Valentines Day 3 I Love You Roses

Valentines Day 3 I Love You Roses Image
Those little three words hold more meaning in a relationship than any other word in the English language and nothing says "I Love You" like roses. Our first tip of Valentine's was a simple, but incredibly romantic alternative to roses. Today's tip is another variation of the romantic rose.

These rose plants come in pots that explicitly spell out your feelings. Each pale pink rose plant comes in a dark pink ceramic pot with a polished metal hand tag. Together these three pots spell out "I Love You".

While the red rose may be more popular, the pink rose is just as romantic. In face, the pink rose represents romance, sweetness, and perfect happiness.

Like your love, these roses need not die. Because they are actual rose plants rather than cut roses, they can be replanted if desired. This Valentine's Day, give her a rose that represents your love literally.

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Damian Savieri - Legendary Lover 3 Sex Techniques

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Thundercat Seduction Masters Interview

Thundercat Seduction Masters Interview Image

Okay. My handle is "Thundercat," I'm 27 years old, living in beautiful sunny Hollywood California where the only thing hotter than the weather, are the women who live here.

Currently, I run my own business, and most of my time is spent selling my ebook and updating my blog, when I'm not out trying to have a life.

I've been in "the game" since 1998, when I was a sophomore in college. I've continued through it in varying degrees, but I didn't get hard core until I move out to Los Angeles and started meeting the Grand Master PUAs.

I have a few different websites, they are:




THE MOS EISLEY CANTINA (as I like to call it - Seduction Lair) (Link)


Funny story

So it was a Friday night back in 1998, and I was rooming with this guy who was a real "Jock." Good looking, parents had money, was in a frat, all that jazz. He was basically the kind of guy I'd come to hate, simply because he was everything I wasn't.

So one night, there I am, weighing in at close to 300 lbs, lonely and shy, with no plans for a date what-so-ever. And my Jock roomie comes walking in with two drop-dead hotties.

He just came by to pick up some stuff, but since he was a nice guy, he invited me to go to this frat party he and the girls were going to.

I took one look at the girls and chickened out. It was like the cold hand of death was gripping my stomache and I just couldn't imagine going out with them to a wild and crazy frat-bash.

So I declined, and they left. A few hours after that, I ordered some pizza, and tried to find something to watch on TV. The only thing half-way decent that was on was a rerun of "Three's Company."

At some point while watching this show, I seem to realize that Suzan Summers used to be wicked hot. Still thinking about the girls I decided not to go out and party with, I decide it's time to feel better by "mastering my domain," if you will.

So there I am, alone on a Friday, watching a Three's Company rerun, my dick in one hand, a slice of pizza in the other, and all of a sudden, the true patheticness of the situation hits me.

I had hit rock bottom.

At this point, I don't know what happens. I fly into a rage, throw the pizza against a wall, flip over my bed, and just start wrecking my room. Eventually I collapse and start crying.

When that happened, I basically said to myself: Okay, you got two choices here. Either kill yourself, or stop being so pathetic and get a girlfriend.

Needless to say, I chose the latter.

Once that decision was made, I turned to the only thing I had available to me: The internet!

The first thing I did was go to Yahoo and type in "How to not be a fat pathetic loser." But there was nothing there. Then I started thinking about what I needed to do to get a girl, and typed in "Seduction."

Low and behond, there was Ross Jeffries Speed Seduction site on the first page. He claimed you didn't need to be good looking, and that you could get any woman in bed just by using hypnotic language.

Well, I thought that sounded pretty darn good, so I ordered his course that night, and that was pretty much how I got into the community.

Inspiring, isn't it? =)


Oh, God yeah.

I honestly don't think you can ever achieve anything in life without mentors. And Pick-up is no exception.

The problem is, most men don't have great mentors when it comes to learning about women. Their dad is either absent or clueless, their friends are usually just as desperate and inexperienced as they are, and the women in their lives give them a lot of bad advice on what to do.

When I first started learning about seduction in college, I was in a vacuum. I was too ashamed to tell my friends what I was doing, so it was like my "dirty little secret."

The problem with doing that was the fact that I simply couldn't improve. I had no feedback or guidance, just some audio tapes and access to an online mailing list.

It wasn't until I moved out to Los Angeles and started my own lair that I really started to improve, and that was simply due to having other people who were learning this stuff to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Since then, I've had the pleasure from learning from some of the best ladies men out there. I don't like to name drop, but here are a few of the people I can say I got a lot from:


Style (Neil Strauss)



Steve P.







David DeAngelo






Cameron Teone


Rick H.

This list goes on. But the fact is I learn something from EVERYONE I meet in this community, even people you wouldn't consider gurus. Hell, I even learn from people like Ross Jeffries and Tyler Durden. I don't exactly admire those guys, but they've taught me a lot about what NOT to do, and that can be just as important as knowing what TO do.

But I'd have to say that out of everyone, Style (the most powerful of the Jedi) is someone I learned my biggest lesson from. He's the one who taught me how to break my fear of meeting women, and after that, my whole life changed.

Sometimes all it takes is one lesson learned to alter the path your life was taking.



I'd go so far as to say that ALL routines are counter-intuitive. I mean, it just feels weird to do the stuff we're supposed to do, be it dressing like a color-blind crackhead or spouting off 30-odd memorized stories some other dude came up with.

But to answer your question, I'll have to go back to what I said about Style in the previous question.

I was at my first ever Mystery Method workshop. And here I was, a total loser with women by anyone's standards, and I was just taken in by the whole thing. But still, all the instructors were these fairly good looking dudes, and here I was a fat, awkward dude. I just couldn't relate! I was like "Yeah, this might work for you, but what about ugly fucks like me?"

So when Style showed up, here was this skinny, bald dude with a big nose who looked like a young Mr. Burns. But all the other instructors, and Mystery himself, couldn't stop talking about this guy's prowess, so I said to myself: "This is the guy I want to learn from!"

So when it came time for the in-field workshop, I was sure to follow Style. I basically stalked the guy and watched him work. He'd effortlessly walk up to chicks and pick them up. It was the equivalent of watching someone turn their head inside-out and start flying with invisible wings -- I just didn't think it was possible!

