Is Lunch Date Is A Good Date

Is Lunch Date Is A Good Date Image
When we think of a date it may probably a dinner or a movie by having a cup of coffee with a sweet kiss. Here are some of the top things that a lunch dates can do for you:

IT KEEPS THINGS CHEERFUL: After having a dinner with each, a couple go to bed but with having a breakfast everyone thinks that they will woke up together.

FREE OF ALCOHOL. It's the middle of the day when there is less of a chance of alcohol being involved. So, you will have a clearer head and get into fewer problems.

YOU WILL BE AWARE. If you go for a date that starts at your usual bedtime then you might not have the energy to get over it. You can come off like you are very bored or uninterested because you are feeling sleepy.

THE LIGHTING IS TRUTHFUL. Restaurants tend to dim the lights and most of the places where you go at night will be lit up too well.

THERE IS MORE TIME WHEN NEEDED. If both of you is having a great time and neither of you are expected back at work then you can easily extend the date into an evening.

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Maurice Alpheus Bigelow - Sex Education A Series Of Lectures
Avishai Fuksman - The Date Saver

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Singles Online Chat Rooms

Singles Online Chat Rooms Image
Latin dating, like most cultures, is infused with many traditions, values and social conventions. Perhaps two of the most intriguing attributes often associated with Latin dating are passion and romance.

If you are interested in forming a relationship with a man or woman of Latin descent, you can take advantage of the facilities offered with an online community which is dedicated to helping singles meet Latinos in a comfortable online atmosphere. This offers the chance to meet your perfect match or simply find friendship. A community such as this is an excellent place to begin relationships, whether your interest is in marriage, companionship, or lasting friendship.

Naturally, these Latin communities also provide opportunities for you to set up the perfect romantic dating experience. Initially, one that both you and your date can enjoy without strings attached.

Latin online dating sites will normally include a number of features to help clients get to know other clients fairly well. For instance, you might expect to find presented in these sites:

Online profiles and photographs of Latin singles

Online chat rooms and an instant messenger that will allow communication in real time

An online private email box that allows participants to send and receive personal messages

An online forum that allows participants to post messages and exchange information

An FAQ section which makes it easier to get started by providing answers to common questions.

Once you've made contact, creating romance on your dates is greatly facilitated if you enjoy taking part in one, or more, of the following activities:

DINNER: The perfect choice for Latin dating. You can make this experience as casual or romantic as you want it to be. Make sure that you listen intently to your date, as the way you act during the meal can establish - or ruin - your new relationship. You might even take his or her hand across the dinner table. Make sure there is plenty of eye contact, and be open and honest, yet tactful, when you express yourself.

However, keep in mind that the other person may prefer the relationship to develop slowly and could be wary of early sexual overtures. If you sense discomfort in your date, back off. Good taste in romance means knowing when to draw the line. If you want the relationship to develop further - to become a Latin Lover - your date needs to feel relaxed and comfortable with you.

DANCING: At the heart of all good Latin dating is music - and dancing. Not only does dancing serve to stir the passions, it is also a tremendous icebreaker. It allows you and your date to touch and respond seductively to each other without any sense of commitment. And it's great fun!

If you're unfortunate enough to have two left feet, before you despondently buy a dog as a possible lifelong companion, consider:

WALKING: Nature's everlasting standby for the romantically inclined. Of course, it helps if you have magnificent settings, such as beaches, parks, waterfronts, mountains and valleys. But the real advantage is being able to just hold hands and talk on an evening stroll; perhaps admiring the sunset in silence, or gazing up at the stars. There's something about simple, natural beauty that evokes positive feelings and a romantic atmosphere, and Latins are by no means immune!

Whatever your dating intentions, keep in mind that traditions are an important part of Latin culture. So it's usually an advantage to be of the same ethnic background when it comes to understanding family relations - and being accepted by family members.

Nevertheless, the online Latin community is a fine place to start and allows you to explore possibilities you might otherwise not have considered. The facilities offered by these dating sites make it easy for you to set up a truly enjoyable experience, even romance.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets
Derek Lamont - The Online Game

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Dating Tips Know About Your Partner

Dating Tips Know About Your Partner Image
You might enjoy every date with your partner. But it is very important to know each other. You must be compatible with your partner. You can easily know whether you are dating the right person or not. The first thing is that you should honestly analyze this question yourself.

Being compatible means that you naturally tend to get on with each other. Although you may find it that you are different but you should be having some thing common this may be your interest, your perspective towards others.

No matter how well you both go with each other but if you are not compatible, you'll soon find it. If you are not able to agree on the same place to go, or how to go then it's sure you ill not be together after some time. Some couples discover with in a few months that they are compatible while others may take some years also.

