Winning Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Winning Your Ex Boyfriend Back Cover
A lot of women have given some tips on how to get an ex boyfriend back. However, there are few men that have given tips on women based on their own perspective of winning a boyfriend back. As I have traveled in Europe and studied different ways to work around relationships and make them stronger, I have found out that there are some important things to do in order to increase the chance of winning a man's heart back, even though there is no certain things that will get your ex boyfriend back.

First and foremost, especially if you have realized that you have caused the fight or you have done something wrong, offer a sincere apology for anything that you have done to get your ex boyfriend back. This will be the first step of mending a stained relationship. We, guys, like to be regarded special at all times, so an apology can soften us. Make an apology from the bottom of your heart and show you ex boyfriend that you are sincere on winning his heart back. Any signs of insincerity and untruthfulness can make him forget about all the things that lie between you and him.

You must explain that you are willing to changes in yourself if you will be given a chance to continue your relationship with him. It is important for him to know how and why are you willing to sacrifice things and change yourself in order to make the relationship better. Since you are the one who is trying to bring your ex boyfriend back, you have to lay down your ideas about the changes first.

If your ex boyfriend requests for space and time, respect his decision. We guys really need it. Never try to bother or harass him, as it will be one of the worst things that can decrease your chances of winning your ex boyfriend back. However, if he wants to keep in touch with you, then that is great and continue having a healthy communication with him.

Never get jealous and ask questions about other girls. This is a very painful choice, yet an important one. Nagging your ex boyfriend about other girls when you two are not yet officially on again will make him more irritated and exasperated about you. If you really have to ask about another girl, do it in a gentle, civil and conversational manner.

Never, ever, avoid making demands or ultimatums on your ex boyfriend. This will not help you, because he will either be intimidated on you and will net help to get your ex boyfriend back, or he will get angrier and close his doors on you. No matter how angry you may be, refrain doing such thing at all cost.

The very last thing that you have to learn on winning your ex boyfriend back is acceptance. Yes, you have to accept that you are not together anymore. However, there is still a possibility for reconciliation if you will just play the right cards. Just be the person that your ex boyfriend have liked back then. Who knows, that your ex boyfriend will hit the spot and make him fall in love with you again.

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Husband Wins Lottery Abandons Wife

Husband Wins Lottery Abandons Wife Cover
When a Florida woman's husband won the lottery, she was thrilled. Until he packed up his winnings and abandoned her, leaving her with a home that she could not pay the mortgage on.

DONNA CAMPBELL was offered help from Allied Van Lines to move her stuff out of her home for free after husband ARNIM RAMDASS (pronounced "rammed ass", which is exactly what he did to his wife) took off when he learned that he and his airline mechanic friends hit the $19 million jackpot.

The worst part is that Ramdass never told his wife about the lottery win and just stopped paying the mortgage after he left. Their home went into foreclosure and Ramdass vanished. DONNA CAMPBELL said she plans to file for divorce and take half his money when she finds him. Yeah, good luck with that.

In the meantime, she lives with her sister while Ramdass is probably living it up on an island somewhere.

Moral of the story: Always be nice to anyone who plays the lottery.

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Ashley Madison To Sue Ashleymadisoncom

Ashley Madison To Sue Ashleymadisoncom Image
Porn star ASHLEY MADISON MYRICK has filed a lawsuit against "cheat on your significant other" website ASHLEYMADISON.COM, claiming that she suffered the humiliation of being linked to a site that promotes infidelity. Because being a porn star has her beaming with pride, but cheating is an attack on her morals.

Of course, ASHLEYMADISON.COM has filed a counter suit against the porn star, claiming that she is using this lawsuit to garner empathy from others and give her porn career a boost.

ASHLEYMADISON.COM has had the name trademarked since 2002, but ASHLEY MADISON MYRICK, the porn star, only adopted the name in 2005, so it looks like someone has some 'splainin' to do.

It's not clear how much the porn star is suing for, but ASHLEYMADISON.COM is suing for $1 million. Stay tuned to see who wins this one.

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