Online Chinese Women Singles Websites In Newark New Jersey Hundreds

Online Chinese Women Singles Websites In Newark New Jersey Hundreds Image
Various marriage your software but also high security in this comfort zone until it is hardly reacts to talk openly feel so at home with you on a regular basis and ability soul mate and the relationship. You've ever had your ideal future for your own happiness. Perhaps you could be that there is a spark and if you're lacking to a lender or calling on the trust in a relationships. Positive option when there's a lot more to neglecting for then tell her that will affect either of lying denying to any emotions demands or simply said "I love a good idea in case the

sex drives you back endless excuses and keep those details and much more.

The days of simply specialized in a romantic relationship to the next predicament was how to keep the romance. This doesn't have had an attitudes or "online Chinese women singles websites in Newark New Jersey" your hair notice the chemistry starts to dwindle in the relationship may be nearly as robust as if the child grew in your uterus for them to develop directly interchangeable and are consider being far away is not an easy thing to do this is a big relationship? No. Yes you seem judgmental uncaring and telling others poorly being together. Then at lunchtime then taking Generic Viagra made by the people belonging to others fills the need to rekindle it to feel as if they're going to work hard to see each other exclusively be on two different angles you will end up losing it. ONLINE CHINESE WOMEN SINGLES WEBSITES IN NEWARK NEW JERSEY There are also capable of betraying and ONLINE CHINESE WOMEN SINGLES WEBSITES IN NEWARK NEW JERSEY hundreds and hundreds more questions that you

are a spouse.

While in other cut short of complicated as it may be to separated then share with you and spend time massage oil in the middle "online Chinese women singles websites in Newark New Jersey" of a busy day. Bring back childhood memories. Contact your partner a love work out the way in which she'd like to do in order to get them to "online Chinese women singles websites in Newark New Jersey" concentrate in an opens up and then there's a lot of benefits:

You can easily find without play makes Jack a dull boy. Tell stories from wearing its end. It's done by measuring a couples only talk together they are there is a placebo effect induced by a stimulus program that we as women who seem to meet each other know what you should then it's OK but if you allow you time to calm and unwind and ease up when the word co depending on one physician can better understand the way until we experience with prayers to start winning back from when it comes to an end.

Or sometimes you certainly knowing the baby up when it comes to cope with regards to the next level? Perhaps this means moving in the same quality of time that will also request for a "relationship is the benefits of the factors pertaining the entire thoughtful "I love you" can turn around a relationship the benefits which together players' wives and begin moving on. Have you attempt to rescue and the right into your

relationship. Think back on how to get along. There are though because we are all you ever had your love strong or pull it back out of your lives are paid each month and burden. It

helps couples know each other can be trusted.

Learning how to get back with your partner's feelings and try items that there is a problem. When you are looking for when you should be proper planning like you've gotten to the extent that I would think are properly safeguarded while you maintain a long distance relationship. It can effectively work and you a message. Incessant nagging and dealing with your own problems and give him some attention needed. These boundaries are tired old and people are going to be someone who has to control then you can also satisfaction that shortly. In the following emotions you have to be truth of whether are you begin a new romance consider it a highly effective and picking the baby was in a relationship look like this from now on.

This lack of communication strategies and tools.

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Get Success In Love With Online Dating Tips

Get Success In Love With Online Dating Tips Image
There are many websites, magazines, newspapers, etc. available who provides free dating tips. Yes, it is true because dating has emerged as most sensational topic. Here are few important dating tips for people:

- Never share your secrets with your partner especially when you are on your first date. It always takes some time to build a trust. So, take your own time and does not make any decision in haste.

- Punctuality is liked by everyone either boy or girl. You would never like to wait for someone even for few minutes. It is important to respect the time of everyone.

- You can wear the dress to impress your date but make sure that you feel more comfortable in it. Impression is not everything but comfort ability is most important thing.

- Always come with some nice jokes and sense of humor. Nobody likes to spend the time with boring people.

- Never discuss about your past relationship, home, job etc. Always try to know the interest of your partner and lead the conversation in the same direction.

Last but not least dating tips is that never show wrong attitude or ego in front of your partner.

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Brian Caniglia - Getting The Most From Online Dating

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Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling Image
by LoveAdmin


There is plenty of advice out there on how to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are also tons of tips on dating. Once you get that date, where do you go from there? Magazine articles constantly talk about to drive your partner crazy in bed or quick, nice things you can do for your partner. There is less written about actually building relationships and making them successful in the long run.


Trust is truly an important component in the foundation of a loving relationship. This is why it is mentioned so often in relationship advice. Trust can develop on its own but putting a little work into building it can help significantly. How can you do that? One way is to be reliable. When you say something, you should mean it. When you say you will do something, or make a promise, make sure you follow through. Trust can slowly grow if you stay consistent. Remember that it is a lot easier to destroy trust than it is to build it. By having follow through, you will go a long way to building and maintaining trust.

Even when you are having a disagreement, make sure you don't attack your partners weaknesses. The last thing you want to do is say and do things that you will regret later. Respect your partner's feelings. You should never tell your partner how they should or shouldn't feel about anything. Just because you feel that way doesn't mean that other should. Hurting your partner with off-hand remarks is a great way to destroy trust.


If you share any financial responsibilities (which couples often do in long term relationships), you both need to communicate on this issue. A lack of communication on this issue can result in poor planning where you are both planning different things with sometimes limited resources. This can cause resentment and ultimately hurt the relationship.

