Men Want Average Sized Women

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As I sweat my as* off trying to develop a waist that a grain of rice can't fit through, I discovered that men are actually most attracted to average-bodied women. Damn those size 0 bitches!

Scientists over at Oxford discovered that, while we all thought that 0.7 was the ideal waist-hip-ratio - the same waist-hip-ratio that men lost their minds over - in fact, men don't have a freakin' clue about waist-hip-ratio. No, not even on a subconscious level. So there. Men want average-sized women

After testing 100 men regarding the waist-hip-ratio theory, they discovered that after showing them "centerfolds, models from the '20s and '90s, and regular Australian women, the boys preferred the average-looking chicks. Men want average-sized women, if you will. Yes, I said it again because I just can't believe that men want average-sized women. Okay, I'll stop now.

I might be wrong here. I've been wrong before, but methinks that perhaps these men may have thought that if they chose right, they would actually get the women they chose. As well, men think about other things like, the fact that they'll probably have to get into fights every day if they dated a Playboy model.

Add to that what they really think they can land when it comes to women, and you probably have 100 guys who would go for the average chick that no one notices.

So yeah, maybe they didn't want the 0.7 waist-hip-ratio, but at the end of the day, the women we see in magazines everyday are there for a reason. That's what everyone really wants to see and fantasize about.

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Haldeman Julius - What Great Men Have Said About Women
Rion Williams - Mens Guide To Women

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Hey Do You Know What Girls Like About Guys

Hey Do You Know What Girls Like About Guys Image
Hey friends, You know what, guys always wonder 'what a girl do?' or 'what do they like?' well here is the list of things girls like about guys:

She just love when, her lover come up from behind and hold/hug her.

She want her first kiss should be passionate hold her hand and close, look deep into her eyes and say I love you.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Carter - How To Attract Girls In 3 Important Steps
Joy Of Life - New York China Town Night Life Brochure

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Relationship Rules

Relationship Rules Cover
Tubarao with some excellent field tested rules about relationship management

Rules Revisited

0.) All rules can be broken if you're EXPERIENCED.

1.) Time spent together

FB - Only see once a week.

MLTR - 2 - 3x a week. Even if she's the only girl you're [currently] fucking, you still have to schedule her with the idea that you need nights free to fuck/sarge other women (+ nights for yourself).

LTR - See as often as you'd like, but don't move in together unless you marry. A "test run" will not give an accurate indication of what it will be like to live with her once you are married. As long as you are not married, there's the possibility of you NEXTing her, which is harder to do if she's living with you.

2.) Communication

FB - Only call for sex. 50/50 calls are ideal, but it doesn't actually matter, as long as you stick to whatever precedent you set.

MLTR and LTR- At least 50/50 is necessary, although higher on her end is preferable. Mental NEXT after two unanswered messages/calls.

3.) Sharing personal info

FB - Don't answer any personal questions (except regarding contagious diseases, etc.). She is not your girlfriend.

MLTR - Don't answer any questions regarding the other women you're seeing. Sub-communicate only!

LTR - Make sure there's always something about you for her to wonder about... Also, do not enter into a frame of accounting for every time that you are apart! Have your own life.

4.) Never talk about the other women you are fucking, although talking about it abstractly in the form of Rich Descriptions is ok!

5.) Non-sex time

FB - Avoid casually hanging out together. If you run into her, treat as normal. No PDA (except your usual KINO that you use on all women). No dates (movies, dinner, coffee, walks, picnics, etc.)!

MLTR - A "date" counts as time spent together, even if you don't end up having sex, as pertains to rule 1. Most encounters should end in sex. If she starts withdrawing sex, and treating as shit test fails, downgrade or NEXT (also pertains to LTR).

6.) Maintain your frame! Regardless of FB or (M)LTR, you should have the same frame as the day she met you. If you develop one-itis, GFTOW immediately.

7.) Monogamy

FB and MLTR - If she communicates a desire for monogamy, upgrade or NEXT immediately. If she demands monogamy, NEXT her immediately.

LTR - Monogamy must be clearly stated. Don't assume monogamy, as this puts you in a double-bind: If you fuck someone else, she gets mad, if you DON'T fuck anyone else, you become betaized, and the whole time she's free to fuck others.

8.) Fuck her good and hard. Hot sex is KEY, and can alleviate many problems.

9.) As Franco says, "put her to do things for you." Make her bring you things, cook for you, give you massages, etc. She should be compliant. This is especially important for LTR.

By category:

LD - FB only! It seems counter-intuitive that an LD woman could be an FB, but that's the ONLY position that she should even be considered for. LTR with an LD woman is doomed.

