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Interesting stuff for anyone interested in leadership. [More below the video.] They seem to be suggesting a variation of integral leadership.

ATGOOGLETALKS - April 23, 2010 - LEMON Leadership is a unique twist on leadership that helps leaders understand how they are wired, why they see the world differently, what they consider to be work, how they filter what they hear, what they say and how to build and participate in effective teams. LEMON Leadership is not about styles or preferences, but uncovers your leadership DNA while giving fresh strategies for how to be most effective.

Brett Johnson founded The Institute for Innovation, Integration ">


Leaders lead out of their identity. It doesn't matter too much what their style, university or ethnicity may be. The key is to know what "type" of leader you are. Brett Johnson has released a new book, LEMON Leadership, writing about five types of leaders:




"O"rganizers, and


Find out more about our BAGS OF LEMONs that can address specific opportunities or issues in your organization.

The book is available at Amazon, and here is the product description:


Why another book about leadership? The authors work involves meeting with many leaders from around the world each year, and they all have this in common: they want to have impact. They have mastered their craft and moved beyond the basics of running and organization. Best Practices are routine. They are looking at the deeper life issues. This inevitably brings them to the topic of leadership, and more specifically, who they are. This book is not a How To of leadership, but a Who are you? book that considers leadership in a fresh way. Those who work at the coalface of human need are convinced that the lack of leaders is the number one issue in the world today. This stems partly from the fact that our definitions of leadership are too narrow - incomplete. We know lots about entrepreneurs and mangers, but there are other types of leaders about which we know precious little. LEMON Leadership(R) expands our view of leadership to cover five distinct types of leaders; not styles, not temperaments, not preferences...types. The simple truths about LEMON Leadership(R) have transformed the lives of individual leaders and changed the working of executive teams. Understanding the truisms in this book will radically increase your impact.The following is their "About" statement regarding their mission and perspective.

OUR STORY IS ONE OF INTEGRATION. Not in the traditional sense of integrating processes and systems, but knitting together the various domains of business and the rest of life. For decades, business has prided itself on efficiency. This came to mean the insulation of the corporation from outside distractions - the rational triumphing over the relational. For the individual, this inevitably meant the isolation of work life from personal life.

As we worked with executives and their corporations through the mid 1990s, we saw numerous reasons why this had to change. We began a deliberate process of creating tools and methods that would help leaders to define and achieve impact in an integrated way - a way that embraced all of life.

Today we continue to push the edge by creating intellectual products and uncommon experiences that help clients get on the road to Impact through Innovation ">OUR PREMISE

The Institute for Innovation, Integration ">Every person and corporation wants to have an IMPACT. And they want that impact to be greater than short-term optimization of market share, product positioning, earnings or title. We all want long-term, sustainable impact with a capital "I"
* IMPACT is best achieved when aspects of corporate and individual life are aligned, or INTEGRATED behind a clear purpose. Dichotomized thinking lessons lasting Impact.
* Fresh thinking - INNOVATION - is needed to both define Impact, and to devise strategies to achieve it.


* INTEGRATION - treating life as a cohesive whole
* HOSPITALITY - the glue that holds spheres of life together, and provides an authentic hothouse for leaders
* EXCELLENCE - not the best all the time, but the right thing, a the right time, in a measurable
* TRUST - the underpinning of relationships, business and others
* RELATIONSHIP - people are the bottom line
* SERVICE - the main job of a leader is to serve


We learned over time that having Values was not enough. In 2001 we began a process of defining our philosophy of business, if you like, and documented our Foundational Principles. Extracts of these include: The Institute's ultimate goal is to repurpose corporations and leaders so that they discover and implement a personal and corporate calling, thereby transforming people, societies and nations.

The corporation serves the calling just as a new wineskin serves new wine.

The Institute is a vehicle for the integration of Career, Community, Creativity and Calling.

Sustained Impact comes when people discover and walk out their identity.

As we sow generously, we will reap generously.

The integration of business and philanthropy should always be self-sustaining.

Relationships are trusts that must be stewarded carefully.

Business-as-community is a crucible for walking out our Call.

Multicultural, interdisciplinary teams have greater societal impact.

Work has inherent value and is not just building a Career.