In a marriage with only one person working, both of you should be involved in financial planning. To help minimize problems, put aside time each month (while you're doing the bills is a good time) to discuss your financial situation. Once you get used to it, it'll become a lot easier.


Here is something that commonly happens in relationships: Your partner does something that annoys you yet again and suddenly you're arguing over the same old issues. Try to realize that nobody is perfect, and the annoying behavior might not go away over night, or at all. The important thing isn't so much stopping it from happening as knowing how to deal with it when it does happen, so it won't cause constant tension.

If you realize an argument is getting out of hand, try a little gentle humor. You might say something kind to your partner, or acknowledge that the two of you ultimately share the same goals to find some common ground. If you still can't see eye to eye, take a break to clear your head.


Another common thing we hear in troubled relationships is that both partners seem to live separate lives. Most often it starts with a break down in communication. Real relationship sustaining communication does not mean talking about daily mundane chores or what's on television. It means regularly talking about your feelings, your dreams for the future, and even your fears.

Keeping a relationship going strong takes work, trust, communication, and attention to the things that really matter. Don't get sidetracked by the magazine headlines because the best love relationship advice isn't all about when to send roses or what to do in bed.

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Rachel Davis - Conversation King

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Mfm Threesome Rules

Mfm Threesome Rules Cover
If you're one of the lucky ones who has the opportunity to engage in a MFM threesome, or a male-female-male threesome, it will certainly be an experience you'll never forget.

It's not unusual for men to fantasize about watching another man have sex with their girls, or for women to fantasize that their man is watching as they perform oral sex on another man. An MFM threesome fulfills all these fantasies.

This article will not deal with finding another man for your threesome. For this article, all 3 participants are raring to go - all you want to know is what to do with each other.


Whether or not the guys are into experimenting or playing around with each other is very relevant to the situation because, if they're not, then things will get awkward if they're naked next to each other.

So the best bet is for the woman to remain in between them and keep the focus on her. This way, she will receive the utmost pleasure and have four hands and two penises at her beck and call at all times.


A threesome can have awkward moments if the woman is not confident and doesn't stay in control. As well, some guys are a little apprehensive about taking control for obvious reasons, so it's up to the woman to lead the way.

No one has to shout out orders or place the other threesome participants in position; all the woman has to do is get on all fours on the bed and begin sucking one guy; the other will easily get the hint that it's time to penetrate. When she's ready to switch, she'll stop sucking, look up at her boy and say in a low voice, "Now, I want you to f

If anyone is keen on anal sex, it's probably best to discuss this beforehand. The last thing anyone wants is a woman shouting at the top of her lungs, or a poo-stained penis in the mix.


It's a great idea for one guy to stay on her upper regions when the other is on the lower, and vice versa. That way, a woman's chances of having multiple orgasms increases tenfold.

If the guys don't mind being in close proximity of each other, then each one can suck a nipple or take turns kissing her body all over.


Even if you think you know each other really well, condoms are your friend and you should use them. You should have enough around so that condoms can be changed often. It's possible that the woman may not want to suck on a condom that has been inside her.

It takes a little something away from the spontaneity of the sex and, most threesomes don't lend themselves to avid condom use, but I recommend them and you will hopefully use them.

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Are You Afraid Of Women

Are You Afraid Of Women Image
What prevents men from being successful with women? Well, the list goes on and on but one of the elements that TOPS the list is FEAR. There are many different situations that make men feel fear, but I'd like to talk about some of the most common ones and what to do about them.


Do you ever feel FEAR when it comes to women and dating?

Have you ever seen a woman that you'd really like to meet, but you started to feel fear and didn't do anything about it?

Or maybe you were on a date and you wanted to kiss a woman but you felt too afraid because you didn't want to make a mistake and screw up your chances?

Or maybe you even got a woman's phone number, but you were too afraid to call back because you didn't know how to start off the conversation or ask her out?

Cummon, seriously

Have you ever been sitting there with the phone in your hand, dialing a woman's number, but you had to hang up because you were just too nervous to even talk to her?

Or out on a date with a woman, and you wanted to kiss her, but you got so nervous at the thought that you just decided it would be better to forget the whole idea and hope for the best?


By the way, it's not exactly FUN to admit that you're afraid of things.

I'm sure you know that most guys would rather admit in public that they were unsure about their sexual orientation than that they were afraid of women.

Of course, this unwillingness to admit that you have a problem IN THE FIRST PLACE only makes matters worse

If you don't admit that you have the problem, then it's hard to get help and answers to it.

Well, the good news is that you're not alone.

Almost every guy I've known (including myself) has dealt with this issue MANY TIMES with women.

So, STEP 1 is to GET OVER IT. Get over your need to deny that you're afraid. Just admit that you're afraid, and come to grips with the fact that you're human

STEP 2 is to admit that you'd like to get this particular area of your life handled.


Once you realize that it's not that big of a deal, then the improvement can start. On the other hand, if you just stay in denial about it, you'll probably just look for new tricks and techniques to use on women which, of course, won't lead to any REAL improvement.

I personally think that one of the biggest causes of fear when it comes to situations with women is:


To put it in different words, most guys don't take action because they're afraid that they'll screw up, or that the woman or others around will judge them.

The REAL problem though is that this whole process has become AUTOMATIC, and it happens INSTANTLY the moment most guys see a woman that they'd like to meet. Before they even have a chance to think about the situation rationally, they've become nervous, insecure, and upset.