Eventually, I walked up to Style and said: "Hey man, I'm freaking out here."

"Why?" he responded.

"I'm too scared to talk to any women. I just don't think I can do this."

Now, there were a lot of approaches Style could have taken there. He could have told me to suck it up. He could have shrugged it off. Or he could have done demonstrations for me all night. But none of those would have helped me.

Instead, he took me away from the main group into a new club, just me and him. And he pointed at a group of two girls and a guy and said: "See that 3-set right there? I want you to walk up to them, use the Who Lies More opener, get their responses, and then come back to me."

"That's it?" I said.

"That's it," he responded.

So I went and did that, feeling like a complete tool. I was thinking "These girls are gonna see right through me. They're gonna laugh at me. I'm going to look like an ass."

So I walked up and said: "Hey guys, who do you think lies more, men or women?"

And the entire group just STARED at me. I was thinking "Ohhhh shit. Here it comes."

But suddenly, to my surprise, the girls started giving me answers. And they didn't just give me an answer, they started arguing over what the right answer was!

After I got their opinions, I went back to Style. I wa totally amazed that this "opener" had actually worked just like they said it would!

So Style kept sending me out to do the exact same thing to more groups. By the third time, I was hooked. I became an approach machine. The next night of the workshop, I ended up talking to 15 women (which was fifteen more than I'd met in the previous year since I moved to LA!).


Well, my life was pretty average, I guess. It's hard for me to know what to compare it to other than the lives of people on TV.

My dad worked a lot, and I was the oldest of three brothers, so I didn't exactly have a lot of male role models. My brothers do pretty well with girls, but I think that's mostly because they saw what I was doing and said "I'm gonna do the opposite of that!" and it worked for them. Lol.

So most of my love/relationship advice came from my mom, who - bless her soul - gave me a lot of terrible ideas about how to attract women. You know, things like: Buy her flowers, be respectful, blah, blah, blah.

I went through high school with three girlfriends, but always felt really awkward around women because I didn't really understand them. I'd always want the girls I couldn't have (which lead to a lot of high school drama and rejection on my part), and I'd settle with the girls I could get (and that never made me very happy).

I kept thinking "If I could lose my virginity, everything would change. I'd know how to be a better man and get more chicks."

It wasn't until I was in college that this happened. I met this girl at a friend's party, and we had a great conversation. She was fairly cute (I'd rate here at a 7.5 in PUA jargon). Her family ran a mortuary, so we talked about dead people a lot, oddly enough. This was around the time I was learning all the "Speed Seduction" stuff, so I tried using all this hypnotic language with her, but she was so drunk it didn't even matter. We ended up hooking up that night, and I woke up the next morning thinking "Okay, so am I a man now?"

But I honestly didn't feel any different than I did the night before. Still felt lost, still felt clueless.

As things turned out, the girl I slept with didn't even go to my college, she was in town visiting my friend, and ended up leaving. I tried to angle for a "second rendezvous," but nothing ever came of it. So I chalked that success up to: Right Time, Right Place, Right Amount Of Booze.

Since then, I've learned a lot about women and come a long way (at least I think so).

I don't really like to share my personal successes online because people can so easily rip into them. I've seen what happens when Mystery shows pictures of his girlfriends online, and you always have some douchebag going "She's an UG!" and calling him a fake, so it's not important to me to bring the girls I date into that sort of mess just to prove something to the flamers and trolls out there.

I've settled down since my hay-day of going out 5-6 nights a week. I tend to go out on the weekends, and the girls I see are more bred from my social circle than cold pick-ups now, though I still do those occasionally.

In terms of options, I just go after women I like. I don't try to narrow the field, because you never know when someone will surprise you, so I like to keep my options open.


Without a doubt, it's my belief system.

Beliefs are the single, hardest thing in the world to fix. If you believe in bad, negative, and just plain wrong things, you tend to feel that good, positive, and factual things are false.

This can cause HAVOC with your life.

For instance, I used to believe I had to look like Brad Pitt to get a woman attracted to me. After all, women like good looking guys, right?

All I'd have to do is look around, and count the times every time I saw some fat old ugly guy with a really attractive chick. But even THEN, I'd believe that was a special case and I'm doomed to suffer from a life of loneliness.

Once I got into the PUA game, I started to realize than women process attraction in different ways then men do. Most of the girls I've been with don't care about how a man looks (thank God for that, lol). I was talking to an ex girlfriend the other day who recently got engaged, and her husband to be is something like 320 lbs. But guess what? He's smarter than her! And that's why she's into him.

The entire time I was with her, I was miserable because I kept thinking she was going to leave me for a thinner, better looking guy. It was my bad attitude that eventually lead to the break up. D'oh!

It was my BELIEF that I had to look a certain way to get women that would really handicap me. I had so many opportunities where a woman was actually INTO me, where she would have slept with me, but my belief system would say things like:

"She's not really into you. Pay no attention."

"There's something wrong with her if she likes an ugly guy like you."

"It's a trick! She's leading you on only to hurt you!"

The fact was I was just a cool guy these girls dug - but I couldn't see it.

Ever since I started really focusing in on the root causes of my problems - my bad belief system - and have addressed it, things have really picked up. I feel better about myself, and so do the people around me.


My favorite step is where I can foret all the routines and tactics and just be me.

I'm a lazy dude, and I hate memorizing stuff. So I enjoy it when I can just relate to a woman on a personal level without having to run game on her.

At some point, you HAVE to run game because you need a strategy to get her into bed or keep some other dude from stealing her, or whatever. But for the most part, I enjoy just talking normally without all the BS.

I tend to use an opener when I meet a woman, then search for a commonality to connect on, and try to engage her in conversation before pushing for an "insta-date" or a phone number. That's pretty much my model. It might not be as effective as something like Mystery Method, but it's easier for me to pull off.


No, 'cause I don't feel I'm there yet! lol.

