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Is She A Good Girl Or Bad Girl

Is She A Good Girl Or Bad Girl Image

By PuaTraining

Girls often talk about wanting to meet Mr Right. Guys don't talk about the same thing. Generally men can forgive a lot of bad character points as long as the girl is smoking hot. However, there comes a time when a man wants a girlfriend, a good quality girl who he can have a deeper connection with. Assuming he's still going to bars and clubs, how can he find this kind of girl?



Well groomed, and fashionable is fine. Two hours getting ready, brand heavy clothes, tons of accessories and jewellery equals at least high maintenance and usually trouble. Think about it, while she is spending two hours getting ready, a good quality girl is reading a book, painting, doing a class, or otherwise improving herself for you. The time taken to get ready means her looks are very important to her, so maybe they are her prime if not only asset! What others think of her is probably also important which means she might have self-esteem and confidence issues and so need to be chatted up by lots of men to give her an ego boost.

My ideal girl is fashionable without over-branding, took twenty minutes to get ready, and has a light dusting of make-up at most.


-The amount a girl drinks is a factor. If she gets drunk and isn't in control of herself, you wouldn't want to date her - think about whether you could sleep at night if she was out with her friends doing this!

-If she makes any kind of eyes at the barman, the DJ, or the bouncers, steer clear. No good quality girl finds these guys attractive.

-She should like the club for dancing and being sociable but hate these kinds of elements and usually will leave before the guys get too drunk!


Is she having fun with her friends or out on the pull? A lot of girls I know can actually go out with their friends and have a fun time and not be looking for men. Girls like to dance and be sociable. Other girls go to the club for one reason - to find men. They are easily distinguishable by how much fun they are having:

-Are they focused on each other or subtly checking out the men?

-Do they enjoy dancing or have they no rhythm and only want to put on a show for the men?


The rule here is that the harder to get she is, the better she'll be for you. You want a girl to be fussy. If she'll let any guy:

-Buy her a drink.

-Dance with her.

-Talk to her for more than a minute

Then she has the potential to cheat on you. When you approach, it would be better if she didn't open up to you or kiss you until you had a connection, something unique that she couldn't have with just any guy.

I hope this helps you find the right kind of girl for you. Remember, if you are looking for a good time, the party girl's characteristics are here too!

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Online Dating Tips Learn The Best Ways To Impress

Online Dating Tips Learn The Best Ways To Impress Image
Dating has emerged as the most famous topic around the world. Internet makes this topic really hot and popular among the people. Now, people are using the online dating tips before making their entry in the arena of dating. Today, we will share some tips about the online dating.

MAKE YOUR MIND Yes, it is absolutely true that many of people got their partners through online dating but don't expect too much. Try to hard to find your partner but don't get emotionally attached in case you don't get success.

SEARCH GOOD DATING SITES It is very important to invest your 100% while searching the partner but it is more important to choose the correct way. Instead of wasting 4-6 hours in useless websites, it is advisable to use good website for 2-3 hours.

SAFETY Internet is useful for everyone including good and bad people. There are many people around the world who make fake profiles just to earn money. So, be careful while visiting those profiles. Never provide your extremely personal and financial detail to anyone while using online dating services.

These are few online dating tips which can help you a lot while searching your beloved.

Dating has emerged as the most famous topic around the world. Internet makes this topic really hot and popular among the people. Now, people are using the online dating tips before making their entry in the arena of dating. Today, we will share some tips about the online dating.

Make your mind - Yes, it is absolutely true that many of people got their partners through online dating but don't expect too much. Try to hard to find your partner but don't get emotionally attached in case you don't get success.

Search good dating sites - It is very important to invest your 100% while searching the partner but it is more important to choose the correct way. Instead of wasting 4-6 hours in useless websites, it is advisable to use good website for 2-3 hours.

Safety - Internet is useful for everyone including good and bad people. There are many people around the world who make fake profiles just to earn money. So, be careful while visiting those profiles. Never provide your extremely personal and financial detail to anyone while using online dating services.

These are few online dating tips which can help you a lot while searching your beloved.

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Angelica Jackson - Flirting Tips For The 21st Century
Brian Caniglia - Online Dating Secrets

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Women Dont Want Marriage Kids

Women Dont Want Marriage Kids Cover
Marriage, kids double the workload

In an age where higher education is almost compulsory if you want to make any kind of livable salary, nowadays women are trading in marriage and kids for a professional career, with no thought of tying the knot in the future.

And no wonder, research shows that men who are married with kids are healthier and live better than women who are married with kids.

