 No Megan Fox Day Cover
All the men's sites and online magazines have banded together in an effort to create a day where MEGAN FOX is not covered by any of them for fear of overexposure.

Because all these men's sites love MEGAN FOX so much, they don't want her to become the new Paris Hilton, so they're opting to ensure her popularity among men by avoiding her on August 4, 2009.

Even if MEGAN FOX releases a sex tape in which she sleep with SHIA LEBEOUF and MEGATRON, none of the men's site like ASYLUM.COM, ASKMEN.COM, DOUBLEVIKING.COM, YOURTANGO.COM, REGRETFULMORNING.COM, among others, will feature her perfect face or mention her perfect name.

I think that a lot of people are getting sick of MEGAN FOX because she constantly talks about nonsense and has the acting skills of a 10-year-old JESSICA ALBA [read: no acting skills]. But she is pretty, so we don't want to turn her into CARMEN ELECTRA.

Unfortunately, I think that damage is done already. I'll keep you posted on whether or not anyone breaks the rule.

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Ways Women Use Men

Ways Women Use Men Cover
Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman and felt like you were being asked to do a whole lot of favors for her? Were you dumped when you started telling her that you couldn't do certain things anymore? Well, that is because you were being used.

It's a wonder how women use men all the time and yet, some guys don't even notice until it's too late. Here are some signs that you are being used.



If she needs a lift, even if it's miles away from where you're headed, she'll ask you to take her. And you're so burnt, you do.

But even when you try to say no, she puts you on a guilt trip and starts making those sad faces, essentially making you feel like crap if you try to get out of it.

What's worse; sometimes she gets you to drive her friends around, too. You think she's seeing you as this great guy and might even fall in love with you because you are so good to her. But to be honest, she thinks you're a sucker and a bit of a loser.

Have you slept with her yet? No? Yup, definitely a loser.



With all that you do for her all the time, and the fact that you're at her beck and call, you really believe that all this work should at least get you a piece of the action. But no - no pie for you. Instead you get a sweet peck on the cheek. That's it.

Of course, when you make even the slightest attempt to go for more, she stops you coyly, and plays you with the promise of more in the future... so long as you continue to do all that you do for her.

Wow, you must masturbate furiously.



No matter where you go, you are always the one who dishes for everything. Oh yeah, she might splurge on a soft drink for you every now and then, but more often than you likely care to admit, she has you paying for all the lunches, breakfasts and outings you have together (I didn't mention dinner because that's when she goes out on "real" dates).

You find yourself going broke, but you like this girl so much that you are certain it's going to pay off eventually. Eventually she will fall in love with you and see you for the sweet, wonderful guy you are.

I recommend you stop spending anything on her and watch how fast she loses your number.

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Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh
Kevin Bates - Any Woman Anywhere

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Dating Romance How To Be Successful

Dating Romance How To Be Successful Image
Love is not all about red roses. It is also about thorns. Dating romance plays very important part in life of every person. It is a common notion in society that people can not get their first love. Age can be the basic factory why people do not get their first love. In modern world, people fall in love so early. As a result, they start a relationship, romance, dating and love in the age of 15-16. In such a young age, you can not expect the maturity either from boy or girl.

Dating is a first step of romance, love or marriage. First of all, people start dating with each other and gradually, they increase the level of relationship. In recent time, online dating is in fashion. People date with each other with help of internet. They meet with each other and know various things about themselves. Dating and romance both are different term altogether. Dating is used to know other person better. On the other hand, romance is more relates with people who are in love already.

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Want A Man Show 40 Percent Skin

Want A Man Show 40 Percent Skin Image
Want a man? Show 40% skin

In what I can only call a ridiculous attempt at figuring out how women can attract men, British scientists think they have it all figured out: an outfit that reveals 40% of a woman's flesh provides just the right amount of male attention.

To figure out the number, Leeds University psychologists sent out four female researchers to one of the city's biggest and most popular nightclubs.

Women who showed off about 40% of their skin were approached by twice as many men as the women who were more covered up. By the way, head, hands and feet are not part of the 40%. So that leaves a whole lot of T&A to be seen.

