How Do I Choose The Right Site For Me

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With the explosion of online dating sites has come a virtual smorgasbord of choices. There are free sites… I don’t recommend those but if money is a real concern, they are better than nothing. There are the large paid sites with many and varied features like chat, IM and even matching using profiles. There are the less expensive paid sites with few features. There are special interest sites for almost any thing you can think of...outdoor enthusiasts, couch potatoes, religious, non-religious, gays, lesbians…like I said…almost anything you can think of. So what’s a girl to do? A girl should choose the site or sites that best fit her needs.

Here are some things to consider:

(1) Cost. How much do you want or how much can you spend each month for your membership (s)?
(2) Features. Which features are the most important to you?
(A) Profile matching systems. Is this a feature you really want or would you rather decide who is right for you all by yourself?
(B) Chat and IM’s? There are websites who offer chat rooms and IM’s on their sites. Does that matter or would you be happy just sticking to private email.
(C) Outside Events…such as speed dating? Are you interested in that?
(D) Privacy. Some websites allow you to limit who can view your picture or your profile. Does this matter to you or do you want as wide exposure as you can have?
(E) Safety. There are websites who do background checks of all subscribers and certify their age, marital status and background. Would you feel safer using this feature?

These are a few things but not all things you should consider when choosing an online dating service or services. Do your homework and choose wisely for the best results for you.

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Old Songs About Kissing

Old Songs About Kissing Cover
Kissing is one of those wonderful things that new couples do to let each other know that they want each other. Of course, nowadays, a kiss is not just a kiss anymore - it comes complete with full on sex.

But there was a time when a kiss meant everything to men and women, and giving someone a tongue kiss, or French kiss, as it were, held a special meaning.

And so the songs that come from that time give off the feel of just how special kissing was and perhaps still is to some.

Here, now, are some great old songs about kissing.




With a voice like silk and lyrics that tel it like it is, Ella Fitzgerald's A Kiss Goodnight from 1945 hits all the right notes and is indeed for lovers everywhere.

So if you are in the midst of a new relationship and kissing is getting good, use this song as a prelude to more than just a kiss the next time around.

BEST LYRIC: A kiss goodnight is alright, but remember this, that a kiss goodnight leads to another kiss




Elvis wasn't exactly known for his fidelity and so when a song like Kiss Me Quick makes its way out of his mouth, you know that it's because he's addressing someone.

Love is fleeting, no doubt, and Elvis wants to take full advantage of today's feeling with this song because things may change tomorrow. For those of you who kiss and drink or lust for someone, this is the perfect song.

BEST LYRIC: Kiss me quick while we still have this feeling, Hold me close and never let me go




As beautiful as she was, Marilyn Monroe didn't have a great voice or great acting skills, but what she lacked in talent, she more than made up for with presence.

And although her voice couldn't hit high ranges, she could definitely seduce someone with her voice. And when Marilyn Monroe asks you to kiss her, you kiss her.

BEST LYRIC: And make my life perfection, Take me, darling don't foresake me, Kiss me, Hold me tight, Love me, love me tonight

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Sarina Rodrigues Saturn An Assistant Professor Of Psychology At Oregon State University

Sarina Rodrigues Saturn An Assistant Professor Of Psychology At Oregon State University Image
CORVALLIS, Ore. - Scientists have discovered that a gene that influences empathy, parental sensitivity and sociability is so powerful that even strangers observing 20 seconds of silent video identified people with a particular genetic variation to be more caring and trusting.

In the study, 23 romantic couples were videotaped while one of the partners described a time of suffering in their lives. The other half of the couple and their physical, non-verbal reactions were the focal point of the study. Groups of complete strangers viewed the videos. The observers were asked to rate the person on traits such as how kind, trustworthy, and caring they thought the person was, based on just 20 seconds of silent video.s

"Our findings suggest even slight genetic variation may have tangible impact on people's behavior, and that these behavioral differences are quickly noticed by others," said Aleksandr Kogan, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and the study's lead author.

The study builds on previous research conducted by Sarina Rodrigues Saturn, an assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University. In that study, Saturn and her colleagues linked a genetic variation that affects hormone/neurotransmitter oxytocin's receptor to empathy and stress reactivity. Saturn is senior author on the new study, which is in the latest issue of "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS).

