Boyfriend Kinky Request

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I consider myself pretty open minded and am willing to do most anything in bed. Until now.

My boyfriend and I were having our fantasy talk during foreplay like we usually do and after telling him one of my fantasies, which was pretty run of the mill (slam me up against the wall, bite my back, ravage me), he came up with a doozy.

He told me that he has always fantasized about sticking his finger in my butt and pulling out a turd and then eating it. I'm going to puke just writing that down.

I find this to be pretty disgusting and have started looking at him in a different light. I don't even want to have sex with him anymore. He knows something's up, and I'm pretty sure he realized that he crossed the line here.

So now, what do I do? Do I dump him? I'm pretty sure we can't go back from here.


Dara, if you feel like you cannot let this go, then you already have your answer. It's not easy to stay with a partner you feel is asking you to compromise your sexual boundaries.

If letting him eat your poop is something you're simply not into, and can't even bear to imagine, then yeah, it's time to bid him farewell.

The thing is, he felt safe enough with you to share this very private fantasy, so do your best not to share this intimate detail with anyone. I'm certain he thought that you wouldn't react the way you did. Otherwise he would not have told you.


I want to go down on my girlfriend, but I'm not really sure what to do down there. My friend told me to do the alphabet against her clitoris, but that sounds pretty stupid.

Can you give me some tips?


To start, the alphabet idea is a great one. It's only stupid if you actually say the letters out loud while you're doing it.

Here are some tips to help you make it a great experience for her:

* Use your tongue to lick the clitoris and get it wet.
* Every now and then, stop licking and use your fingers to rub it.
* When you get your tongue back to the clitoris, insert one or two fingers insider her and make a "come here" motion to ensure you hit her G-spot

Also, feel free to take breaks every so often and kiss her navel, her inner thighs, and let her clitoris throb for your mouth.


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Boys Do You Know What Girls Like

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So boys ready for a date but do you know what girls like:

* If you really like a girl don't laugh at her or make fun of her.

* If you want to talk with her go ahead and just say like hey, hi, hello then later say so how are you doing?

* First become friends to know each other well before u ask her to go out.

* Once you know her well ask her to be girlfriend.

* Call her once a week and try to find out her interest.

* Wait about two weeks before you ask her for a sweet hug.

* Wait for a couple of months before you ask her for a kiss on her cheek.

* After a year ask her to give a kiss on the LIPS!

Suggested free e-books to read:

Anonymous - A Young Girl Diary
Christian Godefroy - How To Control Your Brain At Will

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