Women Dating Tips How To Flirt With Men

Women Dating Tips How To Flirt With Men Image
Have you ever tried flirting with any guy or you felt little awkward? May be you think that you lack somewhere. Or, are you too straight forward that flirting for you is just a game and you don't want to play this kind of game. Don't be so fast to confess because flirting is a vital part. Though, if you are actually uncomfortable with flirting, begin with small and then keep it restrained. Everyone is not meant to be that natural flirt.

Smile has and is always a safe and simple way to start. Let your smile be simple and gentle. After then make your smile connect to your eyes. Wherever, gaze your surrounding and make slight and subtle eye contact with the man whom you find appealing and attractive. Do not stare or gaze at, but if you smile that initially make a connection. Let your gaze be casually and friendly, till he comes to talk to you.

The fact that he comes to you signifies a certain degree of interest, so you can also allow yourself to touch him a bit. Again, friendly and casual, you just want to place your hand over his, or want to brush your fingers across his forearm. Being in a noisy place can also allow you the chance of getting closer and speaking into his ear. And, this will build quite a cherished atmosphere between you two in spite of sitting in the crowd.

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When You Want To Attract Guys Who Are Shy

When You Want To Attract Guys Who Are Shy Image
When dating, women do a lot of things to attract guys. In traditional cultures, men are supposed to make the first move and take initiative. Since women aren't used to coming up to a guy first, they do what they can to attract guys in clubs, bars, parks, or anywhere else. However, there are those rare cases that women take the initiative. These instances happen when women want to attract guys who are shy.

Shy guys are said to be nice, sensitive, and caring. That is why a lot of women prefer trying to attract guys who are of this kind. However, these men aren't used to make the first move and rarely do they come out of their shells. A shy guy may seem insecure or someone who lacks confidence but you can be sure that he's nice and he won't harm you. For dating men, shy ones are hard to get but they are very suitable for women who are looking for a stable relationship


When you want to attract guys, you have to be the one to make the first move. Don't expect shy guys to come up to you. It's not that you're not beautiful or attractive but they are, by their definition, shy. When you start talking to them be careful and don't be too aggressive. These men are quiet and timid and it may take a while for them to warm up to you. Being too aggressive will make them nervous. This doesn't mean that you have to be the only one talking in the conversation, but be the one who's always thinking of topics and things to say. You can prepare topics for dating so that you can keep the conversation going. Wait for him to respond and do what you can to prevent having dead air between the two of you.

Because they have the tendency to close up instantly, it's important that you keep your aura friendly and approachable for dating. You won't be able to attract guys if you are too intrusive. When he doesn't want to talk right away, respect his space. Slowly, he'll open and your conversations will be more meaningful. Nod and smile accordingly to make him feel more comfortable.


Shy guys don't necessarily have boring lives. You might be surprised that these men have interesting hobbies. They might also have great insights regarding different issues in life and topics good for dating. All these things are kept inside of a shy guy so it's your job to open up his personality. Ask him simple questions like what he likes to do, his occupation, his passions, and more. You can have an intimate and meaningful conversation with him.


The way you use your body to attract guys is also important. For dating these types of men, body language is a way for them to feel relaxed. Use your eyes to tell that you are interested in a guy and what he's saying. Just the right amount of eye contact is needed for dating. You don't want to stare at him too long nor do you want to look around while you are talking. All it takes is a few seconds of eye contact to let him know you are there in the moment with him.You can also use touch to loose the awkwardness. A slight touch of the arm, poke, or tap, is a form of flirting that is not overly aggressive for dating. Little touches like these will make him laugh and giggle.


Always remember that you should be proactive when it comes to shy guys. You should have the right balance of taking the initiative but not sounding invasive. You have to be patient if you want to attract guys who are shy. In due time, they'll open up and you can become closer.

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How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work Image
Whether you met someone online or your girlfriend went to France for 6 months to study, a long distance relationship is all too common nowadays and there are ways to make it work.

Long distance relationships are not easy to maintain, mind you, but then neither are close distance relationships, so there are potential pros and cons for each.

But if you want to make your long distance relationship work, here's what you need to do.


