Engage With The Reversal By Stephen Nash

Engage With The Reversal By Stephen Nash Cover

I had an interesting conversation the other night that I wanted to share.

Is it just me, or do the best inspirations always come when you least expect them?

Anyway, I am a pretty driven guy - and usually find myself out too late working on projects that interest me. I've been getting interested again in the arts recently, and this guy is a painter friend of mine, who is about to open a gallery show. He's a really cool guy, but a bit clueless when it comes to women.

He's got a cool place to live where he also works, so whenever we meet up we always go to his place so I can see what he's up to.

As usual, anytime I am hanging with a friend, they always 'download' their recent girl dramas. And this time was no different. My friends all get a kick out of my work, and they also know that I LOVE hearing stories from "the field".

He had recently hit up this bar downtown, and wanted to try out some approaches. He's not a PUA per se, but he does like to engage women in conversation. Here's what he told me:

HIM: "Stephen, I know you guys used to script these things to a tee...and I understand that and all, but I discovered that the BEST way to open up a convo is to REVERSE their expectations from the get-go"

ME: "Hmmm...I have this image of you approaching them and pretending to be gay and completely disinterested...true? Please say no..."

HIM: "No way. Not at all. But take the most common scenario, a guy rolls up and says 'Can I buy you a drink?' - right? Isn't that the most common scenario?"

Me: (ugh, he's building a 'yes' tree here...he's a great salesman) YES

HIM: "So, what if you - INSTEAD - said to her: "Hey girls - listen, I've got a little challenge - you up for it? (they always say 'yes'). If you can guess my favorite drink, I will buy you a drink. In fact, I'll give you three shots at it"

ME: Hmmmm...that's interesting...tell me more (aka, YES)

HIM: "Well, it immediately puts a fun frame around the interaction, and separates you from the pack. Isn't that what you're always saying Stephen? AND, I got three numbers last Friday night using JUST this method."

He was and IS right. I was so glad he brought this up, because it is so SIMPLE and useful to guys who dislike routines, but who also want some sort of structure to use when beginning the conversation.

It reminded me of a conversation Style and I had years back at Project Hollywood. We were rehashing an old Ross Jeffries routine that I used to use when I was very new. It goes like this:

"Excuse me. Are you confident enough to accept a sincere compliment from a complete stranger?"

I've always liked this script, and used it for a long time. I even experienced results with it, unlike most who use RJ's stuff.

Style and I however conceived of a new way of wording it - by adding the below to the end.

(after she says 'yes')

"Hey, so am I! You go first"

What you do is completely reverse the expectation and cause her to have to think on her feet. This obviously separates you from 'the pack' while also causing intrigue. She HAS to engage you, as she can't rely on her own bag of tricks.

So, engage her in conversation by using her expectations FOR you. The only difference it - REVERSE this so that you get the advantage.

Take an obvious source of conversation, and simply reverse it on its head so that you are challenging her. Here are some examples (all said with a smile btw...otherwise you'll come off as an ass):

"If I give you guys some cash, do you mind bringing drinks to me and my friends throughout the night? We're really tired and would love to just kick back without running back and forth to the bar"


"Nice bag. Could I borrow it for say five minutes? I want to impress someone"


(if someone is having a cellphone conversation nearby)

(roll your eyes) "Let's pretend to be the other person on the line. We'll take turns. I'll go first: "aah, but I love you Jim, I think about you always..." (turn it into a soap opera)

Be challenging and engaging.


Use something happening and turn it on its head. Instead of asking a lame question about it - turn it into something USEFUL.

If you're looking for even more ways to engage women in any/all situations, then you've really got to check out my ebook. If you haven't yet downloaded it, it's pretty important that you get up to speed soon. Click the link below and get started ASAP.

See ya next week,

Stephen Nash has put his tactics on building an attractive lifestyle and persona into How To Get A Girlfriend, now in it's 3rd edition. It contains expanded information on approaching, natural conversation skills, building social circles, and a lifestyle that attracts women to you.

Click here to download it and be studying within minutes.

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Are Gorgeous Men Faithful

Are Gorgeous Men Faithful Cover

Reader question:

I am currently dating a guy who is ridiculously gorgeous. We've been together for a couple of months and, although I'm pretty sure he likes me a lot, I get the feeling he's leading me on. Why? Well, he always flirts with my friends and always jokes about having an "open" relationship.

When we're alone, though, he makes me feel so special. Am I kidding myself that this guy is faithful or will remain faithful? Should I just leave him and find someone new? Is there something I can do to hook him so that he only wants me? Please help!

"R Don Steele's answer:

"Well, he always flirts with my friends..."

Good looking men flirt, period. Why? Because they can and women like it and that feels good and reassuring to both the man and the woman! If you want this to stop, you must tell him something like "Jim when you flirt with my friends it hurts my feelings. I'd appreciate it if you didn't."

This must be said when the 2 of you are relaxed and nobody is around. It must be a gentle request not an order or an ultimatum. If he replies with "Oh for God's sake I'm not serious", or some other way of not listening with respect, I want you to say something like, "I know, honey, and it does bother me a lot. I'd really like it if you didn't".