People everywhere will benefit if they experience a non-dichotomized life.

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Social Psychology Why Our God Like Nlp Is Cutting Edge Stuff

Social Psychology Why Our God Like Nlp Is Cutting Edge Stuff Image

Dear Friend,

In 1989 I met a famous hypnotist at a 20,000 seminar.

He called me this Saturday and we spoke for 2 hours. I told him what I'd learned about selling on Ebay after 4 months. He passed on some of his wisdom. And he is sending me some of his most recent Cutting Edge material.

Here's a Totally new and powerful GOD-LIKE NLP strategy. An idea so simple you can use it with EVERYONE around you. To LEAD and influence them.

I told the NLP guru an idea I'd just heard from a Network member. It sounded powerful to me.

This guru recognized it. He said,"

"I recognize that. A 75 year old man is the inventor of that tactic. He is THE #1 most expert NLP Master in the USA today. He makes Bandler & Grinder look like beginners."

Then he told me three new strategies to use on top of the one I'm giving you FREE just below.

Most of us have been taught -

To get into deep trance and rapport - imitate or mirror EVERYTHING the other person does. This #1 NLP MASTER says, "No" to that.

He says to, "Watch for one or two habitual movements a person makes. Like pushing their glasses up. Or pushing their hair back behind an ear. Or a frown when you ask a question. Something that person does subconsciously (automatically) - and only they do. (Imitate just that one action to powerfully influence them!)

Ignore the rest. Just imitate or mirror that one thing.

Quick and deeper rapport will follow. This means they LIKE you. Thus you can influence and lead them!

Try it and let me know how this works for YOU!

Vibrations of how you treat others make you a pebble in a pond,

Glenn Osborn

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She Gets A Dose Of Crazy Sexual Attraction From The Bad Boy

She Gets A Dose Of Crazy Sexual Attraction From The Bad Boy Image
One of the blogs I like most to frequent is Ferdinand's. His In Mala Fide blog is perhaps the best pop conservative sites out there. The term Pop Conservative is not meant as a slight, it's likely to be far more influential that a highbrow blog since it adopts a style that the average man can appreciate. I like his site not because he mentions my blog, but rather he promotes other blogs which are far more interesting than mine. One that has caught my eye and has impressed me no end is Athol Kay's, Married Man Sex Life. Really, although the blog title might be a bit off putting--he really should call it Wife Management 101--the blog is definitely worth the read. Why? Because Athol "gets" the big picture.

The Roissysphere tends to view relationships as purely sexual. A man status and happiness are measured by the quality of the lay. A man banging 10's is more Alpha and happier than a man banging 8's. While there is a great deal of truth to this in high school, in reality adult relationships need much more than simple sexual attraction. That's not to say that sexual attraction is not important--social conservatives please note--rather grown ups tend to want other things as well: stability, friendship, love etc. Neil Strauss, the populiser of Game realised this; his own relationship with Lisa Leveridge failed. He could pull in the hotties but it appears he couldn't keep them.

The curious paradox is that what seems to keep relationships going long term is a combination of both alpha and beta traits. A man has to possess characteristics which both turn a woman sexually on and turn her off. In Roissy's taxonomy of men, the males are divided into Alpha, Beta and Omega. But Roissy only measures by the ability to get laid. Instead Athol Kay--who is focusing on long term relationships-- builds on this and proposes the Gamma male:

(I've shamelessly borrowed this image and text from his site. It's brilliant)

The Omega Male is easiest to dispense with. He's just devoid of positive qualities and only the most desperate of women would desire to mate with him. Even then he'll likely need up being supported by her to some degree. Avoid him.

The pure Alpha Bad Boys certainly do pull the women, but the relationships tend to be short as eventually the women become uncomfortable with the lack of comfort building support. There's plenty of excitement, and sizzling sex as the attraction is definitely there for her, but she knows from the beginning its not going to last, but she is drawn to him anyway.