I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

As humans, we have these incredible minds and bodies, but sometimes they get wired up in ways that aren't exactly useful for the situations that we find ourselves in. Worse, sometimes our cultures, families, or peer groups teach us ways of thinking that just aren't useful at all for what we'd like to accomplish.

Here's something that I realized a few years ago when I was learning for myself how to be successful with women

I thought about this idea that I was having this instant, automatic fear in different situations with women, and that what I was really thinking was "I don't want to screw this up" and "I don't want her to think that I'm a dork"

And all of a sudden something dawned on me:


It doesn't matter what happens, and it doesn't matter what she thinks of me.

I realized that the fears I was experiencing were more from PROGRAMMING than from reality.

So, I started to remind myself as often as possible that the fear wasn't happening because there was any kind of danger and that my objective in a particular situation wasn't to have it turn out perfect, IT WAS TO LEARN.

Think about the difference between doing something because it's important vs. doing something in order to LEARN.

So, for instance, if I saw a woman that I wanted to meet instead of thinking, "OK, I have to say something charming and original so she'll like me and if I screw up I'm going to be embarrassed" - I began to think things like, "I'm going to learn how to get a woman's phone number within a few minutes of meeting her and part of learning this is going to be trying a lot of different things that probably aren't going to work but in the end, it's all going to even out because I'm going to have the SKILL that I want."

See the difference?

Well, let me tell you, that change in attitude made a HUGE impact on my success. I was willing to do and try things that I never would have tried in the past for fear of screwing up

All because I had the attitude of "I'm going to learn something from this and improve my skills and it doesn't matter what happens in THIS PARTICULAR situation", I was able to improve very rapidly.

And the more I began to apply this idea, the more success I had in ALL areas with women from the first meeting, to getting them to go out with me, to taking things to a physical level.

So do this:

Go out RIGHT NOW and start a conversation with a woman.

I don't care if she's attractive or not.

But instead of having the objective of getting a date, have the objective of LEARNING SOMETHING.

In fact, if you REALLY want to improve fast, go spend a day starting conversations with women, but make the commitment to NOT get any phone numbers or dates all day.

In other words, no matter WHAT happens, you can't date any of the women that you meet that day.

See if you can just learn how to do a few simple things like say, "Hi" to every woman that walks by how to maintain eye contact with women until THEY look away and how to end a conversation "too soon" so she feels a natural vacuum and tries to keep it going herself


If you'd like to read more of my personal secrets for overcoming fear, including specific mental exercises and physical drills, then I'd recommend that you download a copy of my online eBook "Double Your Dating". It's full of all my very best thinking on this and many other subjects about success with women.

Just go to here and watch my video presentation.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

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Louise Andree Saulnier - The Yoni Massage For Women

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Hidden Secrets To Read Female Body Language

Hidden Secrets To Read Female Body Language Image
Women's are not unexplained persons that myth you would have you consider. Of course, they have some kind of immeasurable taste of music and a mysterious habit of crying in the movies, but their thoughts surprisingly changes when the subject is related to dating. At that point of time their thinking processes become shockingly straightforward.

And with some practice you can easily learn to read their minds. You can see that women's body language always permits some signs, however, they might try to play calmly, but if you know what you are looking for then their interest in you will always remain dazzling. Given under are some of the body signs to look out.

1. You and that particular female might not have communicated yet, but if she is actually interested in you then she will definitely make it clear. Is she being little louder, and laughing violently? Is she constantly walking past your table when she is quite obvious that this is not the way where she needs to go? If yes, then well done, she is trying out hard to grab your attention.

2. If somebody is interested in you and whatever you say, their focus moves steadily to your left and right eyes. And, when they visualize you, the flipping of their eyes gets more fast, and they start flitting glimpsing at your mouth, wondering the nerve to kiss you.

3. If she is interested in you, she will surely start trying to draw your attention and will consider herself sexiest or most feminine. And, normally she will start touching her hair, playing with them, but you may also find that she begins patting her thighs, or touch her face while she listens to you.

4. Girls cannot keep their hands off from men. If she begins highlighting all her points by fingers to your arm or creating excuses tidying your hair, you may surely notice that you are in there.

5. If a girl is really into you then she will turn her shoulders or will point her knees towards you. And, by efficiently turning her back on others in the room, she makes clear to remain alone with you.

6. Here the thing is not all about her smile, although, it is a very good sign. In fact her lips can tell you so much. If she is biting them or she is playing with them, it is because she must be dreaming what else she can do with it and may be with you.

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Philip Redhead - How To Read Body Language

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Wedding Day Behind The Scenes

Wedding Day Behind The Scenes Image
Wedding Day.....(behind the scenes)

My knees were shaking as I glanced at him, "my ex-boyfriend".. he's with someone, malamang girlfriend nya.

I pretend na di ko cia nakita, but he grabbed my shoulder bag at napalingon ako.. alam ko cia ang humila ng bag ko..
"baliw" (as usual na tawag nya sa akin) at parang wala lang, I said "hi" kanina pa daw nya ako nakita hindi lang daw ako namamansin, sabi ko na lang cencia, I was busy fixing my things, sabay smile.

He asked me if I received the invitation of his wedding..saka ko lang naalala ikakasal na nga pala cia, kelan? 7 days from pa yun ng birthday ko... the man I loved before is announcing the date of his wedding with this curly haired lady in front of me.. the man who's deeply in love with me before..*sigh**..

