Where To Meet Women On Dates

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1) Bowling

Bowling is a good example for a "fun" date.

2) Ice Skating

For a cheesy date

3) Dinner Theatre

Go for a dinner theatre for a fun date.

4) Art Museum

If your girlfriend is artsy type, take her to an art gallery or museum.

5) Dessert

Look for a good dessert place in your city and take your women there for a date. She is gonna love it!

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Focus On Her To Execute A Smooth Pick Up

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Capturing a woman's attention is a skill men have been perfecting for millennia. There are many ways of doing so, and it can be done by creating any number of emotional states: intrigue, awe, affection, fear, hatred, lust, etc. And, men have invented what we call "society" to serve them in their efforts. As Aristotle Onassis once remarked, If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.

We have built skyscrapers with corner offices, Lamborghini Diablos, Savile Row suits, and gorgeous yachts for ourselves, surely, but for the attention they'll garner, as well. So, while there are plenty of ways to get a woman's attention, each man must develop a strategy that best suits his particular financial position and social standing.

I'm going to address the challenge of attention in its most distilled, pure form: at the interpersonal level. I know from experience you don't need expensive props, fancy clothes, or fame to sleep with gorgeous woman. But, you do need something that is just as hard to develop: focus. But, the good news is that most men can develop it with some practice. What do I mean by focus?

With focus you can give women what they really want: an intense connection. The more you develop this skill, the deeper you can penetrate a woman in broad daylight, in the middle of a busy street corner. She'll allow you in just a bit, if she's interested, and it's up to you to push deeper so she feels you presence. She'll appreciate this and it will arouse her. Focus is nothing magical. It's simply the intensity and singleness of purpose that allows you, as a man, to hone in on a beautiful woman, stop her and engage her, despite the loud bus driving by, the pedestrians brushing past and the jackhammer across the street drowning out your attempts at conversation.

Focus is a mindset where everything else fades into insignificance. For that one minute, she's all you need and all you see. You take in everything she does or says (or doesn't do or say) and consider it. In that minute, you're un-distractible and unflappable. If you can demonstrate this level of focus, you'll win the girl, every time. So few men in her life give her that level of attention (even if she's gorgeous, believe it or not) that she'll feel your male presence. This has nothing to do with how handsome or well-dressed you are. It has to do with confidence and knowing you own the moment. You're the guide, the mentor, the boss, the champion - call it what you want. These sixty seconds alone with her are yours. She'll give them to you. Who wouldn't? Rarely in our daily lives do we meet people so intense, so connected to the moment, that when we do, we can't look away.

The good news is that this ability to focus will increase with practice. Conjure it by thinking of your most intense moments: the racquetball court, an important exam, driving on a back-country road, making love Pretty soon, the sight of a sexy woman on a street corner or approaching at a quick pace will snap you into focus so you can penetrate the chaos surrounding her and present your best self.


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Best Compliments You Should Give To A Women

Best Compliments You Should Give To A Women Cover
Every one is aware that women are the beings who love to cover her in the pond full of compliments and which are generated in the positive manner. And an opportune compliment made can too facilitate your relationship to move a step forward, or can also help you in getting long time duration with a woman. Given here are few best and superb compliments which can easily help you out.

1. You are so beautiful or you are looking gorgeous today. Honestly or not but woman's appreciate the compliment given on their appearance as their confidence are generally develop from how they look like.

2. You got an appealing eye. As eyes are panel of one's character, therefore every woman desires to consider that the beauty of their inner-self is revealed through the beauty of their eyes. Though from this they can imply that you are paying attention to what they are addressing.

3. Everyone wants to reflect themselves as different and exclusive. This is one of the superlative compliments which is to given to a woman telling her that she is not like others and she attains a special place in your heart which no other can hold.

4. Tell her that she has lost the weight or is looking very slim, as it help them to improve any sort of guiltiness if they have or are little bit over weight, however it will also encourage them.

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Ill Do The Dishes

Ill Do The Dishes Image
Steve is shopping for a new motorcycle. He finally finds one for a great price, but it's missing a seal, so whenever it rains he has to smear Vaseline over the spot where the seal should be.

Anyway, his girlfriend is having him over for dinner to meet her parents. He drives his new bike to her house, where she is outside waiting for him.

"No matter what happens at dinner tonight, don't say a word." She tells him, "Our family had a fight a while ago about doing dishes. We haven't done any since, but the first person to speak at dinner has to do them."

Steve sits down for dinner and it is just how she described it. Dishes are piled up to the ceiling in the kitchen, and nobody is saying a word. So Steve decides to have a little fun. He grabs his girlfriend, throws her on the table and has sex with her in front of her parents.

His girlfriend is a little flustered, her dad is obviously livid, and her mom horrified when he sits back down, but no one says a word. A few minutes later he grabs her mom, throws her on the table and does a repeat performance. Now his girlfriend is furious, her dad is boiling, and her mother is a little happier.

But still there is complete silence at the table. All of a sudden there is a loud clap of thunder, and it starts to rain. Steve remembers his motorcycle. He jumps up and grabs his jar of Vaseline.

Upon witnessing this, his girlfriend's father backs away from the table and screams, "Okay, enough already! I'll do the damn dishes!"

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Seduction The Dance

Seduction The Dance Cover
This came from an interview I did with my friend Susan about "SEDUCTION_ and _HOW TO SEDUCE WOMEN":

You can call it toughness, you can call it desire. I like toughness and tenderness because they're alliterative.

