How To Make Blind Date Unforgettable

How To Make Blind Date Unforgettable Image
Blind date is becoming quiet popular day by day and it is a no longer a taboo for society. However, it is important to keep few points in mind before leaving your home for blind date.

PLACE - Either you are boy or girl makes sure that you spend the complete blind date at public place. The reason behind the public place is security. You don't know the nature and personality of other person.

DURATION - Blind date should be short and simple. As far as duration is concerned, make sure that you should not spend more than 1-2 hours. It is a safe bet because if you like your partner then you can extend the time and in case you don't like him/her then you can leave the place easily.

CLOTHES - Yes, it is true that you should look good and attractive on your date. But don't forget the comfort. Many people make this mistake when they prefer look more than the comfort.

ACTIVITIES - As it is your first date with unknown person, it is important be confident, cool and calm. You are not required to do any special activity to impress him/her. Your way of talking, smile, nature, personality etc. are more than enough to impress.

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