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Gotcha! Did my title catch your attention? Well, many women investigate on how to attract men. Yes, investigate is the word. They read magazines, books and even ask their guy friends about the topic. Men are far different from women and it also follows to their preferences and taste. Don't worry, to get men and to attract men, you don't have to believe to 'it takes one to know one.' Read on and learn to get men notice you.


In order to get men, say what you really want to say and don't pretend. If you're into taekwondo and you want your man to try it as well, ask him about it. If you are planning for a vacation in Phuket, tell it to him so he can make arrangements for it. To attract men, women must not hide anything from them but see to it that they present their real self. Men will just get upset when they learn about what you've been hiding from them, so get men through honesty.


To attract men, watch out for what you are saying. Be careful to the messages you convey to them. If you want to refuse an offer from a man, say it in a manner that he will not think you don't want him. Be sensitive to their feelings and get men through this. Another point is when you like to do a favor for your man. Instead of saying 'Do you want a cup of coffee?' it would be better to ask, 'Would you like to have a cup of coffee?' or 'Can I get you a cup of coffee?' Why? The first question somehow implies that your man puts burden on you and he may hesitate to answer yes even when he wants to. To attract men, don't make them feel that you're doing a lot for them. Get men who are willing to do favors for you too.


To attract men, you don't have to give those hugs and kisses all at the same time. Some men find these actions annoying. You may not know it but men need space in ways you don't know. Get men by being sweet but not through getting overly sweet.


Get men by being polite. It doesn't follow that when a man is already your boyfriend, you exclude him from giving respect. To attract men, practice courtesy. Knock first on their doors before you walk in their room, chew food swiftly when you dine with them, laugh cautiously when you are outside, respect elders, say 'thank you' often and speak clearly.

May these tips help you in attracting the man of your dreams. Just remember to only attract a man if you are ready to commit in a relationship. If not, give yourself some time to grow and mature. Anyway, there is one man out there who would find you as the most attractive person. When he comes, you don't have to make the moves because he would surely do.

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