It's funny because I've come so far from the guy who whacked off to Three's Company so many years ago. I definitely don't consider myself an AFC anymore, and even though I can go out and pick up women, I don't feel like a pick up artist.

I still feel I have so much to learn. I'll probably always feel that way. I'll always feel I need to keep improving and doing better.

I think people who say "Okay, I've reached master level! I don't have to do any more work!" are stupid. People like Mystery, who will not be shy about saying he's the greatest PUA to ever walk the Earth, still tries to do new things and learn from others, which is probably why he's still at the top of the game.

This notion that there are "Ranks" in PUA-dom always makes me laugh. I get emails from guys saying things like "I've decided I'm going to become an mPUA!" Like once that happens you get a metal pinned on your chest telling everyone you're a master or something.

It's such bullshit.

I've been around some of the greats - guys who are considered Pick Up Gods - and seen women tell them to "fuck off," or slap them, or get drinks spilled on them.

And these are the MASTERS!

The fact is, you can't ever qualify success as a Pick-Up artist, because there are too many variables.

Mystery has this "5-for-5 concept which is supposed to determine mastery in the venusian arts, but I completely disagree with it. He thinks if you can approach 5 women and make all five your girlfriend (five successes from five approaches) that means you're a master.

But here's my thing

Being happy is more important than being a "Master."

Let's say all I want is a fat chick. Maybe that's my thing, where I say "I'm into fat girls!" and I can go out and pick up any fat chick I want. I could walk around and say "I'm a master pick up artist!" But anyone who saw the women I'm with would say I'm full of shit, because fat chicks aren't hot to anyone who doesn't have a fetish.

But if I really LIKE fat chicks, and I'm happy to get them, why shouldn't I be considered a master?

See the quagmire there?

Every man has his own idea of what a "Master" pick up artist should be. But to me, I don't even WANT to be a master. I just want to find 1 girl to settle down with and grow old with. That's my thing. I want a girl who I find attractive and fun to be with.

Some guys want to have 3 bisexual women all the time. Some want supermodels. And everyone has their own definition of what kind of woman is "beautiful."

That's why I hate this ranking stuff. I'll never rag on another man because I don't think his girl is hot. There was a time when people were making fun of Ross Jeffries because he was dating some old fat chick. I don't care what she looks like, because if he likes her, who am I to judge? I didn't even know he could actually get a woman, so I guess that impressed me more than what she looked like, lol.


Meet up with other guys who do this stuff, befriend them, and help each other to learn.

There's so much crappy stuff out there, technique wise, that once you meet up with other guys you'll learn what to use and what to avoid.

You'll also have people to keep you motivated, and you'll have people you can speak with about problems and issues, which is vital to success.

Just having guys you can talk about this stuff with can be really liberating, because you may be too embarrassed to discuss it with your current friends.


My belief is that inner game is THE single most important factor to success.

But it's also the hardest to improve.

Everyone has different levels of inner game. Some guys need more help than others.

I think when it comes to fixing inner game, it's a three step process:

1. Identify your bad beliefs

2. Be willing to change, even if you have to do stupid or embarrassing stuff to do so.

3. Have the willpower to see it through to the end.

If you can do those three things, you can fix any problem you have.


I don't do too many field reports, because I tend to write really detailed stuff and it takes me forever to do them. Plus, most of the time I'm out with really high profile PUAs, and they all have girlfriends who keep tabs on them through the internet, so I have to be careful about what I write not to get my friends in trouble, heh, heh, heh.

I have some great stories I'd love to share, but won't, simply because I don't want to write them out. But there are a lot of field reports I did from a few years back, when I was really hitting the club scene here in Hollywood hard. I'll point to on my blog. You can find it here: report/index.html


I think I already answered that, lol. But if you want a sticking point more related to the community, I'd have to say that it's dealing with all the negativity out there.

There are so many guys out there with so much anger and frustration, I think they take it out on me and others in the community because it's easier to blame us "gurus" than it is to own their failures and try to improve.

I try to ignore most of it and focus on positive aspects of my life, like meeting women, being with friends, advancing my career, etc.


Wow, where to start.

In life, my goal is to make a good living, find a good woman, and raise a good family. That's all I want and could ask for.

In the community, my goals are a little more nefarious.

Selfishly, I love having a popular blog because I get to meet some of the most interesting people on the planet. I've met so many PUAs who are amazing, weird, evil, or fascinating just through that, and I learn so much from them all.

I get to see what people think of me and others. I get to shed light on topics I find interesting or important.

I really want to learn more techniques and advice, and meet more people this year. A lot of the old school guys have some good stuff, but it's with the newer PUAs we're going to see the best technology spring from.

I also want to encourage more seduction blogging. When I started, I think there were 1 or 2 other PUAs blogging about their experiences. But then I came along and my blog got real popular, and it inspired other people to start their blogs, which is great. The more the merrier! I think blogs are great tools to help you focus your thoughts and learn about this stuff (plus, you get feedback).

I also want to shed more light on some of the shady business practices going on in the community. I know I get a lot of flack for being "negative" or whatever, but to me, when I hear about some poor guy getting ripped off, I think back to where I was when I first started and how that would have affected me.

At that point I say: What's more negative? Allowing good guys to continue to be hurt and misled? Or shedding some light on what's going on and try to help others find the right system for them?

Because of me, Ross Jeffries was called to the mat on a lot of his B.S. He runs his list like a dictator, telling people they aren't allowed to read stuff that isn't Speed Seduction related. You can't even post a technique on there that isn't about SS, even if it would be helpful (and most of his stuff isn't). The best thing I ever did for myself was get out of Speed Seduction and learn new methods of pick up and seduction. You can't improve in a closed system, but Ross's greed overpowers his willingness to help his students. He'd rather them buy from him than help them get what they need. He also is really insecure about competition because he knows his stuff is no where near as good as other people's, like Mystery's. The best Speed Seduction students all left for better methods for God's sake! But he still keeps on trucking

I see the same mentality in Real Social Dynamics. It's a real shame, because I actually really liked those guys. Like Ross, they have the ability to suck people into a cult-like atmosphere where everyone is "competition" and if you're not with them, you're against them. That's a negative mindset and it doesn't help people and hurts them in the long run.

