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Here is something that I want every guy in the world to remember, and it's something really important. Once you get this, it is something that will help you to grow immensely.

AND HERE IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER: E"very woman is wired the exact same way. I don't care if she is tall, short, fat, skinny, yellow, green, purple, orange or blue. It doesn't make a difference. Every woman is wired the exact same way."

It is how you look at their mask that determines how most guys talk to them. When you walk up to a woman to whom you are not attracted, she is not thinking "This is guy is talking to me because he is not attracted to me." What she is thinking is, "I'm a cool girl. This guy is talking to me because I'm a hot and sexy."

Ask any single woman to set you up with one of her friends, and do you know what she'll say to you? She will say something like, "I'm going to hook you up with my friend Mary. She's so cute, it's unbelievable." Then you go and pick Mary up for the date, and Mary is not cute at all. When you tell the woman who set you up that you didn't think Mary was cute at all, she will disagree and say that she is very cute.

Every woman thinks that all of her friends are beautiful. That is because every woman is beautiful.

For every woman out there that you don't find attractive, there are a ton of guys who will think she's very attractive. There are a ton of guys out there who will think that woman is hot.

So many guys can walk up to a woman they find unattractive and talk to them with no problem. If those same guys walk up to a woman they find attractive, though, they talk to her like she's an alien.

Those two women are wired the exact same way. If you can talk to a woman to whom you are not attracted, then you can talk to a woman you think is hot.

Attractive women and unattractive women are are all attractive women to someone. You might look at my girlfriend and not think she is pretty at all. I don't really care, because I know what I think about her.

So when you approach a woman, you need to remember that if you can talk to any woman then you can talk to all women. I tell guys all the time to go out and flirt with 80 year old women.

Find the ones who are wearing makeup, because they are the ones who still see themselves as the beautiful 20 year old girl they once were. If you can talk to them and be charming, they will smile and laugh with you.

They are no different than the 25 year old woman you want to approach. They're all the same. That is something that took me a long time to realize. Women are all exactly the same. So if you can talk to one, you can to them all.

If I put masks on every woman out there so that all you could see was long hair, you would never "choke" when you tried to talk to any of them. You'd be able to talk to each and every one of them.

It is only when I took off their masks that you would realize to which ones you are attracted and you would start freaking out. Think about in that hypothetical how silly it is that you freak out when you see a woman you find attractive. You can talk to any woman right now, so go out there and do it!

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