Here's how I see the dance of seduction in terms of polarities. It really does start with a man's desire. And a woman could look at a man, she could see Brad Pitt across a bar and get turned on. But, again, that happens one time out of ten. Nine times out of ten the man is going to have to initiate with his desire, and some women will just surrender right there. But most women, when you show your desire they put up resistance because they want to see, is this desire of a purely sexual nature or is there more depth? And when that resistance comes up, that's when you show your tenderness, and your tenderness is what allows her to surrender into you and to trust you. So it's a dance of you initiating desire, her initiating resistance, you initiating tenderness and her initiating surrender.


And desire starts with you, it's starts with your desire to bring out something beautiful in her. And what you will find is that when you express your desire very frequently you will encounter resistance. Women will put up resistance, because every man desires them.

In my experience when you just cut out the bullshit and express your desire properly, you give yourself so much more latitude to speak what's on your mind.

Women ultimately come to trust your authenticity, and they say "This is a man who knows what he wants, he's a man who goes after it," and again, she has the decision at that point to accept or reject. If she has a serious boyfriend, if she's in a monogamous relationship, if she just doesn't happen to like your shoes, she can accept or reject, but it all starts with that desire and it all starts with the man accepting his role and pushing that out there. So there's again, a lot of ways that this can happen, but it often will cause rejection, or at least resistance. It's something that she has to do. If a woman just surrenders herself to any man who shows desire, well she would - especially an attractive woman - if women just allowed themselves to surrender to any man who made an advance on them, we'd be a very different species.

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She Understands Women

She Understands Women Image
Romy Miller is a woman. She understands women. Now she's going to help you do the same. Understanding Women: The Definitive Guide to Meeting, Dating and Dumping, if Necessary will turn you into a dating machine and help you go from loser to lover in no time flat. Taking an in-your-face approach, this book leaves no excuses for you to not only succeed with women but to understand them as well. If this book doesn't do the trick, nothing will.

Some Dating Reviews:

I bought the e-book version hoping to improve my dating skills. The book is generally helpful and removes some confusions men generally have about women. The chapters are short but to the point. The main theories in the book confirms with some views I've read from a book written by a men. Both have some extreme views which I won't take seriously or apply completely. What I feel missing in this book is how to pick the women that's right for you. It answered a lot of questions on how to treat women and what women likes, but no much about how to handle certain situations, such as how to handle a women just got out of a bad relationship (there will be a lot of curve balls). It's a good book, but if you meet a complicated women, more help is needed


Finally, A book on dating written by a woman.So far, reading whatRomy Miller has to say regarding what women expect from men is right on target. Some chapters are short, while others are longer. She has a in your face, tell it like it is, no B.S. approach. It's verymotavational. If you never try, how will you ever ever know if the woman you want to date will say yes or no kind of thing. It's not how good-looking you are or how rich you may be. What you really need is confidence. Some maysay a lot of it is "common sense", thatis not the case here. Many guys make the same mistakes over and over again.With this book, you will told what to do, what not to do, etc. I'm not quite finished reading the whole book, it's only 160+ pages. But so far, it's easy to understand and Romy's info is down to earth real. The only thing she doesn't get into is how to find the right woman. Great reading for men who need help understanding women.

Read the full dating reviews here

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Honore De Balzac - The Deserted Woman

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Christian Seduction Masters Interview

Christian Seduction Masters Interview Image
I completed this interview with Christian, the General Manager of Charisma Arts, just before I left New York City. I had a chance to have lunch with him at nice little cafe at Union Square, and we had a great time talking about the different aspects of pickup and dating.I started and sold a software company and was in and out of University of Michigan as a history major before meeting Wayne and starting Charisma Arts. This is my real job, but I do consulting for other startups on the side.


I am a relationship guy but was going through what was then a six-month period of single-hood. Around that six-month point, I spent $400 on three dates with a girl. I liked her a lot more than she liked me and when she told me that it just wasn't happening for her, I felt very frustrated. I think this is a common thing that brings guys into the community.

I was feeling very isolated - waking up alone, eating dinner alone, etc. One of the best things about this life, for me, is when you can share experiences with other people. It made me so sad to have dates, but still find myself dining at restaurants alone more often than not. Most of my college friends had left town and I didn't have a social network anymore.

An employee at my company was clued in to what was going on, and introduced me to some DavidD and Ross Jeffries stuff. I thought some of it was offensive but there was also a lot of valuable information in there. This particular employee was big into Juggler and was the guy who actually compiled the archives that we now sell on our website. This was maybe a year after I was introduced to the community.

Was there a main turning point after you discovered the communities techniques in which you finally felt you had reached a certain degree of mastery?

I was always ok with women, but I was coming off as arrogant to cover up some insecurities. There was no technique I learned that helped me past this. In fact, reading the DavidD stuff hurt me more than it helped. Not to knock him - he's like a handbrake when your car is about to hit a telephone pole - but it wasn't until I began to hang out with Wayne (Juggler) that I began to identify my real issues and attack those.

My big breakthrough came when I realized that I could be myself - appreciative, complementary, friendly - but do it from a position of strength, not supplication. The false strength that techniques and a lot of the community wisdom teaches left me single for about a year and a half after discovering it. It was a big step backwards and my friends were like "who have you become?" Girls were offended more often than they were charmed.