But because of my blog, they now offer a Money Back Guarantee! Something they NEVER offered before. It's still not a very good guarantee, but at least I got them to change their practices a little.

A lot of these guys think I'm "out to get them" or looking to "destroy their businesses." I could care less about that. I have no desire to destroy someone's livelihood. But if that livelihood is made by hurting guys who are trying to improve their lives and ripping them off, you bet your ass I'm going to take them to task over it!

To me, this community is about helping other guys. That's what it's always been about. You can still help guys by charging for services and information I have no problem with that. It's when you choose to hurt others to make a quick buck, or for the sake of your ego, that I have a problem with.

So I just want to keep on helping guys in this community as best I can. =)

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Alphahot1 - Alt Seduction Fast Posts
Thundercat - Thundercats 5th Fith Archetype Mystery Interview

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Eliminate Hesitation When Approaching Women

Eliminate Hesitation When Approaching Women Image
Fear lives in moments of hesitation.

If you approach a woman and enter her space without thinking, you will have short-circuited a good deal of the fear that prevents you from making first contact. In this moment of approach you are a predator and she is the prey. Summon that masculine ferocity in your gut and go for it. There's no substitute for an attempt. You'll learn more in those few seconds than anything I (or other "gurus") can teach you. If you really want this you have to make the charge at some point.

What you'll find after you've become accustomed to the cold approach is that your fear notwas, in fact, holding you back. There will be some awkward moments at first, and maybe you'll have a hard time thinking of what to say in the beginning, but you will start to trust yourself.

The conversation in your head will die down the more you flex your "approach muscle." This is an important point. The art of the pick-up is something you can learn, but the responsibility for fine-tuning your game lies with you. The more you work on it, the more you'll find what works for you - humor, obliqueness, intensity, props, etc. - and you'll also start to intuitively know which girls will respond.

Perhaps men lie to themselves (as I have) by saying they're "assessing the situation" before rushing in. Let me ask you this: What do you really get from further considering a good situation? In my experience, waiting is a delay tactic. There's almost never a valid reason to hesitate; you gain nothing by observing at a distance while you contemplate an approach. Just walk over!

I've been meeting girls for over a decade, and I know what I'm doing. In the beginning, I tried out different methods and learned which worked for me. It's kind of like shooting around on a basketball court. You'll start to learn what shots are yours, and what part of the court works best for you. You may be trying out different approaches on many types of girls. Taking the sports analogy further: at his peak Michael Jordan was dunking the basketball numerous times a day. It became so second nature, and his confidence was so strong, that he knew before leaving the planks that the ball was going through the rim. I'm the same way with pick-up. I know with a high-degree of certainty that a girl is going to give me her phone number well before I ask. It's not perfect, but generally speaking, I'm spot on. If I don't feel it, I don't take the shot. Like Jordan, I'll circle back and look for another approach rather than duff it.

This will happen to you as well, as you gain experience. In particular, you'll start to feel which girls are your sweet spot. Maybe they all are, and God Bless You! But most of us mortals play better with a certain type of girl than with another. Finding this out will greatly increase your success. Perhaps you get a thrill from penetrating the bitch shield of a hot red-head; maybe you're drawn to the sweet innocence of a Southern Belle; or, maybe, you're downright disarmed by the humor of a genuinely funny woman. Learn what you like.

Another reason to avoid hesitation: circumstances change rapidly and often unpredictably. If you're eyeing an attractive girl, chances are other men notice her, too. And of course her lover could call on the cell phone, or a boyfriend could come back from the restroom. The longer you sit around thinking about approaching her, the longer you're waiting for conditions to change, often for the worse. As you become skilled at approaching, the voice of self-consciousness in your head will tone down and you will start acting swiftly to capitalize on good situations.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
Dan Bacon - Becoming A Man Who Naturally Attracts Women

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How Does Matchmaking Dating Work

How Does Matchmaking Dating Work Image
Matchmaking dating is very popular all over the world, in fact dating websites and companies earning millions of dollars for these services. All websites work differently depending on the kind of services they provide. But goal is very much common to provide the best match for their clients. Companies or websites are very much professional; they interact with the clients and try to find out the qualities he/she is looking for in his/her partner.

Matchmaking dating service work in a very systematic way, first they short list few profile as per your requirements. After finding a good compatibility level in couple, they introduce the couple with each other. Few professionals allow the clients to go on a date. After the first meeting, experts interact with both partners individually and ask their opinion about each other. If both are happy with their partner's company, match making company allow them to proceed further with the relationship.

Matchmaking dating is almost similar with any kind of dating. Sometimes, normal dating is hard but matchmakers make it too easy. You can feel more comfortable and relax, if you are hiring a service of Matchmaking Company. It is their job to look each and everything on your behalf.

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Anthony Berger - Advanced Macking Audios
Steve Cowan - No Drama Online Dating

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Online Dating Websites Black Women

Online Dating Websites Black Women Image
best online dating websites black women Join The whole New Dating experience for free at Target jealousy froukje person Ashby regino free online dating sites for single parents disaster democratic match dating service black on black dating a christian dating advice


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Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Cover
According to a study done in 2005, the average cost of a wedding tops $30,000! If you're a celebrity, that barely even covers the cost of your gown.