His response to that will let you know. I don't mean just his words; I mean if he does not stop, you are not important to him. I suggest one more try, however, this time with a tinge of anger in your voice. about it should go something like this: "Jim, it really hurts me when you flirt with my friends. Please stop." You know what to do if it does not stop.

"... and always jokes about having an "open" relationship."


Again, you must share with him that it hurts your feelings and say what you want. Be sure to add, "I only want to be with you. I love you and adore you." Just like with the flirting, if he comes back with, "I'm just kidding, can't you lighten up?" You come back by simply repeating the request. And if it doesn't stop, you know what to do.

Suggested free e-books to read:

William Cobbett - Advice To Young Men
Brian Tracy - Create Your Own Future
Martin Merill - Make Women Laugh

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25 Points Tyler Durden

25 Points Tyler Durden Cover
Tyler Durden from RSD gets a really bad rap from Neil Strauss in The Game. I really think it's because TD was probably the only guy Style felt inferior to in it. But then again, it's a novel, and there have to be some good guys and some bad guys. Had a friend who went to a RSD seminar and heard TD speak about the book and he said that its probably one of the best things to have happened to him and really helped his business.

Here's TD's oft quoted 25 points post that points out mistakes he sees guys repeatedly making in field

Tyler says: This is some of the main shit I focus on fixing when I'm in the field. Almost EVERYONE I met so far screws up this shit, and it totally fucks up their sarges.

Source: fastseduction.com post by Tyler

Taught a few hundred guys by now just from meeting guys through PAIR and in workshops recently, and this is the shit that ups their game instantly with no tactics or anything. I see this shit ALL THE TIME. It's the BIGGEST and most COMMON problem I see after everyone I've met. This is some of the main shit I focus on fixing when I'm in the field.

Almost EVERYONE I met so far screws up this shit, and it totally fucks up their sarges.

If you do this, don't feel bad. 99% of guys I meet do it to various extents (myself included).

This is the extension of the "10 alpha qualities" post, which was when I was first figuring out what this shit meant. Back then, I was just posting observations. This post contains conclusions, having now thought about it.

ERADICATE this shit, and your game will go up B-I-G-T-I-M-E, more than ANY tactics will help you. This is part of what's called being a "natural". Even with nothing else, if you know this stuff you'll do well socially, and probably get laid. This stuff is the KEY.

This stuff is only for people who play the REAL game, not the INTERNET ARMCHAIR GAME. So guys who don't actually PLAY can skip this, because there's not much theory in it - its directly applicable.

1) FIDGETY MOVEMENTS AND TIGHT SHOULDERS AND TAKING YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY OR BEING TOO BUSINESSLIKE OR "SOPHISTICATED" (not laughing or being relaxed) = very visible subconsious (or conscious) self-doubt, overcompensating through non-relaxed state, where you're prepared to deal with anything that could happen. Ever met someone who doesn't blink when you talk to them?

2) TALKING TOO FAST = worried that people will stop listening to you unless you get out something that will interest them before they leave

3) LAUGHING AT YOUR OWN JOKES = covering up that you aren't affected that others didn't laugh, and social nervousness

4) SAYING "RIGHT" OR "YOU KNOW" AFTER STATEMENTS = seeking validation that what you said was true, or saying it because others aren't

5) STANDING WITH LEGS NOT HALF A METER APART AT LEAST = worried that you'll infringe on other people's personal space

6) TALKING TOO SOFTLY OR LOUD = fear that you'll impose yourself on people and their personal space(ie: beta).. alpha males aren't afraid to project their voice.. YET, talking obviously too LOUD can also be seen as OVERCOMPENSATING. Just like guys who wear GENERIC clothes are trying to fit in, or guys who wear OUTRAGEOUS clothes are trying too hard to overcompensate. (hint: be careful with peacocking, find a style that doesn't come off this way, which can be tricky but is still very doable).. Some guys don't talk, some talk too much, etc etc.. Find appropriate balance through trial and error, which is determined through social observation,

7) MOVING YOUR HANDS AROUND WHILE YOU TALK = trying to keep the attention of the group (sometimes can be cool, but most often a form of qualifying yourself)

8) LEANING IN *or* 'PECKING' = too eager to talk.. NEVER lean in no matter how loud the environment is MAKE HER LEAN IN or just leave but NEVER lean in or "peck" as its also called.

9) FACING BODY/FEET TOWARDS HER BEFORE SHE EARNED IT = trying to gain rapport with her too eagerly.

10) CHASING WHEN SHE WALKS AWAY = hoping she'll listen. If a chick moves away from you, move your bodylanguage MORE away from her, so she'll be drawn back.. don't CHASE her... WTF?!@?!?


