Book Review From The Bar To The Bedroom

Book Review From The Bar To The Bedroom Cover

From The Bar to the Bedroom

By / James Bassil

A common sense approach to meeting women at bars and taking them home to meet your comfortable bed, From the Bar to the Bedroom covers most aspects of the pickup when it matters most.

With a few different scenarios thrown into the mix, including meeting women on the street, at the gym, and even the office, there is a pretty solid amount of detail on the type of man women generally go for.

Once in the bedroom, AskMen lets you have it on sex positions that will make her scream with pleasure and want more the next morning.

While it may have faired better for AskMen to have focused a little more on approaching women, dealing with rejection and making light conversation, overall, this book really makes the grade when it comes to helping guys land the girl they want.

Especially if it's just for one night.


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