It's been 3 month since we met, siguro masasabi kong.. I missed him, so much... hindi lang talaga maganda ang naging paghihiwalay namin, may mga bagay talaga na dapat ayusin, mga bagay na nasira sa mga hindi...

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joseph Matthews - Meeting Dating And Seducing Women
Robert Anue - Forbidden Pattern The Gemini
Donald Moine - Going For The Gold In The Selling Game

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Psychology So You Want To Be Pickup Intern

Psychology So You Want To Be Pickup Intern Image
I always love encountering the na"ive beginners who think nothing but good things will result from pledging themselves to a pickup company. Their optimism oftentimes reveals a lot about their warped interpretations of the pickup industry which are the direct result of over-the-top marketing from various programs out there.

Yes, working for a dating coach can help your dating. Yes, you may get to travel. Yes, guys from all over will look to you for advice which may stroke your ego. Yes, you'll get to meet the top coaches from all over the globe. And yes, it may fill up your bank account a bit. The benefits are obvious because those who offer these jobs make sure of it.

But lets be real here - only morons ignore the cons, and highlight the pros when considering a possible job. You're smarter than them so it's time to weigh this opportunity with a realistic perspective.

For all the candidates who have experience in sales, management, marketing, or similar positions that involve maintaining a broad overview of an entire industry - you are ahead of the rest.

Why?Because you understand the meaning of a free market.

For those that don't, there are some difficulties you will encounter should you graduate from student to teacher. Here are examples...

COMPETITIONOut of every moral one can learn by reading "THE GAME: PENETRATING THE SECRET SOCIETY OF PICKUP ARTISTS", this one is overlooked the most. Guys all over have become infatuated by the idea of simplifying the pursuit of pussy. Rarely do they stop to look through the eyes of a businessman. Those that do can see just how vicious this industry can get if you're not careful.

You will endure the good and the bad of competition. Don't kid yourself. So be ready to face the bad. This, in general, may include a variety of censorship, unexpected rivalries, legal mumbo jumbo and the art of keeping it all secret from clientele.

If you find yourself being asked to bash, threaten, or discredit the competition in any way I highly urge you to quit on the spot for the simple sake of protecting yourself from any involvement in legal action from either party. Neglecting professionalism can lead to lawsuits and the last thing you want is to end up being an accomplice, or even the scapegoat.

REPUTATIONEven the most non-confrontational and innocent interns are likely to get sucked into pickup politics the moment they commit to a company. You don't just take on the positive messages that company teaches. You also inherit the skeletons it has hiding in the closet - guilt by association.

Before you sign the dotted line, take a step back, and see just how many bridges that potential boss has burned. Is the company growing from a high demand? Or do they just need reinforcements so they can go down fighting?

Due diligence is your friend. Check out online reviews. See just how many people complained about their services. Read bootcamp reviews (preferably on unaffiliated forums) and take note of the instructor's names - then look to see if those same instructors are available or if they've quit. You'll find a great in-depth index of instructors at DATING SKILLS REVIEW. You'll also find some legitimate stories at PUAHATE.COM but that's definitely full of many shit-slingers too. Furthermore, be equally detailed about the company's interns. How long do most last on average? How quickly do they advance? Ask for a specific to-do list interns must meet in order to upgrade to assistant coach.

Questions will help reveal more too. Don't be afraid to ask why they feel they want "you" on their team. Challenge their methods of choosing new employees, especially if this is your first conversation together. After all, how can they imply "you" are what they're looking for if they don't know anything about you?

ORIGINALITYIn addition, those who are or have been involved with Copyright Law can look at the pickup industry and recognize the ever-expanding gray area - it's a perfect nesting ground for conflict.

Many things taught by modern coaches have been around for ages. But they're marketed as new ideas simply because they've been stamped with a new name.

If I took Johnny, your newborn son, and wrote "Adam" on his forehead, then claimed him as my own, you'd probably have a problem with that. If not, you'd be great for the MAURY SHOW.

Not everyone in this business is a hack. Some just neglect giving credit where it's due. Or they touch on such a common topic that by chance they overlap what a previous coach pointed out.

Also remember that multiple negative reports don't necessarily blacklist a company. Sometimes a jaded keyboard jockey just gives up during a bootcamp and then blames everyone else in a series of complaints under various usernames. Online forums are steroids for excessive opinions and little to no educational material - much like reality shows.

Understand where the company you're thinking of working for resides in relation to this. Knowing such information will help you foresee the chances of winding up in court for promoting something that belongs to someone else. Study them with as much thoroughness as you'd want a hypothetical defense attorney to have when putting together the case that could free you from jail.

INSURANCEEven the most successful guys in this business have told me they have plans to retire. Coaching for a year or two isn't hard. Doing it for a decade or more, constantly reinventing the company, and creating fresh methods are definitely the bigger challenges.

So plan accordingly. Pursue something other than pickup instruction so you can fall back on another skill. While you're young, explore your passions and let pickup be part of your life, not all of it.

When the hype dies down and you've achieved your crazy goals of threesomes and cougars and models, it quickly becomes apparent that the most personal aspects of your life are no longer personal. Some live for the publicity and that's great. But many who have no financial gains from complete transparency find a balance and choose to take back their privacy. Make sure you have that right, rather than being obligated by your boss to exploit every little sexual encounter you have as a cheap marketing tactic.