12) ANSWERING QUESTIONS TOO QUICKLY/EARLY = too much interest in the conversation

13) TURNING YOUR HEAD (OR "SNAPPING") WHEN YOU'RE ADDRESSED = too eager to be in convo.. so if your head is facing the other direction, and a girl says something to you, turn it SLOWLY to her, don't snap it out of eagerness to hear her

14) GOING BACK TO A PRIOR THREAD THAT WAS INTERUPTED AT THE FIRST CHANCE/BREAK-IN-CONVO THAT YOU GET = trying too hard to impress them.. (ie: when a thread gets broken off in the convo, and you go back to it FIRST chance you get when the other topic ends, you look like you were WAITING to get back to it.. WHY are you so eager to get back on it, unless you don't feel comfortable around the person and you need to qualify yourself to them?) WAIT until THEY say "what was that you were saying before?", and THEN go back to it.. if it doesn't happen, *DROP IT* even if it was good.

15) NOT APPEARING MORE INTO YOUR WINGMAN THEN THE CHICK = trying too hard to pick her up.. you've known your wingman longer than her.. why do you pay more attention to her than your wing?

16) TOO EAGER TO PAY ATTENTION - SAYING "what?" IF YOU CAN'T HEAR HER, PRIOR TO BEING IN RAPPORT = too much interest in what she's saying.. if she mumbles, just STACK OPENERS into an entirely DIFFERENT topic, RATHER than saying "what?" This is fucking KEY KEY KEY. If you say "what?" you'll lose her unless you're already past attraction and into rapport. If this happens, just run a new opener and change the topic. 1- you don't look too eager, 2- you look alpha for being disinterested in what she's talking about which helps anyway

17) REPLYING WITH OVERLY THOUGHT-OUT OF LOGICAL ANSWERS OR WITH OVERLY CLEAR/FORMAL PRONUNCIATION = being concerned that you won't be accepted unless you convince really well (eg. HB: why did you ask me that... RIGHT = I'm talking. (sit and stare) WRONG = because I really need to know since I've been thinking about this for a while.. the FIRST one conveys that you won't qualify yourself to her)

18) TAKING TOO MANY SENTENCES TO STATE AN IDEA THAT COULD BE STATED IN LESS SPACE = qualifying yourself. Commander Zap emails me a few months ago: "Remember TD, don't write what you can say, don't say what you can wink, don't wink what you can smile" TIGHT. The shorter you can explain something in, the more PROFOUND you'll appear. Why? You're not qualifying yourself. (ironically I'm massively guilty of this, due to the fact that I post when I'm really tired - see #21 to spot what was wrong with this last sentence)

19) BEING BOLD INSTEAD OF CONFIDENT = that you know that you can't pick her up, so you compensate with self-defeating actions so that the snub can be on "your terms". Saying "I'm sexy right?" or "baby I want some of that" or even just approaching when the logistics are totally unrealistic is too eager, because a CONFIDENT person wouldn't feel the NEED to say these kinds of things.. these things are symptoms of OVERCOMPENSATION for INSECURITIES.. which leads to..........

20) OVERCOMPENSATING INSECURITIES = fear of not being accepted. Have you ever met a janitor who the first thing he says is "money is over-rated.. I would never get caught up in the corporate world" blah blah.. if they'd have just said "I'm a janitor" and LEFT IT AT THAT we wouldn't have even THOUGHT that anything was wrong with it.. but because they INSTANTLY start overcompensating, it comes off as overcompensating or qualifying. Same with if they BRING IT UP TOO EARLY. Like "hey, I'm Steve.. I'm a janitor and I love it".. They're TRYING to be cocky but it comes off as COMPENSATING. BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF. If you're BALD, don't say "would you love a bald man?" as a pickup line. It's not COCKY.... its BOLD. If you're bad looking, don't say "don't you think I'm sexy". Just be comfortable with yourself, and don't bring up the issue at all.

21) OVERCOMPENSATING FAILURE OR SHORTCOMINGS = fear of being judged.. if you do poorly on a presentation, or on a sarge in front of a wingman, or on a test, DO NOT SAY DUMB SHIT LIKE "I'm really tired". EVEN IF you're ACTUALLY really tired, the mere act of saying "I'm tired" comes off as QUALIFYING yourself to the person. Just don't bring it up. If you have shitty clothes on, don't say "I have nicer clothes at home." Just don't bring it up. If you meet a girl when you're dressed bad, don't say "I have the coolest club clothes at home" Just don't bring it up.

22) GOING BACKWARDS IN THE PICKUP ON HER SCHEDULE = too eager to lay her.. if you've already GONE THROUGH the whole "let's ballbust and shit test eachother" attraction phase of the pickup, and you're now in RAPPORT -> if she tries to ballbust you at this point then just WITHDRAW ATTENTION. DO NOT BALLBUST BACK. It seems COUNTER INTUITIVE, but once you've gone through that whole little attract phase, and you're now being nice to eachother in rapport, DO NOT let her rewind the sarge by answering her ballbusting with ballbusts of your own. Just withdraw attention, to show that you're not interested in going BACKWARDS in a sarge.

23) WAITING FOR HER IF SHE LEAVES FOR ANY REASON (LIKE SAYS "I'M GOING TO THE WASHROOM, WAIT HERE) = too eager and into the convo.. if she goes to the washroom, make sure you're into another set by the time she gets back.

