Relationship And Friendship What Is The Difference

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Many of us believe that when friendship becomes stronger, it may turn into a new relationship. But the reality is very different. Just think how you talk with your friends. With them you are always very open about the failures and shortcomings of your life. We do not feel shy while taking about our problem and also asking them for the help. But in a close friendship, you expect from your friend that he or she will be frank with one another.

We keep our so many secrets away from our partner. Moreover, we also do not tell him or her about our failures and shortcomings to them. We try to impress our partner at the time of romance. So, the difference between a friendship and relationship is also very deep. We calculate our moves in a relationship but are very open in a friendship. We always behave like a child in a child in a friendship and an adult in a relation.

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