The pure Beta Nice Guy also pull women, but they pull differently. They "make sense" on an intellectual level and they are very comfortable to live with. More than likely they are too comfortable, and the woman tends to want to see a display of dominance of some sort before she becomes fully attracted to him. Ultimately the nice guys are just too sexually boring to women to remain completely focused on one. Queue the "I love you, but I'm not in love with you speech". What is often seen in young women is ping ponging between bad boys and nice guys - she gets a dose of crazy sexual attraction from the bad boy, but then she needs the comfort building and she seeks it from a nice guy, and then the cycle repeats over and over until the music stops around age 35 and she's scrambling to find a chair anywhere.

The ideal is the Gamma Male. Not often talked about, but they are out there. Usually a Gamma is an Alpha Male that "grew up" and toned down the antics slightly and started being socially conscious and more of a team player. Or they started as a Beta Male that "grew a pair" and started bumping back on the rest of the world rather than just taking it lying down. Either way works as a route. Like Jean-Luc Picard, Gammas use diplomacy but when required to they will respond with adept force. Mostly they are consciously aware of both their own natures, and the needs of women. They adjust on the fly to the situation, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. Gamma's are the true ideal, but I think the Alpha and Beta terms are so ingrained, that it is simply easier to broken record the idea that if you're too Alpha the solution is to add Beta, and if you're too Beta the solution is to add Alpha. You already know what your weak area is. Work on that for easy gains.A couple of points. Firstly, these are pretty astute social observations and they square up with what I see in practice. Implicit in Mr Kay's observations are that women are sexual beings and that there is a sexual dimension to normal male female relationships. Secondly, for a male, being "nice" alone just doesn't cut the mustard as a woman needs a sexual dimension to the relationship for it to go anywhere; women are inherently sexual beings. Religious conservatives please note, sexual desire isn't something that "foreign" to the female ideal, it's part and parcel of the female package. The romantic meme, that the way to woman's virtue is via the path of "niceness", flaunts real world observation and is not congruent with reality. Finally, when women are asked what type of guy they like, a nice guy is usually the answer. What they of course mean is a nice guy who makes them hot and horny.

The Roissysphere has popularised the notion of the Alpha male. And really, if a life of Hedonism is your goal then that's all you need. Because it's quite apparent that women--when freed from social mores--are just as superficial judges of character as most men are. In our current bathhouse culture, women are more likely to be motivated by their loins than their heart in the choice of a bed mate, especially when drunk. So if your aim is to bed as men women as you can, being Alpha is all that matters. The Beta traits, the traits that are the foundation of lasting love, domestic awe, industry, prosperity are unnecessary. But if these things matter to you, then your going to have to cultivate both alpha and beta traits you're going to have to strive to be a gamma male.

Really, nice guys don't finish last. It's nice guys without alpha traits that finish last.

Read Athol Kay's blog. Its very very good.

(N.B. I don't agree with everything he says, I disagree with his pharmacological opinions i.e how the pill works and the use of anti-depressant medication, but his understanding of psychology in my opinion is spot on.)

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Steve Scott - How To Amplify Sexual Attraction Through Text Messaging

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Date A Woman In Prison

Date A Woman In Prison Image
James asks...


This is my situation:

-He is my old teacher from a univ. class I've taken.

-He is a phd student at the university I attend.

-He lives with his girlfriend.

-I am in a long term relationship with someone else, but things haven't been working OUT well between me and my boyfriend.

-I have a crush on this person.

Would things be awkward if I ASKHIMOUTFORCOFFEE knowing he has a girlfriend? Would my action hint HIM I have a crush on HIM?


It might be a little awkward considering his an old teacher of yours, but if the age isnt that very far apart then that shouldnt be an issue.

However i suspect you will be declined considering he lives with his girlfriend and most likely asking him to coffee would hint the having a crush.

Maybe try just talking to him as a friend first and then being like we should hang out sometime or something like that.

Carol asks...