After a period of time, I began to just go out with the mentality that I'd try to enjoy and appreciate the people I was talking to. I don't remember when exactly this happened but it has made me such a happier person.

Have you had any mentors, and what specifics have they taught you?

Wayne is awesome - he is insightful and has been a great friend to me. Johnny taught me how to have fun in my interactions without being outcome-dependent. In fact, all of our instructors continue to inspire me. Dan was a former client of ours, at a bootcamp I taught. Now he is an instructor and I'm learning so much from him. It is weird how this happens but it is true that a social/reference group of uplifting people is greater than the sum of its parts. My friend Steve was also a big help for me - but he's not a "community" guy.

On that note, I think it is important that your reference group reflect your values, and not your interests. A lot of guys get involved in lairs or find wingmen who are interested in just going out and meeting girls. I hung out with people like this from time to time. But I've found that I'm happiest and certainly at my best when I'm with people who see and value the world as I do. It doesn't matter if we don't like the same music or share the same tastes in clothing. My benchmark is: does this person make me be a better person?

What was your hardest sticking point to overcome, and how did you?

The arrogant insecurity. I'd often talk about my car, or my job or whatever. Even though I knew it was hurting me, it was like I clung to those things. That blocked everything else - approaching, SOI'ing, everything because I was so afraid of being judged, I was being very judgmental, and consequently, the only people I'd want to talk to would be people with whom I'd have a desired outcome in mind. It was insincere and socially ineffective.

Getting past this required a big shift in how I thought about people in the world. It happened by hanging out with guys like Wayne and Johnny. I read a lot and books like "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence," and "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" were big helps for me too. Finally, I pushed myself to do everything in a way that was opposite of certain instincts - kind of like George in that one Seinfeld episode - and I'd notice things clicking for me. This has been a spiritual journey as much as anything else.

In all the sets you've done, which approach has made you the proudest?

As for "trophies" - there was a playmate with whom I had a great interaction. She text'd me from Hef's 80th to the effect of "I just danced with Donald Trump but I can't stop thinking of you." But you know, I wasn't trying to "seduce" her when we spoke. I was just interested in talking with her, and lo and behold, we got along very well.

More imporantly, my current girlfriend is unbelievable - definitely one of the best human beings I've ever met. We met when we were both in relationships and when those ended, things just evolved as they do. By virtue of who she is and what is important to her, she challenges me to be a better person every day. I'm not so much "proud" of this. I'm just happy.

You practice what's known as "natural game", for those not familiar, what is the core of natural game, and how can someone bring that out?

"Natural Game" is basically a polemical term that stands in contrast to indirect game. I don't know that there is a definition of "natural game" that exists without the definitions the community has of indirect game or some of the other methods being taught.

What we teach is how to have conversations you want to have without reliance on other people's material. Anytime you introduce material, dishonesty, or things you don't really care about into a conversation, you are erecting barriers between who you really are and who she really is. They're going to come down at some point. Why deal with them at all?

So if you want to label what we teach as natural game I suppose it is being able to be yourself from a position of strength. Yes, there is a model to each interaction, but when you get good, the model vanishes and each interaction is just sublime enjoyment.

Do you have any additional products coming out?

Yes. There will be a DVD sooner or later, some audio stuff, and a style guide. To me, style is a huge, huge thing. There is no such thing as the perfect opener, but the closest you can come is being well-dressed. I am opened all the time for my clothing, but you wouldn't call it peacocking in the feather-boa/platform boots/black fingernails sense.

Your current girlfriend seems like a great girl. I've had a chance to exchange a few emails with her. I'm impressed. Can you relate how you met, and some specific things you contribute to starting a relationship with her?

I'm so glad I have your approval Donovan

This is a tough question to answer. Here's one thought. My last girlfriend and I got along on a level of shared interests. We enjoyed talking about and sometimes doing the same things and going to the same places. It was fun for companionship and for awhile, we had a great relationship. But we both realized, and her before me, that we weren't a good long-term fit. We didn't want the same things from life, want to raise our kids the same way, etc. As an aside, she's actually dating another community guy now who tried to schlep his way into one of our workshops under false pretense of being a reporter. I hope that works out.

Lauren and I quickly realized that even though our interests aren't identical, the core things that make us who we are line up very well. I've never enjoyed just looking into someone's eyes as much as this girl - it makes me feel connected to the world and more. That's not something you can fake. When two people come together like that, it just has a way of happening.

In terms of things that led to us dating she tells me that I have a way of making people feel special. I could tell from the moment I met her that she was someone special, and I suspect that there was a lot of genuine interest on my part. It was easy to have honest conversations with her - we talked about things like sex, religion, and even taking a poop very easily before we started dating.

It comes down to this though - I find a lot of people interesting and I think that comes across with everyone I talk to. I happen to find Lauren more interesting and inspiring on almost every level than most people. I like to hear what she has to think but more importantly, I like to be around her because of who she is. I wish every guy could be so fortunate.

Some argue that most "natural" conversations are routine-based anyway, because of social conditioning, humans being habitual anyway etc, we speak with stories that have had good responses, and highlight things about ourselves that have previously been appreciated in set. What is the difference between routine based methods like that, and your natural methods?