Is it going to be an open relationship while you're apart? Who will relocate if things get serious? Have you placed a name on what it is you're doing? Are you dating? Just seeing each other? Or are you gravitating towards engaged?

Knowing all the answers to these questions of the bat will save you a whole lot of potential heartache down the line, so ask her the tough questions before you decide that you both want this.


I'm not talking about a casual email here and there - I'm talking about full on conversation with her. With Skype, chatting on Facebook, and Twitter, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to talk every single day.

And you don't have to talk for hours; a few minutes to say hi and that you're thinking of her ought to give her the necessary comfort she needs from a boyfriend.


Just because you can't touch each other, doesn't mean that you can't share a common interest. Whether it's a TV program or a new book on the best sellers list, do something together that the both of you can discuss and have an open debate about.

These common interests will make you feel close to each other and that's what relationships are all about.


You will eventually be together - this long distance relationship won't be long distance forever, so discuss the future and what it has in store for you when you do finally get together.

The future is what you long for so that you can be together, so talk about it openly. It's okay to miss each other when you know that the future holds a time for the two of you to be together.


You don't have to do so once a month - but you shouldn't let 3 months go by without a visit. Remember that she longs to be touched as well, and while chatting every day is great, it doesn't compare to the feel of a warm body and sensual touching.

Make an effort to see her and she should do the same. You can alternate on who does the traveling.


Jealousy will get you nowhere in a relationship either way, but it will be so much worse when your girlfriend is a long distance away. Jealousy will get you nowhere fast.

Instead focus on what you know and if she's going to mess around, then hope that she has the class to end it with you. Being jealous will not help your cause in any way.


Sex is an important part of a relationship and your girlfriend needs to feel sexy, and that's where all those years in English will finally pay off.

Be as descriptive as you can and TELL HER ABOUT FANTASIES AND DREAMS you have about her and what you want to do to her. Turn her on with your words and rev her up for the next time you see each other.

Make her want no one else but you.


If you want to have a successful long distance relationship then you have to work at it every day.

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Laurie Weiss - 24 Tips For Having A Great Relationship

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Dating Ideas For Those Who Does Not Know Where To Begin

Dating Ideas For Those Who Does Not Know Where To Begin Image
Are you looking for fun dating ideas? Are you confused about your first date? Do you want to know the activity you can perform on the date? If your answer is yes, then we have unlimited ideas for you through which you can make your date really beautiful.

CONVERSATION It is a most important part of dating. At the end of the day, the basic idea behind the date is to know each other better. It is important for you to lead the conversation nicely and don't talk too much.

RESTAURANT Restaurant is one of the best and favorite places of youngsters. Generally, people love to come here due to peace. Here, you can spend the quality time wit your soul mate.

GAMES PARLOR Games parlors can be a good idea only when you are dating with your girl or boy first time. These places can be heaven for those people who are in relationship for last few months or years.

DANCE Nothing can beat this option if you want add some spice in your relationship. Dance can help you to make closer with your partner without much effort.

These are few dating ideas which can be adopted by people to make their date really nice. Are you looking for fun dating ideas? Are you confused about your first date? Do you want to know the activity you can perform on the date? If your answer is yes, then we have unlimited ideas for you through which you can make your date really beautiful.

Conversation - It is a most important part of dating. At the end of the day, the basic idea behind the date is to know each other better. It is important for you to lead the conversation nicely and don't talk too much.

Restaurant - Restaurant is one of the best and favorite places of youngsters. Generally, people love to come here due to peace. Here, you can spend the quality time wit your soul mate.

Games parlor - Games parlors can be a good idea only when you are dating with your girl or boy first time. These places can be heaven for those people who are in relationship for last few months or years.

Dance - Nothing can beat this option if you want add some spice in your relationship. Dance can help you to make closer with your partner without much effort.

These are few dating ideas which can be adopted by people to make their date really nice.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends Why You Do Not Mind Hearing Ljbf
Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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Flirting Tips How To Flirt With Excellence

Flirting Tips How To Flirt With Excellence Image
Today, we will discuss the top flirting tips for boys. Hope, it would help all people.