Men are more scared of an over enthusiastic women than women are. This may be due to the fact that women are more open with there emotions. But for men as well as women it is very important to restraint themselves when they are thinking of a common future. So, beware of all the relationships during the early delicate period. You can know your partner well by communicating with him/her. The more you talk the more you will understand each other.

Suggested free e-books to read:

C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
Helen Ferry - What I Need To Know About Hepatitis C1

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Love Poems To Get Your Ex Back

Love Poems To Get Your Ex Back Image
When you are in love and want to share feelings and emotions with your partner, then nothing can beat love poems. As we all know that every person can be a poet if he/she is in love. Love is one of the most powerful things which can not be seen. It can make you poet, wise, or complete gentleman. Once you are in love, you find everything so beautiful. You keep thinking about the place and time when you were with your partner. In other words, it can be a magical moment which can help you a lot to be a gentleman.

When you write your thoughts and true feelings, it comes out as love poems. You don't have to be a popular poet to write such things. Your love power is more than enough and it can make you write best poem ever. When it comes to write such poems, people start writing their emotions and feelings. It is a good thing but you should write something about your partner as well. Everybody loves to get appreciation and you should appreciate your partner how he/she looks with the help of poem.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Anthony Robbins - The Power To Influence Sales Mastery Course Backtrack Notes
Kenneth Johnston - 9 Steps To Save Your Marriage For The Husband
Christian Godefroy - How To Improve Your Self Image

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Top Most Love Quotes For You Your Love

Top Most Love Quotes For You Your Love Image
Love Quotes plays very important part in the life of every couple whether it's a Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Husband-Wife, Beloved etc.

Here are few Top most love quotes of all time which you can share with your beloved.

1. "A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes superfluous."

Ingrid Bergmen

2. "If you love me only in my dreams, let me be asleep forever."


3. "My night has become a sunny dawn because of you."

-Ibn Abbad

4. "In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person."

5. "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities."

-Janos Arnay

6. "The soul that can speak with its eyes can also kiss with a gaze."


7. "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."


8. "Each moment of a happy lover's hour is worth an age of dull and common life."

-Aphra Behn

9. "Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me."

-Sarah Bernhardt

10. "In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

-Bliss and Cerney

11. "Come live with me and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal beaches, with silken lines and silver hooks"

-John Dunne

12. "What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes"

-Elizabeth Barret Browning

13. "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach"

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

14. "Take away love, and our earth is a tomb."

-Robert Browning

15. "But to see her was to love her, love but her, and love her forever."

-Robert Burns

16. "She walks in Beauty, like the night

Of cloudness climes and starry skies,

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes

-Lord Byron

17. "Like music on the waters is they sweet voice to me."

-Lord Byron

18. "I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you."

-Roy Croft

19. "You're nothing short of my everything."

-Ralph Block

20. "The only true gift is a portion of yourself."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

21. "Thou art to me a delicious torment."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

22. "Love distills desire upon the eyes, love brings bewitching grace into the heart."


23. "I love her and that's the beginning of everything."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

24. "I wished for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus, hand in hand, along a sun-warmed, flower-bordered path."

-Andre Gide

25. "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own."

-Robert Heinlein

26. "Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

27. "What I feel for you seems less of earth and more of a cloudless heaven."

-Victor Hugo

28. "It's so easy, To think about Love, To Talk about Love, To wish for Love, But it's not always easy, To recognize Love, Even when we hold it. In our hands."


29. "Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."

-John Keats

30. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

-Helen Keller

31. " See there's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."

-Gretchen Kemp

32. "When you came, you were like red wine and honey, and the taste of you burnt my mouth with its sweetness."

-Amy Lowell

33. "Make me immortal with a kiss."

-Christopher Marlowe

34. "Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars."

-Christopher Marlowe

35. "Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart."

-Alphonse Marie de la Martine

36. "In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing."

-Mignon McLaughlin

37. "We came by night to the Fortunate Isles, And lay like fish Under the net of our kisses."

-Pablo Neruda

38. "The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain signing to ityou and you alone make me feel that I am aliveOther men, it is said, have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough."

-George Moore

39. "In love there are two things: bodies and words."

-Joyce Carol Oates

40. "I become a waterwheel, turning and tasting you, as long as water moves."


41. "I miss you even more than I could have believed; and I was prepared to miss you a good deal."

-Vita Sackville-West

42. "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

43. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

44. "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

-George Sand

45. "Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart."


46. "My heart is ever at your service."

-William Shakespeare

47. "The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite."

-William Shakespeare

48. "Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."

-Alexander Smith

49. "I am my beloved, and my beloved is me."

-Song of Solomon

50. "Her breath is like honey spiced with cloves, Her mouth delicious as a ripened mango."