HD - Make sure your sex drives are compatible.

LSE/Freak - FB only! If I read one more post about someone whining about how their LTR with a Freak is going shitty, I'm going to pound my head into the wall.

HSE Freak/ Libertine - Whatever you call this type of woman, she should be an FB only. "Squishy" FB is ok (FB + friend/ pivot). Frame must be ROCK SOLID.

MD or MSE (normal girls in early 20's) - Screen heavily to see if she's suitable for (M)LTR. If you can't tell, assume LSE and/or LD; better to err on the side of caution (and no, you're not giving up on her out of paranoia; she can still make an awesome fun FB).

Ho - FB. MLTR is possible only if she already has a rich boyfriend. If she NEXTs her rich boyfriend, downgrade her.

Masculine woman - FB only. Every woman is at least a little masculine, but one who is excessively so will eventually drain you (think Hillary Clinton; do you want to be in an LTR with her? Ugh).

Good girl - Screen (a lot) to be sure. Good for everything!

Woman with boyfriend - Nothing changes. He doesn't matter.

Married woman - Don't communicate in any way that's stored. Set a procedure by which you get in touch/ get together. Never bring her to your place, in case she gets attached/psycho. Don't go to places that either of you frequent. Don't ask about her husband or children. Never fuck a married woman in your social circle. The relationship should be purely about sex. If a woman suggest leaving her husband for you, NEXT her immediately. Follow the rest of the FB rules.

Marriage - I have never been married, and I don't believe in marriage. If it is something that you desire, then consider this advice with a grain of salt. As far as I see it, you should only get married to have children, in which case you are choosing to sacrifice a piece of your independence for the sake of procreation. Good for you.

In any Relationship - Zero expectations. Always positive. Never react emotionally (be AWARE of your emotions, and APPRECIATE the positive emotions that you experience and share them with her; don't be a robot; negative emotions are a waste of time). Always busy (with things you genuinely enjoy). You love your life and you are allowing her a place in it. Always lead. Never be fearful. Never see her as perfect. Always be ready to NEXT her (again, this isn't about emotional detachment, this is about only choosing to be with her when both of you are enriched by it; if it becomes a negative thing for EITHER of you, NEXT her). Only think about her when you're with her. Be non-reactive; be non reaction-seeking (and follow all the rest of TD's 25 points and normal PU practices).

NEXTing above also includes soft nexts. Use as appropriate/ based on your skill.

Before you enter into an LTR, you have to have experienced MLTRs. Before you enter into an MLTR, you have to have experienced FBs. Before you have FBs, you have to have a complete life that fulfills you and makes you happy. Most men do this exactly in reverse and suffer at every single step of the way.

And remember rule 0, but don't break rules simply for the sake of breaking them. These are rules that you impose on YOURSELF until you learn to have an unshakable frame. If you break a rule and suffer from it (read 99% of posts on this board), then it is your own stupid fault.

And for those who think I sound like a misogynist: I love women. They are beautiful and incredible creatures.

EDIT (thanks Humbledad):

My definitions:

Next = Stop having sex

Hard Next = Next and cut off communication

Soft Next = Next and continue communication

Mental Next = Taking just the mental steps of a Next.

Downgrade = Go from (M)LTR to FB.

Zan = Soft Next or downgrade with the deliberate intention of rekindling the relationship.

Credit - Tubarao off MASF

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tyler Durden - Dissecting Shit Tests
Thundercat - Seduction Lair Articles
C Kellogg - Presentation Skills

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Do You Suffer From Perfect Picture Disease

Do You Suffer From Perfect Picture Disease Image
What is the perfect picture mentality? On a Friday night, we go out with these amazing expectations of what is going to occur.

We think, this is the night; this is the party or whatever thing we're meant to go to. We have this perfect idea of how the night should turn out.

You're going to talk to the woman who had that college sweatshirt on two weeks ago, because you finally have figured out something to say to her. But then she walks in wearing a different sweatshirt, and you don't have anything to say.

We have this perfect picture of the way things are going to be. And then once we arrive, the night progresses and reality begins to set in. When reality sets in, all of a sudden that perfect picture just disappears.

Our monkey chatter starts coming back, and all of the things we imagined the night to be contrast what the night really is.

Most people, when they go out, are not present at all. They are thinking about what COULD happen.

Listen to a conversation of people in a bar - the men are always telling each other, "Hey man, check her out!" You're not even listening to the conversation that you're having at that moment with your friend!

So if you dial it back a little bit and remain 100% present, the outcome will be entirely different. If you're fully present and into the conversation you're having with your friend, you're actually creating attraction. You're creating the type of night that you want to have.

