Do You Chase The Weekend

Do You Chase The Weekend Image
"What are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know. Not much. I think I'm just going to stay home, watch a movie, maybe grab some dinner. Nothing special. What are you doing tonight?"

"I'm going to go dancing with all my friends. We're going to go out partying and have a good time."

How does it make you feel when you are the one staying home in a conversation like this? Granted, you decided to stay home.

That was your choice. You were really looking forward to grabbing some great take-out from that little Mexican place on the corner and watching that movie.

The minute you spoke to your friend who was ready to head out for a night of dancing and partying, though, you almost felt like they were having a more exciting evening than you were. In reality, your night might actually more exciting and here's why.

Picture this. When you're in a relationship, do you really want to be out dancing with a woman (or a man) seven nights a week -- or would you rather be home watching movies and enjoying great food? Which scenario more resembles the person who you are?

Do you know what I did every Friday night when I was single? I would finish working around 7:30 pm, and then I'd go to my neighborhood Whole Foods or neighborhood Thai restaurant and I would get some dinner. I would sit down at the community tables at Whole Foods or go to my friend Barry's clothing store, and I would hang out and talk to people.

I would get home by around 10:00 pm, because I am usually tired from the week. After that, I would maybe get online and answer a few emails or I would watch a little bit of television. Then I would go to bed.

I would wake up Saturday morning and go for a hike -- sometimes by myself and other times with friends -- and I would always meet people and talk to people when I was hiking.

Do you know what? I had an amazing social life.

My friends who were going out dancing and bar-hopping? Good for them that they were dancing and standing around in a bar. I'm glad that they were doing things that they love. I don't enjoy that, and I'm never going to be able to attract people in that situation.

Did I meet great people the two years that I was single? Absolutely. Did I have a great dating life? Absolutely.

Did I meet other people at that take-out Thai place? Did I meet other people at Whole Foods on a Friday night who were just like me? Absolutely.

I sometimes would go to a bookstore on a Saturday night just to check out some of the new books. Did I meet people who were just like me? Of course I did.

I don't want to meet somebody who wants to go dancing every Friday or Saturday night because you know what? That type of life is not exciting to me.

So if your friends are out dancing, partying and (supposedly) having so much fun, it is perfectly fine that you are having fun staying home. Just make sure that when you are out getting dinner on a Friday night, that you eat dinner out where you're getting the meal -- like at Whole Foods or at a great local restaurant -- and aren't just bringing it home to eat in the house.

On Saturday, do the exact same exact thing. Go out. If you were planning to have dinner at home on a Saturday night because you want to catch up on some work, go out and have dinner or at least go to a place from which you can take out so you can actually converse with other people who are staying home like you are.

You need to live with your lifestyle choices and be proud of them. So the next time someone asks you what you did this weekend, say "Man I had an amazing weekend! Friday night I went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner and ended up meeting some really cool people. We talked for a couple hours. It was fun. We ended up closing the place. Then I went home and watched a movie. Saturday, I woke up, had some coffee and read the paper.

On Saturday night, I ended up getting some Thai food, then I went to see a movie I've been wanting to see. I sat next to this great group of people, and I ended up having coffee with them afterwards and talking about the movie. I had a great weekend!"

You did have a great weekend, because that's who you are. Does that sound boring to you? Because to me that all sounds amazing.

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Wife Sues Mistress Awarded 9 Million

Wife Sues Mistress Awarded 9 Million Cover
CYNTHIA SHACKELFORD thought she was living the good life with her husband of 33 years, but after her 60th birthday came and went, the North Carolina woman noticed that her husband started spending many late nights at work.

If that wasn't enough, there were myriad suspicious charges on his credit card that weren't there before.

So CYNTHIA SHACKELFORD did what any red-blooded woman would do and she hired a private investigator to confirm what she already knew; her husband was having an affair.

But rather than lie down and take it, Cynthia decided that she would take the mistress to court and sue her for "alienation of affection" charging that the other woman broke up her 33-year marriage.

The mistress, ANNE LUNDQUIST was sh*t out of luck because under a centuries-old North Carolina law, CYNTHIA SHACKELFORD had every right to sue... and she won.

A jury awarded Cynthia $5 million in compensatory damages and $4 million in punitive damages to be paid by Lundquist.

So the next time a woman knowingly goes after a married man, she needs to know that she might lose everything for it.

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Dating Tips Things To Be Consider On First Date

Dating Tips Things To Be Consider On First Date Cover
Dating is something enjoying by every genders either male or female. But it is very important to give 100% to make your date successful. Here are few dating tips which can help you to enjoy your date:

Look matters - As we all know that first impression is last impression. It is very important to concentrate on look. Look is the only thing which is considered by people first.

Be yourself - It is advisable to be yourself and wear the right attitude. Never try copy any personality and do not lie at all. Always present your right character in front of your partner.

Use good sense of humor - Good sense of humor can help you to win complete battle. After looks, only sense of humor is something which plays important role. It is mandatory to provide a comfort zone to your partner.

Enjoy dating - According to experts, do not think about the success or failure of dating. Only enjoy dating with full spirit. Behave properly with your partner and never try to cross the limits.

These are few easy dating tips which can provide you amazing experience about the dating.

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Speed Dating How To Prepare Yourself

Speed Dating How To Prepare Yourself Image
Speed dating has in recent times been recognized as a type of dating or matchmaking among individuals who are not in a relationship. Singles speed dating started out as a Jewish activity initiated by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of the Jewish Orthodox organization Aish HaTorah, which has also registered the term SpeedDating.

Numerous speed dating events has already transpired since the happening of the very first speed dating event in 1998. This speed dating event was held in Pete's Cafe in Beverly Hills, California. Singles speed dating is said to have become popular in 2000 and has also been taken as a theme for television shows like Sex and the City.

Speed dating events are frequently planned by groups or companies that were formed exclusively for such purpose and a certain fee is also charged. The payment often includes food and drinks. Certain groups may also offer promos, combos, and other payment schemes. Other organizers that have websites are also engaged in online speed dating and extend their speed dating services to their websites' visitors and registered users.

Speed dating is becoming more and more popular among the teenagers as they are more experimenting in nature.