24) OVERLY REMEMBERING DETAILS ABOUT PAST CONVOS = convo means too much to you, because the person has unusual value to you (ie: a hot chick). Of course, I'm not advocating to be a total dick, but the general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't have remembered a FAT CHICK or a GUY saying it, then don't remember the HB9 chick saying it. If some random dude said it and you would have remembered, then FINE. If you were in an unusually intimate convo that's also fine. But otherwise FAKE forgetting, even if she's a model and you remember every word. Even forget her name. If you see a random chick from your class or work, but you never talked to her, OPEN LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW HER. Don't give into the temptation to say "we work together". Just open like a random chick, and maybe if you get snubbed then pull out that card to save face, but only as a LAST RESORT.

25) OFFERING TOO MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF TOO *EARLY* = too eager to make them like you.. subcategories of this are:

A) Verbally: if you say to a chick "yeah, I just got back from NYC (or any cool place that would impress)" or "yeah, I just got my Rolex fixed", or "yeah, my stripper ex-girlfriend told me..." then she PICKS UP on the fact that you're trying too hard to impress her.. Same with NAME DROPPING.. DON'T GIVE GIRLS YOUR RESUME TOO EARLY.. Personality conveying routines should convey personality COVERTLY, so it looks like the story is just SO COOL that its WORTH TELLING on its own accord, and it just HAPPENS to have some good things about you in it. When offering good things about yourself, don't offer boring details. Say it with less detail, and it seems less eager. INSINUATE THAT WHICH YOU ARE TEMPTED TO ELICIDATE (holy shit, I just made up that last catchy sentence, but I've gotta say that I'm the shit.. right?)

B) Entertaining: If you have stuff like patterns, or the CUBE, or magic, or photos, or palmreading, and you do this EARLY, it comes off as TRY-HARD. Personally I don't use any of these things, but alot of guys do, and when they bust them out prior to the chick EARNING it, it comes off TRY-HARD. Use the stuff LATER, but not right away.

C) Wanting rapport with someone who didn't earn it: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? I swear to god, almost *EVERY* PUA I meet live in field does this shit, and its SUPER LAME. Going up to a chick and saying "nice necklace" or "what's your name" or "where did you get that?" is FUCKING DORK SUPER LAME. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE ABOUT THIS STUFF FROM A R-A-N-D-O-M PERSON? The counter argument to this is that you're not hiding your desires blah blah blah she's a hot girl and she should be happy that you're approaching, but this is INTERNET RHETORIC.. and this approach is STILL hiding your desires behind the GUISE that you're nice, so even if the rhetoric was true, it would STILL be ineffective... In the INTERNET ARMCHAIR GAME this stuff is FINE, but in the REAL FIELD GAME this shit screws you over before you've even started gaming. It's fucking bullshit, and NOBODY who isn't very goodlooking or socially proofed (or whatever high value) PRIOR to going in, can make this kind of approach work consistently on HB8.5+ chicks. TRYING FOR RAPPORT TOO EARLY IS QUALIFYING YOURSELF TO HER BECAUSE SHE HAS NOT EARNED IT.

D) Talking without feedback: When you're talking to someone, and they don't give feedback, and you're talking and talking, you BETA YOURSELF. It's a DOWNWARD SPIRAL, where you start talking TOO MUCH, and you SENSE that you're qualifying yourself, so you overcompensate EVEN MORE by TALKING and TALKING more and more.. Then you feel more and more beta'ed because you qualified yourself, and you're left treading water, grabbing at ANYTHING that will impress the person, so you keep talking in hopes of saying that one thing that will impress them. AVOID this by not talking too much unless THEY give some feedback. IN THE FIELD you do this by PAUSING and FORCING them to fill in the awkward gaps.

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Act Like A Lady Get What You Want

Act Like A Lady Get What You Want Cover
"We want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed."

LUDACRIS, from the USHER song "Yeah!"

It is a man's mission to be with a woman, and it is your mission, in turn, to end up with a good man. But the problem with most women nowadays is that they feel the need to mask their femininity as though it's some kind of psoriasis. But believe me when I tell you that the key to attracting men, is to act like a lady.

The sooner you learn to embrace the fact that you should not only embrace the woman you are, but act like a lady, the sooner you will begin to attract the gentleman of your dreams.

It seems that women have forgotten what has gotten them this far in their journey to be the "It" gender. What you need to do is go back to your roots and remember what it was like in the days of Jackie Onassis... it's time you went back to behaving like real ladies.

And here's how you can act like a lady.



Flattering a man in an original way that is based on his intelligence or strength will always make him putty in your hands. Flattery works when you want to change a subject, get your way or even ask for a favor. Learn how to make him feel like gold with your compliments and he will, in turn, buy you some.



Even if he thinks knock-knock jokes are hilarious and continues to use them throughout the evening, make sure to act like a lady by laughing at his jokes and feel free to throw in a mild touch of his shoulder, accompanied by an "Oh, you're so funny!"