Let alone the fact that women are forced to take time off work to bear children and rear them, which, in turn, tends to keep them from advancing in the workforce.

So it's no wonder that women are saying "no thanks" to the whole idea of getting married and having kids. The headaches involved just don't seem to worth it anymore.

In Taiwan, most women are afraid to take time off work to have kids, for fear that they'll lose their jobs altogether.

And the divorce rate isn't that encouraging anyway; even if most women did get married and have kids, there's a good chance they'll end up being single parents anyway.

Getting married translates into more work for women, and it's no wonder that most women are opting to enter the workforce rather than stay home and raise children.

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Shelle Charvet - Words That Change Minds

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Book Review The Manual

Book Review The Manual Cover
The Manual: A True Bad Boy Explains How Men Think, Date, and Mate - and What Women Can Do to Come Out on Top By Steve Santagati

If I were to base my book choices on covers alone, I would probably buy this book. From the cover, it looks like the author is ready to dissect men into a million little pieces and tell women the dirty little secrets behind their actions.

So does STEVE SANTAGATI actually drive it home? Well, he is certainly blunt, even crude, if you will, but STEVE SANTAGATI really knows how to deliver his point.

I handed this book over to one of my guy friends because he would know better than I whether or not STEVE SANTAGATI is actually speaking the truth about men. Turns out, yes, he was indeed selling out his own kind.

So, in essence, men are pretty superficial (quelle surprise) and it would serve a woman well to play up her looks if she wants to attract any man. STEVE SANTAGATI points out that men love the femininity that women display and thinks that it would be a much better world if they would play up their "womanness" more often.

Although some women might prefer that he be kinder about it, STEVE SANTAGATI is simply trying to help women raise their confidence around men and learn how to get what they want without having to whine about it. And while most "personality" strong women refuse to play up their looks to snag a man, Steve Santagati points out that if you want to get noticed, you need to work on the first thing that will attract a man - your looks.

I hate to admit it, but STEVE SANTAGATI is right on point.


Suggested free e-books to read:

Adam Gilad - Interview With Reid Mihalko
Adam Gilad - Interview With Lance Mason

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Dont Be Alone This New Years Eve By Savoy

Dont Be Alone This New Years Eve By Savoy Image
Don't be alone on New Year's Eve. First, you're passing up a great opportunity. And second, it doesn't really set the tone for a good 2009, does it?

Fortunately, all the odds are in your favor. Print out this guide to plan your night and take advantage of what nature is giving you.


* People are festive and happy.

* They don't have to work the next day.

* They want to feel close to each other.

* No one wants to be alone.

* Barriers are down.

* Alcohol is flowing.

* It's more socially acceptable to hook up.

(The last of these is an example of when the magic phrase "it doesn't count" comes into play. Those three words have been responsible for more sex with more beautiful women than any other I know to add those to your arsenal check out the now-classic Soul/Savoy instant download on Female Psychology.)

So, that's all good. Now here's what to expect:


If you're going to a club, it's going to be more intense than usual. You have to be high-energy and be the life of the party. This doesn't mean being drunk and obnoxious (though I almost certainly will be, but that's because my name is Savoy and I'm an alcoholic). It does mean giving off a powerful, upbeat social energy.

This is otherwise known as "being in state." There are a bunch of great tactics we've discovered that let you feel at the top of your game every night you go out. Discovering these helped turn my game from hot-and-cold to hot-and-hotter.

One thing I see guys messing up all the time is when they get to a club or party and then do a reconnaissance mission around the place - to see where all the cute girls are, for future reference I suppose, or more probably as a tactic to avoid having to approach right away.

Don't do this. Approach as soon as you arrive. I don't care if you're sexually attracted to the first woman you approach; I don't even care if you approach women. Just establish the momentum that comes from arriving somewhere and instantly being part of the social scene there.

If you want to learn how to put yourself in the type of positive, powerful emotional state that women respond to, even when you're not in the mood, download Moxie and Savoy on Getting in State. It's got specific tips you can start using tonight.

Also, at clubs, you'll see a lot more women who don't normally go to clubs, but who will make a few exceptions every year with New Year's being one of them. Most of these women will be in large groups and many of them will be dancing. So, be aware that there will be beautiful women on New Year's Eve who don't always act like you may be used to beautiful women acting at clubs they may be a little friendlier and more down to earth.

So, if you're used to using a lot of hard-core teasing and disqualification, make sure you're watching her reactions and pick up on signals when it's time to tone it down.


House parties are like extended social circles. You're all at the same party because you're all no more than a degree or two of separation from anyone else.