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Best 5 Valentine Days Dating Ideas

Best 5 Valentine Days Dating Ideas Image
Valentine day is a great chance to show some pleasure to your loved one. The beauty of such a wonderful occasion is that you can express your deepest feeling to the person you love the most in a beautiful manner. But are you getting confused as how to celebrate thus event with your beloved? So, no need to worry and simply take a look on these top 5 date ideas that can make your day fabulous.


Plan a picnic with your dear one in a location where both of you feel comfortable. You can go to a park or somewhere else where you can sit together and can talk with each other easily. In order to make the plan more enjoyable, couples can also take some meals such as yummy soft cheeses, salmon patties, pasta salads or fresh fruits with them. Such a place is a great one for the conversation and interaction.


Spending an afternoon with your beloved in a rowboat seems to be very much interesting and exciting. Try to find a quiet waterway that will rent you an old but fashionable wooden rowboat. It is the best option that will offer you the romantic pleasure.


Plan a menu and go for the shopping in any of the best place where you can find the wide variety of food and shopping materials. After shopping you can go out for a restaurant and can arrange a bottle of champers and a red rose along with a tasty breakfast.


February 14 marks as the day of the lovers. Book a table at your favorite restaurant take your Valentine on a beautiful candle light dinner. Order a meal as per the choice and share with each other.


Tell your loved one to plan for a night with you. If you can arrange a massage table then it is great. If not, then you can sit upright on the floor in the lounge. But, if you can arrange the room, just dim the lights, light some candles and play some chilled music. Then surprise your Valentine by offering the present that you have bought.

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Interview With Herbal About His New Ebook Make Her Chase You

Interview With Herbal About His New Ebook Make Her Chase You Image

I've been up to a lot - I like to keep busy. I wrote a book, sold all of my stuff and moved into an RV, traveled a bit, started seeing someone new, started hosting a karaoke night, etc. I spend a lot of time just hanging out with friends, too, though.


A few reasons, really. My blog,, has become reasonably popular, so I get people e-mailing me all the time asking for advice. At first I'd happily give it out, but as the site became more popular I just didn't have the time to write everyone. I figured that I could take the time to really get everything down on paper and then people could read that instead.

The last thing I wanted to do was write the same book that's already been written a million times, so I made mine really unique.


He'll learn how to improve his personality and lifestyle in a way that's irresistibly attractive to women.


Here's the thing - I'm all about lines, tactics, games, and things like that. They have their place, I wrote about them, and I use them myself. But what I FOCUS on is self improvement, personality development, and social skills. Why? Because these are durable qualities that will NEVER become out of date and will work in every situation from a group of girls in a club to the hottie next to you on an airplane.

I see a lot of guys get so immersed in tactics and lines that their lives start to revolve around pickup. This is extremely unattractive to women, so it becomes this vicious circle where these guys have to work really hard to overcome the fact that they have no life.

The other problem is that this more superficial approach makes it impossible to keep a girl. She'll get bored of you. Have you ever noticed how many pickup artists can't get girlfriends?

The easier way to go about things is to work on your life (which obviously pays dividends in a lot of areas), and make women chase after you, rather than the other way around. I have MORE success using this sort of method and never going out than I did back when I went out all the time.


I think that limiting yourself to one 'guru' is a huge mistake. Would you learn all of your classes from one teacher in college? Learn how to approach and open from RSD - those guys are the best at it. Learn how to DHV from Mystery - I was hanging out with him a few weeks ago and he has some GREAT new stuff. Learn how to tell stories and build your personality from me - it's what I know inside and out. That's how you get a world class pickup education.

I think that my book is the best place to start, but I encourage people all the time to learn from other guys. At the same time, make sure you're spending enough time in the field. You can read everything we've ever written, but if you're not practicing then it's not going to be doing you any good.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Adam Gilad - Interview With Scot Mckay
Adam Gilad - Interview With Dr Paul Dobransky
Adam Gilad - Interview With Carlos Xuma

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The Effective Way To Getting Your Ex Back

The Effective Way To Getting Your Ex Back Image
Breaking up is one of the sad realities of life. Sadder still is what happens after the break up. Very rarely does it happen that a break up is a mutual decision. Oftentimes, break ups happen with one party really unwilling to let go and would do anything to get his or her ex back. Women, by nature, are emotional. Once they have emotionally invested in a person, they would most likely have a hard time letting it go and would do anything to get their ex back. If you are like any typical woman and would like to get your ex back, there are some things that you might want to keep in mind. The first thing that you have to realize when trying to get your ex back is that you do not necessarily have to make him fall in love again. Both of you may not realize it but there is a possibility that your ex is still in love with you. What you need to do is make him realize that he still does love you. Hold your horses, however, and stop thinking that you get your ex back easily. Getting your ex back does not entail chasing after your ex. In truth, the more you chase, the more likely he would not come back. Men, after all, do not like being tied down. When it comes to getting your ex back, what you need to do is "disappear" from his sight for a while. Once your ex notices that he has not heard from some time, he would become curious and would try to get in touch with you. During this time, you should keep yourself from running straight back into his arms. Take this time to go out with friends and meet new people. Once your ex realizes what you have been doing, he would most likely think that you already have someone new in your life. Now starts the tricky part of getting your ex back. Your ex would now start calling you and sending you email just to know how you've been doing. Although it can be quite tempting to answer his calls or reply to his emails, keep yourself from doing so. The moment you reply to his calls or email, your ex would most probably start losing interest again and you would have a hard time getting your ex back. To ensure that he does not come to the conclusion that you have totally forgotten him, hang out once in a while in places that you are sure he would be in. However, make sure that he does not get the chance to talk to you, but let him see you talking and flirting with other guys. This would surely set your ex into a calling frenzy and would start professing his undying love for you. The next step in getting your ex back would be to start taking his calls. If you want to get your ex back, you have to play it coy, however, and tell him that you would like to think things over first. Allow him to call you a few more times and then tell him that maybe you and him can go out on dates to give you time to see if the spark is still there. You would be surprise that your ex would be willing to go with what you want in an effort to not lose you. When it comes to getting your ex back, keep in mind that men love the chase and, by allowing him to do all the talking and the asking out again, you would be providing him with the thrill that he is longing for. Trust me, in a few days' time, you would have your ex back.

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Thundercat - The Ultimate Secret To Getting Good With Women
Real Social Dynamics - The Fastest Easiest Most Effective Way To Attract Women

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Confidence You Have It Or You Dont

Confidence You Have It Or You Dont Image
For some people, it is really tough standing up in front of a crowd to introduce yourself. I know the feeling myself. The butterflies flying wildly, like a stirred up hornet nest.