Remember that women place "sense of humor" at the top of their list of "What I look for in a man." He knows because he reads all these dumb studies and believes them.



Is this a contradiction in terms, you wonder? Well, not really. We all know that showing off an abundance of skin is never the right way to go if you want to give off the right impression with a man.

Always wear heels and skirts on dates, and unbutton only the fist two buttons of your button-down shirt. If you want to act like a lady, a bare torso and everything-but-the-nipple are unacceptable.



Although he might grumble about it, men love it when you ask them to perform certain small tasks. It can be something as simple as getting you a cup of coffee. When you ask a man to do you a favor, his mind tricks him into believing that you're worthy and he ends up liking you more.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Debra Benton - How To Act Like A Ceo
Kurt Mortensen - Persuasion Iq The 10 Skills You Need To Get Exactly What You Want
Steve Harvey - Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

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Attention To Detail By Kezia

Attention To Detail By Kezia Image
When asking a handful of men to describe a particular man after he has left the room, most men would probably say

"Blonde guy in a black a jacket and jeans"

Where as a woman would describe him as

"Good looking in a metro sexual kind of way"

"Wearing a wine colored polo neck"

"He had a nicely cut jacket perhaps made of tweed and has buttoned down pockets"

"Fairly loose fitted dark denim jeans"

"Has dark blonde hair"

"Pointed shoes"

"He was around 24"

"Could be Scandinavian but if not is probably from New York"

"Probably has a girl friend, might be gay"

Get the picture? What I'm trying to say is this

Woman observe detail, men prefer to see the big picture. (Unless it's cars where men usually win hands down)

Men prefer to be factual; things are often black and white, good and bad, rich and poor.

Where as the average woman tends to see the individual stitches in life's rich tapestry,

For example if I ask a man about his friend, he will tend to say things such as "he's an outgoing guy", or he is "funny" or he's "confident". Where as woman, when asked about her girlfriends will usually give you her friends list of good points, her bad points, her relationship details and that's all before she has even started on the topic of discussing her friends sense of fashion.

Why is it like this? Who knows? But it is.So lets get on with the more important issue of how this piece of information can help you guys when it comes to..


First of all assumptions are one of the 9 hook leads I teach in conversation skills, it is one of my favourites and its power should never be underestimated. But there is as with most the hook leads I teach a right way to do it and wrong way,

When guys make assumptions to woman they are usually a little vague, and might be seen as a fairly sweeping statement, where as a detailed assumption will produce better results (even if wrong!) This is the beauty of assumptions; the "wrong one" can be very playful if detailed!


A badly done assumption

"Where do you live?"

"Chelsea" (this is a very upmarket part of London where girls who live here tend to have a lot of money and a lot of time on their hands!)

"So you must like shopping"

Ok, lets break this down. He has made a vague assumption and to be honest, which girl does not like shopping? In her head she's thinking a few things.

"Yeah and..I like shopping bravo, you must be a psychic NOT!"

Also she thinking he has made little or not effort to get to know who she really is and that he probably says this to other girls all the time.


"Where do you live?"


"So you like shopping, but I bet although you like shopping you would never dream of going to those summer sales! All those people fighting over a Gucci bag is just not your style"


"So you like shopping, but I reckon you're a careful shopper who knows they can shop at Tiffany's if they wanted but prefers to haggle in the markets, searching for a priceless bargain"

Now I have given these exact lines to students who really had impressive results, both assumptions are the complete opposite one happened to be fairly accurate with one girl and the other was totally wrong. But the girls both laughed, and responded well by explaing themselves and how they were "exactly" like that or how they were "not like that all"(giving valuable information to the guy about who they were, whilst he's just absorbing all these wonderful hooks they are giving him to work from"

You see, he tailor made the assumption for them, he spoke to them with detail and in doing this he made them feel like an individual, and in turn they will see him as an individual rather than just another guy making vague conversation in the hope that the conversation might turn interesting,

Another point I wish to make with detail in assumption or if you haven't noticed yet "detailed cold readings" is that guys also come across more confident and alpha, as they show they are not afraid to do this detailed cold reading and also do not mind having quite a lot of attention on them so early on in the interaction.

Attention to detail can be used also in other hook leads such as anecdotes and compliments.

Here are some other detailed assumptions:

"Whats your favourite film?"

"Dirty dancing"

"I bet your favourite scene is not the one most girl like, where he's dancing at the end with her I reckon, hmmm your favourite scene I the bit where etc etc"

"Where did you go on holiday"?


"I would say, judging by your tan you probably initially wanted to see the museums and shops but when you got there you thought, nah, I'll just lie on the beach all day and make my friends jealous when they see my tan

So remember, attention to detail will make her feel you see her as an individual and in turn make her see you as an individual.