Suggested free e-books to read:

Rah - How To Seduce Others With The Hidden Power Of Your Mind
C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
Wayne Perkins - How To Hypnotize Your Lover

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Cop Forces Woman To Lactate

Cop Forces Woman To Lactate Cover
A Florida cop named BRANDON LOVERDE, who was moonlighting as a bouncer at the Firestone Live nightclub on December 14, 2009, and directed a woman out of the club, took her to the parking lot, made her sit on the ground, and fondled her breasts until they began to lactate.

Because RACHELLE CORTEZ was currently breastfeeding her baby, her breasts were full of milk. When the cop took her outside, he made her sit on the floor, he went away for a few moments, and then returned with a blue plastic glove and a bottle of water.

He began to fondle her breasts until they started lactating, at which point he told her that he wanted to "suck on them". It was at this point that Rachelle Cortez freaked out. Really? At "point?

BRANDON LOVERDE turned himself in on December 17, 2009, and was released two hours later after posting $5,500 bail.

RACHELLE CORTEZ took a lie detector test to corroborate her story and she passed.

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Scot Mckay - How To Meet Women On Twitter
Michael Webb - A Better Way To Date

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Love Poems Thoughtful Gesture Of Love

Love Poems Thoughtful Gesture Of Love Image
Love poems are the best way to express your feelings and emotions towards your partner. Many love experts also accept this thing. Actually, it is an old and traditional method to win the heart of a person to whom you love the most. A person can write such sweet poems to any individual, like wife, fianc'ee husband, girl friend etc. Generally, people convert their thoughts into words and write them on a paper. This technique is known as love poem. To write the poem, it is not mandatory for a person that he/she should be a professional writer.

Normal people who are in relationship since long can also write love poems. It is advisable to take the help of books and internet to write such things. Please make sure that you write poem in good flow so that reader can enjoy it and understand your feelings as well. Many people use difficult word and sentence deliberately to impress other person. However, it is not a good technique because poem should be in simple language. Please make sure that reader should not read the poem more than once because he/she did not understand the essence.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Love Systems - Love Systems Routines Manual Vol I
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Mastery Of Love

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Body Language How To Read Others Thoughts By Their Gestures

Allan Pease - Body Language How To Read Others Thoughts By Their Gestures Cover What people say is often very different from what they think or feel. ‘Body Language’ by Allan Pease is just what you require to know those feelings which people often try to hide. There are things that an untrained eye does not detect, but this book is capable of even making a rookie a pro. Allan Pease is an international expert on communicating without words and has reliably poured his thoughts into this book. His book has had over half a million sales with people all round the world wanting to learn from him. Body language might sound tough to learn, but it is in-fact easy to pick up and fun to use.

This book is comprehensive guide to body language with Allan explaining every detail with as much simplicity as possible. The many that you can can learn from this book include palm gestures, hand and arm gestures, hand-to-face gestures, arm & leg barriers, eye signals, courtship gestures & signals, body lowering and much much more. I have had delightful experiences so far because of his teachings. Every time i see someone make a movement, my eye automatically looks for prominent gestures and I then compare them with what the person is actually saying. It helps a great deal in forwarding your relationship with others. People working in every sphere of life will find this useful and applicable

Buy Allan Pease - Body Language How To Read Others Thoughts By Their Gestures ($6.69)

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Valentines Day Webinar

Valentines Day Webinar Image



In honor of Valentine's Day - my favorite holiday for being single - I will be hosting a very special webinar for a select few members of my following. I have already emailed this invitation to the hundreds of people on my list, but unfortunately GoToWebinar only allows a small amount of people on my webinars. Please make sure to sign up immediately before all the spaces fill up - I will NOT be recording this.

I will be covering some of my newest and most powerful strategies. I will cover such topics as -

1. building your confidence

2. building instant rapport

3. Architecture - this is something I have NEVER taught outside of a few select 1on1 students but it's one of the most powerful tools in my dating arsenal

4. I will be teaching about my new Society and it's going to blow your mind

Get ready for a once in a lifetime event with the legendary LondonPaladin.



*photo by Austin Anthony

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Dating Insider - Conversation Dynamics
Tony Horton - Nutrition Guide Daily Journal
Carlos Xuma - Dating Questions And Answers

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Onlinedatingactivities Cover
All types of everyday activities are growing in popularity online these days like sharing photos and greeting cards. In fact, both of these even go hand in hand with online dating opportunities, one of the most popular online activities for singles today.

Before actually meeting in person, many dates get acquainted online first. Here’s how.

Greeting Cards- Regardless of where the person lives, you can mail a greeting card. If privacy and security is an issue, check into renting an inexpensive P.O. Box (check the Yellow Pages). You do not have to be an artist to make something homemade and special for the new friend in your life. Even making a special, personalized greeting card would be appreciated and show your date that you care enough to take the time needed to make something by hand. Search your favorite search engine for online greeting cards to send, too. They range from free to low cost and can be sent in a click.

