How I Slept With My Salsa Teacher

How I Slept With My Salsa Teacher Image
by Magic, Attraction Methods.

"Let me tell you about the time I slept with my salsa teacher Natalie"

This was long before I became good with women, and even with my lack of success, I still got lucky. Real lucky!

CAUTION: Even though I slept with this woman, almost everything I did in this story was horrible. So let me be upfront and tell you not to use what I did in this story as solid techniques or tactics, but I will point out what I did right, and how you can use that right now to propel your dating life.

You probably already know that I spent years getting my life in order so that I could start attracting the women I saw around me. This wasn't always the case. Before I started honing my skills, I missing loads of fun, enjoyable (and great venues to meet women) activities in my life. Well, dancing was one of them. When I started to be proactive, I decided to take lessons.

Like many dance teachers, this woman was a beautiful. She was tall, skinny and blonde. Not only was she a dance teacher, but she just changed her profession from being a (of all things) an air-hostess! This siren had recently separated with her husband and it was at her home in wine country that she gave dance lessons in. (Her future ex-husbands estate of course!)

During our dance sessions, it would be just the two of us in this elegant, old-style home.

Every time we would dance, I would feel very uncomfortable. I had not slept with a woman in a long time and now I felt the sexuality of this beautiful woman in my arms on regular basis. I would look into her eyes, hold her close to me and touch all over her perfect body as part of our dance routine.

(If you think you are someone who is uncomfortable touching women, join a dance class. Go for group lessons instead of private sessions. This way you will get to touch a lot of women, look into their eyes and breathe close to them. Before you know it, you will feel very comfortable and relaxed when touching women. It really worked for me.)

These ongoing lessons made me immensely attracted to her. I wanted her so badly but didn't know how to make her mine.

I could tell she knew I had feelings for her. She would tease me from time to time, as women do, talking about her breasts and body hidden by dancing overtones. We would sit on her neatly decorated king-sized bed to watch dance videos. Every time she would sit almost TOO close to me for it to be not on purpose. You know how that would feel right?

Something just snapped and I could not take it anymore, so I decided to do something about it. I mustered the little courage I had, and asked her to join me for lunch. To my surprise she agreed without hesitation!

I do not know how I got that burst of courage but I held her hand and said sheepishly, "Natalie, please do not take this the wrong way but I think you are very beautiful and I want to be with you."

She blushed and her eyes opened wide. She said it was almost like the movie "Unfaithful" where the main woman is cheating on her husband with a younger man.

She said she could not be with me because it did not feel right. I tried to convince her a little but soon backed off. I did mention that I hoped this did not come between our friendship.

We finished lunch and parted ways. I thought I had ruined any chance I had with her, and did I make a mistake by taking the leap?

A couple of days later, I got a call around 6pm in the evening. It was my dance instructor crying because she just had another fight with her husband. She asked me if I had plans that night

I drove over and she asked me if I meant what I said at the restaurant. I replied saying that I meant every word of it. She lent over and started kissing me on that very bed we had watched dance videos on. Before I knew it, we were having sex.

Almost everything I did during these interactions was wrong but there was one thing I did do right: I took a chance by letting her know how I felt over lunch.

I get hundreds of emails from guys who are focused on learning dating skills. This is good. Coaching drastically increases your odds with women. However, until you can get an opportunity for live coaching don't just sit on your ass complaining.


You will feel amazing about making an effort. You will become aware of your mistakes, and you will not feel depressed and lonely like you would by sitting in your house all by yourself.

If you want to change something then take a chance. Send me an email, or give me a call and let's talk about taking a workshop.

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There are lot of beautiful, single and lonely women out around on Valentines Day.

Tomorrow is your day to take a chance like I did. Who knows? You might be sleeping with women even before you come to me for workshop to take your skills even further!

Now get off your ass, get out there and send me an email when you sleep with a woman because you took that chance!

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