Cameron Diaz Dating Jason Lewis

Cameron Diaz Dating Jason Lewis Cover
After her breakup with BRAD PITT-look-alike PAUL SCULFOR, CAMERON DIAZ had an easy time finding another boyfriend in none other than the absolutely "Sex and the "hunk JASON LEWIS.

37-year-old CAMERON DIAZ and 38-year-old JASON LEWIS were spotted having a very intimate dinner at a sushi restaurant in Venice Beach on August 17, 2009.

You might be thinking"'t a man and woman have a nice dinner without the world thinking they're dating? Sure, they can, but onlookers claim that CAMERON DIAZ and JASON LEWIS weren't being discreet with their affections.

Seems the couple have been friends for a while now and perhaps only recently discovered how incredibly sexy the other was.

Either way, CAMERON DIAZ and JASON LEWIS look really great together and they're both very athletic, so it all works out for the best.

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