But show off more than that and the signal to men changes from "allure" to one where guys think that you are too easy and might cheat in the future.

Suitable clothing includes a sleeveless dress that goes just above the knee. Of course, it helps if you're a size 6, wear tight fitting clothes and can give most strippers a run for their money on a dance floor.

So if a woman is obese and she shows off some arm and thigh, she likely won't have the same success with the 40% rule.

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David Deangelo - On Being A Man Seminar Slides

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Asian Playboy Seduction Masters Interview

Asian Playboy Seduction Masters Interview Image
I have had this interview on the backburner for awhile now. AsianPlayboy started his blog about six months before me, back in May 2005. Time flies I thought his experience and interview speak for themselves. Currently, APB is in Brazil, living it up with all those hotties down there. Enjoy! -Donovan

Name: Asian Playboy (the PUA formerly known as JT47319)

Age: 28

Previous Occupation: Engineer

Current Occupation: Entrepreneur and Pick Up Coach

Time in the Game: 2 and a half+ years active. KJing and school social circles before taking my first bootcamp with Mystery.

Website: http://theasianplayboy.blogspot.com


I realized I needed this worked out when I moved to Los Angeles after graduating college. Previously, I had been in a serious LTR and basically every other girlfriend had been achieved via school social circles.

Enter an occupation and career path full of old people, few women, divorcees, kids, the works. It wasn't the kind of social environment teeming with women. After struggling with "normal" type social mixers (like singles parties, speed dating, internet, etc), I knew it just wasn't working out. I had decent Inner Game and I KNEW that brought something to the dating table, but women in the "real world" just weren't being magically enlightened.

Frustration grew into curiousity when I read Neil Strauss' article in a Los Angeles newspaper. Back then, bootcamps were inexpensive and because I had my health and wealth portions of my life down, I knew I needed to tackle why normal dating wasn't working for me.

Have you had any mentors within the community/life that have helped you improve your game, and what did they teach you?

Both mentors and a strong support structure. I studied Mystery, RSD, and BadBoy/Shark. I also winged and grew as a PUA with some really great guys who are themselves very successful with regards to pick up. Guys who started off as random PUAs, but grew into my friends and supporters.

From Mystery, I learned the Art of Conversation, social proof and the female mind. From RSD I learned the intricacies of club dynamics, AMOGing, and buying temperature. From BadBoy/Shark, I learned to project and convey sexuality through tonality, action, and body language.

All essential lessons that form different parts of my overall gameplan.


I still remember my first ever set I cold approached. First time in my entire life that I went up to complete strangers with the intent to flirt, pick up and seduce. Terrifying to say the least.

Herbal sent me in a 5 set that had 4 hot sorority girls and one stocky, built dude. My stomach was churning, my hands were clammy, and cotton formed in my mouth. Then Herbal says, "Open with who lies more!"

And you know what?


The women opened up and the guy was paying attention. Unfortunately, I was so terrified, I simply got their opinion, said thank you, and ran away as fast as I could with my heart pounding in my chest. THAT was simply mind blowing that I could go in with a canned opener and start a social dynamic with the intent to succeed with women.


Before this, I had predominantly dated white, blond women that I had met via school social circles. They basically had to hit me over the head and then again for good measure. Right before moving to California, I broke up with my serious college girlfriend whom I had moved in with. I simply wasn't ready to settle down and knew it would be unfair to her if I asked her to move with me or "wait" for me.

Currently, I do very little true cold pick up and don't restrict myself to dating Caucasian women (experience the rainbow!). I do cold

pick up anyways for bootcamp on weekends. Now, I hook up via social circles. Both girls I'm seeing are through social circles.

One's bisexual whom I met through a previous hookup. The other is an exotic dancer whom I also met through social circle settings. In fact, I've got my eye on another dancer whom I recently met via a female friend of mine (and whom has girlfriends I previously hooked up with). Pick Up really is no longer a separate pursuit for me.

It's a lifestyle and I enjoy being a social, fun loving guy. Moving to Dallas knowing absolutely no one, I did have to cold approach in

order to establish myself. But for the most part, I never burned bridges when it came to women whether the chemistry wasn't there, I had taken them out, made out with them, or there was absolutely nothing between us. I always tried to maintain social networks.