"It was amazing to see how the data aligned so strongly by genotype," Saturn said. "It makes sense that a gene crucial for social processing would yield these findings; other studies have shown that people are good at judging people at a distance and first impressions really make an impact."

Before the videos were recorded, the scientists tested the couples and identified their genotype as GG, AG, or AA. Individuals homozygous for the G allele (carrying two copies of the G version of the gene) of the oxytocin receptor tend to be more "prosocial," defined by researchers as the ability to behave in a way that benefits another person. In contrast, the carriers of the A version of the gene (AG or AA genotypes) tend to have a higher risk of autism, as well as self-reported lower levels of positive emotions, empathy and parental sensitivity.

Oxytocin has already been significantly linked with social affiliation and reduction in stress. It is a peptide made in the hypothalamus and has targets all over the body and the brain. It is best known for its role in female reproduction and is associated with social recognition, pair bonding, dampening negative emotional responses, trust and love.

Out of the 10 people who were marked by the neutral observer as "most prosocial, six carried the GG genotype associated with the oxytocin receptor; of the 10 people who were marked as "least trusted," nine were carriers of the A version of the gene. The people carrying an A version of the gene were viewed as less kind, trustworthy and caring toward their partners in the video.

"The oxytocin receptor gene in particular has become of great interest because a select number of studies suggest that it is related to how prosocial people view themselves," Kogan said. "Our study asked the question of whether these differences manifest themselves in behaviors that are quickly detectable by strangers, and it turns out they did."

What is not known, however, is what occurs from the genetic level to the behavior - that is, the exact way the gene affects the biology underlying behavior is still poorly understood and remains a major topic of inquiry. Saturn, for one, believes that people can and do overcome their genes all the time.

"These are people who just may need to be coaxed out of their shells a little," she said. "It may not be that we need to fix people who exhibit less social traits, but that we recognize they are overcoming a genetically influenced trait and that they may need more understanding and encouragement."

Kogan said that many factors ultimately influence kindness and cooperation.

"The oxytocin receptor gene is one of those factors - but there many other forces in play, both genetic and non-genetic," he said. "How all these pieces fit together to create the coherent whole of an individual who is or is not kind is a great mystery that we are only beginning to scratch."

Laura Saslow at the University of California at San Francisco, Emily Impett with the University of Toronto, Christopher Oveis with University of California at San Diego, and Dacher Keltner with University of California at Berkeley contributed to this study.

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Social Psychology Key To Smooth Mergers And Acquisitions

Social Psychology Key To Smooth Mergers And Acquisitions Image
Business mergers and acquisitions usually lead to stress and chaos within the workplace. Employees and stakeholders, including suppliers, feel uncertain and frustrated at the loss of security and control over their position and career, and thus over a huge part of their lives. This can all be avoided if companies make use of good communication skills.

Company leaders often overlook the power of communication. They fail to keep the employees and stakeholders in the loop, undervaluing the worth of each individual and drastically affecting the efficiency and performance of the whole team.

With resistance being the default response to change, the best thing that a new leadership team can do to make the most out of a delicate situation is to create open communication to engage employees in the transition strategies during the "merger and acquisition". With a good set of communication skills, both on the business and personal level, understanding human nature's need to resist change can help leaders be successful in working with the emotional response rather than against it.

Here are a few tips on how to use COMMUNICATION SKILLS to help for a smoother merger and acquisition:

* Immediately initiate a communication plan. There's no reason to wait for all the facts and responses to come in because by then, new leaders would have lost human momentum. Start sharing and listening as soon as possible.
* Be open about why the step is necessary or being considered. Talk about the benefits and risks and take into consideration employee concerns.
* Talk about the whole process of the MERGER AND ACQUISITION, how long it's expected to take, how it can possibly affect jobs and what is to be expected. The more informed employees are, the more prepared they can be as the process goes along, giving them back some control they may feel they have lost.
* Create a listening plan. When the term communication is used in relationships, business settings or policies, the idea is the same - talk. Communication is about sharing and listening. Demonstrating empathy toward stakeholder concerns through listening channels is just as important as sharing information.

The best tip for anyone dealing with a business merger and acquisition is improving on "communication skills", bringing focus to honesty and openness. With the idea of change looming, opening communication lines between old leaders, new leaders and employees gives back the certainty and security that was lost just by being given the notion that a merger was taking place. By opening communication lines, the stress and chaos in the working environment during the time of huge change can be lessened and people can perform better as the process of merger and acquisition moves along.

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