PICK UP LINES Using pick up lines can be a successful once or twice but don't forget it has become the old method. So, stop using pick up lines especially in front of college girls. Everyday, these girls get number of pick up lines.

BODY LANGUAGE OF GIRLS Before approaching to any girl, it is important for every boy to understand the body language of girl. It would help you in many ways. If a girl likes you then her body language will definitely invite you.

CONFIDENCE Confidence is the only key which attracts good number of girls. Girls like to spend time with confident boys or men. Your confidence can attract good number of girls and be confident while talking with girls.

DONT SHOW YOUR KEEN INTEREST Never open your all cards in front of girl. Keep your few cards close for next meeting. Girls like suspense. It is important to keep something in her mind.

These flirting tips can help you a lot to get the good girl.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Attraction And How To Create It
Angelica Jackson - Flirting Tips For The 21st Century

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A Man Nipples

A Man Nipples Cover
Sex Q&A - A mans nipples ">I want to start getting a little kinkier in bed with my husband and I want to start by playing with his nipples.

Can I just nibble, bite and suck them the same way he does to me or are men's nipples more sensitive than women's?


Dear Curious,

Just as every woman is different in her nipple-manipulation preferences, so, too, are men. Some guys love it when a woman plays with their nipples the way you describe; others can't stand having their nipples touched at all.

What I recommend you do is test the waters first. The next time you seduce him, bring your mouth close to his nipple and breathe heavily on it. Then, lick it lightly. If he fidgets or starts giggling, he has very sensitive nipples.

But if he brings his nipples up to your mouth, then you have free reign to do all the things he does to your nipples.


My husband and I use condoms to keep from getting pregnant and I was wondering if it's safe to use them in the shower?


Hi Kate,

Condoms are safe to use in the shower, but you may want to use a water-based lubricant as well, since the water might cause the rubber on the condom to lose its elasticity. Do not use soap because it can lead to vaginal infection.


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David Deangelo - On Being A Man Seminar Slides
Michael Webb - 101 Romantic Ideas

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David Wygant Vs Ross Jeffries

David Wygant Vs Ross Jeffries Image
The battle of the century has erupted.

In an unprovoked attack on David Wygant, Ross Jeffries delivered his typical rebuking:

David Wygant, could you help a guy like this:

I actually worked with your former client Jeremiah. He said you took him for nearly $10,000 and helped him not one bit; that he actually had to chase you down to get him to return your calls.

After two sessions with me(for which I didn't even charge him, I was so angry at your conning him) he lost his viriginity finally, at age 29. It's guys like you that really piss me off. I would love to knock your sorry ass out of business.



If this insult came from someone I respect as a man then it would sting. But from a man that hates everyone in the industry I find it actually quite comical! As for Jeremiah I worked with him for 2 hours and the last time I checked I do not charge 5000 an hour. So besides some anger management issues Ross also is incapable of simple addition!

This is why I am in business so men have a choice and don't have to deal with angry dating gurus like Ross!

Its all about a choice and I am glad that ross was able to get Jeremiah laid. My style is the total opposite of Ross and the great thing about this industry is that men have a choice of whom to work with. If someone wants to learn seduction from Ross then go for it.

But he needs to get his facts straight, jeremiah is 26 and was not a virgin. Its funny but Ross seems to hate everyone in this industry. Do you think it reflects how he feels about himself?

Life is a mirror. That's all for me.

I guess it's that time of year again when we can all get ready for summer and have a small dose of dating guru rivalry. If it came down to it, whose side would you be on? Who have you had better results with, or who would you want to learn from?


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Ross Quigley - Beautiful Women Prefer Nerds
David Deangelo - David Shade Interview Special Report

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Are You Ashamed Of Your Past

Are You Ashamed Of Your Past Image
The other day I got a great email from a client that got me thinking about how many of you guys really let your past and where you come from in life to prevent you from reaching great success in dating, in connecting to the opposite sex on a deeper level, and in making yourself an attractive and desirable man.

A lot of you get nervous around the kind of woman who you would like to date. A lot of you are intimidated and afraid of being rejected.


