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All those girls who feel shy while flirting should try to be little bold just to express their heart and overlay their way for a wonderful and pleasing new relationship. Simply learn some of the flirting tips and be sure of attracting the man that you desire to have a life which is full of enthusiasm, love and excitement.

Flirting is generally a natural reply and to catch the attention of the desired man one need not to be an assertive person always. Always make the best use of the thoughts and gestures to give the right signal to the man of the choice in a distinguished way. Once you make him understand that your interest in him, you will surely see the crack of dawn of a brilliant relationship. Here are some of the flirting ideas for shy girls and most of them do not involve any verbal communication.

FLIRTING TIP 1: Try to make repeated and fanatical eye contacts with the man you want to flirt with. Make sure that he understands that you are flirting with him. Stare at him from a distance or turn back yourself and then look at him twice. Let him understand that you are noticing him. Always remember that an eye contact is not a tougher task even for the shy girls.

FLIRTING TIP 2: Keep giving consistent and gently smile on your face. Watch him from head to toe and give him your most charming smile to reveal admiration from him.

FLIRTING TIP 3: Try to separate yourself from others and give him a space to talk. Carry all those things that can be noticeable.

FLIRTING TIP 4: Be very liberal in your attitude and recognize the man with elegance.

FLIRTING TIP 5: You need to be very confident and smart and dress in such an amazing style as per your comfort level.

FLIRTING TIP 6: Make him sure that you are flirting with him. Find some small excuses so that you can speak to him and get close to him. Even, if you are a shy girl. Let some few words come out of your mouth and then see how it becomes easier for you.

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