Do You Know Your Boyfriend Can Dump You

Do You Know Your Boyfriend Can Dump You Cover
Whenever relationship ended, we wonder what and where it went wrong. Was there anything that shows that he got disinterested from you? Although, you was covered with relationship along with some other obsession that you did not notify to see will be going to happen. Given below are few warning signs which will alert you that your boyfriend is no longer interested in you.

1. Now, he does not want to discuss about where he was been or anything personal and he vanish for many hours without any reason.

2. He did not call up from few days. This is not a sign signifying that everything is over but if he used to call you frequently then there might be something wrong going on.

3. Is there is an argument going on between both of you for some stupid things? Does he is raising non-sense obsession and fighting for it. Then these are a negative aspect usually put if he is no longer attracted towards the relationship. Therefore it's better to solve it politely rather than busting over him.

4. Earlier you both use to sit and plan your future together. "We will be going to do this or that". But now it become "I am going" or else and you are no longer included.

5. He's more possessive about you. He used to help you in selecting and making choices for wearing dresses but now it's been long time for those talks.

Always remember that these are only warning signs, might be there are some difficult situation arising that is why your relationship is going through a rough patch. In fact, you should talk to each other before you think of doing anything erroneous.

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Book Review Are You Ms Typed

Book Review Are You Ms Typed Cover
Are you sick of not being able to find a good man? Well, Dr. Michelle Callahan thinks she knows why and she wants to help you land the man of your dreams.

Michelle Callahan classifies women into 10 dating types:

1- Ms. Second Place

2- Ms. Sex Machine

3- Ms. Drama Queen

4- Ms. Bag Lady

5- Ms. Mom

6- Ms. Independent

7- Ms. Rose-colored Glasses

8- Ms. Perfect

9- Ms. Anaconda

10- Ms. Soul Mate

Just by the titles alone, I'm certain that you can easily figure out which category you likely fit into. You start out by filling out a dating questionnaire, and this will narrow you down into the dating type you fit best in.

There are 50 questions to fill out and you will be surprised by what the answers say about you and your dating habits. Once you determine your dating type, you can read a detailed description of what you are like and what your typical behavior is in a romantic relationship.

And Michelle Callahan doesn't stroke your ego about it, either; she gets straight to the point and is up front and honest about what you're doing wrong (as well as right - she's not heartless), and provides the tools you need to change your negative habits.

Sometimes, we all know what we're doing wrong, but just seeing it there, in print, staring back at us, can give us that push we need to start changing our awful behavior and start landing the types of guys we're worthy of.


By Michelle R. Callahan, Ph.D.

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Dream Girl Rachel Bilson

Dream Girl Rachel Bilson Image
Rachel Bilson has a better staying power than Mischa Barton in my opinion. Mischa kinda let herself go but Bilson. Nice.

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Julius Fast - Sexual Chemistry
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The First Date Beauty Checklist

The First Date Beauty Checklist Image
Want to know a big Dating Secret?

He's finally asked you out and you've got the first date jitters. You're excited and nervous but don't worry, that's totally normal. With this following checklist, you'll have him head over heels wondering when he can ask you out again.

Buff up before the big night. Your beau will definitely be buffing up his muscles, anything from pre-date pushups to a whole body workout. Give him something to remember well. To make your skin pretty and soft, try exfoliating the night before with a gentle scrub and scented moisturizing lotion. It will leave you smelling and feeling sexy, but more importantly, he will be undeniably tantalized.

Don't overdo the lip gloss. Less is better. He doesn't want to kiss lips slobbered with an artificial wax at the end of the night. A small dab will leave just the right amount of moisture for him to wish it lasted that much longer. While it may seem fun to leave a Marilyn Monroe kiss on his cheek, it's a whole different story to leaving that blushing red color on his lips. No guy wants to wear the same lipstick as his girl after a kiss!

Dress looking like YOU! This is the first date. He likes you! Save your edgier, fancier looks for later dates. Dress to impress, but do not go out so far that you intimidate him. As a good rule of thumb, if you can't apply or remove it in around three to four minutes, reserve it for later. Allow yourself to crescendo the dates into a climax.