Mr. M and Braddock are the experts on Social Circle Mastery - even running a wildly popular one day seminar focused specifically on this - so I'll quote them when they warn:

"Don't treat your social circle like a nightclub."

For example, you can generally use a lower risk-reward opener at a house party. People are expected to talk to each other, even if they are strangers. In practice, most people at private parties will have some connection to each other anyway, such as having mutual friends or a mutual connection to the host.

In other words, you don't need higher-risk openers to cut through the social barriers that you might find yourself faced with at clubs. Even "Hi, I'm Joe" or a functional or situational opener will usually be fine at a house party, whereas an elaborate opinion opener might seem weird. It will definitely seem weird if by using it you come across oddly, especially if you use it more than once at the same event.

(If you don't know what low or high risk-reward openers are, or the difference between functional, situational, opinion, direct, and challenging openers, this is all available for no charge - download it right away - as part of the sample chapters we offer on the Magic Bullets page. No excuses. Head on over there now. I'll wait.)

While I normally advocate taking risks, you want to be a little more strategic in a party setting. If your warm-up approaches misfire, it's normally not a big deal. Find another part of the club, and, with luck, no one will have seen your first approaches. Even if you bomb an entire club, there are more clubs. You'll never see these people again.

At a small- or medium-sized party, if you fail on the approach or seem awkward, you can assume that everyone will see it. No girl wants to be with the "creepy guy who was hitting on everyone" or the "weird guy with all those pickup lines." Even if she didn't notice and she likes you, you can count on her friends "rescuing" her from you later.

But - anyway - you shouldn't be getting blown out when you approach. Are you?

If so, let's fix this.

The same factors that hurt you if you're treating your house party like a nightclub can help you if you play it right. You don't have to approach most women "cold" - you'll know someone who knows her, so you can easily be introduced or "just happen" to meet her when your friend is nearby. It will feel much less like a pickup to her.

Here's another one. Say you meet someone early in the night and have some chemistry with her. Later, you can ask a mutual friend about her.

* DON'T say something like: "I really like Sarah."

* DO use the opportunity to qualify her through a mutual friend. For example: "Sarah seems cool; where do you know her from?" Your friend will understand the sub-communication, which is "Sarah made a good first impression on me, and I'm a little curious about her."

Done properly, your friend might even do a lot of the hard work on your behalf.

Your logistics at a New Year's Eve party are also different. You're probably not going to leave the party to go somewhere else, at least not before midnight, so think of places at the party where you might be able to get to know her better.

If you're offered a tour, take it. Know this stuff in advance.

I once lost a foursome (with three women) because I didn't do this on New Year's Eve at a friend's party in New York. I had three women in tow, and all we were looking for was an empty bedroom. Feeling the energy dissipate while we wandered around the party, I finally found a room that seemed empty - until a knock on the door 10 minutes later from the owner of the room and his "date." By then, I couldn't get all three up for the idea of continuing to look around (especially since we'd been "caught") - but with a little planning and foresight, I would have known there was a comfortable furnished basement open.

Learn from my mistakes, folks.

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Dating Insider - Seduction In The Year 2k

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3 Ways To Use Love Poems To Get Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Back

3 Ways To Use Love Poems To Get Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Back Image
Love poems can be a great tool for anyone who is trying to express how they truly feel. A lot of people will turn to love poems and other forms of writing to try to win someone back into their lives. While there are plenty of ways that you can be creative with love poems, these three ways are some of the most tried and true methods for this effort.

Apology Letters

If you have done something wrong you should feel the need to apologize in a meaningful way. While a verbal apology is always appropriate, a separate written apology can help those who have trouble articulating how they feel in words. Love poems can be used to help supplant your own words - something not easily done through a regular conversation.

Surprise Notes

Try to leave surprise notes around for your boyfriend or girlfriend, if possible. If not, send emails and hand written notes to your boyfriend or girlfriend to let them know how you feel. Select appropriate love quotes to help them to understand how much they mean to you and how much the relationship means to you.


One of the best ways for you to show someone how much they mean to you is to send them flowers. The issue that always comes up with flowers is the message that is to be placed with the flowers. The best solution? Use a romantic love poem. You can use this as an opportunity to get a romantic message to the person that you are trying to win back. Even if they do not want to talk to you, they will read the note with the flowers to figure out who sent them.