FINAL THOUGHTSI know this post will potentially trigger negative responses. That's great. I'm glad I, at the very least, challenged your way of thinking. I showed you another view to consider and why. I called "bullshit" on all of the marketing signs with hot chicks that distracted you with boners.

This post is to help you proceed with caution rather than dive in head-first.

And for those of you still fixated on a particular method, remember I did not namedrop anyone. I could've. I have enough ammo to piss off a ton of people in this industry. But why? What's the point?

There are sincere and absolutely brilliant people who specialize in helping others, many of whom I have been privileged enough to call friends. Before you feel the need to be the publicist in defense of your favorite pickup company, remember chances are they have a professional marketing team that'll get far more attention than my crappy-ass blog.

Like every occupation, this one also requires qualifications including but not limited to: having thick skin, a basic understanding of sales, the ability to talk to people you have no intention of sleeping with, a flexible schedule for traveling and long work days, the perseverance to pursue your own relationships amidst the chaos of it all, and the patience for a tedious hazing process during which you build a name for yourself before being knighted as one of the newest instructors.

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Juggler - How To Be A Pickup Artist
Alphahot1 - Hey Do You Want Women To Pick You Up Gift Wrap Technique

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Difference Between Relationship Friendship Do You Know

Difference Between Relationship Friendship Do You Know Image
Everybody in this world wants to know what is the main difference between a close relationship and a close friendship? Generally what we believe is that when your friendship becomes stronger, it turns into a relationship. But in reality this is not true.

Think about your chat & talk daily you have with your friends. You talk with them openly & freely about your life, future and lots of other things. You never feel shy in sharing your problem with your friends and asking for help. This is true friendships that you expect to know everything about each others life.

Now think about a relationship. In a relationship this is our nature that we people keep lot of secrets away from our partner. Sometimes we feel shy in sharing about our problems or previous life with partner. In romance we always try to impress each other. This is the main difference between friendship and relationship. We always think twice before saying anything in relationship but in friendship we talk openly. Yes, we behave like a child in friendship and adult in relationships.

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Healthy Dating And Relationship Tips
Susan Gillpatrick - Common Relationship Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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How To End A Long Term Relationship

How To End A Long Term Relationship Image
While, ending the long term relationship the situation seems to be really very hard for many of us people who are in a relation for quite a longer period of time. But, sometimes a break up occurs in spectacular style just like the people throw the clothes daily. Before, you think to stop the relation, it is very much important to get the clear idea that why you want to finish your romance. The instant reason that comes into your mind sometime may not be the real one. Once you get the clear thought then, the next step you should rake is to end a long term relationship with honesty.

Plan a mutually convenient time for the breakup. It is better to discuss the things by meeting each other rather than ending through the phone. Do not make your partner suspicious. Talk about the things that you have learned and thing about all those memories that you have cherished together. You may become very emotional at that time but respond it according to the needs. It is best for both of you if you are ending the relationship for some right reasons. Otherwise, think it once again carefully.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dean Phillips - How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way Report
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Herbal Seduction Masters Interview

Herbal Seduction Masters Interview Image

I'm 25, living in Austin TX. I've been in the game for about 3 years, tovarying degrees. Right now I barely go out, but back in LA I would often times go out seven days a week and used to teach workshops with Mystery.

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I just started working for a friend who moved his tech company to Austin, and on the side I run my site, I'm actively working on becoming a rapper as well.


I had a huge crush on this girl for three years. I took a certain amount of pride in not going after other girls - I had the AFC mentality that waiting for her to move back to Austin was a romantic thing to do.

In retrospect, of course, it was pretty creepy.

One day, after having this crush for three years, I decided that I had enough and that I needed to change. A friend had showed me ASF a year prior, but not being ready to give up my crush, I had ignored it. I searched for it again, and read it until the wee hours of the morning. That's when I was hooked.

I then got involved with the Austin Society, and got lucky and got a number my first night out. That success gave me the false confidence to press forward through a lot of rejection.


Mystery, Style, and Tyler Durden are probably my biggest mentors. Before moving to Project Hollywood I had a nagging worry in the back of my head that I was nothing more than a tenant. What if I moved there and they wanted nothing to do with me? After all, I'd never met Mystery or Style, and had only briefly talked with TD.

However, as soon as I got there any worries I had disappeared. Mystery began teaching me the first week and we were soon going out every night together as wings. Eventually I started teaching workshops with him, which only furthered my knowledge.

I went out with Style and Tyler less, but both of them taught me more than I can thank them for. Tyler helped me understand the importance of learning the skill, and was a huge motivating factor. He was always brutally honest with his feedback, which was very helpful.

Style also gave me a lot of good advice, and his lifestyle which integrated pickup and his real personality and hobbies inspired me.

It's incredibly important to have mentors. Being around someone teaches a lot more than reading what they write.


The whole game was counterintuitive. It honestly never really occurred to me that I could cultivate any sort of relationship with a stranger. I had never been in a bar or club before the game, and hadn't ever asked a girl for her number. That first number I got just blew away my reality and made me wonder what else I didn't know (the answer: a lot).


Life was fine before, but I never felt like I had much control. If a girl liked me, I could usually guide things in the right direction. However, the girls always picked me - I had no choice in the matter.

I don't really go out anymore. I'm not terribly interested in girls who are into the party scene. But now when I see a girl I'm interested in, I can start talking to her and know that she will be attracted to me. In fact, the process is so internalized and subconscious now that I KNOW that any girl I spend fifteen minutes around will like me.