A recent list made by Forbes ranked the top 20 most expensive celebrity weddings and we've got the rundown for you:

#20 Nicole Kidman Keith Urban - Estimated $250,000

#19 Marc Anthony Dayanara Torres - Estimated $500,000

#18 Tommy Mottola Mariah Carey - Estimated $500,000

#17 Dario Franchiti Ashley Judd - Estimated $750,000

#16 David Beckham Victoria Adams - Estimated $800,000

#15 Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston - Estimated $1 million

#14 Tori Spelling Charlie Shanian - Estimated $1 million

#13 Donald Trump Melania Knauss - Estimated $1 million

#12 Madonna Guy Ritchie - Estimated $1.5 million

#11 Pierce Brosnan Keely Shaye Smith - Estimated $1.5 million

#10 Eddie Murphy Nicole Mitchell - Estimated $1.5 million

#9 Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren - Estimated $1.5 million

#8 Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta-Jones - Estimated $1.5 Million

#7 Elton John David Furnish - Estimated $1.5 million

#6 Christina Aguilera Jordan Bratman - Estimated $2 million

$5 Elizabeth Taylor Larry Fortensky - Estimated $2 million

#4 Tom Cruise Katie Holmes - Estimated $2 million

#3 Elizabeth Hurley Arun Nayar - Estimated $2.5 million

#2 Paul McCartney Heather Mills - Estimated $3 million

#1 Liza Minelli David Gest - Estimated $3.5 million

Want more details? Check out our complete overview of the top 20 most expensive celebrity weddings.

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John Alanis - Online Personals Copywriting
Rion Williams - Mens Guide To Women

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How To Never Pay For A Date Again By Herbals

How To Never Pay For A Date Again By Herbals Image
I've got to tell you I'm a pretty popular guy, but I've never had as many e-mails in my inbox that say "I love you" as I have this past week.

Maybe I should be more selective with my newsletter titles.

Also, an interesting observation:

I send this weekly newsletter to my whole list which includes everyone who's signed up for my free 10 day bootcamp. Every week there are some people who are away and have autoresponders, so I get things like,

"Hi! I'm at the national pole vaulting competition this week, but I'll be sure to get back to you next week."

I could write a whole newsletter on how weird it is to treat your e-mail like an answering machine, but I'll keep that to myself.

What IS interesting, however, is that this week all of the autoresponders were from GIRLS. Apparently we're being spied on, gentlemen.

That's actually fine with me, though. I've told hundreds of girls about pickup, my involvement in it, and my wholehearted support of it. I haven't ever had a bad reaction.

It all has to with how YOU feel about it, not how SHE feels about it. More about that in my book, or maybe I'll address it in a future article.

Also, two guys wrote me back and asked for dates, so maybe girls aren't the ONLY ones spying on us.

Moving right along

Hey Tynan,

My friend and I were discussing the fact that we don't need to pay for things when out with chicks. It's a great rule in the game, and we're all for it. But what to do when the waiter comes and she says nothing?

If the waiter just sets it on the table, and you're not intending to pay for the girl, but she says nothing, or even that she DOES say something like, "aren't you going to pay for me?", how do you usually handle it.

At the moment, my buddy's technique if she expects him to pay he will, but fly off after and not pursue her anymore. Surely here's a better, and easier, way to neg the girl for being like this?

Any pointers on this would be great, because although it's easy to say you won't pay for girls, it gets harder when the situation arises and she expects it.



D, I could kiss you right now. This is a great question.

I'm psyched to answer it because it's something I'm VERY passionate about, so this will be a long one.

Other than the right to eat bacon cheeseburgers, I'm all for women having equal rights. Want to go to the same schools as men? Great! Want to be in the army? Really? Awesome. Want to get equal jobs and equal pay? Perfect.

In fact, I'd like to treat women equally in every way.

And guess what that includes paying for themselves.

We used to have to pay for women because they couldn't or weren't expected to work. Fair enough. They invest their time around the house and we invest our time earning money. It worked out.

But now that they earn as much as we do (not in all cases, but it's in the same ballpark), we're still supposed to pay?

I don't think so.

That's like George Bush leaving office next year and saying "Well, I WAS president, so I think I should still be able to make up some laws."

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to hear him say that. Moving on

So what is the purpose of paying for girls if it's not to provide what they can't provide for themselves?

It's to buy her time. Period.

A while back I put a personals ad up for one of my girl friends. She was a very attractive cool girl who wasn't very good at meeting guys. Here's what one of them said in their e-mail:

"I'll take her to any restaurant she likes, so that even if she doesn't like me she'll still get a good meal out of it."


Does that sound TOTALLY NUTS to anyone else?

Even if it isn't always articulated so overtly, that's what every guy is communicating when he pays for a girl.

It's a bribe to get your chance at attracting her.

I think very highly of myself. If I'm out with a girl, I think highly of her too. We're on the same level - we don't need to bribe each other for our time.

The chance to get to know another awesome person is more than enough reward, and is certainly more valuable than a $12.95 steak fajita from Klimpy's.

But your question wasn't "do you have any longwinded on rants on paying for girls?" You want to know what to actually do when that check comes.

First, sit for a second. Don't rush to get the bill. When you're with your guy friends do you race and pick up the bill, or do you continue the conversation and pay when you're ready to go?

Half the time she'll grab it and pay it.

You should be knocking these dates out of the park so that 99% of her attention is occupied with how awesome you are, and the last 1% is thinking about the bill.

If you did a bad job, 100% of the focus is on the bill.

"I'd better at least get a butter chicken out of this, because D is really lame."

If she pays, let her. Don't play that stupid "no, please! It's on me!" game. If she offers to pay, just say "Cool. I'll get the next one."

Of course, thank her for the meal as you leave the restaurant. That's just good manners.

Pay next time, and alternate every time you go out. That's an ideal situation.

If she doesn't offer to pay, pick up the bill, put your portion on the leather folder thing and hand it to her. Don't make a big deal out of it, just act as if she was one of your friends.

I have NEVER had a girl who didn't just pay the bill without saying a word. I have lots of girl friends who say things like "What? If a guy didn't pay for me I would never see him again."

Yeah, that's for average guys who have nothing to offer but an occasional deep fried awesome blossom. When you're an ATTRACTIVE guy, girls will not follow any stupid rules like that.

When you have a girlfriend you can loosen up the rules a BIT, but not by much. I haven't paid for a girlfriend in many years. When Katya wanted money I gave her a job at my business and she worked 30-40 hours a week.

I did pay for her plane ticket to visit my family in Boston, though.

If you make a LOT more money than the girl, then you can pay sometimes. For example, if I have a girlfriend who's a student and we're going on a trip together, I might pay for the hotel by myself. I'd have to pay for it anyway, so it's no big deal. She can pay for her plane ticket and food and stuff.