There are two spoken parts to every interaction - what you say and what she says. Below that is the subtext - why you're saying what you're saying and how you're feeling about it. Of course we tell the same stories from time to time. But if I had to articulate a difference between "natural" and "canned" storytelling, I'd say that when I tell someone something - anything - it is meant to connect me with them and to get them to open up more to me. To share more of the "what she says" part. So I won't tell a story just to "demonstrate value" or entertain if it has no place in the conversation flow or what the other person is saying.

I'm not the best or smoothest storyteller. I use the words "like" and "uhhh" far too much. But I'm good at highlighting why I feel a certain way about something and I'm decent at setting up a segway for someone else to take over - ending with an open-ended question for example. This is stuff that we work on in the bootcamps.

If a new client is having a difficult time developing a masculine "identity". What do you suggest they do?

I think we are these organic entities with history, potential, and values that inform us in the present moment. A person's identity is going to be a function of these three things.

Your history is behind you and the best you can do is to frame it in the context of how you have learned from it. I had a pretty bad childhood socially, but a great family and a lot of things to learn from, and I'm thankful that I went through what I did.

Your potential is the possibility to fulfill your purpose. A lot of people have direction but no purpose. The former is where you're heading, the latter is why you're heading there. When those two things line up, and only then, are you able to say that you are excited about your potential. If you're not on that path, you need to do some thinking.

Finally, a strong set of values is core to a strong identity. One of the things that stuck out to me from Wayne's archives is that most people's values are castles built on sand - unexamined and untested. To try to elicit a woman's values and match those is weak. I think it is important to develop informed opinions on everything from human sexuality to job happiness to religion and spirituality. For example, I won't sleep with a person anymore unless I am in love with them. Without getting into why, I will say that that is a big part of my "relationship identity" and it is something that is with me whether I'm with someone or not.

Do you have any ideas for overcoming shyness or low self-esteem?

Low self esteem should be dealt with by trying to become more assertive about your identity - see above.

Shyness is tough too. The best thing I can say is that if you are not outcome-dependent in your interactions with people you can approach them much more easily. Some people are just shy and they shouldn't be ashamed of that. Chad, who is one of our instructors, is pretty shy, but he makes it work for him. Its something we deal with regularly in bootcamps, but I can't do justice to the issue in a few lines here.

What do you think is the most important skill of attraction? What do you recommend to master it?

A big smile and a reason for having it. The most attractive guys I know are happy people and they bring that with them to every person they meet. Lauren's little brother is going to be a lady-killer. He is the happiest guy I know and I can't think about him without smiling. Johnny and Kory are the same way. Who doesn't want to be around a person like that?

It then becomes a matter of indiciating intimate interest (what we call the SOI) and letting things progress from there. It is funny; once guys get past approach anxiety, they often have huge SOI anxiety. This is second most important after being a fun, happy person.

Have you found any specific conversational topics to be more interesting to women, and how do you present those topics?

Women love talking about relationships and interpersonal dynamics. They like talking about sex, but only in the abstract at first. They like talking about the things that make them happy and sad. Most importantly, they like talking about how they feel about things.

CA teaches how to "headline" things. We had a client who wrote software for the FAA and wasn't enthused about it. Now when a woman asks what he does, he tells her that he makes it so that her plane doesn't crash into the radio tower when it is taking off. It generates a laugh and prompts more questions. We helped him identify what about his job was rewarding, and that's something he can now share with people in a much more interesting way.

I don't recommend talking about computer games with women or with most people in general. I just bought an Xbox 360 and no one in my life wants to hear about it (they'll change their mind when they see the next Splinter Cell, though).

How can you differentiate yourself from other attractive guys when you're trying to get that "popular" woman of the group?

Dress well and uniquely. More importantly, disqualify yourself to the group. As an "amog technique", disqualification has no peer. Some guy asks what kind of car you drive - you could say "I have an M3 or you could say "a car that uses way too much gas. have you seen how expensive that shit is these days? I'll tell you what I would like - a car that is powered by hydrogen." When you answer the former, you're qualifying yourself to him. When you say the latter, you're not only implying that his question is irrelevent to you, but you're reframing it as a question that everyone can relate to. Popular women are used to guys qualifying themselves to them. Do otherwise and you will win every time.

What's your personal technique for cold approaching at a party/public when the girl is alone, etc?

I hate to be vague but there is no personal technique, per se. It depends on the situation. I'll sometimes try to find what Wayne calls a floppsy (more on that in his eBook). But there is no one opener.

Half the time it's "Hi, I'm Christian. What's your name?" Dan wrote an awesome, awesome blog on our site about the first few minutes and how to get into the conversation.

What do most guys do wrong with flirting?

They push but they don't pull. Bad: "I don't know about you - that southern accent is a little much for me." Good: "I don't know about you. I don't normally like southern accents. But yours suits you well - in fact, its kind of sexy." Our instructor Matt did this second one almost verbatim at a New York bootcamp a few weekends ago. He pushed her away, but pulled her back in.

Guys have trouble coming up with interesting conversation that is attractive, engaging and unique from a woman's perspective. What advice can you offer?

The biggest thing is to relate on an emotional level. Talking about "things" is boring. Check out my new product, Master The Vibe which I've released with my friend from theApproach.

What are some ways to generate a fun, interesting, successful and encouraging social circle around you?