See it through a woman's eyes next time round.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Attraction And How To Create It
Tony Horton - Nutrition Guide Daily Journal

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How To Get A Beautiful Girlfriend

How To Get A Beautiful Girlfriend Image
Getting a girlfriend is not a big deal. However, it is a big deal for those who do not have one. There are many people who spend hours on internet to know the basic qualities of men that can help to get girlfriend. First of all, we would like to break your one biggest notion. Do you think that girls like only handsome men? If yes, then you are absolutely wrong. In day-to-day life, we can see many couples where girls got the boyfriends who are not handsome at all.

Getting a girlfriend depends on various factors, like your personality, attitude, approach, thinking, life, etc. If you got anything wrong out of these things, then try to work on it. A wrong approach or way of talking can decrease your chance to have a girlfriend. Before choosing a boyfriend, girls always make sure that you deserve her and she will be safe with you financially, emotionally and physically. In order to win her confidence, you have to show your overall personality to her. So, be a man and jump in the arena of world where all beautiful women are waiting for you.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Lou Paget - How To Be A Great Lover
Peter Latourette - How To Meet Beautiful Woman
Peter Latourette - How To Meet Beautiful Women

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Ways To Understand Men Ways To Make A Relationship Last

Ways To Understand Men Ways To Make A Relationship Last Image
Men are a mystery. Oftentimes, women are left to wonder and confused about how men act and behave. The differences between the two sexes are pole apart making it hard for the females to know what men want from men.

What men want from women? Sometimes this question has no answer and that would be even harder to understand men and how their mind work. However, you do not need to be all that disappointed if you do not know what men want from women. Oftentimes, it's the littlest thing that has been staring women at the eye, and they just haven't figured it out yet. To help you better understand men, here are some of the things to aid you in knowing what men want from women.


If you want to know what men want from women, it is that they want to feel and know that they are the man. All men have their own ego they have to feed, and you have to help him feed it; by making him feel that he is in charge. Do not underrate him; let him have his way once in a while, that's his alpha male speaking.

Understand men have this feeling that they want to be the one to provide and secure his family. He wanted people to know that and be looked up for being able to provide. Never treat him like how you would treat your girl friends or it will mean war. Let him make you happy, by doing so, he will be happy.


Understand men have a thing for respect. Everyone does so respect his boundaries and what he stands for and he will respect yours. If you constantly nag him about his imperfections, then you are not just hurting his ego, you are disrespecting him. Do not just look at the things that he does not do well, be proud of him and make sure that he knows that.


What men want from woman is someone who shows emotional support. Do it by telling him encouraging words whenever you feel that he needs it. A simple gesture also shows that to him, a soft touch that will tell him that you know that he can do it will work. Understand men need to know that you are loyal to him and will never leave him.


Insecurity is rust to a relationship. It will eat you whole and before you know it, the relationship has already ended. Have your own life and get your own set of friends and activities that will keep you busy. Likewise, understand men need to feel secure that he is the only one in your life. Let them know what is happening to you and do not hide things from him that will let him think otherwise.

There are many other things to understand men, but basically, what men want from women is a woman who is headstrong but loving; let him have his way at the same time supports him and appreciates his whole being, weakness, strengths and everything in between.

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Beyond Words Subtext 101 By Cajun

Beyond Words Subtext 101 By Cajun Image
Alright gather around everyone, its time for acting 101: Subtext!

What is subtext? For acting, subtext is the underlying meaning behind spoken words as interpreted by an actor. What does that mean? Basically you're adding additional meaning to your spoken words by the way you say them. I'll give you an example:

Lets say I have the following (cheesy) script for a scene I'm about to act in:

JOHN and MARY are alone in the bedroom. Mary is upset and John is comforting her.

"John: Mary, everything is going to be ok, I just want you to know that I love you."

Now if I'm going to play JOHN in this scene there is a lot of information I'm going to need in order to apply the proper subtext to my dialogue. Things like:

What is the relationship between John and Mary?

If they are siblings then the line would be spoken much differently than if they were lovers.

What happened just before?

What if this scene took place right after they had sex?

How would you reflect that in the above line of dialogue?

This is all information that can be implied with the proper subtext.

So.what does this have to do with game? EVERYTHING!

I tell students all the time "It doesn't matter WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it" Women are MASTERS at subtext, they know that there is loads of information hidden in the way something is said. That's why women can get so bitchy over seemingly trivial things that guys say; they know what were thinking!

So how do you use subtext effectively? Well I'll give you an example of something I do.

So let's say you're in a venue gaming and you see a great set. Now in any given set at the venue, realistically, the subtext of the dialogue you exchange with them is going to be "I'm trying to win you over and make you like me." A lot of guys subconsciously use this subtext when they open and are often blown out. Why? Because the women read into your subtext and knew exactly what you were doing, this is why you will hear "Is that a line?" often, even if she hadn't heard it before.

A better way to approach is to use the subtext of your opener. This is how most successful puas operate. For instance, my opener involves me asking girls if I look like a drug dealer, so the subtext is simply that its bothering me that I look like a drug dealer and I need their opinion. When I say the opener I put myself in the mind frame that it JUST happened to me so that my subtext is believable. This is what I did for a long time and its how I got good at opening but its boring and doesn't really create attraction.there is a better way.