And it's totally paid off.


Conveying sexuality. I think that was the hardest sticking point I had

that reached up to 3 months of hard, persistent work.I overcame it by

experminting hardcore with the direct style of Game.

Whether it was something particular to myself or endemic to other

Asian men, sexuality was the hardest skill for me to acquire and one

that I commonly see in burgeoning PUAs all the time.

Do you have a favorite routine/step in your model, can you describe it, and what it accomplishes?

I try and keep it simple. I call it the ABC's.

A - Approach and Attract (you can have enough attraction within 30 seconds)

B - Buying Temperature (maintaining attraction or plowing if the Approach didn't stick)

C - Comfort and Connect (form an emotional bond with her as well making her PHYSICALLY comfortable)

D - Direct Interest (phase shift dont' be a dancing entertainment monkey make your move, but do it with panache and style)

E - Extract and Escalate (get her out of there and make something happen and ALWAYS have your logistics down)

F - You can figure this one out (and dealing with LMR)

A-B-C, in my opinion, is a totally different beast than D-E-F. You CAN get laid via only D-E-F. You'll also more than likely get buyer's

remorse, but comfort game doesn't get you laid. Sexuality (and logistics) does. A-B-C means you're good at socializing. D-E-F means you're good at SEDUCING. A perhaps subtle, but key difference, in my opinion.


I don't know if I'd label myself as a master, yet. Damn good, but master? Eh, we'll see. I "got it" before I moved to Dallas and

"officially" retired my old newbie PUA name of JT47319 and took on Asian Playboy.

I think traveling Europe was a defining moment for because it was 1.5 months of not only hardcore sarging with my best friend, OCWaterboy, but doing so in foreign places where we didn't know the dynamics, language, and so forth. And then for half a month I sarged a couple of Scandinvian countries on my own, the lone PUA in a sea of Scandinavians. Great times!

That was an awesome experience where it no longer felt "hard" doing pick up. Everything just CLICKED, women were more responsive, I was hooking up, and having a great time with my bros. I then lazed about for several months in California before moving to Texas, transferring both the Outer and Inner Game I had finally achieved through consistent, hard work.


Have a support structure and have fun. The sad fact is, a lot of new guys (ones not successful with women at all) don't understand that this is a long journey of self-improvement and social mastery. I use the analogy of going to "Pick Up College." It takes time, it takes lessons, and it takes doing your homework/labs (ie field work).

You also need to surround yourself with good people who are also your friends beyond simply hanging out because you do pick up. That doesn't last and is a totally superficial relationship. That won't in the long term because you do need to enjoy flirting, seducing, and women in general. The longer you last, the better you'll get. And the way to sticking in longer is through mutual minded friends and having fun in this.

I also think creating some sort of journal (blogs are the big thing now) and documenting your FRs/LRs/etc are a great tool as well. After all, you don't want to be making the same mistakes six months down the road.


I think it's ESSENTIAL.

Now, which one to work on first is like asking, the chicken or the egg? Outer Game and Inner Game are necessary for a successful PUA. Inner feeds Outer which also feeds Inner. You need both and they can be worked on in parallel. Doing field work, but also taking time to center yourself and pursue a successful lifestyle.


I don't write too many FRs any more simply because I have been found out here in the Dallas scene as being "APB." Don't think I want to get sued or deal with any of those hassles.

Now, some really old ones that I still remember had my biggest AMOG set (something like 8 guys, 2 girls and #closing my target after

befriending/ignoring the AMOGs
) as well as Geoff writing up how I held a 8 (12?) set of girls at Saddle Ranch, moved them around, dominated, cavemanned, etc. Aaaah, good times, when you feel like you accomplished something that I once considered impossible.


How do I get better?

Hmmm. haven't mastered threesome game so that's something I'm going to try and accomplish with the bisexual. I'm pretty comfortable with where I am. I never set out to be a pick up expert, I just wanted to be decently successful with women.

Now I will see where life takes me and what challenges I can overcome.

What are you goals now within the community, and in life?