My friend Andre has more female friends than anyone I know. It is because he is really, really fun. He gets everyone to stay out later than they should, drink more than is safe or reasonable, and dance on tables when they are starting to get bored. Being the funnest guy of the group has its benefits. But that is not 95% of the world. If you have the fundamentals down (a strong identity and being a good conversationalist), you need nothing more than to start meeting people and hanging out with the ones you like. In most major cities, there are great social events. Join an art nonprofit in New York or a the WAKA kickball league in DC or find a way to get invited to Chad's parties in LA. If you're from a smaller town, it should be easy to get to know people - they'll go to the same places on the same nights.

With all this stuff, its like tennis, business or cooking - learn the trade before you learn the tricks of the trade. There is no substitute for being a fundamentally strong person.

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Most Affordable Cities For Dating

Most Affordable Cities For Dating Image
With the economy on the frontlines lately, it seemed only fitting that popular dating website Match.com sought out the most affordable city to date in.

Seeking to find cities that won't break the bank when it comes to romantic dates, Match.com discovered that PITTSBURGH IS THE MOST AFFORDABLE, coming in at $77.80 for dinner and a movie.

As for the most expensive city on the list, Los Angeles takes the cake, coming in last at $126.06 for the same thing.

The rest of the top 10 winners on the list are:

2- Detroit
3- Sacramento, CA
4- Phoenix
5- Indianapolis
6- St. Louis
7- Tampa - St. Petersburg, FL
8- Orlando - Daytona Beach, FL
9- Houston
10- Charlotte, NC

While it was a valiant effort on Match.com's part for trying to find the most affordable dating cities, I can tell you now, with certainty, that any city that has hot weather and a beach can easily win the lot because not only is that type of date free, it's romantic and fun.

The movie and dinner is typical, yes, but oh so boring. Give me a guy who can show up with swim shorts, a towel, a couple of sandwiches and a six packs (abs, not beer) and we're talking sex on the first date, I tell

Suggested free e-books to read:

Alex Benzer - The Tao Of Dating
David Deangelo - Double Your Dating

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Why Women Fantasize About Women

Why Women Fantasize About Women Cover
I will be the first to admit that I've been with women in the past. I have no qualms about telling you that they have been some of the best lovers I've been with. So it's not hard for me to break down why women fantasize about women.

Of course, there are different levels of attraction, and some women choose to act on it while others do not, but more often than not, every woman I speak to has, at one point or another, fantasized about being with another woman.


There are myriad reasons why women fantasize about women, but the most common of which can be found below.



In today's society, where we're consistently saturated with images of sexy and sexual women, it's common for all of us to look at each other in this sexual way and feel an attraction to one another.

Acting on those feelings is up to each individual woman alone, but the fact of the matter remains that if a woman tells a man she thinks another woman is hot, he'll get excited, not offended. But if he did the same, most women would get turned off.



Sometimes, a long-term relationship can result in boring sex and this can easily lead a woman to have a wandering eye. And sometimes that eye hones in on women and not men.

More often than not, women don't imagine that having sexual thoughts about other women is considered cheating or even wrong. Add to that the fact that most women check out other women and not men, and you have yourself a whole lot of women who are eyeing each other.



Many women care about being stylish and take care of themselves, so it's easy to understand why other women fantasize about women. It's intriguing to watch a woman put on her lipstick in a caf'e or flip her hair to the side.

Women have many more attributes to admire than men do - soft skin, makeup, hairstyles, clothes, shoes, shape - so it's no wonder that they stare and study each other; sometimes with a desiring eye.



While lesbianism used to be relegated to pornographic movies, nowadays, it seems that women are making out with each other on reality TV, on TV shows, and in mainstream film.

This is another major reason why women fantasize about women. It's easy to wonder what her attractive girlfriend would taste like, or how a certain female celebrity kisses.

Next page - More reasons why women fantasize about women...



For most women, imagining themselves with another woman will remain a fantasy and will never be realized, so it gives them a sense of safety knowing that their private sex sessions with Megan Fox will remain in their psyche.

As well, when women fantasize about women, more often than not, they don't fear that these fantasies will consume them. Most women who secretly desire other women are actually content with their heterosexual relationships, so there's no apprehension about thinking about kissing other women.


There's nothing new about women wanting to be with women; it has gone on for centuries. But thanks to mass media and an abundance of sexually charged ads and programming, their brains can easily imagine the touch and taste of another woman.

Living out their fantasies is in their hands (and perhaps in yours, as well); they have the option of going for it, or sitting back and engaging in the thoughts alone, but whatever their decision, there's no doubt that women fantasize about women, and there's a good chance that one has fantasized about yours.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Jon Jensen - Women Tell You How To Meet Women
Haldeman Julius - What Great Men Have Said About Women

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Secret Society

Secret Society Cover
One of the most read posts about pickup ever.. Tyler Durden's tongue in cheek look at a 'Secret society' composed of 52% of the world's population.

Many guys will dislike this, because it implies that women are sluts and untrustworthy. Well, I can only speak from my experience and report back what I've seen. I'm also posting in a semi-satirical tone - I haven't gone off the deepend..... yet... :)

A secret society exists. Around 52% of people on this earth are a part of it.

Of that 52%, 50% are women, 2% are men.

Of that 2%, 1% of those men are gay, the other 1% are players.

What I'm talking about is the sex secret society - and you are either *IN* or *OUT*.


1) Don't talk about the secret society.

2) The priority of the secret society is to have perpetually good emotions in all members.

3) Create shrowds around the secret society, like "all men are dogs". Hide the truth that women are far more likely to cheat than men.