Before I continue, a disclaimer: I am an actor and use my acting abilities whenever I can if it benefits me, so you can bet your ass that I act when I'm in set. If you have a problem with that or think that it's unethical theatrics and trickery best left for the gypsies then just stop reading now before you get upset.

The best way to approach, in my experience, is to look at the venue as a stage (stop laughing) and look at each set as a scene you can enter into. Instead of using the above mind frames when opening I'm going to use the subtext of a completely made up scenario that makes me exude attractiveness. So I'm going to enter into the set under the subtext of "I just slept with all of these girls" and I will communicate that to them by the way I speak, not by the words I'm saying. All of my dialogue will remain the same as it normally was.

So what happens? Remember how I said women are MASTERS of subtext? Well in this case, you're going to be glad they are. If you're good at subtext (Take acting and improv lessons!) they are going to catch on very quickly and you will create attraction almost instantaneously. Women LOVE guys that they cant quite figure out, so if you go in acting like you just slept with them then you are basically a social enigma, which is like crack to them.

When students ask me things like "I don't understand, you were talking to them about robots for 3 mins and then all of a sudden they were making out with you, how the hell did that happen?" Using subtext is how it happened. You don't always have to use the subtext of "I just slept with these girls" you can use whatever you want, but this one works very well and I've had a lot of success with it.

Subtext is one of those things that's pretty hard to grasp through reading. That's one of the reasons why I created the DVD set "Beyond Words" so you can visually see it. You can see me teach in more depth other non-verbal techniques to attract women using your body language.

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Men Who Clean Get Laid

Men Who Clean Get Laid Cover
According to an Oxford economist, if a man wants to get laid for a long time to come, he'd better start cleaning the house and helping with the kids.

An Oxford study suggests that men who live in Great Britain, the Scandinavian countries or the United States are more likely to get married or live with a woman because they are more likely to help around the house.

Australian men, not so much. Those lazy bastards.

The study discovered that women who lived in less egalitarian countries were about 20% to 50% less likely to be living with or married to someone. It's no surprise. Considering women work and raise kids, it would be almost impossible to do it all without any help.

What woman wants to get married only to have kids and have to raise them on her own, clean the house daily, buy all the household items, and work, and let the guy "do his thing"? That's insane.

So if the men of the world want to live with someone or get married at any point in their lives, they better be willing to help around the house and be very present in their children's lives.

Pick up a broom; it might get you laid.

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Dating Tips Does He Love Me

Dating Tips Does He Love Me Image
Because your man fails or doesn't express himself all the time to you, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. If he tells you about his love towards you once in a week or in a month, don't doubt or surprise. In spite of surprise or doubt enjoy it thoroughly. He may not say "Love You" often, but his action, nature; attitude will speak for him a lot.

When a man loves, he will support his beloved and always give 100% in relationship. He will ask you about your objectives or problems if you have any, will try to achieve your target and help you to overcome the problem.

Love might be intense, complicated, tough, confusing. The most important thing to remember is good communication, speak openly and ask as many questions you can, if something hurt you, do speak up, but listen as well and try to understand the situation.

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Men Get Stupid Talking To Hot Women

Men Get Stupid Talking To Hot Women Image
New research shows that men who spend even just a few minutes talking to an attractive woman don't perform very well on tests designed to measure brain function than those who are in the company of a woman they don't find attractive.

Researchers who carried out the study, which was published in the" of Experimental and Social "think that it's because men are busy trying hard to impress the attractive women so they have little brain resources left to do anything else.

These findings are likely going to make it near impossible for a hot woman to get a job now. The last thing an employer needs is a bunch of brain dead men with hard ons trying to impress the hot chick making copies.

In a shocking twist of events (not really), women were not affected by chatting up good-looking men.

The idea for this study came about when one psychologist at Radboud University in the Netherlands couldn't remember his address when an attractive woman he had never met before asked him where he lived.

40 male heterosexual students were used in the test, and time and time again, they scored lower and lower on a test after chatting up a woman they found to be attractive.

Now that's quite the weapon to have in your arsenal. If you're a salesman and want to rip off clients, take a hot chick with you to close your sales.

But psychologist DR. GEORGE FIELDMAN, said that the findings only reflect men's animal instincts. "When a man meets a pretty woman, he is what we call 'reproductively focused'."

For women, they want more than just good looks - wealth, youth and kindness are part of the package, that's why our brain function isn't affected when we meet a McDreamy.

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Online Dating Tips For College Students

Online Dating Tips For College Students Image
As the technology is getting advanced day by day, internet is also receiving huge popularity from the people all over the world. This service has definitely made the individuals crazy. You can now easily connect with your loved ones anywhere can also interact with them through online as well. As a guy, you can easily move towards and communicate with more girls by online in one day than you ever can in an entire week usually. This is evidence that so many dating websites have been created and the success has also shown a good result.

Meeting on an internet simply reverses the series of those two events that actually build up a connection first and then see if you are attracted physically at the time when you meet. One of the main benefits is that you will start learning as how to communicate with others. A lot of times, the physical attraction also get in the way of communication that just leads to a burn up down somewhere. It can be very painful and disappointing for both the girls as well as boys. So, one should be very careful while dating on an internet through online.