Continue building up my separate entrepreneurial endeavors, one of which is being a Pick Up Coach.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Maurice Alpheus Bigelow - Sex Education A Series Of Lectures
Tranceboy - Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide
Alphahot1 - Alt Seduction Fast Posts

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Love Dating Tips To Make Your Romantic Life Successful

Love Dating Tips To Make Your Romantic Life Successful Cover
Today, we will share some important love dating tips. These tips are for both boys and girls. By using these tips individual can get his/her best partner easily.

PLACE - If you are going on a date then it is important to choose a right place where you can talk with your partner without any hesitation. It is strongly recommended to choose a quiet and calm place.

INFORMATION - It would help you a lot if you get success to grab some information about your partner before hitting the place of date. In such scenario, you can take the help of common friends.

SPICE - Everyone wants to enjoy the life. So, don't forget to add some spice in your talks and body language.

POSITIVE SIGN - If you like your partner and are ready to start a relationship with him/her then don't forget to show him/her positive sign.

PAST RELATIONSHIPS - Everyone has his/her own past. Never disclose anything about your past relationships in front of your partner.

FOOD - You can order food if you are aware about the favorite food of your partner. Such things can help you a lot.

These are some love dating tips which can help you a lot in love and dating relationships.

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
Love Systems - Daytime Dating Bonus Master Yor Dating Life In One Year
Chris - Dating Groundwork How To Have More Social Success

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Dating Guide Dating Horoscope Online

Dating Guide Dating Horoscope Online Image
Depending on how detailed your horoscope is as you can easily find out about your personal luck or your compatibility with your partner. Personal fortune looks at the kind of universal forces that you need to consider at particular time. Some days you have a higher tendency to get into conflicts, while there are some other days when everything just effortlessly falls into the place. It just reminds you to watch out more conscious sorts such as weatherman predicting rain and saying you might as well bring an umbrella.

Some of the online dating horoscopes are free. Others give a free trial and then offer some more personalized or detailed charts with small charges. It depends on what you are looking for. They will actually go so far as to tell you which days are the best for seeing the people or which days you should stay in and watch reruns or may be what kind of lucky charms you may need to bring with you. While, others give you a general advice like it's a good month for meeting with new people.

Other dating horoscopes do not focuses on making predictions, but there are some tools for self awareness and reflection. This is especially true for tarot or rune readers. Their philosophy is that your thoughts or emotions can attract many kinds of situations and when you ask for a horoscope you are taking a kind of spiritual check ups so that you can correct whatever's blocking true love.

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Mens Quick Start Guide To Dating Women
Scott Peck - Dating And Falling In Love

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How To Get Successful Dating Romance

How To Get Successful Dating Romance Image
Dating romance is very much popular in young generation. It is kind of spark that fly in stomach after seeing someone you really like. People give advice to go on a date before starting the romance. Dating allows you to spend time with your love one and both partners get chance to know each other properly. If both partners feel better while dating, they can take their relationship further.

It's better to learn the difference between infatuation and real love. When you see a person, you feel to fall in love with him/her. Dating romance is a natural flow; let the things flow naturally on date. Be yourself and never try really hard to impress your partner. Don't start romance on very first date, respect feeling of each other and give some time to get to know each other.

Dating romance is purely based on attraction rather than physical things. It's about internal feelings instead of external. If you feel comfortable with each other on date, it's a positive sign to take the relationship one step ahead. Many people start romance while dating and get success too, but it's always advisable to go step by step.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Ron Louis - How To Succeed With Women
Peter Latourette - How To Meet Beautiful Woman

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Evan Seduction Masters Interview

Evan Seduction Masters Interview Image
"You may have heard of this energetic woman before. Evan was one of Tynan's Angels, she recently did an interview with Pickup Podcast, and has a unique perspective on the seduction community we're all a part of. Over the last year we've become good friends and talk on the phone to catch up on our lives every month or so"

