Deal Breakers Women Commit

Deal Breakers Women Commit Cover
The ladies over at THE LITTLE BLACK BLOG OF BIG RED FLAGS told Asylum about the 7 worst deal breakers that women commit.

1- SHE OVERLY OBSESSED WITH HER LOOKS. Constantly asking you if her ass if fat means that she needs to see a psycho-therapist because no answer you give is every good enough.

2- SHES A SHEEP. Everything you say is so interesting. She agrees with all your opinions. She never has any ideas. You know why? She's an idiot.

3- SHE WANTS TO BE MARRIED. Whether it's you or the strange guy on the 10th floor, someone is going to marry her and soon. She buys marriage magazines, visits marriage websites and has even planned most of it. All without having been asked for her hand.

4- SHE DOESNT CARE FOR CONDOMS. Your first time having sex and she's telling you to put the condom away because she trusts you enough to let you go bareback. Ooh, this is scary. Back away slowly, then turn around and run.

5- SHE TREATS THE MUTT LIKE A BABY. The dog that lives with her is her child and you too, must treat the dog as such. The second she calls you the dog's daddy, it's time to head out.

6- SHE DOESNT GO DOWN. For some reason, she thinks that oral sex is disgusting and refuses to go down on you. Ever.

7- SHE ONLY DATES JERKOFFS. Before you came along, she only dated guys who treated her like crap and you get the impression that you just don't have the kind of drama she's looking for. Don't create any, just walk away.

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