Worse of all is when you REALLY have to say something and then, all that comes out is stuttering and a, for you, embarrassing mumble, incoherent and rambling.

Know the feeling?

Tough, especially, when you are a small business owner, who wants to grow the business. The one I met this morning didn't say anything, didn't have to get up. But I, and others, could see the working inside of him.

What holds you back? I don't know, but I can relate to the situation.

I had it once, in a conference, a long time back in Singapore. I started to speak, and, while I was somewhat prepared, I realised, after about 3 slides, heck, this is going wrong - the moment the thought was in my mind, I froze. I looked at the audience. A second went by, and then a second. I took a deep breath, opened my mouth and said - "this is going wrong, you are totally not with me, and I am losing myself. Let me go back and start again."

I did, and I performed magically. Well, at least not that bad.

Wow, it was something that I still think about, but I learnt the lessons and realised that, what I need to have is VERY good knowledge about the topic that I am talking about. Next, I need to have the confidence to present what I prepared. And then, a great attitude of what I can do.

At that time, I didn't know NLP or didn't relate to anything mind-related. Nowadays, I do know that I do have a space on my own, and I carry my circle of excellence with me.

But that is me and how I manage myself, now.

Back to this morning. I simply wonder if the guy realises that as a business man, probably successful, he has already developed something that is applicable to the rest of his life. This man build up a business, which is not easy, I tell you. He must have had the confidence to start it up and follow through. He must have believed in himself that he can manage that.

There is an easy application in NLP, called contrastive analysis, to find out, what got him started in his business life and the respective drivers or triggers, vis-a-vis what is holding him back. In a further step, the triggers that got him started will then be "transplanted" to overlap and eliminate those that hold him back - a change should start to happen then already. Okay, this is NLP 1-1 and there might be more in the person that needs to be cleared up, and there are plenty of other possibilities and ways to get him over that state, but it is a start.

But I believe that there are many out there who lack confidence and are plagued by anxiety. Not nice, is it?

(NLP in Asia)



neuro linguistic programming

business coaching

executive coaching

personal coaching





nlp malaysia

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Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science Volume I
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

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Freeze Outs

Freeze Outs Image
Freeze-outs are one of the most powerful, but hardest to apply, weapons in your PUA arsenal. There are times when applying them is going to require balls of steel. Nevertheless, they are a very important - sometimes necessary - tool, and if you don't learn how to judiciously apply them, your results will not be as good as they could be.

There are two primary types of freeze-out. There is a freeze-out when a girl is not being sufficiently responsive to your attempts to set up a day two, and there is a freeze-out used to bust last-minute resistance. We will address both of these separately.

Freeze Outs are finicky to learn and master, but thanks to Date to Win they are made easy. Check it out here.

When a girl is not being responsive to your attempts to set up a D2, you must take a big step back. You need to not call her, text her, email her, "like" her status on facebook, or anything along those lines. The best thing you can do is to just go ahead and live your life. (This is a good reason to have more than one girl at a time that you're gaming - this way you can find easy ways to be busy, and not call the non-responsive target).

It is very important that, if she ever gets in touch with you, or if you run into each other, or if you call her again a few weeks later and actually talk to her, that you do not make her feel bad for not getting back to you. If you guilt-trip her in any way, you will undercut the power of your freeze-out. Instead, your frame must always be that you barely noticed that she hadn't gotten back to you.

If she apologizes unprompted, that's a good sign, but brush it off like you didn't even notice.

LMR-busting freeze-outs are harder. Every fiber of your being will tell you not to use this technique - until you experience it's power. It's really simple. At some points during kino escalation - often when you go to take off her underwear, but at other times, too - she'll make you stop. This is "LAST-MINUTE RESISTANCE" - a very common problem based on a fear women have before having sex with someone for the first time.

For most of our history, sex meant pregnancy, and pregnancy carried a non-trivial risk of death (about 1 in 1000 as recently as a hundred years ago). Even if she survived pregnancy, she would be basically helpless for over a year, requiring you to provide for her. In those circumstances, women naturally experience a fear that is similar to, but many times stronger than, what we feel before approaching a woman. Evolution hasn't caught up to birth control and modern medicine yet.

If you're practicing good kino escalation - two steps forward and one step back - usually you can advance again in a few minutes, and get around LMR that way. However, sometimes, she'll make it clear that she's not having it.

This is where you really need balls of steel. What you simply do is stop making out with her. Maybe you check your email. Or pick up a book and start browsing. However, it's very important that you do not seem bitter, angry, or disappointed. If she questions you about your behavior, you must be very clear with your response. The slightest bit of petulance will be a major DLV.

Instead, you are unaffected, but you simply tell her that your arousal circuitry really only works in the on- or off- position. You just don't enjoy the feeling of going halfway, so you'd rather stop things. Maybe give her a light peck on the cheek to show you aren't upset with her. Then you lean back and let her come to you. If you manage it right, she usually will.

It's very hard to walk away from a girl mid-makeout, but that's where the power of this technique comes from. You can bet most other guys haven't done this with her.

Try it next time you face some last-minute resistance - and watch the results.

For more of a professional take on freeze outs, I am happy to point you to David Wygant. Go there now.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Bobby Bodenhamer - Excuse Blow Out
Joseph Matthews - Renegade Rapport
C Kellogg - Reduce Your Stress

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Book Review Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

Book Review Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man Cover
All in all" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "contains advice that one would think most chicks already know. But if you're someone who enjoys STEVE HARVEY's comedy and love nothing more than to debate and overanalyze relationships, then this is a worthwhile read.

I actually saw STEVE HARVEY on "twice before I decided to give" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "a read. Some nuggets of genius include:

1. We created the term "nagging." There's really no such thing as nagging. As soon as a woman starts registering her complaint, we call it nagging. We let you know it will drive us away.

2. When you first meet a man, so you don't ask a lot of personal questions, and questions about his business, we created the term gold-digger. Now why would a woman not be concerned about her financial future?

3. Three things men want from women: support, loyalty and "the cookie" (sex): "We'll take a lot of things from a woman. But we have to have these 3 things. You take away any one of them, you lose a man's affection."