Hey David,

I purchased several of your products over the past year and just got done with the entire Men's Mastery Series. I have been on a lot of dates with girls since then. Some have gone well, but I'm still having some problems. I get embarrassed way to easy, and I become very awkward around attractive girls.

I'm a fairly good looking guy (6'5 205 lbs blonde hair blue eyes 8% bf), I have a good job (stockbroker) and dress extremely well (Jermyn St. and Saville Row outfitters). I'm generally very funny and outgoing except when an attractive girl shows interest in me.

I've had this problem as far back as I remember and I'm fairly certain I know why I act this way. I have always been extremely embarassed by both of my parents. My mother is psychotic and my father is the town drunk. My father is a construction worker and my mother was a maid, I was always embarrassed of their jobs when I was a child because all of my friends' parents had great jobs. I lived basically in a shanty and I never invited girls over because my house was always in shambles. As I got older my mother's behavior took a turn for the worse. She had several incidents where she essentially had nervous breakdowns in public while I was in high school. Later she had an overdose on prescription drugs and I have had minimal contact with her since.

My father, on the other hand, has had numerous DUI's and I was even slightly teased because of it. I moved across the country about a year ago and my confidence has improved considerably (before I couldn't have even brought myself to buy your products without being embarrassed). I still have fears though. Any time things get serious with a girl now, I get nervous because I know that she will want to meet my family at some point. Then I become the same embarrassed child that I used to be. The sad thing is no one would ever suspect me to come from such a family of simpletons, by all accounts I appear as though I came from a well-to-do family.

Is there any way that I can shake this terrible habit? Please share with others if you think it would be of any help.


In today's podcast I share with you a quick sneak peek into exactly what Shogo and I would have said to him if we were face-to-face.

Today's message is all about coming to terms with your past. The past you can never change, so you may as well embrace it. If you're ready for today's lesson, click the play button!

And don't forget to participate by writing in the comments section below!

Click Here To Download Today's Podcast!

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Chris Jackson - Becoming A Master Of Oral Sex
C Kellogg - Reduce Your Stress

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Changing Vows

Changing Vows Image

"Look, I'll give you $100 if you'll change the wedding vows. When you get to the part where I'm supposed to promise to 'love, honor and obey' and 'be faithful to her forever,' I'd appreciate it if you'd just leave that out."

He passed the minister a $100 bill and walked away satisfied.

On the day of the wedding, when it came time for the groom's vows, the pastor looked the young man in the eye and said: "Will you promise to prostrate yourself before her, obey her every command and wish, serve her breakfast in bed every morning of your life, and swear eternally before God and your lovely wife that you will not ever even look at another woman, as long as you both shall live?"

The groom gulped and looked around, and said in a tiny voice, "Yes," then leaned toward the pastor and hissed, "I thought we had a deal."

The pastor put a $100 bill into the groom's hand and whispered, "She made me a better offer."

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John Overdurf - Training Trances
Michael Hall - Change History

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He Is Not Even Good Pua Himself

He Is Not Even Good Pua Himself Image
Battle of Natural vs Routine. Who will be victorious? Of course most of us will cheer for the underdog which currently is daygame/natural game, because routines are flashier and have such big names as Mystery and Style behind it. Naturals big name is David Deanglelo and double your dating, and he is not even good pua himself. I personaly big follower of natural skill, natural game, natural pickup in life as well as in approaching and meeting women. I find it more natural and more fun, because it is not work, and meeting women shouldn't be work.

I am happy to see that natural game / daygame gathering steam and a lot more people showing interest in it, even when compare it to how it was only a year ago. In my Wingmen group i see a lot more interest in day game in comparisons to even six month ago. I am glad to see guys wanting to build up their personalities and gain confidence, rather then substitute those attributes with the routines. And no even in the beginning routines are not helpful, i have years of dating coaching and observations to prove it, and might write a post about it. The reason WHY "MPUA"s stressing out that you should learn routine, is because it is much easier to teach them. Its lines, memorize and you are done. Where when you are developing your natural alpha male, it takes a lot more then routines to get good, but change is global and starts affecting your whole behavior. I just wrote an article on natural speed dating, i have posted.

it here.