This is not your typical prof-student love story, though it has similarities with many. I was 19 the first time I saw HIM in the hall and found HIM attractive immediately, though I bet most wouldn't. I generally date smart weirdos, and he caught my attention instantly. After enrolling and dropping OUT of college a few times, I found myself in the classroom with HIM at 25. My initial judgment of smart weirdo was correct- he was everything I'd hoped FOR: quirky, honest, creative, gentle, intelligent. I did my best to keep the attraction a secret, working to keep the lusty stares to a minimum during class. This was mainly OUT of shyness and respect FOR his job (and my education!) I made it through the semester with HIM, and the current semester will be my last (I am getting ready to transfer, woo!). I'm still curious: what makes HIM tick? What does his hair feel like? What is that necklace peeking OUT of his shirt collar? I must know. So: now the question is how to proceed and when exactly? He knows who I am, but is not the type to flirt with students, at all. I've never seen it- which is part of why I never tried. I want to know if this crush (that has been going on since '03!) is justified- I want to see HIM outside campus. I think my rationality is part of what makes the whole thing plausible- I am not uncontrollably obsessed, and I refuse to be used in some sort of "power" thing. I just would really like to find OUT- ASKHIMOUT, see if he's the quality of person I'd like to see more of, take it from there.

I know that alot of naysayers will probably respond: "I was 18, we was 45, he lied when he said he was single!", "he broke my heart!", "its unethical and probably risky" - save it, I know. I understand you're trying to help, but no thank you, I'm ready to find OUT even if it means I might get hurt. I'm asking COFFEEFOR heavens sake, the worst he can do is say no. My mind is pretty much made up, I'm interested in hearing from people who actually made a move, FOR better or worse, how they approached it, and the fall-OUT.

Let's hear it, folks!


Engage him in a conversation. Tell him you are transferring to another college in February (or whenever). Ask him if he'd like to have a cup of coffee with you (Barnes & Noble or name a place) in March.

I met up with a secret crush several years later and found the interest I had in him was all in my head. He was nothing like I remembered. We just had a couple of drinks and went our separate ways.

A teacher friend of mine had a student ask him out and they dated for several months. There was a 20 year gap in their ages. They even lived together for a while until she discovered he was just too quirky.

My dad (a jr high math teacher) often was asked out by former students and he politely turned them down - he was married. He wasn't flattered. It irritated him. (I overheard him complaining.)

I say go for it, but wait until the month before you transfer. Most schools have rules against dating active (at that school) students.

Joseph asks...


I was talking to this guy i met, we flirted a bit on facebook but i got bored of that. I told HIM to come with me to the movies and he said yes, we never went. I don't see HIM as a potential boyfriend or anything, i just want to be friends. Should i ASKHIMOUTFORCOFFEE?


Sure. If he accepts a movie, you should definately ask him out for coffee. That would strenghthen your friendship.

Chris asks...


If I see a goodlooking guy on the street, and he is a complete stranger. What are the chances that he will say yes if I approach HIM and said something like "hi, would you like to go OUTFORCOFFEE sometime?"

If that line doesnt work, what will?

I read about researchers who did a study on this before.



Not with a line like that. Better would be. "Say, I dislike drinking coffee alone. Would you join me for a few minutes, please?"

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Get A Girlfriend Fast Special Instructions For Guys

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We know that you wish there was, but there is no magical wand that you can wave around in the air and get a girlfriend fast - there isn't even a magical potion. When you are looking to get a girlfriend, you have to do all of the actions. Let us continue this article by giving you some tips on getting a girlfriend

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First of all, you can start off by going to the gym. There are not only plenty of girls in the gym, but this is a great way for you to build up those muscles. We do not know what it is, but is seems that girls are attracted to guys who work out. While you are working out, if a girl approaches you, then feel free to ask her out on a date. If you see a girl that keep staring at you, then walk over and speak with her. Start of by a simple "hello" and see where it leads you.

Ugly? poor? Fat? Who cares! READ HOW I PICK UP GIRLS ANYWAY!

Sometimes, the quickest way to get a girlfriend is to go for the girls that you personally know already. This way, you have a foundation that you can build off of. The girl you are with should feel comfortable with you. Make sure you freshen yourself up a bit before each date and don't be afraid to go to the mall and pick up a new outfit for that perfect night.

Learn the secrets I used to get a girlfriend fast. CLICK HERE!

When you are speaking with the girl and she does not seem interested, then stop and say something like "wow, I got a bit carried away there for a bit. Don't you think?" Let her take the reins. If she doesn't, then start a new subject that she will be comfortable with. It may also be best to try to listen to the girl more than you talk.

Most of all, when you are looking to get a girlfriend fast, you need to make sure it is for all of the right reasons. You do not need to get a girlfriend just so that you can look cool

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