4. Three ways men show love to women: profess, provide and protect: "We have to define love in some kind of way. The problem with women is they have this great spectrum of what love is, and they want it reciprocated the same way they give it out. But we men can only nurture to a certain degree. It's not in our DNA We want to profess our love. We tell everyone," he told an Atlanta audience.

5. "Men are driven by who they are, what they do, and how much they make. These 3 things make up the basic DNA of manhood - the three accomplishments every man must achieve before he feels like he's truly fulfilled his destiny as a man, and until he's achieved his goal in those three areas, the man you're dating, committed to, or married to will be too busy to focus on you" Harvey wrote in the book.

Overall, I think the book does its job; it helps women understand what men need in order to feel secure and fulfilled in a relationship. So whether you're a woman who wants to figure men out, or a man who isn't sure why he loses interest in relationships" LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A "will offer you the insight you're probably seeking.


By Steve Harvey

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Ann May - How To Be A Lady Killer
Steve Harvey - Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man

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Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife Cover
A guy dials his home phone from work. A strange woman answers.

The guy says, "Who is this?"

"This is the maid." answered the woman.

"We don't have a maid!"

"I was just hired this morning by the lady of the house."

"Well, this is her husband. Is she there?"

"Umm she's upstairs in the bedroom with someone whom I just figured was her husband."

The guy is fuming. He says to the maid, "Listen, would you like to make $50,000?"

"What do I have to do?"

"I want you to get my gun from my desk in the den and shoot that witch and the jerk she is with." The maid puts down the phone. The guy hears footsteps, followed by two gunshots.

The maid comes back to the phone. "What should I do with the bodies?"

"Throw them in the swimming pool!"

"What?! There's no pool here..."

Long pause "Uh is this 221-1811?"

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Dr Dennis Neder - Getting Women
Geoffrey Miller - The Mating Mind

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Secret Kino Spot Technique

Secret Kino Spot Technique Cover
Here's a relative newcomer to MASF, who will always be remembered for his one overwhelming contribution to club game. A technique that rapidly amps attraction and gets women horny. The secret kino spot technique.

Alright, if you read the following, and do what I say, you will have a girl turned on in seconds. What you do afterward is up to you.

When I was 19, and a newborn in the club scene, I was watching an episode of Howard Stern with a guest on the show named Dr. Orgasm. The guy claimed to know a spot below a woman's hips that, when touched with the right pressure, can turn her on madly...and bring her to orgasm. Of course on the show, Howard deflates the guy's method by having him test it on some jacked-up super-dyke. He can't get her to cum, and Howard says he's phony. But the guy was VERY convinced that he was right, and told everyone to "try it on a girl when you are dancing with her in a club".

So what do I do the next time I'm out?

That's right, tried it on a girl in the club.

What happened?

First, after a few seconds of touching it while dancing, the girl turns to me and tells me I'm a good dancer for a white boy (funny cuz she's white too), and that she didn't expect it from me.


A few beats later she starts getting into it big time, and starts to bend over like I'm fuckin' her doggy style. (And overall that's what club dancing is--simulated sex with your clothes just act like you are fucking.)Everyone on the dancefloor is looking at me go at it with her, and all the while I'm thinking, "Holy shit, I feel like some kind of porno star right now!" Then, she wraps her arms around my neck and starts in with the tongue-down.

Here begins my use of the fail-proof dancing tactic that has almost never let me down. If I don't get tongue and/or pussy off it, the girl usually still thinks I'm hot, and I almost always get a number (boo-hoo, a number).

On with the description of how to do this, shall we?

1. Get on the dancefloor with a girl

To open a set on the dancefloor, find a girl who's already dancing. I'm talking, really into the moment. As you walk by, start grinding your butt against hers playfully. She won't expect it, and if she is cool, she will laugh at your cocky/funny humor. If she laughs, turn around, smile at her big, take her hand and pull her close to you. It's C/F with elements of direct game, you gotta man-up and do this shit.

Also, you can do a variation where you catch her dancing and you come by and start grinding your ass against her pelvis. This actually works better, because it is funnier...and it gives that pussy of hers a little tingle.

With anything, there's always some failure rate, so if she pushes you away, just walk away. If she slaps you, keep in mind, it's a need to turn around and knock her out. Both of these things have happened to me before, it's no big deal. Move to the next girl.

And too, beware of the good ol' AMOG, who's ready to pop up with his stern Mr. Bigshit look that let's you know these bitches are with him. Mmm'KAY?

The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Try it and you'll see.

Moving right along...


So where exactly is the magic spot you ask? It's simply a PRESSURE POINT right below her hips on the sides of her ass. The pressure point is connected to nerve endings that go right to her CLIT, and get her hot really fast when pressed firmly in a circular motion.

Picture her ass in front of you. The magic spots are right about at the 10 and 2 position (like the steering wheel).

3. Get into position

You know, club dancing is pretty much NOT REAL DANCING so you just have to know how to FUCK in order to do it good. When you pull her over to you, turn her so that her ass is right against your pelvis. Not your DICK. Your PELVIS. Her ass shoud be resting right where your pubic hair is, so if you have a big chub, don't worry, she won't feel it (not until she turns around after dancing a few minutes and gives it a big squeeze! Love it...).


Your hands are not to be GROPING or doing anything that all the other joe-schmoe wannabe players are doing on the dancefloor. Your hands and fingertips are resting lightly on the sides of her ass, just below her hips on THE SPOT. As you move your hips to the beat with her, press into that spot below her hips and move your fingertips in a circular motion.

DO NOT put your hands anywhere else. No touching her waist, her stomach, her breasts, or directly on her ass cheeks. Just move your pelvis with the motion of her ass movement...just like fucking from behind. It should start off like a flowing wave motion, but you should pick it up so that your pelvic bone is hitting her ass just like it would be if you were having sex doggystyle.

This very hard for me to explain, but I want to get it right, cuz it's money.

So all you have to do is dance with her in the position I described above and touch that spot firmly, in a circular motion.

If you get advanced with it, you can do a little front-to-front action, and if you have touched the spot enough to where you know she's horny, you can experiment with holding her hands while you are grinding your hips together.

Just remember, your hands should be in the ass/hip region at all times, fingertips on that spot. NOT at the girls waist, or some other shit. After doing this, you will see just how many other guys have their hands in the wrong places on a girl. And it's good they are, cuz it's better for you and me!