Sign up for Pick up Future RSS feed.

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Joseph Matthews - The Boyfriend Is Not An Obstacle
Shawn Nelson - How Nice Shy And Good Guys Finish First

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Why Men Cheat

Why Men Cheat Cover
Cheating can be prevalent in whatever place you are living in. The reasons why do men cheat vary among men. They aren't satisfied sexually, they are not connecting emotionally anymore, they think that their wives have no more time for them, and so on and so forth. Plus, there is also the factor whether or not you had something to do it. Are cheating men a result of ungrateful women? The mystery continues. Of course, each relationship is fairly unique no matter how similar they may be. Every person in this earth is created differently and thus the relationships formed are special in their own way. However, there are certain patterns that one can observe to determine some of the reasons why do men cheat.


A possible reason as to why there are cheating men is that some men are actually afraid of getting into intimate and stable relationships. Being in an exclusive relationship entails a lot of commitment and dedication from both parties. A man has to be truly devoted to his woman and make the effort to keep the love alive. He has to be faithful not only by not seeing anyone else but he also has to make the relationship work by being consistently honest, trustworthy, and basically all the factors why you fell in love with him in the first place. In other cases, cheating men are afraid of being committed because they were the ones who were victims of a cheated relationship. Since they don't want it to happen to them again, they are the ones who are the investigators this time around. This is a likely motive why do men cheat.

Alongside the fear of commitment, men have other girls because they use them as "back-ups." A relationship is no sure thing and a man creates a safety net by acquiring a lot of women so he wouldn't end up alone. Of course this is a stupid idea because in the end, he'll realize that he'll be alone.


The thrill of having a mistress adds another reason why do men cheat. Your boyfriend might already be tired from the daily routine he has with you. He has grown weary from all the things you do as a couple and he wants to try something different. Another girl will give him a chance to experience new things. He can try out other activities and hobbies he wouldn't experience with you. Cheating men want variety in their lives. Doing things differently every now and then makes men happy. Also, there is the thrill of getting caught. Everyday is an adventure with the mistress hoping to avoid you in the process. The excitement is added every time he gets away thinking that you're clueless.


Another huge reason why do men cheat is their lust for sex. Many cheating men are into physical relationships with other women to keep them satisfied. Your boyfriend might not feel wanted or needed around you so he looks for other means to satisfy his sexual urges. If you feel that you provide him with enough sex, then the cause of the problem is your boyfriend. Some men are just addicted to sex and women. Cheating men always want to be satisfied either by their girlfriends or other women.

There are other reasons why do men cheat. As said earlier, each case is different from one another. If you already have doubts in your own relationship, take the time to know what the problem is. The question why do men cheat isn't a complete mystery once you narrow down the patterns of cheating men.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dh Lawrence - Women In Love
Joan Rolson - Women Faq
Cr James - Men Secrets

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Entertainment Culture Tver Oblast

Entertainment Culture Tver Oblast Image
Behappy2day is glad to congratulate our 1000th customer who purchased a romance tour. Tony R. made his first visit to Tver to meet a lady he communicated with for several months.
Behappy2day is in business for more than 8 years and helps dozens of men to arrange trips to meet their potential soul-mates in Russia and Ukraine every month. We are thankful to all our clients using our services and do our best to help them find their future wives on their trips.
Read what Tony R. says about his experience:
"It was my first trip to Tver and it was a long journey from the US but I do not regret a single thing about it as I found the woman of my dreams. I was surprised to learn that it was already the 1000th romance tour bought with Be Happy. I was told about it on my arrival to Tver and I was presented with a free tour over Tver region together with my Elena. It was a lovely, very interesting and romantic trip and I got to know so much about the area Lena lives in. I am very thankful to you for your professional, just marvelous job, for your assistance in arranging the first meeting with Elena."

