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Second date means you got the green signal in your first date as well as you got success to impress your partner. Second date should be short and sweet. It's the stage where you know each other but not completely. It's always advisable to talk positively with each other and never discuss about your ex-partners. Always compliment each other and can discuss about your future, like where you see or expecting your relationship after sometime.

You can discuss your embarrassing stories which will help your partner to come little closer to you. But never underestimate yourself by telling him/her "no one likes you" etc. You should respect each other's decision on the date; it may be for food, clothes etc. Don't talk about controversial issues like religion, govt. etc, it can lead you to fight.

You shouldn't follow the same mistake which you did on the first date. And if you learnt something nice on first date then show it. If you partner was planning to do something on the first date, then remind him/her about that, which will prove that you always pay attention during the talk.

Always try to make your second date your memorable day instead of make it bad by your stupid talks.

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