Love this part. After she gets a feeling with you, she'll probably turn around with a sultry look on her face. This is the point where you look deep into her eyes and kiss her. Then, pull her hair back and kiss her neck. From there, you're on your own. I say take her off the dancefloor and into the photo booth, if the club has one. Bring a condom while you're at it.

So to wrap this whole thing up I want to note a key point that has happened with my experience with this.

A few times, before I started actively kissing the girls at the turn-around point (CRITICAL WINDOW BY THE WAY), the girl would turn around, look me in the eyes, and say, "Thanks for that," and I say, "For what?" and the girl says, "For dancing...I liked it".


I don't know...maybe that Dr. Orgasm guy on Howard Stern was right, and these girls actually went off while dancing, or just got really wet. All I know for sure is that when I do this, the girl GETS INTO IT LIKE SHE'S FUCKING. It's unbelievable. She gets completely turned on and loses control. I love it!

You don't need salsa dancing to get what you want, just do this and cut to the chase.

Try it'll be laughing your ass off when you are boning a hot girl who you've never even talked to!


(Credit Klutch -MASF)

Suggested free e-books to read:

Ron Louis - Secrets Of Seduction
Linda Martz - Massage Techniques
J Siverthorn - Advanced Hypnotic Techniques

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Online Dating Vs Offline Dating Tricks And Techniques

Online Dating Vs Offline Dating Tricks And Techniques Image
Today, we are going to discuss the about online dating vs. offline dating.

As we all know that online dating is in vogue due to many reasons like cost-effective nature, global exposure, instant chat, etc. On the other hand, people like offline dating as well because here you get the opportunity to see the real person and checkout his/her personality and thinking.

Online dating had to face lot of criticism as well in current world due to unlimited fake profiles. There are many people in every country who creates fake profile and tease genuine people. But online dating websites have come forward with many strict rule and regulations. Now, they can delete any profile immediately if they get any information about the misbehaviour.

Offline dating demands money, energy and time. Here, you get opportunity to see real person and his/her personality. You can talk with each other, you can share food, watch movies and can do many activities together which can help you to bring closer. Online dating is also important for people as you get international exposure. You can chat with any individual from all over the world and get to know their culture, personality, nature etc.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joy Of Life - China Qingdao Bars Clubs Disco And Ktv Brochure
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets
Kissing 101 - Your Complete Guide To Kissing Tips And Techniqes

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Confidence With Women Where It Starts

Confidence With Women Where It Starts Image
I've never taken anything but straw polls on the matter, but ask any woman what she wants in a man, and "confidence" is sure to be one of the top three or four character traits. So it's worth spending some time asking ourselves what it is and how to discover it inside of yourself in order to pick up women. Our Unbreakable program really drives into the heart of it, but I think we can do the subject matter some service here without spending 30 pages on it.

Let's start with a definition. To me, confidence is a feeling you have that drives bold actions towards things you want. It is having some faith in yourself that when you speak up, people will listen, and when you go for something, you'll get it. It's trusting yourself, but beyond that, it's a force that drives action.

When you make the approach, or go for the kiss, or invite her back to yours, it's because you trust that she's going to like you and want to go along with it. And if she doesn't, confidence is having the faith in your skills to overcome her protestations. And if she rejects you, confidence is having the feeling that you're still an awesome guy.

CONFIDENCE BUILDS ON A LOT OF THINGS. Knowing that you have skills to pick up women gives you confidence. Knowing that you have more important things in your life - a solid foundation - gives you confidence. Knowing what you want and being clear about it gives you confidence. So does having a sense of entitlement.

Ahh, and that's the rub, right there.

Confidence doesn't actually have to be based on any great soul search - it can merely come from feeling like the world owes you twenty times over, then going out and collecting that debt. Some people are just born and/or raised that way.

Now, what usually happens in life is that we keep on going after what we want, until a roadblock is thrown in front of us. If we manage to avoid that roadblock, or blast right through it, we build some confidence. But if it stops us, diverts us, or worst of all - if we crash into it and body parts go flying - we have to have a serious think about both the direction we were headed, and how quickly we could get there.

LET'S CONSIDER THIS IN PRACTICE. When a third grade boy goes to hold a girl's hand and, after casually slapping him away once, she then accepts his romantic little overture, something clicks inside his head and reinforces the notion that he can get away with such behavior. By fifth grade, he's planting kisses on the cheeks of any girl he can convince to join him under the jungle gym, and he's full-on smooching (no tongue, of course) six months later. Ladies men are made, not born and this one just happened to get a head start on the rest of us. He encountered a small roadblock in third grade, drove right through it, and every subsequent time that he's seen a similar looking roadblock, he knows what to do.

You can probably imagine the flipside of this story. The boy who got held up by that roadblock convinced himself that women didn't like him, and continued to tell himself that story well into his early adult years. Then one day, he realizes that he's not very confident around women and finds himself reading this article.

Lack of confidence doesn't always have such obscure causes, though. Sometimes we gather a fairly large head of steam, then run into a roadblock sizeable enough to compel us into a Come to Jesus moment. Again, we can use a story to illustrate - I'll volunteer one from my life.

In the late winter / early spring of 2006, life was humming along nicely for me. I had a great circle of friends, was the CEO of a promising beverage startup, and was dating a really hot model. But within a three-week period, everything turned around - my company failed to clear a critical regulatory hurdle, leading to a battle with my partner that caused me to lose my stake in the company, and left me nearly six figures in debt. My girlfriend left me, and took with her big parts of our mutual social circle. And my best friend stopped hanging out with me and started spending a lot of time with my then ex-girlfriend.

I've had my share of humdingers, but nothing this acute in such short a timeframe. And it perfectly illustrates the point; I was a cocky mofo in the months leading up to this experience. But the subsequent months were spent reflecting upon what had happened, and more importantly, what mistakes I'd made that led to such circumstances. Had I failed to surround myself with the right people? Had I been careless in managing my business? Had I seen warning signs and ignored them?

I'm a bit more confident these days - you can be assured of that - but it comes from knowing himself a little bit better and trusting himself more.

One common thread in any story about confidence - whether it be those illustrated above, or those from any other confident person you'll talk to, is the following: their confidence came from clearing the roadblocks.. That's always how it is. You can prepare to clear the roadblocks if you see them ahead, or you can scout for alternate routes, or you can be lucky enough to have great reflexes so that you're able to adopt on the fly. But at the end of the day, true confidence comes from getting past them and getting closer to your goals.

