Are These Your Favorite Cocky And Funny Lines

Are These Your Favorite Cocky And Funny Lines Image
A beautiful thing about DAVID DEANGELO's Cocky Comedy program is the fact that it gives you the formula for generating your own cocky and funny lines, and you can see it used properly by the guys that get results. Before I ask you for your FAVORITE COCKY AND FUNNY LINES, here is my disclaimer:

I'd like to break down a common notion that's tossed throughout the community often. That is that you say COCKY AND FUNNY LINES and you get a certain response - attraction. Some men that are new to the concept of cocky and funny tend to use it ALL the time, never allowing the conversation to mature, gain rapport and are always staying on the superficial level of COCKY AND FUNNY. DON'T LET THIS BE YOU.

A pure cocky and funny attitude is UNHEALTHY, and should not be used. David Deangelo has never supported this type of behavior. Guys that are insecure who have finally found this 'holy grail' tend to keep using it because they like the reactions the women are sending back. You need to sprinkle this formula in with your normal vibing, and rapport, just like you would a spice for a meal. Too much spice ruins the meal, too little and you can't taste a thing.

I've noticed for myself as I've used the concept of cocky and funny, that I OVERDID it to begin with. I totally went hell-bent on COCKY AND FUNNY LINES, like, "Oh you love me" or the typical David Deangelo line "I'm glad you like it". Yawn.

Let's be proactive in using COCKY AND FUNNY the RIGHT way.

My friend Stephen Nash broke it down when I had one-on-one coaching with him while visiting New York City. He basically told me,

"The brilliance of cocky and funny is that it's flirting - pure and simple. Teasing is flirting. Cocky and funny is simply flirting. You flirt to gain attraction and interest, and to tell her that you know what's going on, that you have social value, and you play this game. Once that's accomplished, don't get bogged down and only flirt, you need to build a connection, and show her your value in other areas of your life."

So onto my favorite cocky and funny lines.

Remember they have to be "Cocky and FUNNY". Some guys just don't get the humor of it

EXAMPLE #1: (Just last Friday night)

Waitress comes over

Waitress: "There you go" *hands me my to-go box*

Me: *I look at the box with a curious face* "Where's the ahh number?"

Waitress: "Oh you give that to me"

Me: *Putting my hand on my head, and looking down almost looking embarrassed* "You know you come to a place like this expecting *sigh* a certain level of professionalism and you get this" (With a smile at the end)

Waitress: *snatches the box and comes back with her number written*

Example 2:

Her: Do you have a pen?

Me: Yeah, and I'll let you use it to write your number down for me.


You: Tonight is your lucky night

Her: Oh really? Why is that?

You: Because you finally got to go out with me

Her: Sure!

You: But no touching I do all the touching!


Me: It's tough to be such a sex symbol.


Me: "Listen, I'm sorry for being out of touch, I've been very, very busy. But I'm available now (suddenly changing tone of voice, like a salesman) but only for a limited time only, at a low, low price of $14.99 an hour!"


If you'd like to learn proper techniques for crafting your own cocky and funny lines and how it will help your game with women, take quick peek at some of the video clips over at David Deangelo's Cocky Comedy site.

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Ole Flirty Bastard - Cocky And Funny Guide
Muzzu - Total Guide To Be Cocky And Funny

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Are You Stuck In Your Head On A Date

Are You Stuck In Your Head On A Date Image
There you are. You are walking down the aisle.

You can not believe that you have made it this far.

The date that you have planned for tonight? Well, it's worked out. Oh yes, you know everything about it! It doesn't matter that it's presently 2011-it doesn't matter at all. You can see the future. Years down the road, you're able to look into the future and know exactly how that date's going to go tonight.

Aren't you relaxed now? Isn't it amazing knowing that THIS is the person you're going to marry in a couple of years? Can't you now just relax on this date and not obsess so much about it? The date you're on is in 2011. But in your head, it's 2017. 2011 has merely called back to you six years later to tell you how well the date you're going to have tonight worked out.

What am I talking about here? Future people! Future men and future women, that's what I'm talking about it. You're the person who's such a nervous wreck about a future date that you spend your entire time leading up to that date obsessing about what to do! You even talk to friends: "What should I talk about? What do you think I should tell my date about me, hm? What do you think I should talk about on this date?" Once you've set the date, you think about how many times you need to text him or her until the first date to keep their interest level up. You strategize about the date ahead of time. You wonder when to kiss ahead of time. You think about the right moment to hold her hand ahead of time.

You think about when to flip your hair to show him you're interested. You think about interesting topics to talk about ahead of time.

That's not a date, that's just worrying! You're making it so hard on yourself. Here's the deal: you set the date, you confirm the date the day before, and then you meet them at the place you confirmed. You don't think about what signs to look for or what to say. You don't plot out a whole conversation. You don't think about when the perfect time to kiss is. You stay present in the moment. That's what you do. You have a conversation as you would any conversation with any other person that you've met.

You need to stop worrying about what this person is going to be in the future, because when you worry about the future, there is not going to be any future. There will be no future at all. So many people, all the time, worry so much about what to say on a date. When you go out with your friends, do you plot out an entire outline of things to talk about, or do you just stay present and have a good time? The most powerful thing about a date is that the person you're with can really get to know who you are. They can get to know your interests, what you're about, have a conversation, see if you two really connect.

The absolute worst thing you can do on a date is water yourself down. Just be yourself, talk, and listen. And of course, on a date don't talk about how wounded you have been from past relationships. Keep it positive, talk about the good times. Stop obsessing about whether or not she thinks (or he thinks) it's a date or if you're going out as friends.

It's a date if you set it up that way. If your intentions are clear, if you're not hiding a secret agenda, it's a date whether you're taking them out for dinner, for coffee, for a drink, for a walk in the park-as long as you set it up as a date. Stop obsessing about what to do.

Don't try to get to know the "future him" or the "future her" or "future both-of-us-together". Play it cool and really just get to know her.

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Tyler Durden - Frame Setting Forcing Frames On Hotties

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