Too much tanning is not pretty. Tan is currently in these days. But the reason it's appealing is because it's proving you enjoy the sun and outdoors. This is why a guy will be immensely turned off if you come to the date looking red with peeling skin. Nobody likes a fake product. When you do tan, go on the mild side and be sure to use a body lotion for the subtle shimmer.

Don't Fuss. You may feel that your hair is out of place, that the eye lashes you curled are not as pretty as they were when you left home - it really doesn't matter. The guy is already into you. He won't notice these little details, but what he will notice is if you are affected by it. Be comfortable with yourself and check him out - he will in turn respond graciously, and a wonderful date will play out.

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Nina Devis - 504 Bath And Beauty Recipes

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Leadership Institute Why Life Is The Greatest Leadership Program

Leadership Institute Why Life Is The Greatest Leadership Program Image
While leadership institutes can be a very worthwhile investment if you have the funds necessary to spend on them, you should never forget that the greatest leaders throughout world history usually attended only one leadership program: life. Leadership institutes are a relatively new concept, and many of the most influential leaders and managers from centuries past had to rely on mentors-and their own experiences-to learn how to lead effectively.

That's not to say that today's leaders shouldn't take advantage of the many courses, books, classes and programs that are available to teach how to manage groups effectively. But you need to realize that the greatest opportunity you have to get an education about leadership is by taking advantage of the circumstances around you and putting yourself into situations that will hone your skills as a leader.

Just like any kind of personal development, bettering your leadership skills needs to be taken one small step at a time, and can be a long process. You probably won't be offered leadership or management positions without any previous experience, but there are plenty of volunteer leadership opportunities available for people who want to work hard and better themselves.

Is your workplace putting together training groups that focus on specific company goals? Take advantage of the situation by volunteering to take a leadership role in the group. Is there a company outing or social event planned for the future? Volunteer to help plan the event. Is there a volunteer organization in your community that needs help organizing efforts? Start attending meetings and taking a central role in planning for the group's success.

These are just a few (admittedly simple) examples of steps that you can take to start developing your own leadership and management skills today, without shelling out any money to pay for a leadership institute program. And in addition to making you a better leader, these efforts will also lead to a more impressive resume, which can open the door to future leadership opportunities that can actually receive compensation for.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Martha Kelley - Gender Differences And Leadership
Joan Hyatt - Leadership And Military Leadership

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Romantic Ideas Keep Your Relationship Burning Brightly

Romantic Ideas Keep Your Relationship Burning Brightly Cover
Today, we are discussing some important and nice romantic ideas.

Send unexpected gifts - By sending unpredictable gifts, you can win the heart of your partner. Surprised always attract men and women both. Please make sure that you send a decent and beautiful gift as per the taste of your partner.

Shopping - Whenever you go anywhere, you should do shopping for your partner as well. You can purchase his/her favorite perfume, dress, chocolates, etc.

Movie ticket - You can buy his/her favorite movie ticket and give him/her in the evening just before the show. It will make your partner happier and you both will feel closer.

Dinner - When it comes to romance, nothing can beat a nice or delicious dinner. If you are planning to propose someone or win the heart of your partner then invite him/her in his/her favorite restaurants and order his/her favorite food.

Diamond - If you are rich and can afford diamond then nothing can beat this in comparison to other gifts. By sending a diamond to your lady, you can win her feelings without any trouble. Girls love diamonds more than anything else.

Suggested free e-books to read:

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating Bridges
Joy Of Life - San Francisco Romantic Hideouts And Peaceful Retreats Brochure
Cucan Pemo - You Can Save Your Relationship And Marriage

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Dating Tips To Win That Second Date

Dating Tips To Win That Second Date Image
Dating such a wonderful way to meet new people and get to know them personally, and perhaps build future with. I'm sure most of us have gone out on a date a couple or more times, some have ended up as lovers, some goes straight into marriage and unfortunately, some become bitter ex-lovers who end up skeptical about dating.

Despite all these, dating can be a fun way to socialize and meet new people. It can become a very positive experience for anyone as it builds confidence, rapport, and interpersonal skills even if the date doesn't lead to a relationship.