The metaphor here should be obvious. Becoming confident with women, and being able to effectively pick up women, ultimately requires that you become successful with women. There's no shortcut or instant, Matrix-style brain download that can compete with real experience and real success. The neural pathways in your brain have a way of wiring themselves through experiences that no amount of cogitating and preparatory thinking can achieve. In that way, it's a sort of weird Catch-22. So how do you get around it?

Of course, there are lots of things that can boost your confidence with women prior to achieving of all-out pimpdom. Success in any other part of your life has spillover effects into your pursuit of the feminine. Dressing better, making cooler friends, getting in shape those all help, and we'll be getting into them in a bit. Even hypnosis CDs and other such self-help programs can contribute. But if you spend too much time dwelling on the periphery of the issue of confidence with women, without dealing with it directly, you're just postponing the inevitable.

HOW TO BREAK THE LOG JAM? Well, it's kind of weird but you just start doing the things you need to do. The things we'll cover later in this book. And even some things we don't cover. You just go do it, and all of a sudden, good stuff starts happening. You feel better about yourself for going after it. You stop having those regretful nights of "what if I'd talked to her?" or "what if I'd escalated?". Whether you succeed or fail, you know you went for it. Then you regroup, figure out how to overcome the next roadblock, and go back out there.

You just keep doing. You get out there and you do some more, until those roadblocks aren't stopping you anymore. It's frustrating sometimes, and depending on how well you learn and how devoted you are, it could take a little bit of time or a lot. But the confidence from being a man who does, who takes action, is a force to be reckoned with.

Action is all that matters. Repeated, disciplined action and eventual success breeds confidence like nothing else.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Alphahot1 - Seduction Trends Why Women Test Guys
Don Diebel - Succeed With Women Newsletter Archive
Steve Scott - Supreme Confidence With Women

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Frit just got interesting

Fritjustgotinteresting Cover
Here's another PUA Philos from MASF with pretty decent writing skills. His games pretty tight and though he is suffering at times with depression, I'm sure he'll bounce back from it.


She was quiet.

She was never quiet. Something was wrong.

"Rough day?" I asked

"No." She said. She wanted me to dig. I would, but not for long and only because this wasn't like her. Firstly, though, I concentrated on my turkey sandwich. Being as broke as a guy can be, purchasing a turkey sandwich, even at TGI Friday's, was something I would cherish and enjoy regardless of whatever LTR/FB bullshit was going on. We sat at a small, square table beside the stairs leading up to the bar area. It was meant to seat four people, but in that weird way. You know, where all your legs are awkwardly touching while you're hovered over your plate, and you can't tell whether your foot is on someone else's shoe or the metal supports for the table so you have to keep looking down to make sure. Definitely not ideal for four guys, but perfect for me and an FB. I love bringing day twos here just for the reason that it's socially appropriate for our legs to touch. I chewed and relished each bite of my child's menu sized sandwich. I comfortably enjoyed the silence. She wasn't having it. I looked up to find her staring at me, with that cute head tilt thing your dog does while you're trying to explain why he shouldn't shit on the rug because it's bad, bad, bad with a finger shake.

Holding eye contact, I took another bite of my sandwich and chewed. I pictured James Bond in "From Russia With Love." I pictured Marlon Brando in "Streetcar Named Desire." I pictured Clark Gable and Tyler Durdan (Fight Club TD), and Dirk Diggler, and even my old natural friend from High School who was Johnny All-American. I pictured all of them, and I wondered how they would act right now; how they would sit. I had known this was going to be weird. I never really do a formal lunch thing with girls excluding a few LTRs from before I entered the community. I only brought them out formally like this when I was cutting things off. I don't know why. Maybe because I haven't developed anything better yet. Or maybe because it's like #1,007 in my list of things I need to improve still. This HB knew what was coming too. She was an intelligent brunette, bout a 7.5 or an 8, with a fantastic personality whom I had met in the middle of May at Sananofre beach.

She was a surfer girl, but didn't have that super-dark tan. She had a lighter skin tone with great complexion and a few scattered freckles around her face and body. Her skin-tone was the kind of slight tan where you can just make out the tan lines when they're lying naked in your bed. I like tan lines. They remind me of the forbidden, and I find that sexy.

"Nice," she had said after I opened her, pointing to the decal of a topless female-devil on my 10' Robert August long board. "I can tell that you're just starting out. If you WERE a surfer, that (the decal) would be a blonde girl."

"Um, 'IT' is actually a SHE, thank you. You may look at women as merely objects, but I like to think of women as people first...Geez. Get it together! Actually, you're right though, she's not my type at all. I'm totally a sucker for blondes. They had these little blonde angels, but the angel thing just isn't my style," I replied.

"Oh you like the bad girls huh?" she said sort of disdainfully, with a lack of flirtation, "Well, too bad. I'm a good, Christian girl." She explained.

"No, no. Didn't you hear me? I'M ATTRACTED TO BLONDES (cupping my hands in a screaming fashion). So don't get the wrong idea. You're, like, totally in my friend zone already (credit BradP). I respect that you're religious though. That's neat-o. I used to be ueber-religious before I started studying philosophy and rational theology. Was raised Catholic actually. Still believe in the whole 'no sex until marriage' thing though."

"NO WAY!" she exclaimed, "You are SOo not a virgin!"

(and I went into my Virgin Except Anal Sex routine)

She spent the next two hours "teaching" me how to surf. I'm not great, but I can hold my own. Still, I let her believe that I was just plain horrible so that she could enjoy teaching me. We flirted, escalated kino. Played push/pull verbally a whole lot. Not just me, but she played too. Still, it was obvious to both of us that it was simply that...just playing. I could have been totally AFC and it would've resulted in a lay. She was majorly investing in me, and it was a solid connection. Definitely a cool chick and fun to hang around. That's why we've been at it this long (I'm not good at keeping FBs around. I usually sabotage it in some way subconsciously. It's an SP I'm working on). I think I've been leading her on to keep her around, but just didn't want to admit it to myself. Not verbally, mind you. I've always talked with her openly and honestly. I run the whole, "I'm just not BF material" routine all the time. I even have this yellow t-shirt depicting a husband and wife cutting a wedding cake with the words 'Big Mistake' written under it. But my sub communication was manipulative I must confess. And I felt bad about that. Now though, I felt that she had sensed this would be an awkward lunch as my response to an ultimatum she had given me three days prior: "Commitment, or no more sex (more or less)." I had stopped calling her for two weeks (part of that sabotage-complex I think, but I always backwards rationalize some reason out of cognitive dissonance. Eventually I'll have to resolve that too.), and this must've been the answer to that. In an earlier time, I would have felt lucky to have found this girl and would probably proclaim her my girlfriend. I'd say it had to be fate. These things just don't 'happen'. Quality girls show up all the time now, and I learned that this was all BS mostly (I actually do have a metaphysical view supporting the idea of fate and destiny, but you get my drift.) She had realized that this was Decision-Time, and it was grabbing a hold of her nerves. She wanted me to either start talking about it or dig for what was bothering her until she brought it up. She was getting all fidgety, eagerly awaiting my decision. ['God I'm self-absorbed now,' says my conscience]