Maybe I'll pay for more expensive dinners and let her pay for lunches. It's not about accounting for every last penny, but rather a mutual respect of each other and each other's resources.

One LAST thought on this. Your buddy's idea is terrible. He's not confident enough to stand up for what he believes, and he ends up punishing the girl even though she didn't really do anything wrong. If she does ask about it, tell her how you feel! Any opportunity to express yourself is an opportunity to attract her.

There was one girl who called me and said "Hey, I haven't seen you in forever. Will you buy me dinner?"

I laughed and basically told her everything I've written here so far.

"Well, that seems weird to me. Come have dinner with me and I'll pay."

This was a bit long, but I hope it helps!

If you want to do something productive with that newfound money, consider buying my pickup course, Make Her Chase You. It's an ebook, a one hour hidden mic recording of me picking up girls, a wingman guide, and a 30 day bootcamp with a new lesson and mission e-mailed to you every single day.

The price is $47, but it's going up to $69 or $99 within a week because the price is too low and I'm about to release an updated version of the ebook with 50% more material. Of course, if you buy now for $47, you get the updated version for free.

To get your copy, check out

Have fun,


Suggested free e-books to read:

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Linda Martz - How To Give A Foot Massage

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Dating Tips Drawbacks Of Online Dating

Dating Tips Drawbacks Of Online Dating Image
Today, it is very difficult to meet the right person of our age. And this has also made easier by the pressures that is placed on us by our friends and relatives. It is somehow very easy to understand that why people look to the Internet to solve their problem. By using the Internet service, it has become quite easy to look for the right person for us. However, this process is far from fail safe.

Presently, Internet dating has become a trendy method of looking for the right person. Someone who looks charming and well mannered on the Internet actually is not being. The Internet presents an actual amount of your personality to stay out of sight. For example, a 53 year-old man pretense as a 21 year old man can be a well-worn one. And it presents wrong indications towards the people.

Moreover, we used to see that some people are too shy. But, if you carry on with them, they will come out of their shield. At that time a judgment call has to be made at point. Hence, you cannot wait forever for that shining personality to imitate itself here and now.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Elena Petrova - Scam Prevention Tips For Online Dating
Steve Cowan - No Drama Online Dating

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Dealing With The Douches

Dealing With The Douches Image
After browsing Hot Chicks with Douchebags, I realized that there are many more douchebags out there than I realized.

These tactics are not for the weak hearted. They can lead to the douche really having a miserable time. If you've put up with constant cockblocking and general douchebag behavior from this certain guy, then use these tactics at your own discretion.

1. ANYTHING THAT CAUSES HIM TO DEMONSTRATE MATURITY. eg. Get him to meet their mom, set em loose and say her mom loves it when men give her attention. Her mom won't be putting in a good word. (More single women go out with their moms these days, kinda crazy)

2. ANYTHING THAT PUTS HIM UP TO COMPETITION WITH OTHER MEN. eg. Take a girls purse that's sitting on the edge of a bar and push it near the douche. In 90% of the cases, the douche wont help. Call him out on it in a pleasant way, after helping the target.

3. LIVES IN AN IMAGINARY WORLD THINKING HE'S ALL THAT. eg. Challenge him to a pickup challenge on something that is a suicide mission. Convince him that he can do it and that he has mad skills and it's impossible to fail. Pick a woman that has a massive ripped boyfriend that's a true alpha. The douche doesn't have social calibration enough to stop him from doing it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tyler Durden - Dissecting Shit Tests
Michael Hall - Dealing With The Downside Of Nlp

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Top 5 Steps To Date A Busy Girl

Top 5 Steps To Date A Busy Girl Image
Dating is one of the method through which people get into contact with different persons. Through this, people appear to communicate and know each other very well. But, if you are looking for a date with a busy girl then be caution as dating with them is one of the provoking and most annoying task in the globe. If some guy truly feels something for a girl but she is excessively busy in responding and did not grant any kind of effort then what will a guy do?

Given are few guidelines relating to those guys who want to win the heart of a busy girl:

1. The first obsession that one must be aware while dating a busy girl that, is she really busy. But the reality is women inclined to provide reasons or excuses to the guys they don't like. Or may be she likes the certain person but want to acknowledge some sort of details before dating him.

2. Another obsession might be that it just not an accurate time to date her. No one can compel any person to get into a relationship even if it's a date. Both of them should communicate with each other in order to acquire comfortable level, as it simply takes some efforts to be more proficient. More often, being busy is simply not an excuse to provide.

3. If a girl is busy then definitely the dates will be limited because of her hectic schedule. So guys should acquire a measure to make each date more special for her. You should be ensuring that you should discuss yourself with the girl in order to make your relationship for a long purpose.

4. If both of them decided to continue the dating them the guys should make his way through presenting some special gifts or surprises to make her feel special. This will make an impression that some one really feels and care about her after knowing that she remains busy.

5. Foremost thing that one must make sure that he is dating a right person otherwise it might appear to be a waste of time.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Tyler Durden - Responses To Leave Us Alone
Lance Mason - 6 Easy Steps To A Hot Date

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Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe Cover
First post being uploaded to the site. Brilliant article on Direct Game by someone I think is going to be one of the leading lights of the PU world pretty soon. Ciaran, who's just joined the RSD team. (He's written one of the best threesome PU's Ive ever read, and will try to put that up soon)


There's a myth in this underground world we inhabit that if you sleep with a girl within minutes of meeting her, that's not solid game.

On the one hand, I agree.

If you fluke out once in a while and find some random chick who's just looking to get laid, that's not you - that's just luck.

Some guys will harp on about how great they are at getting girls because it happens to them once in a blue moon.

I speak from experience. I too was once a deluded chode.


What if it's not every once in a while?

What if you can pull chicks in minutes, consistently. And not munters (US translation: warpigs) mind. What if you can consistently pull stunning girls, rapidly?

Is that solid game?

In this article I will sketch out a detailed map of how to pull off "Fool's Mate" pickups with consistency and panache.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I'll begin.