Suggested free e-books to read:

Shawn Nelson - The Untrained Men Guide
Sigmund Freud - Three Contributions To The Theory Of Sex

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Online Dating Getting The Best Results

Online Dating Getting The Best Results Image
Online dating and getting the best results from it are two different things. In this madness of an electronic world we live it is no wonder that so many people have turned to the internet to find love, but why are they having so much trouble finding it? Online dating sites are the personal ads of today, but unlike personal ads, you have a lot more room for error in the way you present yourself for others to see. What do you want? What are you looking for? You need to know this, and have it clearly defined so that you may have success in finding that special someone.

The most important thing when trying to meet someone online is being as completely honest as possible. Honesty will get you much further along to the goal of meeting compatible others in the cybernetic world of online dating, mostly because you have to say what you want in order to get it. In fact, just by saying that this article could sum up the problems most people have went trying to meet each other online. Truth is usually the furthest thing on anyone's mind when they are filling out a dating profile, or posting a picture, and especially when asked to fill out a questionnaire about their likes or dislikes. But I must say it again; honesty is the number one key to finding the person who is perfect for you. Enough said, just something to keep in mind.

When you are developing an online relationship always pace yourself, in other words take it as slow and naturally as possible. Get to know each other through emails, chat rooms and hopefully phone calls. These days you can use web cams or video conferencing software to get a better feel for intimacy of communication. This is not encouraging sexual interactions via such software, in most cases this brings out the worst in the situation. It can end up being an embarrassing thing for both involved and ruin a potentially great friendship frivolously.

Try to take the time to develop actual trust before you meet anyone from online dating. Try also to learn as much as you can about each other, so that when you meet you have some grounded basis on which to start talking like real humans do.

What is great about having an online relationship first, before ever going on that first date is that you have been experiencing everything as emotional and mental to begin with. If you can learn love each other on a deeper level before any physical contact comes into the picture, you will have developed more than many couples ever do. If you try to be calm and content as long as possible, getting to know each other can be the beginning of a greater adventure. What begins with online dating, can end with something more substantial. In the end, your relationship can become an actual true friendship, which stands the greatest chance of lasting.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Alphahot1 - Banging Women From First Meeting To Getting Them Into Bed
Dating Insider - Getting The First Date
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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How To Sleep With More Than One Woman

How To Sleep With More Than One Woman Image
LET'S GO A LITTLE FURTHER TODAY AND TALK ABOUT SLEEPING WITH TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME. I've got to admit, I'm guilty of it myself. While I was dating heavily in my 20s and even a bit in my 30s, I did sleep with two people at once. No, get your mind out of the gutter-I did not have a three-way. I wasn't sleeping with two women at the same exact time, but I was dating and sleeping with multiple partners at the same time.

AT THE TIME, I FOUND IT FUN. I found it exciting. I enjoyed it, but be forewarned that it's not something for everybody.

Some people, even if they want to, just can't do that emotionally, mentally, physically, whatever it might be. Some people think it's what they want, but then they have trouble being truly intimate with either of the people they're with. A lot of people also can't keep track of it. One client of mine began sleeping with two women because he wanted to try it out, and we talked and worked on it, worked on a lot of the mind set that's involved in it. And of course, in the middle of sex, he called out the wrong woman's name. Some guys just aren't built for it. Some guys need to focus their attention on one lover at a time.

I'M A FIRM BELIEVER IN DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT. I really am. If you want to sleep with five people at once, if you want to have an alternate lifestyle with your spouse, if you have multiple sexual partners, I don't care. You do what makes you happy. I'm not somebody who's judging. I'm not here to tell you what to do with your life.

I'M SOMEBODY WHO CAN ADVISE YOU. So if you really want to sleep with two people at once, you'd better have that personality, you'd better be able to keep track to what you said to each of them. Because it's not fair to your partner if you blurt out, as my client did, the wrong woman's name in the heat of passion. You may consider yourself a player, but I certainly don't think it's cool at all when you can't keep track of what one woman is about on a deep level and then, during intimate conversations, you mix her up with another woman you're sleeping with.

So, if you are sleeping with more than one woman at a time, I think you need to really be present with each of them at that moment and give them your full attention because it's not going to last forever. Eventually, one of them is going to win out. Eventually, we all develop more feelings for one over the other.