Whatever. I was still going to finish my sandwich first. I started looking around the TGI Friday's at all the sets out of habit and caught an HB8.5's EC at the bar with her friend. I held it as I chewed monotonously the way a horse sort of chews on oats in cartoons, but with my mouth closed. She held it a long time- IOI. She was the typical Laguna Beach gold-digger wife. Had a huge rock on her left ring finger. Whatever, I knew I'd open her after dealing with the FB anyways (foreshadowing to Part II). After she focused back on her friend, whose back was to me, I looked back to my FB also. She had brought out what looked like one big fucking report. Something like 150 typed pages. She worked hard at school. What a cool chick.

"Okay, I bite. What's wrong?" I asked in sort of a 'here we go' tone. But she held EC and remained quiet. It was awkward. I was intimidated actually and looked away first. Why did I feel so guilty? I verbalized how awkward the atmosphere was in sort a narrator way, "It got weird..." It's a sound-byte of mine that usually gets a laugh or two during awkward pauses with groups. But like most sound-bytes, it's hard to understand until you hear the tonality. She didn't laugh, just held EC, but now with her jaw clenched. 'Wow, what the hell was going on?' I thought, awkwardly looking around the room, avoiding her EC. When finally, my eyes settled on the top of the first page in her massive pile.

"GEEW!" (Pronounced like the word hue, but with a 'g') I screamed, eyes wide and body stiff. I could see the first two words of the entire document, but I knew exactly what it every single page read after that. I also knew I had been wrong about everything up to this point. I didn't even want to look up into her eyes. For the first time in a while since entering the community, my intellect didn't know what to do. My instincts didn't know what to do. Even that little voice inside me, the one that helps out just a little every now and then, was hushed. I was ashamed.

"You left your laptop at my house when I took you to school the other day so I could watch Nacho Libre, remember?" She explained. 'Gulp' was the only perceptible reply I gave. We had fallen asleep watching a horrible, bootlegged version of the movie "Click." (Great movie to watch with a girl you've already slept with FYI. Never take a day2 to a movie unless you've already established a connection and are comfortable escalating kino in the theater without talking much.) "Yeah, well remember how I told you I suck with computers? I never did find Nacho Libre. Instead," she picked up the first page to begin reading. I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to listen.

"Lay Report: Saint Patty's Day. Laid HB8.5 right in front of old AFC friends," she began reading. My mouth simply hung open in shock.

"This is all bullshit. You were never this smooth."

"Huh?" I was lost.

"That day at the beach. You weren't this smooth. You were pretty dorky actually," she explained.

"Really? Are you sure? Cause I'm pretty fucking smooth," I said, taking a sip of water while looking at the TV to feign disinterest. She kept eyeballing one of 'her' papers. "I mean, I must have done something right if I have a girl researching my life like THIS, Detective."

"Hahah, you never kissed me at beach!" she wasn't even paying attention.

"I know."

"See, this is all bullshit," she threw the page at me. It wasn't the right FR. I could tell by the title. The community is always saying that teaching a girl something is a major DHV and generates a lot of attraction. Like at the post office, telling a girl who's licking a stamp something like, 'Hey, did you know that a stamp is 1/10th of a calorie?' or something sorta lame like that. I agree, but letting a girl teach YOU something gets her to invest in you unconsciously. She'll be more inclined to like you afterwards, or to convince herself that she does. She'll ask herself, 'Why did I devote so much time to the interaction? Hmmm, must be because I like him.' This is called backwards rationalization. It's much easier for her to backwards rationalize that she's attracted to you than it is for her to handle the cognitive dissonance of investing in someone for whom she feels indifference or even dislikes. I tend to run the whole 'I don't know how to, will you show me how' thing all the time lately.

"Hey, Genius, check the date. That's not you," I finally started to feel annoyed by all this. She grabbed the paper back.

"Yes, actually, it is," she leaned forward and pointed to the sheet, "You're talking about fishing in Alaska there, see? And you even write about how we were in a lull, and waiting for waves, and..." she must have been just scanning some of the pages. Had she actually read any of these? I hoped she hadn't. She was now perusing the document thoroughly"...Routine..?" she whispered to herself, "wait, Fat Paul Walker ROUTINE?! THAT was a routine too? But it wasn't even that funny. So, wait..." she kept reading, "This ISN'T me!" I knew she felt like our meeting had 'just happened.' She probably imagined that it was a cool story we could tell all her friends and even her parents about later on after we had been together for awhile. It was painful watching her realize that this was not the case at all. Rather, it was something I did all the time when I went to the beach.

"Yeah, I know. Listen, this stuff comes off really sleazy from an outside perspective, I know. But, look-"

"That's because it is! It's...manipulative," she said.

"No listen...look, I wasn't always good with women. They used to petrify me. Plus, I just plain didn't understand them. Okay, see, there was this one girl Angela right? She was my-"

"You're a player."

"Better than a needy Whine-aholic," I replied automatically.

"You shouldn't lie like this. I KNOW you tell lots of girls about Angela. Is she even real?" Holy fucking shit, was I this stupid? That's how it always is for me. I make one mistake, then I keep making more. I must've gone into a very common routine of mine out of habit. Every page she bothered to read probably had the whole routine or a reference to it. It actually was a true story. Most my common routines are. Well, it was 80% true at least, lol.

"Yes, it's a true story, but see-"

"Do you tell every girl that she has an eye booger?" she asked, cutting me off.

"Well, not every-"

"What's an AFC?" she asked, but kept cutting me off when I tried to talk.