This Post

Suggested free e-books to read:

Kenneth Johnston - 9 Steps To Save Your Marriage For The Husband
Steve Scott - More Than Friends How To Turn Your Female Friend Into Your Girlfriend

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Steps On How To Get An Ex Back

Steps On How To Get An Ex Back Image

The emotional hold of an ex boyfriend can be very powerful and tempting. The love for that ex can remain as strong as it was the first time the couple got together. Getting an ex back is completely understandable. A lot of childish reasons may have caused the relationship to die but heartaches do mend and people realize their mistakes afterwards. If you are planning to get your ex back, here are a few steps to help you get back into his arms. However, you should know that getting your ex boyfriend won't be an easy task. It involves opening old wounds and memories that the guy might not be willing to reopen. He may also be afraid of getting into the same relationship with you. How your relationship ended is also a factor so take that into consideration. There is always a chance of making him your boyfriend again so just make sure you make the right moves. BE FRIENDS AND STAY CLOSE The first step into rekindling the love you shared with your ex boyfriend is to start slow and become friends again. A lot of people make the mistake of forcing their special someone into loving them again immediately right after a break up. Most of the time, they end up still alone and lonelier than ever. This is a common mistake driven by a lot of emotions. In getting your ex back, you have to be calm and collected. Don't sound desperate and needy because your ex will think that you're unstable. Establishing a friendship rebuilds the trust you lost as a former couple. As friends, work your way into deepening the relationship. Remain close but not too close to seem that you are trying to win your ex back quickly. Be close friends and everything else will follow. It is important you are there for him in whatever circumstance. If he's going through a tough time, be there to put an arm over him. By doing this, he'll be able to trust you again and solidify your place as someone he can always go to. Before having an ex boyfriend, have a friend that you can be with. DEEPEN THE RELATIONSHIP Once you start deepening the relationship, the conversations and meetings with the ex boyfriend will also increase. You can start becoming more than friends once you feel safe around each other. You'll realize the value of starting the relationship as friends at this time. Because you started slow, you've worked way in getting your ex back even if it's only as friends. You won't feel pressured into having him since he has already started to like you again also. RELIVE OLD MEMORIES The deciding moment when you realize that you can get your ex back is when you and your ex start to reminisce on treasured memories. Remembering the good and bad times in your failed relationship will rekindle the fire and play a lot with your emotions. You can talk about what worked and what didn't, what you miss and what you don't miss, and basically everything in your relationship. Treasured memories will reopen all the feelings you've felt for one another. Hopefully, in the end, your ex boyfriend will want to try out the relationship again. These are easy steps in winning back your ex boyfriend. It is important that you start slow and really establish a sense of trust as friends. This foundation will help in the long run in getting back your ex back.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Alphahot1 - Question How Do Afcs Become Afcs
Real Social Dynamics - How To Get Her Chasing You
Jon Jensen - Women Tell You How To Meet Women

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Book Review For Men Only

Book Review For Men Only Cover
For Men Only - Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

By Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn

Have you ever looked over at a woman who seemed to be mumbling to herself and wondered" wonder what the hell is going on in her mind? Then you need this book. From the second you pick up" Men "and start reading, you'll be nodding your head in agreement.

Okay, maybe not you because, well, you're a guy and you have no idea about what's going on in a chick's head, but after reading it, you will begin to discover what makes women tick - and what ticks them off.

If you are absolutely clueless when it comes to women but want so badly to be that guy that women lean on (then perhaps, fall in love and sleep with), you need to get your hands on" Men "Not only will you get some insight into what women are feeling, you will also understand why they feel the way they do. So the next time you eat the last ice cream sandwich and she starts crying and calling you selfish, you can go beyond the usual, "What? Okay, so I'll buy you some more ice cream sandwiches tomorrow," and figure out why she's really upset. And in case you're wondering, it really has nothing to do with the ice cream sandwich if she's crying. Unless she's pregnant; then it is literally about the ice cream. But I digress.

So no matter if you're in a relationship, or want to be in a relationship, if you want a better understanding of the inner working of a woman's mind, Shaunti and her husband Jeff Feldhahn can help you out with" Men "RATING: 4 OUT OF 5

Suggested free e-books to read:

Ken Lingu - Erotic Massage For Women
Robert Glover - No More Mr Nice Guy
Adam Gilad - Interview With John Benson

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5000 Year Hug

5000 Year Hug Image
Can a hug be more romantic than a kiss? While a kiss can be passionate, an intimate, loving hug gives you a sense of closeness that no other touch can bring. These intimate embraces represent enduring romance.

Today, in Rome, this proved true as archaeologists uncovered the remains of two skeletons, a young male and female, embraced in a hug. This couple, buried some 5,000-6,000 years ago, is especially unique as it's supposedly unheard of for people to be buried together during the Neolithic period. According to the Associated Press, these young lovers were probably buried at the same time, which indicates a possible sudden and tragic death.