You have to get this picture out of your head. We all do it - even on dates. Maybe you're on the third date and you're thinking, this is going to be the night that you sleep with her. You make her dinner at your house, and you think that everything is going to be perfect - but you didn't realize that she had a stomachache and her period.

So you come on to her a little bit, she pushes you away, and you're thinking to yourself, I don't understand! She tells you that tonight is not a good night for her, and you take it personally as either an insult or rejection. But really, it just wasn't a good night for her!

This perfect picture tends to ruin just about every night that we have. Our expectations are so strong and powerful that we ruin it.

Staying present and getting rid of expectations really give you the opportunity to expand and enjoy yourself. I've found that the best nights that I've had are the ones where nothing turned into something. My worst nights are the ones where I have expectations so let go of everything stay present and have fun.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Chris Jackson - The Perfect Love Match Free Guide
Maurice Alpheus Bigelow - Sex Education A Series Of Lectures

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Love Tips How To Deal With Your Angry Partner

Love Tips How To Deal With Your Angry Partner Image
Anger is always known to harm relationships. Anger generally provokes the acts of violence. It is very important to deal intelligently with your angry partner. If you made a mistake while doing so, your relationship may get at stake. Here are a few tips that will help you to know what you should do when your partner is angry.

* The very first thing that you need to do is to stay calm. It may be difficult but if you too get angry the situation becomes worse.
* Try to know the cause of the anger of your partner. Tell them that you care for them and you can not see them suffering like this.
* Tell your partner that you are listening to them. People stay angry because they think that they are not being heard. You need to maintain an eye contact while talking to your partner who is angry.
* Share your feelings with your partner, if their anger is making you feel nervous or insecure, then let them know.
* Try to show to your partner that you want to stay peacefully with them. Apologies if there is a need of doing so. Communicate as much as you can.
* Do not use phrases like "you never" or "you always". Instead of saying "you always take your bad day out on me" you can say "I feel hurt when you get angry with me because you had a bad day".
* If your partner still don't calm down, ask him straight forward to stop making you feel upset.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dean Phillips - How To Seduce A Woman The Right Way Report
Darcy Cole - Seduce Me How To Ignite Your Partners Passion

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Are These Your Favorite Cocky And Funny Lines

Are These Your Favorite Cocky And Funny Lines Image
A beautiful thing about DAVID DEANGELO's Cocky Comedy program is the fact that it gives you the formula for generating your own cocky and funny lines, and you can see it used properly by the guys that get results. Before I ask you for your FAVORITE COCKY AND FUNNY LINES, here is my disclaimer:

I'd like to break down a common notion that's tossed throughout the community often. That is that you say COCKY AND FUNNY LINES and you get a certain response - attraction. Some men that are new to the concept of cocky and funny tend to use it ALL the time, never allowing the conversation to mature, gain rapport and are always staying on the superficial level of COCKY AND FUNNY. DON'T LET THIS BE YOU.

A pure cocky and funny attitude is UNHEALTHY, and should not be used. David Deangelo has never supported this type of behavior. Guys that are insecure who have finally found this 'holy grail' tend to keep using it because they like the reactions the women are sending back. You need to sprinkle this formula in with your normal vibing, and rapport, just like you would a spice for a meal. Too much spice ruins the meal, too little and you can't taste a thing.

I've noticed for myself as I've used the concept of cocky and funny, that I OVERDID it to begin with. I totally went hell-bent on COCKY AND FUNNY LINES, like, "Oh you love me" or the typical David Deangelo line "I'm glad you like it". Yawn.

Let's be proactive in using COCKY AND FUNNY the RIGHT way.

My friend Stephen Nash broke it down when I had one-on-one coaching with him while visiting New York City. He basically told me,

"The brilliance of cocky and funny is that it's flirting - pure and simple. Teasing is flirting. Cocky and funny is simply flirting. You flirt to gain attraction and interest, and to tell her that you know what's going on, that you have social value, and you play this game. Once that's accomplished, don't get bogged down and only flirt, you need to build a connection, and show her your value in other areas of your life."

So onto my favorite cocky and funny lines.

Remember they have to be "Cocky and FUNNY". Some guys just don't get the humor of it

EXAMPLE #1: (Just last Friday night)

Waitress comes over

Waitress: "There you go" *hands me my to-go box*

Me: *I look at the box with a curious face* "Where's the ahh number?"

Waitress: "Oh you give that to me"

Me: *Putting my hand on my head, and looking down almost looking embarrassed* "You know you come to a place like this expecting *sigh* a certain level of professionalism and you get this" (With a smile at the end)

Waitress: *snatches the box and comes back with her number written*

Example 2:

Her: Do you have a pen?