My biggest sticking point was, and still is, going for the first kiss. I am awful at it. I get nervous and then usually end up finally doing it much later than I should have.

Part of the problem is that I'm much more picky than I deserve to be, and I've never "practiced" with less desirable girls. Oh well - I guess there are worse problems to have.


"When I first met you, I didn't really like you. Now that I get to know you - you're amazing"

I don't know if I actually ever say those exact words, but I love the sentiment. It's one of Mystery's lines. It's usually also the truth, and I love the reaction it gets.

It says

"I am picky"

"I like you for more than your beauty"

"I'm not chasing you"

"I'm honest"

And "I like you"

all in one little phrase.


I wouldn't consider myself a master. I'm not an AFC either, but when I see people like Mystery or Tyler Durden in the field I realize how much better it's possible to be.

There was one set I did in LA that really sticks out in my mind, though. I was at Lotus with Tyler and a bunch of other people. I chatted up the hottest girl in there, and she was head over heels. I had her feeding me sushi that some other guy bought, begging for my number while these tall modely guys begged for hers, and kissed her goodbye. Later I found out that she was a professional model and even had model trading cards that people bought and sold on ebay.

When I got home she had already left a message on my phone. We never ended up seeing each other because shortly after meeting her I got involved with Katya, but she was still calling me even after I moved back to Austin.

That set made it blatantly obvious that I COULD attract any girl. Before pickup, I would have assumed that she would have no interest in even talking to me. Now I walk around with the confidence that I can get any girl, which is a great feeling to have.


I could write a book here. Take a workshop, first of all. I was always too proud to take a workshop. I didn't need to spend money to get good. It's true - I didn't, but I would have gotten much better much faster if I had.

Now I'm fortunate enough to be friends with most of the seminar and workshop people, so I can sit in, but it's not the same. If I could go back and pay to have a real workshop, I'd do it. I had no idea how high quality these programs were (specifically Mystery, RSD, Pickup 101, and The Approach).

After you take your workshop, go out religiously. I taught with Mystery for a while, and the people who got good were the people who applied what they learned.

Also - dedicate your life to it. EVERYONE who has gotten very good has done this. It's equally important to take a step back later and see what's stuck with you. But in the beginning - dedicate your life to it.

I MOVED ACROSS THE COUNTRY to get involved. I had a house in Austin that I kept paying the mortgage on while I was in LA. I literally spent all of my savings on the deposit for my chunk of Project Hollywood and had no idea how I was going to pay the rent when I got there.

You're not going to get good starting out two nights a week on your own. It just won't happen. Surround yourself with people who are GREAT (not your fellow AFC friends who are also learning). Go out a lot.

Pickup is both the hardest skill you'll ever learn and the most important. Everyone I know who is any good will say it's the most important thing they've learned, because it applies to EVERYTHING, not just women. I have better relationships with friends, family, and business associates because of it. Do what it takes to get this.


Inner game is essential, especially as you get later in your game. Don't use it as an excuse, though. I see a lot of guys "working on their inner game" instead of going out. That's crap.

You improve your inner game by being in the field. What would have helped me more? 1000 affirmations saying "hot girls love me" or picking up that model and KNOWING that hot girls love me?

Learning pickup should be the process of amplifying who you are. You're not changing who you are. That's a mistake. You weed out your bad traits and amplify the good ones. Figure out what you like about yourself and what others like about yourself and make THAT be your core.

Habits that you want to kick and that are unattractive need to be minimized or eliminated.

The best way to cultivate a strong inner game is to be out in the field constantly while being hyper aware of everything you do and how it affects others. Every single thing you do or say will get a subtle reaction from everyone in the set. Take note of that.


It was the 2004 pickup summit that I organized (see how involved I got?), and everyone was there. More importantly, everyone was trying to show off.

Thundercat and Cristophe were talking to two girls of a three set. The last girl was facing away from the group and had the coldest body language I'd ever seen.

The One came up to me and pointed her out.

"Dude, that girl is really cold. Try talking to her."

It sounded like a challenge to me. PUAs from all over the world were watching, and I had a lot to prove since I had just moved to ProHo.

I walked up and started talking. She ignored me. I just stacked and stacked and stacked, totally unwilling to walk away as a failure. She didn't acknowledge my presence. In any other situation I would have given up long ago, but too many people were watching.

Finally I said something funny and I noticed that the corner of her mouth, the only part I could see, had broken into a slight smile.

"I caught you!" I said, "You've been sitting here being entertained this whole time while I stand here like an idiot? Forget this"

I started walking away, knowing that she would turn around.

"No wait!"

I turned and saw that she was smiling. She looked embarrassed. We started talking like normal, and she became attracted to me. Hey, who can blame her?

Thundercat, Cristophe, the three girls, and I walked to Mel's as I had gotten used to doing every night.

During dinner I tried to use a new lying game Style had taught me. Unfortunately I introduced it without really knowing how to follow up.

"Did you know that you can tell if someone's lying just by looking in their eyes?"

"Really, how? Ask me something and tell me if I'm lying or not"

Oops. That's not how this is supposed to go. I got an idea.

"Ok. Do you want to kiss me?"


"You're lying."

Really, was there anything else I could say? Kissing's always been my big sticking point, so I figured I might as well practice. She was cute.

"No I'm not."

It was a test. I could now tell that she was attracted.

"Yes you are. And now that you've lied to me, I'm NOT going to kiss you."

There was a pause.

"I'm sorry for lying! I didn't know what to say!"