The Best Natural I Ever Met

When I decided that I was going to get good with women, I was broke. I had no money, and I had no friends.

I'd gotten fired from my fancy job in the sandstone maze of London's Square Mile, and I was in debt. I moved to Edinburgh because I couldn't afford London rent, and I slept on my sister's couch until I found a job.

The job I found was bartending. It was good, easy work. After the nightmarish stress of the financial sector, it felt like heaven.

Besides, it also meant that I'd be talking to lots of girls.

That was good, but the real benefit I got from taking that job was a guy called Andy.

I thank God every day that my path crossed with Andy's.

Andy was amazing.

He was just jaw-dropping. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't particularly good looking. He was an engineering student who worked in a bar.

I have never seen a man pull that well.

We became friends, and as I worked at approaching and approaching, I started to improve.

Ultimately though, it was Andy that made me great.

You see, I'd fucked around with 'indirect' game, but found it weak, pointless, unnatural. Direct game was different. Powerful, exciting, real. I found my results getting better and better.

But I was nothing compared to Andy.

You see, Andy didn't date. Ever. He didn't date, he didn't buy girls drinks, he didn't call them, he NEVER took phone numbers.

At the age of 21, he'd already slept with over 150 women.

Engineering student.


Andy's Secret - Reverse Engineered

One day I asked him a question. I'd just gotten tested in a massive way by this hot Swedish chick, and completely crashed out.

I ran the test by Andy. It was this:

"You just want to bang me, don't you?"

I offered several responses - Play it hard to get. Play it cocky. Play it sweet.

Andy just laughed at me. Then he said this: "You know what I'd have said? I'd have said - heck yeah. I'll bang you in every hole you've got."

He said it with a beaming grin on his face, laughing as he said it. Not joking as he said it, mind - that's important. Laughing, but not joking.

I thought about this for a time, then I began to use it. Not his line, but his attitude.

Amazingly, it worked. Even while I was testing this shit out, I'd rarely get blown out. And my results skyrocketed.

Toward the end of my singledom, before I met my beautiful girlfriend, I would walk out of the house alone, walk into the first busy bar I saw, walk up to the hottest chick in the room,

pull her, take her home and fuck her.

I would do this consistently, without getting blown out. One approach per night. 100% success.

Believe me or don't, I don't care. It is true. I used to do it to show off to all my friends.

In the end, even Andy couldn't match me.

What I am about to tell you is real. For all intents and purposes gentlemen, this is hot off the press.

Note: SHOCK and AWE is not high risk. It sounds like it is, but it's really not - and I'll explain why in a moment.

It's not even advanced. I'd call it intermediate. If you can open, and you can get attraction, and you can chill out and chat with a chick and not get weird - you can do this.

It is not a quick fix solution for hopeless newbies.


If you're having problems stringing a sentence together, if your body language sucks, if you have bad VOICE PROJECTION (this, as Jeffy points out, is crucial to all game) - this will not work.

However, if you're plateauing somewhere in the intermediate stages, (or if you just hate getting phone numbers like I do) this might be EXACTLY what you need.

Shock and Awe is, very simply, something I developed out of showing too much interest when I was closing a chick down so I could kiss her/grab her and leave/whatever.

I developed a very specific kind of statement of intent that covers your back socially while allowing you to come out with the most outrageous stuff - stuff that gets her very horny, very


I'd use principles from this to sex up the vibe of a conversation with a chick if it was getting dull. The point is though, you don't need to do that.

I realised that you can open with it. You can open, and then drop straight into a continual SOI loop and close a chick straight down very fast. It's a kind of vibe, you can feel when you've hit it because it's electric. You can just go ape from the outset and drive her crazy, then take her home.

Basically, being open about your desire and BLAMING THE CHICK for being hot is dynamite.

Toward the end of my pickup rampage I had developed a whole new kind of game around doing just this one thing.

I called it Shock and Awe, because it is shocking, awesome, and if you nail it you can pull a chick extremely quickly. It's mental. I love it. I stopped doing it for a while because it got


No, really.

The final thing to understand before we get to the nitty gritty of what to do is this:

You're stating your DESIRE.

This is a whole 'nuther level of important. There's not "I intend to sleep with you" or "I am interested in you". This is you talking about your DESIRE alone. That is all. How hot she is. How sexy she is. How awesome her body is.

Just pure sex, right from the outset. To map the basic structure of Shock and Awe it would be:

1) Approach with a statement of intent, then SOI stack, blaming her hotness for your actions.

Make sure they are creative and funky statements. Think of it like jazz. SOI jazz. Free form, just go for it. Say anything. It's not important. What is important is that you blame her for

being hot. Say something like "Excuse me, but what? What do you want? Do you want me to just walk on by? I mean, you're absolutely stunning. Do you want me to just pretend like that doesn't effect me? I mean, how? I'm just some guy. I can't turn it off. What are you trying to do to me, woman?" etc....

2) Always be escalating physically, always always always.

Blame her for the fact you can't keep your hands off her. Act like you're trying to keep your hands of her and you just can't.

Blame her more. Ask her why she's doing this to you. Physically fight your urge to touch her, and make this conflict OBVIOUS. You are a wild animal STRAINING against a tight leash. You're in control... but BARELY.

Don't fake this. Really get into this headspace. Ozzie's recent post on the Wild Man is EXACTLY what you need to do here.

3) Express desire, do this relentlessly and blame her for it.

Tell her you deserve a gold star for effort for not jumping all over her. Keep it funny, but make sure the vibe is highly erotic.

Remember - LAUGHING, NOT JOKING. Tell her that if she doesn't stop being hot you're not going be held responsible. Tell her to eat a load of pies, and gain 5 stone so you can connect with her personality without wanting to tear all her clothes off.

4) If you push it too far, apologise for the disrespect and not the action.

Genuinely apologise. Really. Actually do this and FUCKING MEAN IT. But remember - ONLY apologise for the DISRESPECT. NEVER apologise for the ACTION. Then tell her you did it because she's really hot. Blame her for being hot. Tell her she should wear a

bag over her head so you can have a normal conversation with her.