4) If you are part of the secret society, you will never be denied anything at any point.

5) If you are not part of the secret society, you will scrap and beg for everything you get.

6) Communication in the secret society is less often verbal, and more often spoken through bodylanguage subcommunications, and verbal subcommunications that would only make sense to members. Any other way, and the 48% of men would pick up on it, and it would no longer be a secret.

7) At the first sign that someone who is not part of the secret society is possibly trying to pretend that he is, barate him with both love-rhetoric, and accusations of chauvanism and nit-witted-ness.

It's OK to cheat on someone who is not a part of the secret society, so long as it is for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of someone who is, or if it to fulfill your own needs and it is with someone who is a part of the secret society. Sleeping with a rare guy from the secret society is no worse than grinding with a girlfriend at a club and making out with her. "It doesn't count".

9) Nobody judges eachother in the secret society. There is no such thing as a slut. A slut is only as slutty as people who are NOT in the secret society are aware of.

10) Secret society members COME FIRST. If someone in the society is not having fun with an interaction, it is cut off. Conversely, if a secret society male is with a non-secret-society male, and a secret society female (all females) decides she wants sex from the secret society male, the friend of the female may have sex with the non-secret-society male, because EVERYONE in the interaction must feel good. However, if the non-secret-society male is blowing himself out so badly that he makes the female member feel very bad emotions, then the secret-society-male must face the consequences of bringing negative emotions into the equation, and lose out on his privilege for sex in that interaction, until he ditches the non-secret-society male. Bear minimum requirements for non-secret-society males being grandfathered in with the male member, is that he not qualify himself or make anyone feel uncomfortable. Failing to meet those requirements, both are blown out.


Women are repressed by men, and so must look out for themselves. They will take care of:

1) Their own sexual needs.

2) The sexual needs of anyone in the secret society.

3) The sexual needs of the few males who make the secret society possible ("players").

The secret society is what allows women to appear wholesome and allows them to screen for a long term provider/emotionaltampon.

Women hold off to find the perfect boyfriend, while sleeping with a guy who is likely sleeping with all of their friends, and their friends friends.

They also fuck their gay boyfriends or jerk them off or give them head. They're part of the secret society too, so they can't be left out.

EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS FROM SECRET SOCIETY INSIDERS (based on dozens of interviews I did over the summer, with girls in London England, as well as some from my own experience as a player):

1) If you tell a girl that you're gay, and that you want to "see what it feels like to be with a girl", she'll sleep with you. She won't insist on using a condom either, unless you do. You're part of the secret society, where condoms aren't necessary because they are logical entities and not emotionally relevant.

2) If you subcommunicate that you are a part of the secret society, and tell the friend of your target "I'm really lonely. My girlfriend cheated on me, and I need to re-validate myself tonight", she'll tell her friend to fuck you. Her friend will realize from this that you are a part of the secret society, and she'll fuck you. Moreover, if the friend refuses, the ugly girl will offer you a blowjob to help you out.

3) If you manage to verbally subcommunicate that you are a member (its still subcommunication, because the verbal ways you communicate it aren't direct at all), the secret society members will gladly tell you all about their sexual exploits and adventures. As soon as you subcommunicate that you desire romance, she will immediately retract all of her previous statements (and she'll look completely congruent doing so), and downplay them that it was something she did just one time and that she's looking for a relationship.

PUA: "I love to go out and hook up. I hate it when girls try to run my life"..

HB: "Me too.. I hooked up with guys all last year.. My boyfriend tried to control me, but I do what I want.. My girlfriends all do it too."

PUA: "Really? Cause to be honest, I've always felt like I'm a romantic guy.. And girls always cheat on me.. I want to find a girl who won't cheat."

HB: "I would never cheat. Guys are dogs. I'm always loyal."

PUA: "But didn't you say..."

HB: "No, I said nothing."

PUA: "No, you said that you don't let your boyfriend control you and you do what you want."

HB: "No, I didn't mean that. I'm not a slut. I have no idea what you're talking about, I didn't say that."

4) If you are a member, and say that you are really lonely and you need someone to snuggle and makeout with, all members of the secret society will agree to do so with you. If you are a girl, you have privilege to snuggle and kiss and sleep in the same bed as all other girls. If you are gay, you can do the same. If it escalates to sex, its an accident and does not count. If you're a player, and you make girls around you emotional, and the friends are all in good emotions about it, they sleep with you. No one is a slut in the secret society, because the secret society does not judge.

5) If a group of girls living together find a guy who is in the secret society, they will all fuck him. They'll recommend him as an honourary secret society member, and enjoy him. Meanwhile they may be in relationships with non-secret society members that they've fallen in love with, however this is not an issue because nobody in the secret society judges and sex with people in the secret society does not count. If you are a secret society member now, but in the past enjoyed a romantic relationship, what you may not realize is the part that was left out of the romance novel story (due to rules no1&2 of the secret society code), which was that after you dropped her off your romantic star watching, a secret society member came by and fucked the shit out of her without a condom and gave her the money shot all over her face.

6) If a secret society male has a non member male friend, the friend of the girl who wants sex from the male member will have sex with the non-member even if she doesn't like him. However, rules state that if if the non-member is "creepy/scary" (kinos too much, leans in too much, asks dumb questions, tries too hard to impress, overqualifies), then the male member will be expected to return either alone or with another male member. Also, the male members must remember that positive emotions are always priority, and if he is alone he must still maintain the positive emotions of the female member who will not be getting sex, secret society rules not to be breached. Number 1 rule of the secret society, outside of not talking about it, is that EVERYONE maintains GOOD emotions.