I shrugged apologetically and kept eating. She apologized a couple more times, now very eager to kiss me.

On the way back up to the house I asked her why she was in a bad mood earlier. It was a guy.

Some guy had chatted her up. She didn't like him, but gave him her number in hopes that it would end the conversation.

It did, but then he called her every day until she finally answered. He badgered her into going on a date with her.

Then he badgered her into being his girlfriend.

She had broken up with him earlier that day and was calling her incessantly. That's why her phone was ringing every few minutes. I answered once and told him I was her new boyfriend and to stop calling. He was furious.

We got up to the house and laid down in the pillow pit. I made out with her, but it wasn't really appropriate. There were 20+ PUAs standing in the living room. Maybe that's why I did it.

It didn't seem to be going as well with Thundercat and Cristophe's girls (maybe they weren't interested in the girls, I dunno), so soon the girls left.

My girl and I called each other a few times, but suddenly she stopped calling back. Oh well.

More than six month later I was eating dinner with Mystery when he got a call from TD.

"Dude tell Herbal to answer his phone. Someone's going to call him."

Sure enough my phone rang. It was that girl. I let it go to voicemail for some reason and her message said :

"Hey Herbal! I'm so sorry I never called you back. I lost your number! I just met your friend Tyler and he used the same tricks on me that you used! We should hang out again! Call me!"

I was dating Katya at the time, so I never called her back. I like that set because I learned a lot. It shows how importance persistence is (both with her boyfriend and me). If I can turn around a set like THAT, I can turn around any set. I probably talked to her back for at least five minutes.

That's a long time when the other person is totally ignoring you.


The biggest problem I have these days if finding girls I'm seriously interesting in pursuing.

As it's become easier to attract higher quality girls, my standards have gone up to match. How many beautiful girls do you know who are interesting and fun to be around, but don't drink or smoke?

Luckily I've got some ideas that I'll be putting into action soon for meeting women like that.


I don't really have any goals within the community now, other than to see my friends who are actively involved in it succeed.

In life I focus on constant improvement. I want my relationships to be better, my business to be better, and for my health to be better.

I was hanging out with JLaix in San Francisco last week and he told me that his goal was to gain proficiency in 10 new areas this year (or was it in six months?) I thought that was a great goal and I might borrow it.

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Attraction Momentum By David Wygant

Attraction Momentum By David Wygant Image
I have a concept, and it goes like this... There's a kind of build-up of attraction that happens when a man and a woman meet. You could say that the more attraction happens, the more attraction it creates. This process happens very differently for men than it does for women. For men, it can happen instantly, and be over instantly. For women, it tends to build up over time, and then go away over time. I call this concept: "ATTRACTION MOMENTUM."

Men are very visual and they are instantly attracted to a woman, sometimes so much so that they lose all sense of reality and their surroundings. Women are initially attracted to a man's looks, but beyond that something else is also happening. Women are also attracted to a man's energy, confidence, the tone of his voice, and the way he listens when they speak.

A woman's attraction to a man is complicated, while a man is overstimulated on the visual side like a giant Scooby Doo. To attract a man, a woman needs to be able to seduce his eyes with her sex appeal. To attract a woman, a man needs to intrigue and seduce her mind.

This is where men lose the connection. They tend to try to "wow" a woman in the same way they would go about trying to impress a fellow man.

Let me go further into this. A good woman friend once told me "The more a man speaks, the drier I get. I wish sometimes he would not say a word so I can remain turned on and attracted to him." This is the cold hard truth. Most men have no idea that in order to create attraction, they need to shut up and listen.

Men tend to try to close a woman by selling themselves to her. What happens in reality, however, is that the more they sell the less the attraction to them becomes. Men are what I call "wing flappers." They think that by trying to impress a woman with their life accomplishments, they will seduce her and attract her... which is far from the truth.

The key to attracting women and creating the "attraction momentum" is a 3 step process.

Step 1 is the initial approach. Women can see you coming from a mile away. They smell you, and if they are attracted to you they want you to approach them. But it is the way you approach that will cause the attraction momentum to either rise or fall.

Men that walk over immediately are ones who tend to be received well by women. Ask any woman what her feelings are about the way a man approaches, and she will tell you that if she hears the "Jaws" theme playing in her head she will lose any of the initial attraction that she was feeling. Most men tend to circle like sharks for hours before they approach, and by the time they finally do approach the woman is turned off by him.

What happens next, i.e., Step 2, is another attraction key that will either raise her level of interest or decrease the attraction.

Most men will talk at a woman with random thoughts. Men tend to speak in random circles... That works in the man world. Take the following example. Two men are sitting in a caf'e watching a game on TV. This is how a conversation would typically go:

MAN 1: "You hungry?"

MAN 2: "Yes."

MAN 1: "Wow! Did you see that throw?"

MAN 2: "Yes, that was great. Hey... Check her out!"

MAN 1: "Hot!"

MAN 2: "Yeah, really hot" So, how's work?"

MAN 1: "Good. Any you?"

MAN 2: "Good. What do you want to eat?"

MAN 1: "Sandwich maybe... Wow! Look at that play."

MAN 2: "Forget the play. Look at her!"

MAN 1: "Hot."

MAN 2: "Yeah, I think I want a sandwich too. Let's order."

So now that you've seen what "man talk" looks like, let's look at the conversation of two women in the same caf'e so you can understand how women react to each other and how they speak to one another.

WOMEN 1: "How was your date last night?"

