Woman Beats Husband With Mallet

Woman Beats Husband With Mallet Cover
Police claim that MARY A. CLAASSEN, 49, beat her sleeping husband over the head with a rubber mallet because she was stressed about their situation and was frustrated with her husband being unemployed.

Her husband, 63, awoke to the slamming pain of being hit in the head with the rubber mallet and when he awoke, due to the pain, I assume, she struck him in the face, even harder.

When he shouted out, begging for help, a neighbor who lived below the couple called 9-1-1 before he went up to see what the ruckus was about.

The woman's husband was taken to hospital to be treated for head and facial injuries before being released shortly thereafter, and MARY A. CLAASSEN was arrested and charged with domestic abuse related to aggravated battery.

Wow, she must have been quite upset to get up at 4 in the morning and pound her husband over the head with a rubber mallet. But why a rubber mallet? Why not, I don't know, something a little softer, like a throw pillow or even a shoe?

I guess the rubber mallet really gets the message across.

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Everyone Is Not Booing You

Everyone Is Not Booing You Image

Do you truly believe that no matter what you do, how many times you try, how many times you fail, that you will always succeed, in the end?

A few weeks ago, Sonja and I were watching the Jets beat Minnesota 29-20. I'm a huge Jet fan as all of you know, huge Brett Favre fan.

It was a boring game in the beginning, both teams slugging it out, really not much of anything going on. Jets should have been more up at the half than they were -- they were up 9-0 at halftime -- but they just couldn't score, they couldn't put the Vikings away. In the second half, Brett Favre -- 41 years old, broken bones everywhere; he looks like a bag of bones when he's back there -- limping, elbow tendinitis... guy is a warrior -- rallied the Vikings back to within a few points. He threw three touchdowns, and would not quit. So the Jets marched down the field and silenced the Vikings. They scored what looked like the game winning touchdown. They were up by a few points again. But Brett Favre never quits. He marched them right back down the field and came within a few points, again. The Jets couldn't put the Vikings away, but what happened next? Brett Favre, with his don't-quit attitude, threw an interception, the Jets ran it in, and the game was pretty much over at that point.

The bottom line is, in sports, two teams will fight to the end, the better team usually wins, and the one that never quits never ever looks at their mistakes. A quarterback throws an interception, and he thinks to himself, "Man, that was embarrassing -- I just did that in front of 75,000 people... 75,000!" He goes back out the next series and doesn't think anything of it. He leads his team down the field, and what happens; they get a touchdown and they win the game.


Let's say, in life, you have a big sales presentation, and it doesn't work. You don't close the deal, you're obsessed with it for three weeks; thinking about every mistake you made and what you could have done. Or, say you're a man and you see a woman standing there in the supermarket, or in the elevator, and you want to talk to her, but instead you spit out some words and the woman doesn't respond. You can get this in your head, and for the next few weeks, you end up thinking about all the things you could have done, or what you did wrong.

That's not having a killer attitude in life. You go out on a date, and it's not a great date and the person doesn't call you back. What do you do next? You think about what you did wrong. You even call your friends, and they become the assistant coaches of your life, and you recap the entire date; could I have done this, should I have said that? Should've, would've, could've. Athletes don't do that, ever. Sports teams don't do that, ever. But people do that all the time. And I know some of you are thinking right now - But this is my emotional life. This is my livelihood."

Hello! Is Brett Favre not emotionally invested in the game of football, is this not his livelihood? Is this not his passion, is this not who he is? Come on, folks! It's just a date, it's just an approach, it's just a total stranger -- get out there and start enjoying this process and start failing!

I remember I was coaching a woman a few years ago, and she says, I really want to get married in the next year." I said, Do you have a date this week? If you have a date a week, 52 men a year, don't you think you'll meet somebody fantastic?" She says, "Absolutely." So what did she do? She went on 5.2 dates for the entire year because she was obsessed the other 49 weeks with what went wrong on the 5.2 dates.

Life is nothing more than a numbers game. You need to keep trying, and you need to develop that killer instinct. If you don't develop the killer instinct, you're not going to be able to find the person you want. Not only that, you're just going to be obsessed with every little move you make... and that is not a method of success in business, in life or in sports.

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Why Cant I Get A Second Date

Why Cant I Get A Second Date Cover


I can't seem to land a second date with any woman I go out with. I am good-looking and charming enough to get the first date, so what could I possibly be doing wrong on the actual date that women seem to shun me once it's over with?

I am courteous, a good conversationalist. the only thing I could think of is that when a woman offers to pay, I let her. Could that be it? Can you just give me some tips on what to do on a first date to ensure more dates after that?



Dear Phil:

This is Dating 101. And you're failing it.


First of all, my advice is to women. Ladies please do not ever offer to pay on a first date. Ever.

Second of all, why would a man allow a woman to pay on a first date? I think that you need to re-evaluate this. You say you are courteous, but if you have asked a woman out on a date, it is courteous to pay for that date.

The deeper question for me is, why don't you know this? What is it about you that allows you to let women pay on a first date? Are you cheap? Are you just completely out-of-touch with dating etiquette? Do you think it's "okay" or in the name of "equality"?