I'm Evan. I am a 25-year-old Texas girl and I currently reside in beautiful Austin, TX with the two big loves of my life, my stilettos and my books. I work as a writer and a sex educator, and I am so thankful to have the best job ever. I basically get to talk to guys all day and answer their questions about the ladies, sex, dating, pick up, the ladies, relationships and ladies. I wouldn't describe myself as a PUA, but I do have a committed interest in the art and science of seducing women, mostly because they have less body hair than men and are usually better kissers as well. I'm even hoping to be seduced myself someday


Good question! I'm a freelance writer. I met Tynan, aka Herbal, and he hired me to write for him at Tynan's Angels (warning: DO NOT visit that site if you're scared to see me in my undies). And so began my foray in the world of professional seducers. My knowledge of pickup as a science prior to becoming an Angel was peripheral, but my interest in pulling has always been keen. I'm a huge fan of the ladies (as well as the occasional guy), and sex and dating are occupational necessities. Pick up was instantly fascinating and addictive.

When I met Ty, I was hopelessly naive and had to educate myself quickly. I signed up for every mailing list you can imagine, perused the major forums, subscribed to blogs and of course read The Game. Within a few weeks, I had immersed myself entirely and just soaked up all of the information I could get my hands on.

I'm a card carrying feminist and I had to take my time working through the ethical concerns I had. On a very large scale, the battle of the sexes was devolving into a messy jumble of manipulation and women were not on the winning end. There were so many questions on my mind. Is seduction manipulative by definition? Was I helping or hindering women by participating, even on an intellectual level, in an industry full of people who perhaps weren't acting in the best interest of females everywhere? And more to the point, was it wrong that I liked it all so much?


I began to realize that, at its best, pick up is about giving women what they really want. It isn't about coercing an unwilling victim into bed. It's about tapping into women's real desires and letting that knowledge inform your interactions in a natural way. As a culture, our fundamental understanding of the dynamics between men and women is evolving all the time, and allowing that evolution to occur with greater insight and education benefits everyone. At its worst, the community is still an outlet for misogyny and bitterness, but only a small percentage of the men I've met really hold on to those beliefs. Most guys absolutely love women, and I've grown to appreciate the men who take the time to use pick up as part of the overall self-improvement package.

Meeting and becoming close to some truly amazing guys in the community also changed my perception. Tynan (sorry, Herbal), Magnus, Donovan (adore you) and several others have been so honest, perceptive, smart and cool that I was quickly convinced: sometimes PUAs are just better. There is something so respectable and admirable about a guy who is secure enough to admit that they need some help finding and wooing the women of their dreams and that they're willing to invest a lot in making their lives and relation ships better.

I had spent my teen years feeling profoundly frustrated with the conflicted messages I had received growing up about female sexuality. I was bursting at the seams with unexpressed sexual energy and really wanted to feel fulfilled, but guys treated me like they had been raised to treat 'nice girls'. Basically, I was dying to meet someone who recognized that I actually liked sex. As an adult, I was happy to date women exclusively to get the things I really wanted. It was amazing finally meeting men who knew the truth: that I probably want sex more than they do.


Learning to view attraction as a series of psychological and behavioral cues rather than seeing it exclusively as chance, chemistry or compatibility was a huge stride for me. I've realized that I can go through essentially the same steps in any interaction with a girl and end up with a similar result, even if she's 'straight'. Most girls are so overwhelmed by feeling inexplicably attracted to another woman that they are more than happy to tread all over their internalized taboos--it just makes the idea of being seduced that much more exciting for them. Before I would have felt out of place pulling a girl who was new to girls, but now it's just extremely fun.


If I can get a straight girl to give me her number, I know men can too. Oftentimes I'm not only going through the process of approaching and attracting a girl, I'm also having to subtly plant the idea in her head that switching teams would be a fun idea.




Work sometimes feels like play, but I do love to relax. I read obsessively, travel and throw a lot of dinner parties. I drink champagne and eat chocolate almost every day. I'm a really good vegan chef as well and I get together with my family as often as possible to enjoy wine and dinner. The most seductive thing on the planet is a person who exudes happiness and who lives an interesting life. I try hard to exemplify those ideals.