The 49% of men who live outside of the secret society don't understand the mental model of attraction of people who are in the secret society.

Men view attraction in their MALE MENTAL MODELS. They believe that attraction is "sexual aggression". They understand attraction as having a physical urge to have sex, and then mentally deciding that you will go after it.

They try to seduce women by touching and grabbing them, and getting them very horny. They try to seduce them in the SAME WAY that a woman would do well seducing THEM. They try to seduce them as if they were seducing a GUY. This sometimes works, and the propaganda is spread - "this is how to get chicks".

Secret society members will not fill them in, due to breach of the code.

What the secret society members are not telling you, is that they understand that most sex occurs when women are not sexually AGGRESSIVE, but sexually RECEPTIVE.

They understand that for women to be ready for sex, they need not feel horny, they need only feel EMOTIONAL.

They understand that women are not logical, and that they are emotional. They understand that for women sex is not a big deal at all, and that its their LOGIC that puts the breaks on it.

They understand that most women are afraid of sex because they lack TRUST, and because their LOGIC is putting on the breaks.

They disarm logic by making the women EMOTIONAL, so that their LOGIC (which is the BREAKS of emotion) becomes disarmed, and at the same time maintain TRUST, so that the emotions generated won't be interfered with.

Then they simply have sex, because although the women are not WANTING sex, they are too EMOTIONAL to DECLINE sex. Then, once they BEGIN to have a physical interaction, the women become horny and sexually aggressive as a result, and sex begins.

(NOTE: This is why girls must COCKBLOCK for eachother. Because they know that clubs are emotionally charged environments, and that it wouldn't take much for a guy to use her resulting sexual receptiveness to lay her. The guy may not be a guy that the girl would lay normally, were she feeling more logical, so the girls must look out for eachother. Guys don't need to do this because firstly, they will not be judged for sleeping around (no logic), secondly, they are sexually aggressive - not receptive - so their decisions will not be regretted later usually, and thirdly, because they do not need trust because they are not usually in any physical danger).

They also understand that value + trust + attraction = sex (rough lazy model).

Value = being someone in the secret society (it can also be SO many other things, but being a member can in some cases be sufficient)

Trust = not telegraphing interest

Attraction = increasing her buying temperature by making her emotional (emotionally aroused, not necessarily physically aroused.. the former will cause her to be too illogical to prevent you from causing the latter, when she's ready)

Don't tell anyone about this. All knowledge will be denied and you will be ridiculed.

Credit - Tyler Durden

Suggested free e-books to read:

Hg Wells - Secret Places Of The Heart
Cr James - Men Secrets
Derek Vitalio - Seduction Science

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Kiss Close That K Kissing

Kiss Close That K Kissing Image
So I've been doing my usual perusing of the various forums and, I've actually spent some decent time on the Asian Fanatics website per my boss's request, anyway, no discredit to people in specific, but there are some REALLY messed up people there. I read this one post on the forums, where this guy was "dating" this girl for 5 months and they haven't even kissed yet. Anyway, doesn't take a genius to see the paradox in that, and no, I'm not here to indirectly threadcrap on that guy, but let's face it, something is wrong here.

The Important thing is not to get caught up in what you haven't accomplished or how far behind you are on something, no point in sitting around feeling bad about something, when you could be using that time to actively accomplish a goal.

So I finally came across a post that was noteworthy, this guy had been a few dates (day 2's for the pua's), and he still hadn't kissed the girl and actually his question was "how do I have that fairy tale amazing first kiss".

So let's address the specifics in his question first. The word "fairy tale", I think the Disney Corporation has done a magnificent job in skewing people's perceptions in life, giving every girl the expectation that she'll meet her prince and shining armor and live happily ever after. Not sure about you but the national census 47% divorce rate in the first 5 years as of 2009 doesn't seem so fairy tale to me. I don't mean to be a complete debbie downer here, because I, like the rest of you are searching for happiness, solace, and positive thinking on a daily basis, but not at the expense of having unrealistic expectations.

So wasn't the title of this post on kissing? Oh yeah.... sorry for the digression. So yes, let's take the word fairy tale out of the kissing the equation, if you haven't kissed a girl yet, don't expect your first time to be very fairy tale like, it's NOT, you haven't done it before, you don't know what you're doing and its going to be pretty mechanical and not good.

Okay, so let's put this in the context of cold approach pick up. There's NOTHING special about kissing a girl for the first time, remember, you're in the night club to practice your game, that's it, if you're just starting, you shouldn't even be thinking about dating or anything "special" or "romantic".

When I first got into pick up, I had this impression that kissing was this huge paramount milestone in the pick up process. That there was supposed to be this big lead up and it was the climax of the interaction (well, the portion that remained in public). And well low and behold, my #'s were terrible, I got 1 kiss maybe once every couple weeks. It wasn't efficient.

So I worked with my trusty friend Matador who was more than gracious in providing me coaching. Watching the man game is almost like watching an art form in action. After seeing a few sets demonstrated, i realized, kissing really isn't a big deal, the way he conducted himself, kissing was just about on par with kissing.