It's not okay and there are many ways in which women are not yet equal and men aren't helping them out. Men were more than happy to stop being chivalrous by giving up a seat or allowing women on elevators first.

But men don't seem to be "giving" anything in the equality department, just taking. There is still a long way to go before things are completely equal, and until such time, men should be paying for the first date since they are most often the ones who ask.

I also think they should pay for the second and a woman would be advised to offer to pay for a tip or if at the movies, popcorn on the third date, but she still should not pay for all of it or even most of it.


Are you sure you're a good conversationalist? What do you talk about? How does your date respond to what you talk about? There are a few things that ensure good conversation on a first date:

1. LEARN TO SIT BACK AND BE QUIET for a while if you're the one who is very loquacious. If you're shy, then try to initiate some topics.

2. NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR EX or the horror show relationships you've been in.

3. DON'T TALK ABOUT YOUR TERRIBLE CHILDHOOD, your former addiction to cocaine or the patch on your arm that may or may not be cancer.

4. KEEP THINGS LIGHT. Listen to what is being said. This is not only to show interest in your partner but to access who he or she is. If you're always talking you can't be listening too closely.

5. ALLOW SILENCES THAT ARE COMFORTABLE. Sometimes on a date, people are so busy rushing to talk to fill the silence that they become uncomfortable in the endless banter. You should be able to allow some time for breathing room and just being relaxed.

I don't know if these two things will ensure more second dates, but they're a start!

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Confidence By Herbal

Confidence By Herbal Image
Hey guys,

Today's newsletter may be a bit short because I am learning how to type on a Dvorak keyboard. I would love to take the week off, but the newsletter must go on! For more info on what that is, check out my blog or google.

I'm on day 2 and I am up to 10-15 words per minute or so. Yikes.

Here's our question for today:

I'm the kind of guy that wants to come across as humble yet confident. I don't particularly like bragging and I am working on portraying my personality through stories as you have suggested. However, sometimes I think that I am talking too much about my self and do not want people to think I am self-centered or conceited. Any tips on how to come across as purely confident and not insecure cocky?


Hey CW,

I wouldn't worry too much about being humble. Confidence is important, of course, but humility really isn't.

Some of the most attractive guys are very cocky.

In fact, a lot of "being confident" is being who you are and being proud of that. If you're naturally a cocky guy then it's a lot better to go with that than to try to fight it.

Insecurity, when you think about it, is really just not fully accepting something about yourself. A confident person accepts himself, including his flaws AND his strengths.

My friend Tyler from Real Social Dynamics has a great phrase, "the self always comes through."

In other words, if you're not a cocky guy, don't worry about it. People will see you for who you are.

There is, however, one guideline to keep in mind. You should never put other people down to make yourself look good. This always has the opposite effect.

I'd like to write more, but this new keyboard is killing me. I should be typing fast again next week.


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Ashton Kutcher Hates Valentine Day

Ashton Kutcher Hates Valentine Day Cover
ASHTON KUTCHER thinks that Valentine's day sucks eggs and he wants the world to know it. Personally, I think it's just a ploy to promote his movie, which is fittingly titled"'s "but hey, that's just me.

ASHTON KUTCHER can't stand Valentine's day and actually came up with a great idea that I think we should all implement into our lives.

Ashton thinks that everyone in the world should love everyone for 364 days of the year, and on Valentine's day, they should take those 24 hours to hate the people they hate full on.

That way, we get the hatred out of our system in those 24 hours and can move on to loving everyone for the next 364 days.

And don't just hate them; actually "them that you hate them. Go ahead. Get it off your chest. And if they freak out, hey, tell them that Ashton Kutcher gave you this advice and if they have a problem, they can take it up with him at http://twitter.com/aplusk.

DEMI MOORE must be loving this"'s "hits theaters on February 12, 2010. Be sure not to check it out and beat up everyone on your hate list. Remember: Ashton Kutcher said so.

And if you want to find someone this Valentine's day, head over to MATE1.COM to find the one for you.

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Few Steps To Change Your Friendship In Love

Few Steps To Change Your Friendship In Love Image
There are many cases in which you can find the best method of finding a true romance that is to create and discover a love friendship from the present relationship. Of course there are many shows appearing upon in which you can gaze these relationships, but wonderful magic of love friendship is that it is so perfect just like two people, who draft a true romance. However, a true romance can be seemed right in your love friendship, but it just you have to work harder in order to generate it. Here are some of the points given in order to make your friendship into love.

* Most of the times, when you are comfortable with your friend you just overlook that true romance also begins when other person watch you as a sexual human being.
* If you are a person having shy nature then you can try medium flirtatious comments when you are messaging up the person you are with.
* Instantly, someone has to make the move if you both desires to turn in into a true romance and a love friendship
* Jealousy is one of the greatest methods to attain a person of your love friendship.
* Nothing will be going to help them to notify you, whenever they recognize that you are not around them always like they use too.
* Always be sure that they should see your love friendship which perhaps, is possible by creating yourself as a big part of their lives, so that they must realize how much alone they might be without you.

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