It's very simple: if you don't already, learn to genuinely love and appreciate women. You can learn every routine in the book, go to every boot camp and seminar available and spend endless nights and days in the field, but if you don't really adore and admire the girls you target, it's a pointless and empty chase. Plus, when you genuinely like and appreciate other people it makes it easy to like yourself.

I've read a lot on community sites and message boards about the reasons why women are inherently less trustworthy than men, or the reasons why it's a guy's birthright to be dominant, to be 'the man', to reclaim that maleness and live out his evolutionary destiny and be loved long time by hot girls. This is a horribly flawed argument on a number of levels and it doesn't bring guys who lack prowess with the girlies any closer to being happy. It only sends out a conflicted message, telling guys, "women kind of suck, but give us all your time, energy and money so you can learn how to make them like you."

Any kind of negativity is the worst thing to focus on when you're trying to improve your game. Go out, work on meeting girls, try EVERYTHING, especially if it seems crazy, and have fun. When you're not practicing meeting pretty ladies, work on yourself. Visualize the things you genuinely want and work through anything (negative feelings or beliefs) that blocks you from feeling like you deserve to have the life you desire and achieve your most outrageous dreams. Become the guy you really want to be, and don't be scared to give yourself permission to be unreasonably happy with your self and your life. A natural affection for women and the world at large will result, and you will be incredibly magnetic, the best version of yourself.

The next thing guys have got to learn is how to flirt! So many PUAs mask their discomfort by being too cocky or robotic. You have the ability to interact in a fun, flirtatious way with anyone you meet. Seriously, try breaking the ice by winking at every store clerk, waitress and girl on the street, whoever you see in passing in your daily life. They will almost always smile at you without even thinking about it. Grin back! I know it sounds too simple, but guys who are cheeky and flirty for no good reason are automatically attractive because they're unafraid and are obviously having a good time. Small successes in low-pressure situations will bolster your confidence and make each subsequent approach that much easier.


Do your research!

If there is ANY doubt in your mind, Google it and get an anatomy lesson. You'd be amazed how many sexually 'experienced' guys are still fuzzy on the finer points of the female body. Also, remember that no two women are the same. I've read a few of the sex manuals sold widely throughout the community, and while they have some great information, they make the mistake of assuming women are all wired one way and have a single set of desires.

Take that stuff as a general guide, not as gospel truth. The only way to know what a woman likes, both physically and psychologically, is to communicate with her. The ladies and the gentlemen don't quite speak one another's language 100% of the time, and that means that in addition to having her tell you, you also need her to show you. That means creating a space that is both safe and exciting, and it also means starting your seduction with her mind and her emotions before moving on to the physical. Never, ever underestimate the amazing power of the mind-body connection.

If you want a woman to be stay interested and be faithful, keep her satisfied in bed. It's that simple.


I love watching my friends who are actively involved in the commercial end of things succeeding wildly and living the lives they want. I've been writing with greater success than I ever thought possible and have been doing a lot of one-on-one consulting with guys and couples seeking to improve their sex lives.

I'm mostly concerned, on a more personal level, with taking extra good care of the people in my life and encouraging them to become more authentically themselves. I'm constantly amazed at the high quality people who come into my life and feel really fortunate and happy. Also, if anyone can show me how to make healthy wholegrain vegan pie crust that is actually flaky, I'll love you forever.

"Read more Seduction Masters Interviews"

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - Fast Seduction 101 Player Guide
In10se - Audio Interview
Alphahot1 - Alt Seduction Fast Posts

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Red Flags Women Look For When Dating

Red Flags Women Look For When Dating Cover
So you started dating a girl you think might get the keys to your castle and you don't want to blow it this time. The last few times you started dating, the women seemed to fade slowly from your life and you have no idea why.

Well, it's not so difficult to figure out once you take a long, hard look at yourself.

If any of the following describes you, then get with the program and make some changes before this girl walks too.



If you drag your feet to your 9 to 5, yet are doing nothing to improve or change your current situation, now's the time to get a move on.

WOMEN DONT WANT MILLIONAIRES from whom they can take half - okay, not "women; women simply want a guy who is ambitious enough to find a job he loves or create one he wants.