We meet new people through friends, through the Internet (online dating), blind dates, through telephone, text messaging, or sometimes even a sudden or unexpected situation where guy meets girl and eventually sit down, talk, and get to know each other better. In short guys, we have to be that best all the time when there's a prospect! These dating tips can help you land that second date!

* Go Beyond the Looks - first of all, let's be honest, the very first thing we see on liking someone is actually how they look; but overall, looks are just a bonus feature if one's character is good.

* Sense of Humor - if you're a guy, nothing can be better than to make a woman smile or rather laugh. A good sense of humor goes a long, long way. Making woman giggle, smile, laugh and blush while on a date is a good sign of connection and chemistry.

* Ask for the Second Date - the rule of dating is simple: you don't ask, you don't get! So before you despair, have you asked? And did your date take your question seriously or does she still think you were joking? You never know!

Follow these dating tips and you're sure to land that second date with the girl of your dreams. In essence, it's all about being confident enough to show your true self, appreciating your date, and letting her have a good time.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Angelica Jackson - Flirting Tips For The 21st Century
C Kellogg - Dating Tips For Men Special Report

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Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus Image
At present, there are lots of single people around enjoying life alone. You can see beautiful ladies simply waiting the man of their dreams to meet them, hoping and praying that soon they will appear. On the other hand, a lot of single men also want to meet the woman of their dreams; however, the only problem is that they have no idea where to find the woman that they really want.

So, what's the perfect place to meet women? If you really want to meet someone new in your life, start going to places where most women hang out. The following are the best places where you can find and meet them.


For sure, you do have lots of friends. If you are single right now, spending more time with the boys at parties is a great way to start. This is one of the easiest ways to meet women in which the boys probably already know and will aid you to the one you really like. Your friends will introduce you to the girl and what's left for you to do is getting to know her better.


If you're a busy man and doesn't have the luxury of time to go out in looking for a partner, there is a chance that you may find the woman of your dreams inside the office where you actually work. You can find women here that are busy as you are and can really understand all the reasons why you don't have much time for beers and friends.

If you are working in an office surrounded by lots of women, there is a great chance that you may find the perfect one for you.


Shopping is one of the favorite hobbies of women. This is the prime reason why malls are usually crowded by them, especially at the boutiques or clothing stores. By just looking around, you can choose the one that catches your eye and start a conversation with her by simply offering your hand to carry her bags. This may be just the beginning, but who knows the next day you visit a mall that woman is holding your arms.


One perfect place to meet gorgeous woman with a perfect body is at the gym. So why do you still have to work out at home when it's possible to visit the gym? This is a great time for you to show off that you have a good body shape and at the same time, attract pretty and athletic women that you desire.


If you're into finding women that have better education, then you can find it here. You also have to act with style and elegance in there to fit in. If in case you know nothing about the piece of art or the artist who created it, just act with confidence within yourself and then try to learn something from the exhibit.


Everyone knows that most women that are single don't like to spend' her free time alone inside the house. What she will do is she will go out with friends, have fun and try to find a prospect partner. So go to a bar and enjoy the place and you will find all your chances to meet that special one for you.


Every woman I know likes jewelries very much. They visit very often simply because women are very preoccupied on the way they look.


This is a place where you can find lots of women wherever you look. The perfect place I guess, to meet hot, young and smart women that you have ever dreamt of. The biggest advantage in meeting women in college is that you can choose from a huge number of girls in the campus.


If you're a kind of person that is not outgoing or don't like going out with friends, finding a partner online is a perfect fit for you. Logging in to some online dating sites is very easy to meet someone that you like and make new friends. After sometime getting to know her, then you may ask her out for a date. This can be an advantage on your side since it will be a lot easier for you to win her heart simply because you already know the way she thinks and all her likes.SIMILAR POSTS:


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Secret Survey Review - Michael Fiore's Program

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Online Dating Tips For Beginners Looking For Love

Online Dating Tips For Beginners Looking For Love Image
Online dating is something which attracts to every single person. However, it also contains some limitation as well. Today, we are sharing some important online dating tips that would help you a lot.

Service provider - There are many websites and web portals available in market and all of them claim to offer best dating services. However, it is important to choose one best website for dating.