So what's the secret to the perfect K-close? I love Nike (minus my cousins working in their sweat shop)


, There's nothing more to it, don't worry about advanced tactics or advanced leadups, JUST DO IT, simple as that, If you have proper comfort game and kino escalation, the kiss should be absolutely seamless. So in other words you shouldn't actively be working towards a kiss, but rather, its just a reward you receive for solid kino and C phase game. So for you guys out there trying to implement convoluted K-close tactics, STOP, you don't need acrobatics to have a seamless(not fairy tale) kiss. Read my previous post on Kino Escalation. Not to suck my own wang here, but take the girl above. You think I need any sort of kiss close 2.0 pure kino tactical military strike to make a kiss happen?

Suggested free e-books to read:

Joe Navarro - What Every Body Is Saying
Ellen Grzyb - The Nice Factor The Art Of Saying No

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Boys Vs Girls

Boys Vs Girls Cover
Every day a 4th grade boy walks home from school past a 4th grade girl's house. One day he stops to taunt the little girl. He holds up the football and says "See this football? Football is a boys game and girls can't have one!"

The little girl runs in the house crying and tells her mother about the encounter. She runs out and buys the girl a football. The next day the boy is riding home on his bike, and the girl shows him the football, yelling "Nah na nah na nah".

The little boy gets mad and points to his bike. "See this bike? This is a boy's bike, and girls can't have them!"

Next day, the boy comes by and the little girl is riding a new boy's bike. Now he is really mad. So he drops his pants, points at his private parts, and says "You see THIS? Only BOYS have these and your mother can't go buy you one!"

The next day as he passes the house he asks the little girl "Well, what do you have to say NOW?"

So she pulls up her dress, points to her private part and says "My mother told me that as long as I have one of these, I can have as many of THOSE as I want!"

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dylan Morgan - Hypnosis For Beginners
Maniac High - How To Lays Girls Guide
Woody Wilcox - Guy Gets Girl

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How To Evolve Your Personality

How To Evolve Your Personality Cover
No personality? I can help

I've been thinking about writing this post for months. The community is based around the notion of achieving more with what you were born with. BUT WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE WHAT YOU WERE "BORN" WITH?

My personality is constantly changing and evolving, either in a direction that I choose or in an direction I'm not choosing. There is no middle ground. The evolution of your personality is not stagnate. Due to external forces, your personality will change. If you make a new friend and he's always positive, your personality will reflect a more positive outlook. If you start hanging around unmotivated individuals, you'll notice your goals will start being less important to you. Because of this, I propose a question to you WHAT DIRECTION IS YOUR PERSONALITY HEADING?


Despite what every teenager known to man has said, you can control your actions to achieve what you want. The myth of "I can't change who I am" is just a sad excuse for behavior you yourself aren't happy with internally. You can change behavior and therefore personality. I'm a huge fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and if you haven't seen it, you should order the DVDs immediately and watch them. The show has a certain type of humor that is the signature of writer/comedian Larry David. As I started watching the series, I noticed I would start making similar "Larry David" jokes. Whether they were funny or not isn't the debate, it's the fact that my personality and sense of humor was evolving.


There are many myths about personality and what are able to change. The main way you can evolve your personality in a positive way is to surround yourself with the type of people you want to become. This has the fastest and most impact on your personality. Because this is a website dealing with getting more successful with women, I'll focus on that.

You should ask three questions:

* Which guys do you respect most when it comes to dating? What personality traits do they possess?
* Which personality trait are you most deficit that if you possessed would bring you the most success with women?
* Do you know guys around your life that possess these traits? If so, spend more time with them. If not, how can you meet these men and make them a part of your life?

The main point of personality evolution is to change your personality into something you want in your life. When you don't particularly like a certain part of your personality, YOU CAN CHANGE IT.


* Double Your Dating - David Deangelo's ebook is a great resource for personality evolution. No kidding. David discusses changing your personality, character mastery, and techniques for trial and error methods for evolving your personality.
* Comedy Writing Secrets - Hetlzer's book in a nutshell teaches you how to be funny. If you've noticing your jokes hitting the floor faster than a chick in a rap video, you need this book. Just reading it makes you funnier.

* Mastery - although not specifically about personality evolution, Mastery will help you track your personality evolution progress. Mastery gives you perspective and help as you journey along your path.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Harry Kitson - How To Use Your Mind
Stylelife Academy - How To Work The Personals
Christopher Williamson - How To Improve Yourself

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Why Would Any Man Want 14 Wives

Why Would Any Man Want 14 Wives Cover
An Air India worker was fired from his job and faces bigamy charges after it was discovered that the weirdo had 14 wives.

TUSHAR WAGHMARE of Mumbai managed to arrange his 14 marriages via the Internet, and kept all of his brides widespread across India.

Using his job as an excuse to spend no more than 3 days with each wife, the 40-year-old man, TUSHAR WAGHMARE admitted that he was exhausted and penniless after splitting his $1300 a month salary among the 14 wives (that's much less than $100 each a month).

The Air India employee got caught because one of the wives ran into another wife leaving his apartment. Doofus!

Only 5 of the 14 women filed complaints against TUSHAR WAGHMARE; the other 9 were too embarrassed to be identified.

I have no idea why any man would want to have 14 wives - especially on a $1300 a month salary. Some guys have only one wife and feel suicidal.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Mary Wood Allen - What A Young Woman Ought To Know
Michael Hall - Why And Human Neuro Semantics Part1

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