"Mystery, Alessandro, BradP, Tyler Durden, Toecutter...are these all your fake names, or are they your friends? Do I know them? Jessica told me that your friend told her her nose wiggles too last Saturday. Are one of those him?"

"No, no they're not me. And no, lol, they aren't him either," That bastard, I thought lightheartedly, "Well, I guess...yeah, they're my friends...sort of."

"What does David Shading mean? It says that you David Shaded me in one of your papers." Hahah, I was NOT going to go into that.

"Okay, look, I'm not going to be put on trial. The point is, YOU did something wrong here, not me. You went into my computer. You read my journal. You printed out my personal writings. I'm sorry if you're hurt by all this, but if anyone should be mad here, it's me."

"You're a fucking asshole," she pretty much shouted, shoving the papers to me quickly so that many fell to the floor around us. People we're looking now.

"Sometimes, but the thing is...See, I'm not truly a social person, even though I want to be. The idea of approaching anyone new, guy or girl...that still terrifies me. All I did was find ways to overcome my greatest fear. Some girls would find that cool," I had to try.

"Nope," she said, gathering her things, "You're an asshole. God, why can't I just meet a nice guy?!" she was still really loud.

"You know what, lady?! Maybe I AM an asshole. But that whole 'nice guy' thing? I tried that!" I was a little heated by now, "And you know what it got me? It got me a whole lot of ex-girlfriends giving me comforting explanations for why they were leaving, telling me how I was exactly what they wanted in a husband when they get older, and then leaving for some non nice-guy who was sometimes even a 'friend' of mine. So you know what I figured out about your 'nice guys' (using quotes)?! Your 'dinner-date guys'?! Your 'old fashioned guys'?! They're all full of shit. That's right. Every one of them! You think they don't have an agenda too? Cause they totally do! It's even worse in my opinion. Every thing they do for you, everything they pay for, every compliment they's all some secret ploy. Everything for them is a fucking trade. They do this, so they can get that. They don't fucking care about anything, at least not in the way you think they do. At least here (referring to her and I), we made a genuine connection. And I like you, FB, I really do. You're a cool chick, and I have fun hanging out with you. But don't stand there and feed me that typical 'nice-guy' crap. Cause I WAS one, and as much as I tried to convince myself differently to think that I was somehow more virtuous than my friends or some shit, I ALWAYS had an agenda. Okay, you know what I want you to do? Next time you find a 'nice guy,' you ask him this for me. Ask him if he considers himself an asshole. Ask him if he's ever been a prick to a female. Ask him if he's ever lied to a girl. He'll say no, and then he'll go into how he hates how some guys do this and that to girls, and how he'd NEVER do that. He'll say he's never been an asshole I guarantee it! You know how I know? Because that's what I said way back when too! And to me, the biggest assholes in the world are THOSE GUYS, the guy I used to be. The ones who won't admit that they are, in fact, guilty of all three aforesaid vices. Every single fucking person on this planet has been an asshole to someone for no reason at least once in their life. It's a fact. It's how we all learn, by making mistakes like that. That's why, on all those little fucking questionnaires you take they'll ask, 'have you ever cheated on a test' or 'have you ever stolen something.' Because the researchers know that every paper filled out by someone who put NO for one of those questions is going to be complete Bull Shit, so they throw those papers out. They know that almost every kid finds out that stealing is wrong by actually doing it and then being scolded by Mommy or Daddy. It's a fucking Step-By-Step episode for Christ's sake! So there you go, sweetheart. There's my final gift to you before you leave here. An Asshole test you can use just about anywhere in life. It's the people who do NOT admit to ever being an asshole you ought to worry about. It's the Ultimate Lie. See? They're the biggest dickheads of them all, and the ones you need to avoid most. The 'nice guys'." Though I wasn't yelling, I was speaking loudly and most the restaurant had been listening. Being too much into my rant, I was unaware until finishing. I felt extremely embarrassed.

"He's right, honey. You oughtta write that down." The waitress said, coming out of left field.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure he'll do it for me." She snapped. My ex-FB looked me long and hard before giving me her farewell speech which was simply, "Asshole!" grabbed her things and began stomping out of TGI Fridays.

"Yeah, we've covered that." I answered as she left.

The waitress was cool. I knew her. She was actually one of my first number closes way back when. Only a 5 or a 6, but a sweet girl nonetheless. She gave me her number but also told me she had a boyfriend so I never called. I thought there was nothing I could do in that situation at the time.

"Yeah, I've got it," I assured her about the bill as I shoveled the leftover food onto my own plate. I was still embarrassed until looking up to see that HB8.5wife whom I had made EC with earlier was looking at me with almost DDB eyes. Had all this been a DHV? Could this be possible? I wasn't quite sure what ugly truths I may have loudly divulged about myself to the ex-FB. Remember, this is all summarized. Might as well give it a shot though.

I had to piss so headed to the bathroom, but went up through the bar area to get there. I stopped on the way right in front of the two hot older ladies and looked HBwife in the eyes. I then leaned my head to the side and looked quizzically at her left hand. I grabbed it, and inspected her wedding ring from many angles, sort of like I've never seen one before. The wives were smiling, but totally confused. Dropping her hand onto her lap, I held both of my hands right in front of her face in the thumbs-down position while saying, "Booooooooo." She laughed but I made no facial expression, just walked to the bathroom, pissed, and headed back to my table the same direction I had came. They re-opened me as I was passing like I'd hoped.

"So what was all that about anyways?" said my target while kinoing me by gently grabbing my arm.

"Whoa! Hold on, lady. What are you doing? You're married and I don't even know you!" Her friend laughed genuinely. I then turned to direct a question to her friend (seated to her left), so that I could also lean slightly against HBwive with my right side, "Nah, that's a long, boring story, seriously. Hey, do you guys think I look like a Fat version of Paul Walker?"

"Hahah, sort of! I can see it! But you're not fat," her friend consoled me...and kinoed me.

"Really? Cause get this, I was up fishing in Alaska last month, right, and..."

I went on to number close HBwife. It took a little persistence though, and I don't think she's really too interested, but it was a good sarge still, and it got my state back up after that whole ex-FB episode which was the whole point of the approach anyways. It also gave me a chance to practice a couple new routines, which I wanted to type out in this FR as stated above. Still, hopefully you guys can enjoy this regardless.

(Credit - Philos MASF)

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