Make a nice profile - Once you have decided the dating provider. Next step is to build a nice profile over the website. A good profile is very important because people get attracted towards a person after reading the profile only.

Pictures - Many people prefer to upload the pictures of celebrities in their profiles. However, it is not a good practice. Since it is your profile, you should upload your recent, genuine and good pictures.

Be honest and avoid lies - Every single person appreciates the truth. So, be honest and avoid lies whenever you talk with any person through online dating.

Safety - Before entering in dating world, please make sure that you have good knowledge about the online dating security.

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Dating Advice For Teens Meet Your Soulmate

Dating Advice For Teens Meet Your Soulmate Image
Today, we bought dating advice for teens. For a teenager, entering into a dating world can be confusing or exciting. In order to make this experience really awesome, you can follow these following tips.

PLACE - Being a teen, it is quiet difficult for a person to be comfortable in front of unknown or other person. It is advisable to choose a known place for dating so that you can feel comfortable while chatting with other people.

GIFT - Gift plays very important role in life of teens. Teenage girls love gifts more than anything else, like chocolates, flowers, soft toys etc. Being a boy, you know very well what to do now. Whenever you meet a person or end date, a nice gift can work wonderfully.

FOOD - Best food can work really well on date. By choosing a nice restaurant or food palace, you can enter in the heart of your date.

KEEP CONNECTED - While dating with your friend or unknown person, please keep stay in touch with your family members or friends.

LOOK BEST - Put on your best dress and try to look fantabulous. Please do not try to look out of this world.

Such dating advice for teens can work quiet good for you.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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C Kellogg - Top Dating Tips For Weary Singles
Elena Petrova - Dating Advice For The Newly Single

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Flirt Like An Expert With Online Flirting Tips

Flirt Like An Expert With Online Flirting Tips Image
Many people assume flirt as a wrong thing which should not be done especially publicly. But time has changed a lot. Now, people have started liking it and even females are participating in it too. There are number of websites who provide flirting tips to users because they help to establish a great connection with other people. Individual needs good guidance when it comes to online dating tips.

Here are some following flirting tips that can help you to get the perfect partner. Always compliment your partner when it comes to appreciate his/her efforts whether they are related with personality or a particular work. People love to be appreciated by others. While doing the flirt keep in mind that you should not hurt the personal or religious feelings of others. You should behave properly with your partner.

According to flirting tips, you should keep changing the topic of conversation and once you start the romantic conversation you should look at the eye of your soul mate. Flirting is a good exercise to test your ability or search a best partner. But make sure that your bad or extraordinary behavior should not affect other people.

Suggested free e-books to read:

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Elena Petrova - The Golden Rules Of Online Dating

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Do You Play The Game Of When You Meet Women

Do You Play The Game Of When You Meet Women Image
If I could only go back in time, I'd do that differently.

If I could only go back to that night and speak to that woman that I was attracted to.

If I only got her phone number. If I only gave him my phone number.

If I only took that job and not this one.

We love to play the Game of If. The problem is in life, you really can't play the Game of If because If will never happen.

We spend a lot of time playing the Game of If. We spend a lot of time thinking about the Game of If. But in reality, all we have is our choices. We made that decision to choose whatever we chose at that moment. We didn't get that phone number due to whatever issues we had inside our head. We took another job because we didn't take this other job and if we took the other job, we would have been rich, but we're not.

Don't play the Game of If, because you can do that with every decision you make. Learn from the Game of If. Learn from some of the If mistakes so that way you don't repeat them, so you don't have to say, if I only told her how I really felt that night, I wouldn't be in this situation. If I only took that job. How about the next time a situation of If comes up, you think back? You need to think through the decision, and you start trusting yourself a little bit more.

I found that when we play the Game of If, we're doing so because we don't trust ourselves 100 percent in a situation. We don't listen to our gut and what our gut is really telling us. So we throw the towel down in there and we play that Game of If.

Let's eliminate the Game of If from all our lives. When you listen to your gut, and stick with it, you'll feel 100 percent comfortable because you won't backtrack, dwell and obsess over the decision, and it won't matter how it works out.


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Jon Jensen - Women Tell You How To Meet Women

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