So if you hate your job and aren't doing anything about it, the girl you're with will notice and start getting turned off. A man with no ambition is like being given a car off the lot with no engine. (Thanks @Fabulous Cammy)



While just about every woman is enjoying the benefits that come with equality, at the end of the day, just about all WOMEN WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE LADIES and if you can't deliver, there's a good chance she won't stick around for long.

Simple things like opening car doors, helping her put on her coat and allowing her to walk in front of you to enter an establishment can make the difference between taking you home that night and giving you the "just friends" speech.



I remember dating a guy who kept making assumptions about all types of women and passing judgment on them. It made me nervous and turned me off.

If a girl had a tattoo, she was a whore. If she had a belly ring, she was easy. If she liked sports car, she was money-hungry. And when I would mention that generalizations were unfair, he'd tell me about an experience he had with one such girl... it was a major turn off.

So if you are quick to judge people, perhaps it would serve you well to think about how people would judge you if they had your mentality, maybe then you'd be able to see past the tip of your own nose.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Michael Hall - The Users Manual For The Brain
Ranae - Life Skills Workbook For Clients
Ian Rowlands - The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading

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How To Handle Flakes By Roosh

How To Handle Flakes By Roosh Image
I estimate about 20% of attractive girls are flakes. This means she is the type who is wishy-washy about making plans, slow to return phone calls, and prone to cancelling dates at the last minute. How much time and energy you should put into her until you cut your losses and walk away?

It will seem like a huge accomplishment if you bang a flake because of all the hurdles she put you through prior to sex, but you'll still experience a nagging feeling that doesn't allow you to enjoy the success as much as you should. It's because the flake is controlling the frame. She is getting what she wants at the pace she wants while you are mostly tagging along for the ride.

She turns you into a puppy dog that is grateful scraps were put out.

Compare that to banging a girl who follows your rules and your lead. She drives to your house to cook for you, she takes off her clothes when you tell her to, and she calls you after sex and tries to set up the next date. You enjoy the sex "and" the process to get there, which, in theory, is how it should be.

It's hard to define a strategy that works well with flakes. Some flakes seem to respond if you chase them, others respond if you don't. But the most optimal strategy will preserve your alpha status while leading to success. That means you have to be cool and not drool over her, and pull back when she does to let her know that you have other things going on.

In the end the flake has to make the decision to stop flaking in order to allow the seduction to continue. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop her from flaking besides staying confident and non-needy. While a passive approach to the game in general will lead to less results, I believe this is the best way to deal with a girl who is pulling away from you more than coming in.

After a while of no contact, which often occurs with flakes, throw some bait here or there in the form of an email, random call, Facebook message, or party invite, but don't make it seem like it is important you get with her. You don't want her to think that you're even sexually interested, which is one reason why she flakes in the first place. The main idea is to be "breezy."

It will be inevitable that you play a good game where you get some action short of sex, but she simply won't allow you to take things to the next level. If you've exhausted all other reasonable options, you will have to make the decision to fold your cards and walk away. Cut her off and don't respond to her obvious attempts to keep the attention train rolling. By rejecting women in this way, for flaking or not doing what you want, your mind over time will begin to project high value with future girls you meet. Since we only turn down what is beneath us, we trick our brain into thinking desirable women possess less value than we have.

In other words you will never have to explain to other girls that you've turned down desirable women (a trait possessed by the most successful men), because they can feel it in the way you talk and act.

You may be thinking, "Well, I will get less notches if I don't pursue those flakes." This is possible but there has to be a balance between your happiness level and sexual variety, where you are having sex with the women you want but enjoying it in a low stress way, minimizing the bullshit that makes you think less of the game.

If you are a game newbie, it's not a bad idea to pursue a couple flakes for educational purposes to observe and learn from their behavior, but not because you see her as something long-term who can provide you with happiness. It's extremely rare that a flake will make for a nice long-term relationship.

If you are not sure about how to approach, get numbers, and have girls agree to go on dates with you, then check out some sample pages of my Bang book or take the Skills Test to see where you could use some improvement.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Wayne Perkins - How To Hypnotize Your Lover
Christian Godefroy - How To Change Your Shyness
Debra Benton - How To Act Like A Ceo

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