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While scientists might think that there is an actual formula men must use in order to get somewhere with women at a bar [read: sex], one man thinks he knows exactly what is needed. Alcohol. And lots of it.

Through his educational videos, Jason teaches us that the more a woman drinks, the friendlier she becomes. She becomes so friendly, in fact, that she is willing to bypass the fact that she has a boyfriend altogether.

So while most women head to bars to hang out with the girls and dance up a storm, guys head to bars to have sex. Well, to find someone to have sex with anyway.

So when a guy approaches a sober woman, her defenses are up because she knows that he just wants to tap that. But after a couple of drinks, or 8, according to Jason, her defenses come down and she's ready to take off her clothes and get to know a man better.

So yeah, it's all simple math; the more a woman drinks, the more likely a chance a guy has of scoring. Everybody wins.

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