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Coffee Defines Your Personality

Coffee Defines Your Personality Cover
Body language experts, Judi James and James Moore, authors of" You "believe that your cup of coffee actually emits a hidden message about you to those around you.

ESPRESSO DRINKER: Moddy, hard-working and are leaders who have fast goals. Espresso drinkers are experienced and exciting as lovers, but are not reliable or loyal.

BLACK COFFEE DRINKER: Has a no-frills approach to life and can be quiet and moody. They're all about minimalism.

LATTE DRINKER: The metrosexual of coffees, these types have an overwhelming need to be liked and, although they may come off as hot shots, they have a very immature side to them.

CAPPUCCINO DRINKERS: These folks enjoy sex immensely but become easily bored by unimaginative partners.

DECAF SOY MILK DRINKER: Attention seekers with tendencies to be picky, fussy and irritable in the bedroom. Hmm, sounds like a party.

And for those who just don't like coffee, the news isn't good. This means that you're afraid of life. No seriously, if you don't drink coffee, you haven't been living all this time.

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Dating Book Review Boundaries In Dating

Dating Book Review Boundaries In Dating Cover
Boundaries in Dating By Henry Cloud & John Townsend

Henry Cloud and John Townsend claim that character, not method, is the real key to finding a quality partner. If you have good character, then just about any matchmaking methodology will work.

If, on the other hand, you have problems relating to others or are simply a rotten person, then no method you attempt to adapt will help you to overcome these handicaps.

Of course, those who aren't nice to begin with but know how to manipulate people may be able to scam a few people here and there, but more often than not, this always leads to big trouble in relationships" in "describes where boundaries are needed, ways to set them, and how to enforce the consequences when they are violated.

Personally, this all sounds a bit controllish to me, but the authors view these things as tools that reveal someone's true character.

Of course, as good Christians, the authors are not insinuating that you dismiss someone for treating you badly. If the person shows remorse for hurting you, they should be given another chance.

If you want to believe that being yourself is your best bet for fining the perfect person for you, then perhaps Boundaries in Dating might teach you something you need to know before you head out there to find love.


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How To Recognize If Your Social Status Is Being Challenged

How To Recognize If Your Social Status Is Being Challenged Image
(NOTICE: This is an ongoing project of ours into the research of testosterone, social status, and your body. You may notice that this research CONFIRMS many of the things that you may have already THOUGHT you knew)

Social Status is defined by each encounter you have with other people. Specifically with guys, your status is typically defined by your interactions with other guys.

You can either be dominant or submissive... and this even happens within your close circle of friends. There is ALWAYS some jockeying for position.

"So how do you know when you're status is being challenged?"

Well... some of may think it's pretty obvious, but it's all related to stress...

FOR EXAMPLE: Picture a social setting of a crowded room of people at a party. Two men end up locking into a short staring contest across the room. If both men hold the stare and recognize that it is going on, this is an immediate dominance contest.

The act of staring right at another man is a challenge to his social status. The staring is meant to increase the other mans stress level and make him feel uncomfortable until he breaks off the staring contest and looks away.

At this point whoever looks away is typically submitting to the other man, and by looking away he is also admitting he is the subordinate. Interestingly enough... what follows is usually a change in posture and body language to show that submissive behavior (like he took your mojo... lol)

Strangely enough, what also may happen is a measurable drop in testosterone!

Now that is something that you don't want to have happen, because it can throw you of your game.

But there's more...

The man who 'wins' the staring contest has a rise in testosterone... furthering his feelings of status and giving him a boost of confidence.

His posture may also change to a more upright position and he may have more of a strut to his walk.

Naturally, less sophisticated and immature men might ride this feeling into more staring contests and develop a cocky attitude. Of course, this is usually just a recipe for getting a broken nose once he picks the wrong person to 'challenge'... at least in my neck of the woods!

The point isn't to seek out these 'dominance contests', rather it is to recognize that these things can happen at the spur of the moment with an accidental look at someone. So you might as well be ready when it happens.

Any confrontation that produces a feeling of stress like this is a direct challenge to your social status.

When these situations happen, for your sake, you have to meet the challenge and maintain your composure... but pick your spots.

Most of the time the other man isn't interested in a fight or even has an issue with you. He probably just recognizes you both ended up in an accidental stare and he also doesn't want to back off and show subordination.

If anything this is probably a guy you might want to befriend as he is obviously showing alpha male traits. A simple nod of the head indicates that you acknowledge his presence but you're not backing down either (or maybe even a smile and a wink)

This is a classy way to hold your status when inadvertent stare downs happen.

Social dominance and status contests happen all the time.

SPECIAL NOTE: Be aware of your surroundings and pick your spots and never let your status drop in front of a woman you're interested in, but don't try to stare down the president in the white house either.

Maintain your status with class and you'll also gain the other man's respect... and the attraction from your "lady" friends.


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