5) Go to step 2.

You can basically do this until she breaks. It's great.

Just remember guys, use a condom.

Honest to God, have consistently pulled hot chicks with this. It's not infallible, but it's hilarious and it blows through all the crap.

This is also how you NEUTALIZE ALL RISK associated with being so extreme.

You just say something like "No - no, this is ridiculous. I'm going to find out who you are. You can't do this to me. I have depth. Tell me about yourself."

And then they do (either that or they demand to know who you are, but it's all in good fun) and boom, you're chatting. It acts like an explosive, funny, charming opener.

It's all about the vibe, about magnifying the vibe.

And the vibe is generated from the fact that she's so sexy she's breaking you down, but you're resisting. That's where the tension comes from.

How Important Is It To Blame HER For Your Extreme Actions?

This is the heart of it. You are talking direct, but you're blaming her hotness for your directness.

As such, it's like two different levels of compliment, both of which are highly unusual and extremely difficult to resist.

You're basically telling her it's totally out of character for you to behave like this and you're fighting it, but you're really, really struggling.

This isn't an academic issue. This frame is how you avoid 'antislut defense' when going for a Fool's Mate. The frame is, she is breaking down your resolve with her hotness. This is

massive. Why?

Because it defuses so many negative things.

First off, her ASD can't really kick in. Why not? Because she's not doing anything, and neither are you. You're just complimenting her. No girl is going to walk away from someone

just because he says she's hot, not unless she's a nutter.

Secondly, it's a female fantasy. She's the femme fatale, destroying your resistance. The more fight you put up, the more resistance to her you express, and the more you lose this battle, the more she feels sexy.

Don't You Need Zen-Master Levels Of Calibration?

No. You just have to be "not completely wack."

Look - fair enough, calibration is important, but calibration does not mean hesitation. You should be leading the encounter.

Lead it. It goes where you go. You're the man.

Won't This Break Too Many Social Rules?

That's WHY it works.

Yes - seriously.

The fact that you blame her means that she has to justify it as not being her fault.

But how can she do that? Is she going to say "I'm not that hot?"

No. She is a woman. She will, instead, love it.

It's a female fantasy, she's annihilating you with her looks alone. You're resisting but she's breaking you down.

They love it. Seriously, it's great.

Do I Have To Go For Broke Every Time I Use This?

No. You can drop out of it any time with the line I gave you earlier

Also, this doesn't have to be used as such a high-octane thing.

Try dropping a little of it in here and there. See what happens.

Learn to calibrate it. The vibe you want is half sexy mocking, half pure sex.

It is all about that vibe.

It's amazing how well this attitude defuses all the negative things about being really direct with girls.

And once you've defused them, boom - you can basically cut through all the tactics and just blast her with desire until she breaks.

What If I Run Out Of Things To Say?

A big part of this is about getting creative with your compliments. I don't want to give too many actual examples of stuff, mainly because the stuff you say doesn't have to be da


This is NOT a routine-based method.

It is a direct method, a way of cultivating an attitude of non-weird, engaging, sexual expression. You can do it high octane and go for the Fool's Mate, or you can do it low-octane and just drop Shock and Awe SOI's in as and when in the context of chatting up a lovely young lady.

So If I Do This Will A Chick Just Jump Me?

If you do it right, very often she will, yes. HOWEVER - it's impossible to predict who will and who won't.

Depends on a million things. It can be very rapid, or it can take a while.

The beauty of this is that if it seems like she's not just in the mood to leap all over you, you can drop the S+A and just have a chat. Again, that line to segue into a more normal (though highly charged conversation is...

"no, you're not going to break me. I have depth. I'm going to get to know you properly, and there's nothing you can do about it. Tell me about yourself."

WOW! This Sounds Amazing! Finally! The Magic Pill!

Nope. It's not a magic pill. As I said, this will only work for guys who are already reasonably comfortable with approaching.

If you're looking at this thinking "Awesome - now I don't have to do all those tricky approaches" then you're heading for a fall.

This takes balls.


You need to grow balls, and you can only do that by approaching lots and lots of chicks and becoming cool with approaching.


It's not a technique as much as it is a mode of sexual expression. I mapped out the stages just to give you a feel of what to do, but I hope you guys can see that this isn't a

tactical thing. This is what happens when you say "bugger tactics" and just go for it.

I originally came out with this on a chick who was just ludicriously hot, amazing eyes, dress, legs, face, teeth, ears, nasal hair - the works. I was in an absolutely chipper mood,

nimbus aglow, just on top form.

I opened by telling her that it was ridiculous to expect me to just walk on by with her looking like that. She smiled, so I kept on saying the same kind of thing. Next thing I know she's kissing me.

What I'm saying is that this has to be genuine. Direct game, if not genuine, is seedy, manipulative weirdness.

S+A is a vibe. It is a route of expression.

The inner game stuff, the practise - all that jazz, is the iceberg. This is the tip.

This is not a short cut.

It's just not a massive detour, which a lot of highly tactical systems are. I'm certain that if you've never done anything like this before it is scary, so just understand that there are

several elements to this that go on behind the scenes.

One is your general abilities of self-expression and creative speech. This is something that Jeffy explains brilliantly, so read his stuff, copy it, buy the Jeffy Show and watch it

constantly. The other big part of it is sexual expression, for which I'd also recommend The Jeffy Show, Foundations or Transformations (Ozzie is really bang on here, as is Tim).

Closing Statements

Shock and Awe is the pinnacle of direct game as I practice it.

No nonsense, no tactics, just straight in there, make a girl feel really sexy, have great fun with her, be cool, go back to your/her place and do the hunka-chunka. Problem solved.

This isn't about tricking girls into stuff, or playing them. If you try that, you'll fail, and I will personally batter you senseless with your own shoes.

This is about refusing to be a leaf in the hurricane.

This is about being the hurricane, gentlemen.

Be the hurricane.

(Credit-Ciaran (RSD staff))

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Seduce And Destroy
Ole Flirty Bastard - Cocky And Funny Guide
Dr Peter Davies - Hopes And Fears

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