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I lured my girlfriend away from her ex boyfriend - she essentially cheated on him with me. Now I find myself suspicious of her all the time, worried that she'll do the same thing to me. Is my suspicion justified?


Yes, it is. You have to understand that if you were able to lure her away, then someone else might be able to lure her away again. Not only that, but where is this girl's loyalty? She dumped her boyfriend to be with you, and now you expect her loyalty to lie with you? That's pretty na"ive.

If you want to be serious with this girl, then tell her what you're thinking. You might be surprised to hear what she has to say.

Your paranoia is yours to deal with. If you can't get over that she cheated on her last boyfriend to be with you, it will eventually rip your relationship apart.


My girlfriend kissed another woman when we went out to a club last weekend. And although all my friends think this is a huge turn on, I can't help but feel like I've been cheated on. Am I crazy?


No you're not. Your girlfriend just cheated on you in your face. Of course your friends think it's hot; that wasn't their girlfriend tonguing another strange woman and potentially getting herpes.

You have been cheated on and even though most guys would get turned on by what they saw, most guys who see their girlfriend as wife potential aren't too thrilled about their girl walking up to some random stranger and sticking their tongue down their throat.

Call her on it, and if you're not over it, dump her. It's that simple.


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