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Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger engaged!

Famed Millionaire Matchmaker PATTI STANGER from the Bravo show is finally engaged to her boyfriend, real-estate executive ANDY FRIEDMAN.

PATTI STANGER always said that "if he doesn't ask for your hand in marriage by the firs year, the ring goes up by one carat for each year after that." PATTI STANGER received a sweet 4-carat ring, and they had been dating for 5 and a half years, so I'm guessing she's pretty happy about it.

"I feel like it should have happened years ago, so I'm kind of shocked," PATTI STANGER "Us "She and her beau were in Maui, Hawaii, celebrating her birthday, when a black swan swam in wither 4-carat diamond ring.

PATTI STANGER has made it clear that she wants to have a low-key affair. She even suggested that she and her fianc'e run off to Las Vegas and get it done. But he wants a big, elaborate shindig. And deep down, I'm pretty sure that that's what Patti really wants too.

The surprise engagement happened in Maui, Hawaii on her birthday. The 4-carat diamond ring was brought to her by a black swan.

My theory is this: PATTI STANGER will use this wedding to promote herself on her reality series by bringing her millionaire clients and hundreds of gorgeous women to her reception. And yes, she will pull a Star Jones and get everything for free just for mentioning it on her show. Genius.

The wedding is expected to happen in 2010.

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