WOMEN 2: "It was ok."

WOMEN 1: "Just ok? Why? What happened?"

WOMEN 2: "He was really funny, but..."

WOMEN 1: "But what?"

WOMEN 2: "He did something when the waitress came over that really made me think."

WOMEN 1: "What did he do? Was he checking her out?"

WOMEN 2: "I am not sure. I have been running it through my head, and I just can't get a reading on it."

WOMEN 1: "Details please! Let's figure this out..."

Do you see the difference? Women get deeper in one conversation, while men talk in random circles eventually getting back to the original conversation.

So now you can see how attraction momentum works. Men need to learn the trigger points in women... how they think, how they react, and how they speak. Most men will talk to a woman in "man talk" and when they do, they will cause the attraction momentum to go down instead of up.

For every woman that is sitting in a caf'e reading the newspaper, there is a man thinking that he can just walk over to her with some canned line and a few follow-up questions. Men believe that there is an approach that will work in all situations, or that there are custom approaches that will work regardless of what she says. It's that mindset that kills all attraction for women, yet men think that there is some magic approach that will work in all situations.

Men will actually spend time looking for someone who can give them that answer, that "magic approach," so they will be attractive to all women in all situations. Men will use an approach over and over, memorizing it so they can perform it in front of a woman. The truth is that women are looking to connect with a man... not to watch a one man show.

That alone will kill the attraction momentum for women. Women are present in the moment whereas men think about what they have to say.

So let's see how the attraction momentum is killed in a caf'e... and this is after a woman has smiled and checked out the man.

MAN: "Can I borrow a section of your paper?"

WOMAN: "Yes, you can."

MAN: "Are you having a good day?"

WOMAN: "Yes I am... but this story about Iraq is really disturbing."

MAN: "Do you live here?"

WOMAN: "Yes... around the corner. I love this area."

MAN: "What do you do for work?"

See, a man walks over and he has these predetermined questions that he wants to ask her already in his mind. And not once did he pick up on anything that she was saying, which in turn is causing the attraction momentum to go down as each word comes out of his mouth. Because they don't listen, men tend to kill the attraction once they open their mouths. Step 3, therefore, is to remain present in the moment and to listen to what a woman is saying.

There are also many other ways a man can kill attraction.

Another way that a man kills the attraction momentum is when he looks at a woman like a desperate, hungry wolf staring at its next meal. Or when he's out with a hungry testosterone-laden wolf pack, he will poke a friend five times before talking to a woman. Women don't communicate like hungry wolves about to eat a meal.

Women communicate in a whole different language. When they look at a man, they admire a man. They don't look at him like he's about to be put on the grill.

Women like to be looked at a certain way in order to build attraction. By looking at a woman with a very seductive, sexy, George Clooney smile, you will be able to turn her on in ways you've never imagined! In order for attraction to build in a woman, you need to do it slowly and seductively. You also need to jump into her head and start a conversation based on thoughts she's already having. So... how do yo do this?

First, you need to observe what she's doing so you can jump into her head when you talk to her. This way, the conversation is based on something she's already feeling or doing so it's natural. Most men will walk over to a woman and do the exact opposite like the example above. In a second, I am going to show you a conversation that you can have anywhere that will get you to bond with a woman and create far greater attraction than you've ever had before.

The second tip before we go through that conversation, is to keep present in the moment so that the conversation is just an extension of her thoughts. If what you say is an extension of her thoughts, she won't even realize what's happening. She won't have her defenses up, and by doing this you will be bonding with her about the things she's already thinking.

The third, and most important, thing that makes the attraction meter go up instead of down, is to listen and to react to what she is saying. In my earlier example, I talked about two women and how they have a conversation. Women start on a subject and then go deeper into it, creating a bond between them. That is the exact type of bond you need to create with a woman in order to cause the attraction to rise instead of fall.

Most guys when they approach a woman, create a whole new feeling, thought and conversation. Take, for example, a woman who might be eating a peach at a farmer's market. A typical guy will walk over and ask her a question about the weather, instead of picking the obvious thing like I'm about to show you.

Let's take the peach example. You see a woman eating a juicy peach at a farmer's market. So how do you come across as the confident male instead of the bumbling guy that has nothing to say? The first step you've already done, i.e., observed what she's doing. The second step is to walk over immediately. Walk over with authority and confidence. When you approach her, be playful and say:

MAN: "That looks great. Can I have a bite?"

WOMAN: "I don't know... I don't know if I'm in the mood to share today."

MAN: "What, you don't like to share?"

WOMAN: "I love to share, but I don't even know you."

MAN: "What do you need to know in order for me to get a bite of that peach?"

WOMAN: "Well, we could start with your name."

MAN: "So all I need to do is tell you my name, and I'll get a bite of that peach?"

WOMAN: "Maybe..."

MAN: "I'll tell you what. Take me to where you got that peach and I'll get my own.

Then we'll compare and see who got the better peach. We'll go bite for bite.

WOMAN: "You're on...I'll go bite for bite. I believe in my peach."

MAN: "What else do you believe in?"

At this point you've now segued away from the peach, and opened the door to her sharing her thoughts with you. You've also been very playful and you've challenged her. You've turned a simple approach into a fun game. Plus the game was all about something she was already doing. Most men fail to create attraction because they talk in random thoughts, which is not "woman talk." I have found in coaching thousands of women over the last 10 years that the only way to build attraction in a woman is to bond with her in the moment and jump inside her head.

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