Do this prehistoric Romeo and Juliet prove that true love never really dies?

Suggested free e-books to read:

Tony Horton - P90 Power Diet Guide
Tony Horton - P90x Calendar

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The Lies Your Boyfriend Tells You And What They Mean

The Lies Your Boyfriend Tells You And What They Mean Image
Everyone lies, politicians lie, your mom lies, your dad lies to her, and yes, even your boyfriend lies to you just as much as you do to him. In all relationships, one or two of those people lie. Since this article is for women, I am going to help you girls to know when your boyfriend lies and the real meaning behind it so you would know relationships status. After all, we don't have halos over our heads, just love and that want to protect our women and relationships, sometimes from what we can say that can hurt them.

"No, you don't look fat." is one of the most common answers that your boyfriend gives you when you ask him if you look fat in what you wear. That's what most guys would say to not hurt your feelings if indeed you do look fat in it, why else would you ask that if you think you look sexy in it, for assurance perhaps? So women, if you do not want to hear this lie again, never ask if you look fat, just wear something that you would look confident in.

"We'll talk about it later" is another five words that breeds men's lies. Men hate confrontations, so as long as they can get away with it, they will try to avoid it to save relationships, not only to you but maybe to his mom as well. The problem with this phrase is that it gives men the chance not only to avoid it, but ultimately, to avoid talking and fighting about something they think is useless.

"I don't think about other women." Sure they don't, your boyfriend does not think about other women; just the same way as you don't fantasize about Brad Pitt. However, your boyfriend says this to not aggravate the situation and make you more jealous. Women, all men think about other women, but not all of them act up on it, so do not think that your boyfriend is cheating on you when he thinks about other women, it's normal.

"I'm sorry." Remember that song, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word", well because it is. Using these two little words, your boyfriend can easily tone your emotions down especially if it has that hug and kiss to complete it, and if said with conviction. The good thing about these words is that it has been tried and tested and has made a lot of women cry. For women, when your boyfriend says this, make sure that he promise not to do it again, or else.

Now for all the women out there, I suggest that you remember all these things so when your boyfriend automatically says them, you will know if they're telling a lie or not. For men, saving relationships by not telling the truth is not saving relationships at all. This also goes out to everybody, men and women alike. Sometimes, telling the truth will make a difference in relationships, and will make your girlfriend think

that at least you have trust her logic and just trust her, enough to tell her the truth behind your lies.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Steve Carter - How To Get Girls Understand What They Are Thinking
Joseph Matthews - The Boyfriend Is Not An Obstacle

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Love Calculator Calculate Your Love And Relationship

Love Calculator Calculate Your Love And Relationship Image
Millions of people are using this amazing device called love calculator. No one knows the authenticity or accuracy the result of calculator but they love to checkout these things about their partner. Everyone uses this device; either you are single, married, or divorcee. Due to popularity of love all over the world, many players have joined the internet world. They players keep coming up with new and exciting things about love and relationships.

Love calculator is becoming more and more popular day-by-day in all over the world. The basic reason behind this test is to provide a mathematical number to a person about his/her love. Once you get the result, you find yourself in a tough situation because usually people get the result, like your partner love you 80%, 90% etc. After getting such response people try to know that why not 100%.

As far as usage is concerned, love calculator can be used by any individual or person without any trouble. Millions of people are using this service around the world and knowing the compatibility of relationships. So, you can also use the same test but make sure that it should not affect your relationship at all.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Amy Waterman - Your Guide To Stronger Relationships
Cucan Pemo - You Can Save Your Relationship And Marriage

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Love And Relationship Bring The Magic Back

Love And Relationship Bring The Magic Back Image
Love and relationship both terms are important in life. Generally, young people start a relationship but they have no idea how to handle tough situation. Starting a relationship is not a big task but task becomes more difficult when you and your partner have fight. Now days, people have become more advance and they don't find any problem in starting love and relationship at early age. This concept is getting more and more popularity in colleges and school. Dating has become more popular in every part of the world especially in developed countries, UK, US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany etc.

Are you planning to start a love and relationship? If yes, then you need to work on your personality and attitude. Being in a relationship means you have to take very special care while making any decision because your decision is going to affect your personal life. If you need some help regarding your love life, then there are many websites and books available in market. Even, you can take the help from family, friends and relatives who are in relationship already with someone.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Susan Gillpatrick - Common Relationship Mistakes And How To Fix Them
Kevin Hogan - Communication Relationships Nlp Hypnosis And Other Atricles
Cucan Pemo - You Can Save Your Relationship And Marriage

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