What Is Social Flirting

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Social flirting has become quiet popular now days. People who are very much comfortable while talking with opposite gender are known as social flirt. Such people do not loose or miss even a single opportunity where they can talk with a man or woman, There can be various reasons behind the flirting, like fun, entertainment, serious relationship, physical attention etc. Most of important thing in flirting is that you can expect the good success ration. After facing rejection many times, you can get 1-2 approval easily. These approvals are enough to make your day.

Social flirting has got massive success around the world. Few years back, it was only popular in developed countries. But, now, you can people with same characteristics and nature all over the world. The basic formula or technique of flirt is to attract the attention of opposite gender anyhow. There are different ways of flirting, like many people start this technique by touching and many people use eye contact as well. Body language also plays important role in it because you have to be confident while flirting with other person.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tranceboy - The Psychology Of Social Engineering
Kate Fox - Guide To Flirting

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Tv Show Auditions In The Uk

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Got this email from Gambler:

I've just met with a TV company who want to make a show about us! They want to find a student, someone who will be trained by us and all the top PUAs in the world. This is a package that would have a value in the tens of thousands of dollars but will cost nothing. Only one guy will be chosen. This is what we need:

-Someone who lives in or near London

-Someone who is not part of the community (you don't post on forums much or at all)

-Someone who is between 18 and 35

-Someone who is pretty bad with girls.

-Someone who is prepared to be on a one-off documentary on TV.

You also need a valid passport and be willing to travel to the US. If this could be you, please send an email to me by replying to this message or sending it to: gambler@puatraining.com

All i need is:

-a picture

-a short paragraph with your background info (what you do, age, etc) and your current love life situation.

If you know someone who would be good who isn't getting this message, please forward it to them.

The whole show is about turning this guy from a dork to a stud in an accellerated time frame, basically it's guaranteed that you'll be fantastic by the end of it.

Suggested free e-books to read:

In10se - Audio Interview
Anthony Berger - How To Get Into Threesomes
Dating Insider - Seduction In The Year 2k

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