Photos - As a wonderful keepsake of your budding romance, create an online photo album for your new cyber-mate. Include digital photos of favorite outdoor scenes, pets, flowers, cars, silly moments, your computer corner or laptop, etc. Then you’ll even have more to discuss during online dates via emails and chat rooms. Search for “photo albums” to find places that store your photos.

Very few online daters have mastered this skill. I took the easy way out for decades (just kidding—I haven’t been online dating for decades….it only feels that way sometimes), responding to his request at the end of the night for future dates with an overly-friendly and ultimately misleading, “Yeah, email me, we should definitely hang out again!” This served as an immediate means to avoid the uncomfortable “I’m just not that into you” conversation, but it also deceived a perfectly nice person into thinking I was interested, and likely left him wondering why I neglected to respond to future voicemail and email messages.

Additionally, I found myself unprepared for the karmic retribution that awaited me. While I live in a fairly big city, I found myself bumping into these former dates all around town; in restaurants, coffee shops, the gym, and even other singles events. I’d be subjected to narrowed unfriendly eyes, behind which probably lay the thought, “There’s that girl who acted interested and then never returned my calls.”

So get online and get active! No need to risk meeting in person until you get more familiar with each other online first. So take the online plunge!

I finally conquered my fear of the uncomfortable conversation a few months back, when I decided to boldly go where no online dater has gone before and give good old-fashioned honesty a shot. While I assured him I’d had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening with such an engaging person (okay, 90% honesty, 10% little white lie), I also acknowledged I wasn’t attracted to him romantically and didn’t want to waste his time or mine. And true to karma, I’ve since run into him twice, and am happy to report that due to finally having given the situation the delicate consideration it deserved, our exchanges have been pleasant and minimally awkward.

So today’s online dating tip is to dare to be real with your date, even if your message may disappoint. Good luck!

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges
Michael Webb - Dating Exercises
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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The Fashion Ten Commandments

The Fashion Ten Commandments Image

The Fashion Ten Commandments:

1. THOU SHALT NOT BE UNGROOMED. Hair, sideburns, beard, goatee, stache, whatever. Got hair on your body, keep it under control. Don't get lazy and let the fur grow caveman-style. Cavemen don't get hotties.

2. THOU SHALT NOT WEAR CLOTHES THAT DON'T FIT. There's a reason clothes come in many sizes, guys. It's so you can buy the ones that actually fit you. Women notice an M wearing XL, and they ain't going home with him.

3. THOU SHALT NOT WEAR CRAPPY SHOES. Shoes tell women everything they need to know about you. Smelly sneakers, sandals with socks, and gore-tex hiking boots do not get into the hottie's sheets.

4. THOU SHALT NOT PULL PANTS UP TO YOUR NIPPLES. Your grandpa needs to keep his pants that high. You, my friend, have a waist. Find it and use it.

5. THOU SHALT NOT DRESS IN THE DARK. Before you leave the house, look in a frickin' mirror. If you see a dork standing there, make him go change into something presentable.

6. THOU SHALT NOT WEAR CLOTHES THAT WERE COOL WHEN "LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA" WAS A HIT. Just because your "Thriller" jacket got you looks in '85, that's no reason to rock it now.

7. THOU SHALT NOT BATHE IN COLOGNE. We know you love your Old Spice, but less is more, cowboy.

8. THOU SHALT NOT WEAR GLASSES THAT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A CHEMISTRY TEACHER. Even if you are a chemistry teacher, you can get frames that actually look good on you. They do make them, you know. Just ask.

9. THOU SHALT NOT FOLLOW TRENDS BLINDLY. See everyone in the bar wearing striped shirts? Do something different. Get the gear that goes with you. You have to stand out, not blend in.

10. THOU SHALT NOT WEAR FLEECE. You are a man, not a sheep. So stop wearing big billowing soft stuff that makes you look like you should be chased by a border collie. If it's cold, get a real coat.

That's it. Anything sound familiar?

If you've been breaking any of these Commandments, it's time to repent and change your sinful ways. But how? Well, you could hook up with your own fashion guru. Unfortunately, this one is already taken.

But there's a better way.

PickUp 101 will find your style for you. Dressed for Success is a 3 DVD set with transcripts of real-life makeovers that show you how a regular dude can go from zero to hero just by adding a little style to his life.

And by not breaking any more Commandments.

Now go ahead and make some girls smile!

Lance Mason

Suggested free e-books to read:

Helen Ferry - Get The Facts About Condoms
Allen Thompson - The Six Don Juan Commandments Of Body Language

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