When I was sleeping with multiple women, I worked at really doing this. I was always present with the woman that I was with. I always enjoyed her time. I always kept my story straight, and I always remembered what she was about, I remembered our intimate conversations because I really cared about understanding her. If I was sleeping with more than one woman, I was having a good time. I was enjoying it. I also knew that there was a possibility that one of them could win out over the other in the long run. One of them would just stand out more to me, and my relationship with the other would be less meaningful. Maybe they were sleeping with more than one man as well. What does it matter?

BUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS HERE IS YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP IT STRAIGHT. You've got to understand yourself and your abilities. You've got to remember what happened with each one and keep each a very separate, beautiful moment. And that's the mature way to make this happen.


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Are You Afraid Of Being Naked

Are You Afraid Of Being Naked Image
Sheer terror.

You know the moment I'm talking about.

You've just gotten your woman into bed, the lights are out (thank GOD!), and you've been pleasuring her to no end.

You slide between her legs.

She gaps

and pulls you in closer with her hands rubbing up and down your body

over your arms

over your back

and all of the sudden out of no where you wonder to yourself.

"Oh shit, she just felt my fat roll"


"Oh shit, she thinks my arms are too skinny, I think she felt bone"

And at that single moment, a PRIMAL fear comes over you

"What if she STOPS?!?"

No guy ever REALLY thinks that they need to work out, exercise, or get in better shape until a woman sees them naked.

Sure, it seems like its a good idea.

But you take a guy that's standing naked for the FIRST time in front of a woman that he's had his eye on and the phrase "sense of urgency" starts to take on new meaning.

Do you think that this might play a little havoc on your inner game?

You betcha it does.

I've talked to women.

And here's what they've said.

Number 1: Most men that are ashamed of their bodies tend to be more TIMID in bed. They tend to lay on top of women, instead of pulling back letting her see ALL OF YOU including the "action" of your pecker moving in and out.

Number 2: Every man that they've been with that gets in better shape becomes a MUCH better lover overall. The "man" and his "skillz" are the same but her perception changes as well as

Number 3: Men that are in shape can DO MORE for LONGER than their out of shape counterparts. Lifting, moving, throwing, thrusting, etc you get the drift.

Think about this for a second.

Ask yourself this question.

Is my woman thinking about ME when she masturbates? (she's likely not)

And if she is

HOW would those thoughts change if I was now built like a Greek God?

Food for thought.

Get an Adonis Body.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joseph Matthews - Break Out Of The Friends Zone
Dr Paul - The Ten Laws Of Being A Man

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Online Dating Tips For Men Guys Love

Online Dating Tips For Men Guys Love Image
Guys love to date and girls love to be asked out. Even those people who hate relationship love to date and that's a fact. Whether you are dating just for fun and excitement or dating to develop a good relationship, dating is a sure way to pacify your mind and heart.

Before you start asking someone out, you better "look your best; "have yourself a clean cut, shave and cut your finger nails because anyone can easily get turned-off when you don't know what personal hygiene means.

"Shop "and wear clothes that are comfortable to wear. Don't even try wearing something that doesn't fit on you if you don't want your date to end up in disaster.

"Use deodorant", body spray, perfume or whatever that will make you smell so masculine. (Don't ever use strong smelly stuff)

" Smile. "Believe me smiling can do wonder.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Angelica Jackson - Flirting Tips For The 21st Century
C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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Dealing With Tests From Women By Stephen Nash

Dealing With Tests From Women By Stephen Nash Image


And when I say late, I mean OVER 10 MINUTES. If someone arrives to a date, and is less than 10 minutes late, no big deal. If it is more than 10 minutes...I take note.

Once is excusable. Twice? Not cool...

Most guys don't say a word, fearing upsetting her, and losing her "highly valuable" affection.

Why guys value someone who disrespects them over and over is a chronic problem - something we're going to try to remedy TODAY.

What is really happening here is - she is testing you.

If she had a hair appointment with a highly prestigious stylist...would she be late? Unlikely.

She wants to see, subconsciously, how you are going to react. She wants you to prove to her that you are secure and confident enough to take the lead and set your boundary.