Me: Yeah, and I'll let you use it to write your number down for me.


You: Tonight is your lucky night

Her: Oh really? Why is that?

You: Because you finally got to go out with me

Her: Sure!

You: But no touching I do all the touching!


Me: It's tough to be such a sex symbol.


Me: "Listen, I'm sorry for being out of touch, I've been very, very busy. But I'm available now (suddenly changing tone of voice, like a salesman) but only for a limited time only, at a low, low price of $14.99 an hour!"


If you'd like to learn proper techniques for crafting your own cocky and funny lines and how it will help your game with women, take quick peek at some of the video clips over at David Deangelo's Cocky Comedy site.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Dr Robert Lind - It Is Your Choice Decision Making And Goal Setting
Ole Flirty Bastard - Cocky And Funny Guide
Muzzu - Total Guide To Be Cocky And Funny

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Are You Stuck In Your Head On A Date

Are You Stuck In Your Head On A Date Image
There you are. You are walking down the aisle.

You can not believe that you have made it this far.

The date that you have planned for tonight? Well, it's worked out. Oh yes, you know everything about it! It doesn't matter that it's presently 2011-it doesn't matter at all. You can see the future. Years down the road, you're able to look into the future and know exactly how that date's going to go tonight.

Aren't you relaxed now? Isn't it amazing knowing that THIS is the person you're going to marry in a couple of years? Can't you now just relax on this date and not obsess so much about it? The date you're on is in 2011. But in your head, it's 2017. 2011 has merely called back to you six years later to tell you how well the date you're going to have tonight worked out.

What am I talking about here? Future people! Future men and future women, that's what I'm talking about it. You're the person who's such a nervous wreck about a future date that you spend your entire time leading up to that date obsessing about what to do! You even talk to friends: "What should I talk about? What do you think I should tell my date about me, hm? What do you think I should talk about on this date?" Once you've set the date, you think about how many times you need to text him or her until the first date to keep their interest level up. You strategize about the date ahead of time. You wonder when to kiss ahead of time. You think about the right moment to hold her hand ahead of time.

You think about when to flip your hair to show him you're interested. You think about interesting topics to talk about ahead of time.

That's not a date, that's just worrying! You're making it so hard on yourself. Here's the deal: you set the date, you confirm the date the day before, and then you meet them at the place you confirmed. You don't think about what signs to look for or what to say. You don't plot out a whole conversation. You don't think about when the perfect time to kiss is. You stay present in the moment. That's what you do. You have a conversation as you would any conversation with any other person that you've met.

You need to stop worrying about what this person is going to be in the future, because when you worry about the future, there is not going to be any future. There will be no future at all. So many people, all the time, worry so much about what to say on a date. When you go out with your friends, do you plot out an entire outline of things to talk about, or do you just stay present and have a good time? The most powerful thing about a date is that the person you're with can really get to know who you are. They can get to know your interests, what you're about, have a conversation, see if you two really connect.

The absolute worst thing you can do on a date is water yourself down. Just be yourself, talk, and listen. And of course, on a date don't talk about how wounded you have been from past relationships. Keep it positive, talk about the good times. Stop obsessing about whether or not she thinks (or he thinks) it's a date or if you're going out as friends.

It's a date if you set it up that way. If your intentions are clear, if you're not hiding a secret agenda, it's a date whether you're taking them out for dinner, for coffee, for a drink, for a walk in the park-as long as you set it up as a date. Stop obsessing about what to do.

Don't try to get to know the "future him" or the "future her" or "future both-of-us-together". Play it cool and really just get to know her.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Michael Webb - A Better Way To Date
Tyler Durden - Frame Setting Forcing Frames On Hotties

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Singles Dating Finding The Perfect Match

Singles Dating Finding The Perfect Match Cover
Singles dating is getting good popularity all over the world. After introduction of internet, this concept has become hugely popular. Many market players and companies have come in the market and they are offering same product and service. These online companies provide a platform to various people to interact with each other. Basically, people use such services in searching of perfect life partner. This service also gives the maximum exposure to individual because you get the opportunity to know about numerous people around the world. You come to know about different culture, social status, values etc. of different people.

Online singles dating has emerged one of the reliable platforms where you can search the good partner. In current world, both men and women are using these services. It is best source to know each other without disclosing the actual identity. It is a nice option for those people who can not leave their home to meet other people due to family and personal problem. This kind of service is available in two formats, paid and free. Paid service gives you better result but if you are new for dating world then go with free service first.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Mabel Iam - Sex And The Perfect Lover
Brad P - Planning The Perfect Date

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