What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys And How To Put Your Best Foot Forward

What Do Girls Find Attractive In Guys And How To Put Your Best Foot Forward Image
Guys might be confused about what a girl finds attractive, or they might not have any idea, being new to this whole thing. "I'm just a guy, what the hell is she going to like in me? I'm just a guy, I'm not that interesting." A lot of these guys are really analytical, thinking about things a lot, so we are only thinking, "What do I have to offer this girl?"

All these questions that you are asking are about self esteem, self confidence, self assurance, or self image. Really a good idea for a guy is work on his self image. A good way to go about this is to get a friend to give you some feedback.

Go to one of your guy friends or your female friends and say, "What is my self image to you? What perception comes across when you interact with me? When you think about me, what kind of guy am I? How would you sum me up in a few words?"

Ask yourself what your self image is and write down what comes to mind and then think about what self image you want to portray. Are you at this moment the kind of shy guy? Are you maybe a gamer or a nerd? You might be outgoing or intelligent; you might be academic; you might be a boy next door; you might be the athletic type. There are so many different types of self image that you can present to the world. Working on your self image is really going to be good for your confidence and really good for your identity.

So come up with that identity you want to portray. There's a common archetype that girls go for - there's the bad boy type; or the provider type; or the punk guy; or the alternative guy. Maybe even a gangster type. All these different archetypes, you can find out what they are, there's a lot more. So do a study of those.

Then you can pick one or pick a couple and mold them together and devise your little plan of how you're going to make your self image one that appeals to the women you want. So I could tell what type of women you're after, because certain types of women want to go for one type of guy, just because of how he looks. So that's one thing to keep in mind also.

With the self image, keep in mind both the exterior and interior of how you see yourself. Then there is the exterior of how the world per sees you, so getting a makeover is a really good idea. Get someone to come in and look in your closet and throw out the clothes, get a professional in that does this for a living. Throw out clothes that don't do you any good. Fill your wardrobes with clothes that really make you feel good and feel confident.

You'll find the difference when you walk out of the house; it's going to be tenfold. You're going to feel good; you are going to have women looking in your direction, and it's going to give you really good confidence when you do leave the house, which will result in you being comfortable going out into the world and meeting girls.

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Do You Use Bad Jokes To Pickup Women

Do You Use Bad Jokes To Pickup Women Image
You know that sound, that "bo-bump-bump" drum sound you hear at a bad comedy show? You know what "bo-bump-bump" is? That's not just reserved for late-night talk shows, it's also you when you become Punch-Line Guy.

Are you the guy that read somewhere on the Internet that women are really attracted to the funny guy? So now, in every conversation you have, you always want to make sure that you can show you're funny, that you get the punch line out as quickly as possible? Basically you are punch line guy. You're that guy who, within a minute of a conversation, whatever the topic, you have to end the conversation with this funny joke (well, at least that you think it's funny).

HERE'S THE DEAL GUYS: That really takes both you and her out of a moment that could have been special. Punch-line guys tend to kill conversations because there's not much to go on after you spew your cheesy punch-line. Especially if the punch line wasn't that funny, maybe she'll chuckle a little bit and then she'll just realize the conversation is ending.

What most punch-line guys do is they just end the conversation with that mediocre punch line, they don't keep it rolling. They take a perfectly good conversation and they feel like they have to spit the joke out somewhere to show her that they're funny.

The reality is that you have plenty of chances to show her that you're funny-at the right moments. But your problem is that you can't risk waiting to be naturally funny, waiting to be funny at all the right moments. You have to do it now, you have to try to create the punch line moment because this is the ONLY moment to show her you're worth getting to know.

I KNOW WHAT THIS IS LIKE BECAUSE I USED TO BE PUNCH LINE GUY. I was the class clown, I used to sit back and wait for my punch line in class. When I was first learning to talk to women, I'd always anticipate and wait for the punch line. I'd throw it out there and expect a big laugh but I never realized, when I was younger, that actually killed a lot of good conversations because I was killing the momentum.

All the punch line does is show that you're not really listening and adding the conversation, it just shows that you want to be the center of attention, because that's what punch line guy really is. He wants to be validated, he wants people to think he's funny, and he wants to be the center of attention. So the next time you have your punch line guy moment, think to yourself, Is this really a proper moment for the punch line? Think about that. Will it keep the conversation flowing, or will it end the conversation like it has in the past?


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