Women feel a level of insecurity that they wish men to satisfy. Healthy women feel a small amount of this. Unhealthy women feel a larger amount of this.

If she tests you once, no problem - that is normal, and healthy.

If it continues, (remember, more than once) - she aint the one...leave her for the chodes in the club.

Biologically, testing is necessary. She is screening you to see if you are "man enough", so to speak to help her feel secure. In my work with guys, I cover this at length, as it is a cornerstone to having mastery with dating and relationships.

THE KEY IS TO HANDLE TESTS LIKE A GENTLEMAN, while delivering a clear message that her lateness is unacceptable. Here is EXACTLY how I handled such a situation recently. I hope it helps you out.

I was awaiting her arrival at the cinema. At 10 minutes past, I got in line for the tickets and purchased my ticket while being sure that I could return it if necessary. At 20 minutes past, I crossed the street and sat in a caf'e, and started making some calls (other women, of course, on the list - I was a bachelor at the time).

She phoned at 25 past, and was out in front of the cinema. Here was our conversation:

She: "I am so sorry Stephen, I got stuck at work late. I am here, where are you?"

Me: "I am across the street in the caf'e, just doing a little work"

She: "Oh, OK, I will be right over"

Me: "Be sure to get your ticket, I have mine - I was afraid they would sell out, and not knowing if you were going to make it, I only purchased one. Go ahead and get your ticket, and I will meet you over there in 5 minutes, gotta pay my bill"

She: "Ok, see you in a minute - again, sorry I was late"

See what I did here? Instead of changing the slightest bit of my schedule, I went forward without her. The plan had been to meet at the cinema, and then go for coffee. So, that's what I did.

Also, because she was late, she now had to furnish her own ticket (this being the second time she was late, I was definitely not paying for anything).

I did all of this without getting angry at all, or having to say a word. (HUGE - don't "waste" energy on negative emotions EVER with women)

And, guess what...she was never late again.

Once you make the wallet pay for the lateness, it seems to stop. I eventually lost interest in her, and her lateness was a major contributor.

I advocate action over words anytime. Why say something if you can indicate it with behavior?

If you can tell her that her lateness is unacceptable by simply behaving with self-respect (continuing my evening with or without her) this is much more powerful than:

"Uh, you know, when you're late, it really upsets me. I feel hurt and slighted.."

This may be true, but it is not a MASCULINE solution to the problem. The masculine solution is to be kind, yes, but to also be autonomous.

So, if she is late, when she arrives you have taken a call and have to make her wait a few moments before you can see her. I have even been known to make/take a fake phone call. Feel free to throw in something like, "It is 5:20pm now, let's talk in a few hours OK?

This shows her that you have carried on with your business and your life.

Making her stand around for a moment or two, feeling the discomfort caused by her lateness is GREAT and works way better than you standing there like the headmaster checking his watch - LAME.

In conclusion, the best way to handle tests from women is to simply sidestep them, they are a small bump along the road of your life.

Keep living make her catch up. If she continually tests you, then you better get stern with her and say something like:

"Let me be honest with you. I like you - OK? But, when you are late, which happens often, I lose attraction for you. Being reliable is high on my list, and I really want this to work out. I tend to lose interest though when issues like this continually surface."

By telling her that you lose attraction for her (which is true, right guys?), the stakes become very high suddenly. Women pride themselves on being attractive to men, and if her behavior is causing that to diminish...well then, you've just found the sweet spot.

Or, just cut her off...she lost her shot at you.

Ultimately, we are all seeking healthy, positive, and productive relationships with people. If someone continually disrespects us by being late, or by behaving immaturely, we have to step back and ask - why am I involved with her in the first place? And, an even better question...why am I even still attracted to her?

Always feel free to walk away. There are single women everywhere who will treat you with respect and who will be on time to see you.

Try this out in real life, and send me any questions or experiences you may have with it. What you experience and discover can be of benefit to us all.

Good luck!


P.S. Check out my ebook, How To Get A Girlfriend.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Michael Hall - Dealing With The Downside Of Nlp

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